DDCTGFD :: Volume #6

#555: The hot dance, has been my woman

, Renews from most quickly fighting Luo start captures the goddess latest chapter! ,最快更新从斗罗开始俘获女神最新章节! „Has Xu Ran, never expected that you paid attention to me?” The wind smiles day of arrogant supine beginning, looks at Xu Ran, keeps aloof, from to toward brimming with a proud mood. “徐然,没想到你关注过我?”风笑天高傲的仰起头,看着徐然,高高在上,由内到往洋溢着一种骄傲的情绪。 Attention? Is far from, before and hot dance intimate time listens to the hot dance to mention you, at that time she called one with disdaining at the same time the tone told that you are entangling her story like the mangy dog.” Xu Ran's saying with a laugh. At this time the hot dance also with, the fear wind smiled the day to act unreasonably, sees Xu Ran to talk nonsense, on face one red. “关注?谈不上,以前和火舞亲热的时候听火舞说起过你,那时候她一边叫一遍用不屑的口吻讲述你如癞皮狗般缠着她的故事。”徐然笑呵呵的说道。此时火舞也跟了上来,害怕风笑天乱来,见徐然胡说八道,脸上一红。 She when with Xu Ran intimate? Completely is the ficticious matter! 她什么时候和徐然亲热过了?完全是子虚乌有的事! What? You and hot dance intimate?” The wind smiled the day the complexion to be completely black, the smile on face stopped suddenly, he only thought that on face burning hurting, what was sorer was the heart. Xu Ran so shames him unexpectedly. “什么?你和火舞亲热过?”风笑天的脸色完全黑了,脸上的笑容戛然而止,他只觉得脸上火辣辣的疼,更疼的是心。徐然竟然如此羞辱他。 Before the hot dance is not and Xu Ran, what has not happened? 火舞不是和徐然之前还没有发生什么的吗? However is also, Xu Ran is mean and shameless, becomes second nature lasciviously, under the broad daylight can be still so intimate with Meng, show love. What does he have cannot do? 不过也是,徐然卑鄙无耻,好色成性,光天化日之下都可以和孟依然这么亲密,秀恩爱。他还有什么是做不出来的? Perhaps, they that step have done. 说不定,他们连那一步都做过了。 Otherwise? The hot dance is my woman, whole body any place, from inside to outside is my. Your wind smiles the day is anything.” Xu Ran said, looks to the hot dance. “不然呢?火舞是我的女人,全身上下任何一处地方,从内到外都是我的。你风笑天又算什么东西。”徐然说道,看向火舞。 Meng still realized that at this time had anything, the silent did not make the sound. 孟依然这时候意识到发生了什么,闭口不作声了。 The wind smiles the day to like the hot dance, she naturally also knows. But now Xu Ran and hot dance as if have the relations of being clear, the wind smile a day of nature to become angry out of shame. 风笑天喜欢火舞,她自然也知道。而现在徐然和火舞似乎有着扯不清的关系,风笑天自然恼羞成怒了。 Xu Ran, you talks nonsense.” The wind smiled a day of eye to spout the fire to come quickly, Xu Ran courted death simply. Xu Ran ming knows that the hot dance is his something for one's own exclusive use, dares to dance unexpectedly with the fire such nearly. “徐然,你放屁。”风笑天眼睛都快喷出火来了,徐然简直是找死。徐然明知道火舞是他的禁脔,竟然还敢和火舞走得这么近。 The hot dance is his woman, forever is. 火舞是他的女人,永远都是。 Wind smiles the day, Xu Ran said right, I and Xu Ran private have decided lifelong.” The hot dance is been red by the elegant face that Xu Ran said that start slowly was initiative, is stepping the graceful step, step by step walked toward Xu Ran, finally deep kiss on Xu Ran's cheeks. “风笑天,徐然说的没错,我和徐然早就已经私定终身了。”火舞被徐然说的俏脸通红,慢慢的开始主动起来,迈着优雅的步子,一步步的朝着徐然走过去,最后在徐然的脸颊上深深一吻。 Until the kiss on Xu Ran's face, the hot dance realized oneself were too as if driving, somewhat cannot let loose. 直到亲吻在徐然的脸上,火舞才意识到自己似乎太主动了,有些放不开。 However since kissed with Xu Ran, the hot dance then does not want that letting loose easily. 不过既然和徐然亲吻了,火舞便不想那么轻易的放开。 Is touching that moment of Xu Ran skin, a warm heart in unceasing combustion. 在触碰到徐然皮肤的那一刻,一颗热情的心在不断的燃烧。 In the mind of hot dance the unceasing recollection she saw Xu Ran and snow dance appearance in Tianshui Institute in the past. At that time Xu Ran was naked and snow dance...... under shining of moonlight, extremely conspicuous, at that time she only had an idea: Xu Ran is big. 火舞的脑海中不断的回想起当年她在天水学院看到徐然和雪舞的样子。那时候徐然赤裸和雪舞……在月光的照耀下,极其的显眼,那时候她只有一个想法:徐然好大。 Although she is pure, has not seen other, but Xu Ran is unexpectedly common with her arm, but was blacker. She thought that was very big. 虽然她冰清玉洁,没有见过其他的,但是徐然竟然和她的手臂一般,只不过黑了一些。那她就觉得很大了。 Incense stick|Fragrant kiss that thanks the hot dance treasure.” Xu Ran cracks into a smile, looks at the fire dance red like the red apple common cheeks, smiles. If still creates century taking together the hot dance and Meng, that this/should good? “谢谢火舞宝贝的香吻。”徐然咧嘴一笑,看着火舞通红的如同红苹果一般的脸颊,笑了笑。要是把火舞和孟依然创世纪般的一同拿下,那该多好? Two blood plum blossom seal on the quilt, skill that 5000 added succeed in obtaining instantaneously. 两朵血梅花印在被子上,五千加的技能点瞬间就到手了。 Also does not know the hot dance and Meng can still accept. He likes in any case very much, when the time comes can...... be he takes responsibility in any case. 也不知道火舞和孟依然能不能接受的了。反正他很喜欢,到时候就可以……反正都是他做主嘛。 Un.” On the hot dance face just like burns down, quickly lowers the head. “嗯。”火舞脸上犹如火烧,急忙低下了头。 The first time such initiative to a man, she is very shy. However that person is Xu Ran, she then felt that did not owe, but gained. 第一次这么主动的对一个男子,她还是很害羞的。不过那个人是徐然,她便感觉到不是亏了,而是赚了。 Xu Ran, hot dance. You dare to disregard me unexpectedly. Does Xu Ran, you dare to accept my challenge?” “徐然,火舞。你们竟然敢这么无视我。徐然,你敢不敢接受我的挑战?” If I won, the hot dance turns over to me, regardless at that time my getting a light from another light dance were how good, moreover I wanted you to look with own eyes. What's wrong?” The wind smiles day of coldly saying, looked that the fire dance kisses to Xu Ran xian, then is also initiative, is affectionate, he envies quick was insane. “要是我赢了,火舞归我,那时候无论我怎么对火舞都行,而且我要你亲眼看着。如何?”风笑天冷冷的说道,看着火舞给徐然献吻,还那么主动,那么深情,他嫉妒的都快疯了。 The hot dance has not been seeing him, is so initiative to Xu Ran. Damn, simply is damn! 火舞从来没有正眼看过他,却对徐然这么主动。该死,简直是该死! What between have the hot dance and Xu Ran also made? The stature of hot dance becomes such well, was Xu Ran resorted to the physical method, the chemistry method and lifeform method? 火舞和徐然之间还做过什么?火舞的身材变得这么好,是不是徐然动用了物理手段,化学手段和生物手段? The wind smiles day to look the stature that the fire dance that perfectly round very curls upwards, that perfectly round jade buttocks, the slender beautiful leg, that red long hair, only felt oneself hit the face by Xu Ran ruthlessly. 风笑天看着火舞那浑圆挺翘的身材,那浑圆玉臀,修长美腿,还有那齐腰的红色长发,只觉得自己被徐然狠狠的打脸了。 Woman who oneself pursue, but in which of Xu Ran many woman. 自己追求的女人,只不过徐然众多女人的其中一个。 Thing that he wants, is Xu Ran is extremely easy to obtain. 他想要的东西,是徐然唾手可得的。 Thinks of this, going crazy that he envies. 一想到这点,他就嫉妒的发狂。 He must beat Xu Ran, proves own strength. If Xu Ran defeated, at that time was not only the hot dance, Meng still, the small dance, water ice these he once can only in the lovable girl of day in the dream thinks, will become his woman. 他要击败徐然,证明自己的实力。要是徐然败了,那时候不仅仅是火舞,孟依然,还有小舞,水冰儿那些他曾经只能在梦里想想的天之娇女,也会成为他的女人。 „It is not good.” Xu Ran shakes the head. “不行。”徐然摇了摇头。 „Did you fear?” The wind smiles the day to sneer, disdained looks at Xu Ran. “你怕了?”风笑天冷笑一声,不屑的看着徐然。 I lost, you want good, if you did lose? I want your life, how? In this case, reluctantly is fair. What cannot you lose not to need to pay, who also bets with you?” Xu Ran smiles. Originally, the wind smiles the day , if not look for him, he does not want to haggle over with these people. Since he walked, that has not kept his value. “我输了,你想怎么样都行,要是你输了呢?我要你的命,如何?这样的话,才勉强算公平。总不能你输了什么都不用付出吧,那谁还跟你赌?”徐然笑了笑。本来,风笑天若是不来找他,他也不想和这些人多计较。但是既然他找上门来了,那就没有留他的价值了。 In the original works, the hot dance was the gentle breeze smiles day in the same place. 原著里,火舞便是和风笑天在一起了。 Although the world line of this world has changed, the hot dance party becomes his woman, serves for him, but he somewhat is eventually uncomfortable. 虽然这个世界的世界线已经改变,火舞会成为他的女人,为他服务,但是他终究有些不爽。 Moreover the wind smiles the day to keep thinking about the fire dance, in that look full is the desire, in the brain does not know that is thinking what dirty matter, he naturally cannot keep him. 而且风笑天一直惦记着火舞,那眼神中满是欲望,脑子里不知道在想着什么龌龊的事情,他自然不能留他。 Xu Ran......” hot dance sees Xu Ran to kill the wind to smile the day, the complexion changes, wanted to say anything, looks that Xu Ran that ice-cold look swallows the words that wants to speak. “徐然……”火舞见徐然要杀风笑天,脸色一变,想要说什么,看着徐然那冰冷的眼神又把想说的话吞回去了。 She knows, man's acquisitive instinct in sentiment is very strong, particularly Xu Ran, in the eye cannot accommodate the sand. If she smiled day to ask favor to the wind, how later Xu Ran will see her? 她知道,男人在感情上的占有欲可是很强的,尤其是徐然,眼睛里容不得沙子。若是她给风笑天求情了,以后徐然会怎么看她? She knows, even if Xu Ran were injured, the strength is still not the wind smiles the day to compare by far. This is doomed is one -sided fight. 只是,她知道,徐然即使是受伤了,实力也远远不是风笑天能够比拟的。这注定是一场一边倒的战斗。 Hehe, good. However if I won, I want you to look with own eyes the fire dance is accompanying me, a night.” The wind smiles day to say evilly with a smile, sizes up fire dance that perfect physique, saying that said without hesitation. “呵呵,好。不过若是我赢了,我要你亲眼看着火舞陪着我,一夜。”风笑天邪笑着说道,打量着火舞那完美的身姿,毫不犹豫的说的说道。 That he had fantasized the innumerable hot dance tender bodies in the dream, today, so long as he beats Xu Ran, the hot dance completely will then be him. At that time he must make the hot dance regret, must make Xu Ran regret. 那曾经他在梦里幻想过无数次的火舞的娇躯,今天,只要他击败徐然,火舞便会完全的属于他。那时候他要让火舞后悔,也要让徐然后悔。 Even if will obtain the hot dance, that time hot dance still was just his side ordinary toys, although can obtain his love, but he will not care. 即使会得到火舞,那时候的火舞也只不过是他身边的一个普通的玩物,虽然可以得到他的宠爱,但是他丝毫不会放在心上。 The hot dance and Xu Ran have had the intimate action, is the unclean person, regarding such person, she also only matches to obtain such fate. 火舞和徐然有过亲密的举动,已经是不洁之人,对于这样的人,她也只配得到这样的下场。 When he played greasily, the hot dance will have a more brutal fate, these places just like the hell regarding the female, when the time comes he will deliver personally. Today the hot dance so disregards another's feelings shames him, damn! She should receive that brutal treatment! 等他玩腻了,火舞还会有更残酷的下场,那些地方对于女子来说犹如地狱,到时候他会亲手送过去。火舞今日如此不留情面的羞辱他,该死!她应该受到那种残酷的对待! Xu Ran, the next competition I wants you to be able powerful a little, if loses too did not have the meaning quickly. I hope these women who do not close right up against your side, otherwise, I will look down upon your.” The wind smiles the day to think that side Xu Ran small dance, vermilion Zhuqing, the strength is quite good, says. “徐然,下一场比赛我希望你能给力一点儿,要是输的太快就没意思了。还有我希望你不要靠着你身边的那些女人,不然的话,我会瞧不起你的。”风笑天想到徐然身边的小舞,朱竹清,实力颇为不俗,开口说道。 Relax, I alone went on stage enough.” Xu Ran responded to one, looks to fight the stage, the next fight was the kamikaze school to war history Leica Institute. “放心,我一个人上场就够了。”徐然回应一声,看着战台,下一场战斗就是神风学院对战史莱克学院。 „, That is good.” “呵,那就好。”
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