DH :: Volume #14

#1353: The heart is not steady

Before she will never raise, this means oneself in her mind are the disciple who can trust, in the future will have the opportunity to contact these livelihood principles high-level secret. 以前她从不会提,这意味着自己在她心目中已经是一个可以信赖的弟子了,将来也有机会接触这些日月法则的高层之秘。 vermilion wave, you rested on several th, later along with me went to azure fox Tianshan.” The Vega immortal said. “朱浪,你歇息几日,之后随我前往青狐天山。”织女星仙说道。 Good.” On the Zhu Minglang face showed the bright smile. “好的。”祝明朗脸上露出了灿烂的笑容来。 But this smile in nearby palace Yuexia eyes, simply is a full cunning old fox! 而这个笑容在一旁的宫月霞眼里,简直就是一只十足的狡黠老狐狸! Obviously less than 20 young people, why a deceitful old strange feeling, comparing beforehand Master even/including seem like appear for several points to be easily swindled like this purely. 明明一个不到二十的青少年,为何给人一种奸诈老怪的感觉,相比之前连师父这样的看上去都显得几分单纯好骗。 ...... …… Zhu Minglang naturally does not need to rest, he went to oneself black Shan Dao...... 祝明朗自然不需要休息,他前往了自己的黑珊岛…… The young Senior Sister picked the sentiment to be taken over for use here by Zhu Minglang skillfully, promoted to god Monarch cultivated/repaired for the spirit capital also by Zhu Minglang wrapping, only needed this after Senior Sister who understood the geomancy study helped oneself prospected rain , the island again, naturally also helped itself manage entire black Shan Dao while convenient. 小师姐巧采情已经被祝明朗征用到了这里,晋升到神君修为的灵资也被祝明朗给包了,只需要这位懂得风水学的师姐再帮自己勘察出一座雨后岛来,当然也顺便帮自己管理整个黑珊岛。 This black Shan Dao was slightly remote, but the entire islands area is big, was as good as a fiefdom of prince, bountiful, the soil spirit rhyme and wild spirit fruit were innumerable, will therefore have the janitor and entrance door disciple once for a while is willing to work to here. 这黑珊岛稍微偏远了一些,但整个岛屿面积非常大,不亚于一个王爷的封地了,物产丰富、土壤灵韵、野生灵果更是数不胜数,所以时不时会有杂役和外门弟子愿意到这里来干活。 Zhu Minglang naturally does not have the leisure to manage, gives picks the sentiment young Senior Sister skillfully, basically got it over and done. 祝明朗自然没有闲情去管理,交给巧采情小师姐,基本上一劳永逸了。 Picks the sentiment to be actually careful skillfully, regarded as an own homeland this black Shan Dao, the place of abatement town/subdues beast is quite dangerous she never to dare close to beside, other places had conducted various transformations by her, half year time was the young maidservant whinny plants massive spirit fruits, a mature spirit fruit can sell very high price. 巧采情倒是非常上心,将这黑珊岛视作了自己的一个家园,除却镇兽之地比较危险她从来不敢靠近之外,其他地方已经被她进行了各种改造,这半年的时间更是与小侍女萧萧种植出了大量的灵果,一枚成熟的灵果就能够卖出很高的价格。 Black Shan Dao actually it has potential that can develop is a small school, let alone the security problem does not need to consider that several fierce town/subdues beasts, in these seas of Mt. Rangnan sea the unusual animals do not dare to approach. 黑珊岛其实本身就有可以发展为一个小门派的潜质,何况安全问题不需要考虑,那几头凶猛的镇兽,让南山海的那些海中异兽根本不敢靠近。 Black Shan Dao estimated that quick can bring the huge income to Zhu Minglang, this also made Zhu Minglang more relieved, otherwise nine dragons promoted to the moon/month shining god, oneself did not have money support, that was too awkward. 黑珊岛估计很快就可以给祝明朗带来巨大的收益,这也让祝明朗安心了许多,不然九尾龙晋升到月耀神,自己没钱养,那真的太尴尬了。 ...... …… I go out for several days, you heal from a wound well, meet the condition that anything could not deal with, bellowed directly upwards, Spirit Sword Dragon can help your.” Zhu Minglang patted the foreheads of ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons. “我出门几天,你好好养伤,遇到什么应对不了的状况,就直接朝天大吼,剑灵龙会来帮你的。”祝明朗拍了拍万煞地藏龙的额头。 Sipping ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons ate recently well rest soundly, Zhu Minglang can bring the enormous security sense in the side to it particularly. “呷”万煞地藏龙最近吃得好睡得香,尤其是祝明朗在身边能够给它带来极大的安全感。 After Zhu Minglang exhorts, took some food to go out. 祝明朗嘱咐完之后,就带上一些食材出门了。 The Vega immortal leads itself to capture the god to wash personally, this is not fault-tolerant opportunity. 织女星仙亲自带自己夺取神涤,这可是不容错过的机会。 Meanwhile, Zhu Minglang also even more is curious this Vega immortal, is actually what to cultivate/repair for with the godship, can Spirit Sword Dragon comforting unexpectedly? 同时,祝明朗也越发好奇这位织女星仙,究竟是什么修为和神格的,竟然可以将剑灵龙给安抚下来? Related with her lyra supernatural power? 是与她的天琴神力有关吗? The actually melodious vocal music truly is Spirit Sword Dragon most loves. 倒是悠扬的声乐确实是剑灵龙的最爱。 ...... …… On this day, Vega made some Qiaozhuang, oneself will dress up with the ordinary female member. 这天,织女星做了一些乔庄,将自己打扮成与普通女修士。 The simple and elegant attire and elegantly simple makeup allow, black hair to grip, is actually not able to cover that outstanding appearance as before, the words in makings, Zhu Minglang thought that the female weaver and star picture have such several points of similar, but Vega, although is the seventh night of the seventh lunar month female celestial, but her not perception, mood above will be probably desolater, has no interest in the world. 素雅的装束、淡雅的妆容、青丝扎起,却依旧无法掩盖那出众的容貌,气质方面的话,祝明朗觉得织女与星画有那么几分相似,只不过织女星虽为七夕仙女,但她好像并不怎么感性,情绪上面会冷淡许多,对人间也没有什么兴致。 Very rare, the female weaver these stepped into the world as female member time, Zhu Minglang was also forced to dress up a dashing small Daoist deity. 很难得,织女这一次以女修士的身份踏入到了人间,祝明朗也被迫打扮成了一个英俊潇洒的小道君。 The sunset dusk, the afterglow is romantic, in the plum blossom forests has many not well-known marsh tit to dance in the air, their gorgeous feathers and pink plum blossoms made this twilight many several points of aesthetic sense. 日落黄昏,余晖浪漫,梅花林间有许多不知名的小雀在飞舞着,它们艳丽的羽毛与粉红的梅花让这暮色多了几分美感。 Also therefore, here can see many good-looking man beautiful women, their forms reflect in the forests, making the picture more vivid to be full of the recollections. 也因此,这里可以看到不少俊男美女,他们的身影映在林间,让画面更加生动而充满浮想。 Master elder sister, is our must break up these unmarried couples?” Zhu Minglang opens the mouth to ask. “师父姐姐,我们这是又要去拆散那些野鸳鸯吗?”祝明朗开口问道。 Isn't reaches an agreement on the mountain to doubt seizes the soul bead? 不是说好去山上打怪夺魂珠吗? Zhu Minglang craves to this aspect. 祝明朗对这方面更热衷。 What isn't master elder sister will have to oneself improper ambition? 不会是师父姐姐对自己有什么非分之想吧? After the samsara hibernation of insects changes, although before the appearance is almost, the feedback of everyone but contacts from oneself, oneself truly could be called the prosperous times handsome face! 轮回蛰变后,虽然容貌是和以前差不多,但从自己接触的每一个人的反馈来看,自己确实称得上盛世俊颜了! „.” The Vega immortal only said a character, took out Jane/simple zither | Jean later, played there gently. “等。”织女星仙只说了一个字,随后就取出了一简琴,在那里轻轻的弹奏了起来。 Zhu Minglang is also helpless, can only sit. 祝明朗也无奈,只能够席地而坐。 The tweedle is very wonderful, the person is also very attractive, Zhu Minglang was immersed a meeting by oneself, unknowingly dusk passes, dusk fall, entire plum blossom forest from the beginning romantic gradually evolved the romantic fluttering flags...... 琴声很美妙,人也很好看,祝明朗让自己沉醉了一会,不知不觉黄昏过去,暮色降临,整个梅花林从一开始的浪漫逐渐演变成了香艳旖旎…… The Zhu Minglang vision has put aside from Vega, and saw remote forest Michu through the god knowledge, a pair of lover is taking day, to take for the quilt as the seat, started the person and action. 祝明朗目光已经从织女星身上移开,并通过神识看见了偏僻林密处,一对情侣正在以天为被、以地为席,做起了人和之举。 But is approaching the brook bunch of flowering shrubs, a pair of companion supports the hot kiss, the sent out nose warned really annoys the person to associate. 而在靠近溪流的一簇花丛,一对道侣相拥热吻,发出的鼻咛实在惹人联想。 The men and women who some are full of the artistic idea, above the tree trunk, take moon/month to hang the treetop for their curtains...... 更有一些充满艺术想法的男女,在树干之上,以月挂树梢为他们的帷帐…… These people...... were too romantic! 这些人……太浪漫了! Zhu Minglang craziest one time, in the pitch-dark icy dungeon, under this field of flowers moon/month, has not really tried, the feeling is a little exciting. 祝明朗最疯狂的一次,也不过是在黑漆漆冷冰冰的地牢,这种花田月下的,真没试过,感觉有点刺激。 Nearby, Vega as the love goddess of the world, she has been used to this scene estimate, but played her of song to display one type around this romantic the act with mind like still water and ancient well without ripples that was incompatible.:. 一旁,织女星作为人间的爱情女神,她对这种场景估计早就习惯了,只是弹奏曲子的她表现出了一种与这周围“浪漫”行径格格不入的心如止水、古井不波。:. „Do we want to manage?” Zhu Minglang exploratory asked one. “咱们要不要管?”祝明朗试探性的问了一句。 „.” The Vega immortal only said this character as before. “等。”织女星仙依旧只说这一个字。 Also waits, waited for goddess of birth that not to be busy again! 还等啊,再等送子娘娘那就忙不开了! Zhu Minglang does not know that actually Vega must break up which pair of unmarried couple today, or which pair facilitates, bored he can only continue to listen to the qin tune in every possible way. 祝明朗也不知道织女星今天究竟是要拆散哪一对野鸳鸯,或者促成哪一对,百般无聊的他只能够继续听琴曲。 At first, Zhu Minglang is staring at the master elder sister's finger, that nimble and resourceful and slender jade refers to beautiful enjoyment, unknowingly the Zhu Minglang vision displacement, looked at the wrist/skill, looks when the sleeve robe waves fair supple arm that does not reveal carefully. 起初,祝明朗只是盯着师父姐姐的手指,那灵动而修长的玉指给人一种美的享受,不知不觉祝明朗目光偏移,看了手腕,看着袖袍舞动时不小心露出的白皙柔臂。 Unknowingly, the Zhu Minglang line of sight placed the body of Vega immortal, even very simple member clothes robe, is still difficult to cover she wonderful graceful full figure, Zhu Minglang understands why at this moment suddenly high night/lodge stars Nie Ti can probably deliberately plan to be being in direct line disciple of Vega...... 不知不觉,祝明朗视线放在了织女星仙的身上,即便是非常朴素的修士衣袍,也难掩她妙曼饱满的身段,祝明朗此刻突然间明白亢宿星官聂提为什么会要处心积虑做织女星的嫡传弟子了…… The Zhu Minglang vision stayed for a long time on her nape of the neck, is like that perfect like the white jade porcelain, does not have the blood-color paleness, instead these small ruddiness make people think moving. 祝明朗的目光在她脖颈上停留了最久,像白玉瓷那般完美,并不是没有血色的苍白,反而那些小小的红润让人更觉得动人。 You to were too near, pays attention to control one's breathing.” The sound of Vega immortal conveys, that share chilly noble instead arousing heart and soul even more. “你离太近了,注意调息。”织女星仙的声音传来,那股子清冷高贵反而越发的撩人心魄。 Zhu Minglang is somewhat capricious, but in the heart also remembered a tranquil sound, this sound will tell itself, why oneself is attracted, will start the recollections handsome, will be difficult to be inadequate is Vega takes the special charm of god of love, in addition this special masters and disciples will relate, will let break the imprisonment and old-fashioned becomes infatuated. 祝明朗有些心猿意马,但内心底也想起了一个宁静的声音,这个声音告诉自己,自己为何会被吸引,甚至开始浮想翩翩,难不成是织女星作为爱情之神的特殊魅力,再加上这一层特殊的师徒关系在,让打破禁锢和古板变得更令人痴迷。 It is not right. 不对劲。 It is not right! 不对劲! Own this heart suddenly is not how steady. Provides the quickest Dragon Herder renewal for you, Chapter 1355 says heart not steady free reading.:. 自己这道心怎么突然不稳了。为你提供最快的牧龙师更新,第1355章道心不稳免费阅读。:.
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