Douluo Dalu: Capture the Goddess from Douluo 从斗罗开始俘获女神

Xu Ran crossed the Douluo Continent, awakening the invincible sword soul, the blood of Qilin Rui beast. Floating between humans and soul beasts, dominate the two races, becoming the most powerful and invincible person in Douluo Star. Hammer Tang San, Hammer Tang Hao, Hammer Tang Chen, Hammer Xiaogang, Hammer Mubai... Starting from Zhu Zhuqing's fiancé, sweeping the world invincible. Xu Ran: I am invincible, you are free. Tang Sanzu Sun San hid in a corner and hugged in a group of shivering, Yu Xiaogang cried and went to Bibi Dong for help, but he didn't know Bibi Dong was Xu Ran's person. Land, sea, human race, orc race, god realm... Xu Ran said: Invincible, is it that difficult?

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