DDCTGFD :: Volume #13

#1299: Hun Mie lives

Snake-People. 蛇人族 Snake person tribe's all clansmen were retreated by Queen Medusa. 蛇人部落所有的族人都被美杜莎女王撤退到了一起。 Queen Medusa smelled an unusual flavor. Not is only Snake-People, the entire Jia Ma Empire atmosphere changed. 美杜莎女王嗅到了一种不同寻常的味道。不仅仅是蛇人族,整个加玛帝国的气氛都变了。 She wears graceful red to fight armor, fights the tender body under skirt, plentiful exquisite, just like that mature juicy peach to be the same, infiltrates light charming, first 3000 black hair, optional hangs loose from the fragrant shoulder, is vertical under that slenderly willow waist, pair of slender snow white both legs, keeping anybody from neglecting. The Medusa appearance was almost beautiful arrived at the beautiful rank, a pair of long and narrow pale purple pupil, tight is staring at the distant place, the sense of crisis at heart was actually more and more thick. 她身着一件雍容的红色战甲,战裙之下的娇躯,丰满玲珑,犹如那成熟的蜜桃一般,渗透出淡淡的妩媚,一头三千青丝,随意的从香肩披散而下,垂直那纤细地柳腰之下,一双修长雪白的双腿,让任何人都是无法忽视。美杜莎的容颜美丽得几乎到达了妖艳级别,一对狭长的淡紫眸子,紧紧的盯着远方,心里的危机感却是越来越浓。 Now, by her present strength, to achieve to threaten her rank in some Jia Ma Empire not possible people by far. 现在,以她现在的实力,在加玛帝国远远不可能有人能够达到威胁到她的级别。 Initially, but also is only Dou Emperor she does not fear the foreign enemy, let alone is present she? 当初,还只是斗皇的她都丝毫不惧外敌,更何况是现在的她? Dou Ancestor five-star! 斗宗五星! In the short time, the Queen Medusa strength has risen suddenly the Dou Ancestor five-star situation. Before Xu Ran leaves, had left behind the sufficient cultivation resources to Queen Medusa, depends on these things that Xu Ran leaves behind, the Queen Medusa cultivation speed promotes ten times to continue compared with the past, rapid breakthrough bottleneck. At her present cultivation speed, so long as gives her some time, at most one year she has the confidence to break through Dou Venerate. 短短的时间里,美杜莎女王的实力已经暴涨到了斗宗五星的地步。徐然离开之前,早就给美杜莎女王留下了足够的修炼资源,靠着徐然留下的这些东西,美杜莎女王修炼速度比以往提升了十倍不止,迅速的突破瓶颈。以她现在的修炼速度,只要给她一些时间,顶多一年她就有信心突破斗尊 But, she feels the threat of Sheng Ming now unexpectedly. 可是,她现在竟然感受到了生命的威胁。 Besides felt on Xu Ran's initially has been to that type of aura not to have this situation again? 除了当初在徐然的身上感受到过那种气息之外就从来没有再出现过这种情况了? Was Xu Ran comes back? 难道是徐然回来了? This is impossible. If Xu Ran, will not reveal this intense killing intent absolutely. Even if oneself could not obtain the Xu Ran's favor, Xu Ran will not do that absolutely. 这不可能。如果是徐然,绝对不会流露出这种强烈的杀意。就算自己得不到徐然的欢心了,徐然也绝对不会这么做。 The oppression strength is so strong, certainly is not the Jia Ma Empire powerhouse. 压迫力这么强,一定不是加玛帝国的强者。 That, perhaps is the Xu Ran's enemy. 那,或许是徐然的敌人。 The Xu Ran strength is very strong, the Xu Ran's enemy strength will not be naturally weak. 徐然实力很强,徐然的敌人实力自然也不会弱。 Queen, what happened?” Yue Mei stands in the Queen Medusa side, her strength was also the Dou Emperor intermediate degree, is next to Queen Medusa in the Snake-People strength. “女王,发生什么事了?”月媚站在美杜莎女王的身边,她的实力也达到了斗皇中期的程度,在蛇人族的实力仅次于美杜莎女王 In addition, because relates specially with Xu Ran's, Queen Medusa has not been regarded as the subordinate to regard Yue Mei. 除此之外,因为和徐然的关系特殊,美杜莎女王也没有将月媚当做是下属看待。 Has the enemy! The strength is very strong!” Queen Medusa beautiful pupil one tight, said slowly. “有敌人!实力很强!”美杜莎女王美眸一紧,缓缓说道。 „Aren't you an opponent?” Yue Mei is startled. For serveral days Queen Medusa the strength rose quick, the Snake-People high level is obvious to all. Although Yue Mei also attained many good things from Xu Ran's hand, but she and Queen Medusa talent had not resulted in compares, but her present cultivation speed contrasted others is very exaggerating. “连你都不是对手吗?”月媚大吃一惊。美杜莎女王这些天实力上涨的有多快,蛇人族的高层都有目共睹。虽说月媚也从徐然的手中拿到了很多好东西,但她和美杜莎女王的天赋本来就没得比,但她现在的修炼速度对比其他人来说也十分夸张了。 Possibly was the Dou Venerate degree, even is stronger than Dou Venerate.” The Queen Medusa complexion is dignified, blanch of palm also tight pinching. “可能达到了斗尊的程度,甚至比斗尊还要强。”美杜莎女王脸色凝重,手掌也紧紧的捏的发白。 If really ran into the enemy of that rank, even is only Dou Venerate, they did not run away. 如果真的遇到了那种级别的敌人,即使只是斗尊,她们都逃不了。 Arrived this boundary, the disparity of each cultivation stage is big. 到了这个境界,每一个修炼阶段的差距已经非常大了。 Dou Venerate has the steamroll advantage to Dou Ancestor. Let alone, she estimated that strength also incessantly Dou Venerate of enemy. 斗尊斗宗有着碾压性的优势。更何况,她估计,敌人的实力还不止斗尊 Haha. It seems like your also a little vision, the Xu Ran's woman is also not too stupid.” A shadow is almost only the twinkles appears from the distant place in Queen Medusa must with the Yue Mei front. “哈哈。看来你还有点眼光,徐然的女人还不是太笨。”一道黑影从远方几乎只是闪烁间就出现在美杜莎女王要和月媚的面前。 Who are you?” “你是谁?” The sudden black robe powerhouse, aura is passing strange murderous aura. The feeling of that powerhouse makes Queen Medusa they breathe stagnates. 突然出现的黑袍强者,身上的气息更是透着一种诡异的杀气。那种强者的感觉让美杜莎女王她们呼吸一滞。 I? Hun Mie lives!” “我?魂灭生!” In that remote time, Hun Mie lived once conquered by killing dozens sects overnight, that night, rivers of blood, the field littered with corpses, five strengths achieved two star Dou Saint peak powerhouses to fall from the sky in his hands distressedly. 在那遥远的时代,魂灭生曾经一夜之间血洗了数十家宗派,那一夜,血流成河,尸横遍野,五位实力达到了二星斗圣的巅峰强者在其手中狼狈陨落。 Hall of Souls that night the achievement the Hall of Souls palace Lord ominous name, made became the Central Plains outwardly on overlord. Even Pill Tower does not dare easily with its resistance. Ominous that he once had almost achieved let the situation that entire Central Plains was panic at the news, although the reason that because afterward closed up for a long time faded out the eyes of people, but its ominous Yiran was prosperous. 那一夜成就了魂殿殿主的凶名,也令的魂殿成为中州明面上的霸主。即便是丹塔也不敢轻易的与其对抗。他曾经所拥有的凶名几乎达到了让整个中州闻风丧胆的地步,虽然后来因为长期闭关的原因而淡出了人们的视野,可其凶名却依然长盛不衰。 Hun Mie lives absolutely is man of the hour of mainland. 魂灭生绝对是大陆的风云人物。 Hun Mie lived to depend on the invincible strength based on Hall of Souls to form on the mainland outwardly strongest influence directly, let Gu Clan and other far Gu Family clans because of Hun Clan, but does not dare to oppose. 魂灭生靠着以魂殿为基础的无敌实力直接组建了大陆明面上最强的势力,让古族和其他的远古家族都因为魂族而不敢反对。 These years, Hall of Souls collects the soul instructed by Hun Tiandi. Seeming like the collection soul is the Hall of Souls primary mission, does very secret, but this cannot hide the truth from Central Plains these big influences, but these big influences have not gone to prevent Hall of Souls laxly instead several points. 这些年,魂殿魂天帝的授意下收集灵魂。看上去收集灵魂是魂殿的主要任务,也做的十分隐秘,但这根本是瞒不住中州那些大势力的,不过那些大势力也没有去阻止魂殿反而松懈了几分。 In fact, the Hall of Souls main duty cultivates to cover Central Plains big secretly. 实际上,魂殿最主要的任务是偷偷修炼笼罩中州的大阵。 Depends on in the bloody suppression and surface collects the soul the intention to cover, Hall of Souls planned secretly bit spirit lives certainly. It can be said that without the child of destiny appears, Hun Tiandi wants to break through Dou Di some fights planned is only the issue in time. 靠着血腥的镇压和表面上收集灵魂的意图掩盖,魂殿才偷偷谋划了噬灵绝生阵。可以说,如果没有天命之子出现的话,将一些斗谋划好了的魂天帝想要突破斗帝只是时间上的问题。 Present Hun Tiandi really has the qualifications that Gu Clan disregards. 现在的魂天帝确实是有将古族都无视的资格。 Hun Mie lives, as left and right hands who Hun Tiandi completes the evil plan, very by thinking highly of Hun Tiandi. In the original works Hun Mie lived to be defeated later Void Devouring Flame to spend the big price by Xiao Yan to refine the new body for the first time to him unexpectedly, and also made the Hun Mie fresh strength rise dramatically Big Dipper Dou Saint, one of the Hun Mie fresh cards in a hand, was the Void Devouring Flame child fire, in addition his strength, in peak these old codgers besides the mainland, can disregard other powerhouses. 魂灭生,作为魂天帝完成自己邪恶计划的左右手,很受魂天帝的器重。原著里魂灭生第一次被萧炎击败之后虚无吞炎竟然花费大代价给他炼制了新的身体,并且还让魂灭生的实力飙升到了七星斗圣,魂灭生的底牌之一,就是虚无吞炎的子火,加之他本身的实力,除了大陆上最顶尖的那些老不死之外,可以无视其他强者。 „Does Hun Mie live? Are you Hall of Souls powerhouse?” Queen Medusa saying with amazement, had several to renounce simultaneously at heart. 魂灭生?你是魂殿的强者?”美杜莎女王骇然的说道,同时心里更是生出了几丝决绝。 „Do you actually know Hall of Souls? Should hears from the Xu Ran's mouth, it seems like Xu Ran cares about you very much.” In the Hun Mie fresh sound has the full evil intention. “你竟然知道魂殿?应该是从徐然的口中听到的嘛,看来徐然很在意你啊。”魂灭生的声音中带着满满的恶意。 Queen Medusa looks, even with his vision is still the incomparable items. However he has crossed this age, the strength is he pursues, woman? 美杜莎女王的姿容,即使以他的眼光也是绝品。不过他早已过了这个年纪,实力才是他追求的,女人? However this is the Xu Ran's woman, that was different! 不过这是徐然的女人,那就不一样了! If killed directly were a pity, is unable to cause the biggest damage to Xu Ran. These contents of Xiao Yan beforehand suggestion made him have the different kind thoughts at this time. 要是直接杀了太可惜了,无法对徐然造成最大的伤害。萧炎之前建议的那些内容此时让他起了别样的心思。 Since has established Hall of Souls, he is so for the first time aggrieved. 自从建立魂殿以来,他还是第一次那么憋屈。 Dou Saint, Half-Saint, died regarding Hun Clan died harmless. But said regarding his Hun Mie since birth, this is his secondary roles! Two most efficient subordinates died, his subordinate only had class of Dou Venerate, strength by big weakening, but he significantly was also weakened in the Hun Clan influence, what was main was that humiliation. 一位斗圣,一位半圣,对于魂族来说死了就死了无伤大雅。可是对于他魂灭生来说,这可是他的班底啊!两位最得力的下属死了,他的手下就只剩下一班斗尊了,实力被大大的削弱,而他在魂族的影响力也是被大大削弱,最主要的是那种屈辱感。 Queen Medusa? If you kneel down to me for Xu Ran now to me the Hall of Souls apology, I could forgive your life.” Hun Mie lives to ponder the heart to be big suddenly. 美杜莎女王?要是你现在给我跪下替徐然给我魂殿道歉的话,我说不定能饶你一命。”魂灭生突玩味心大起。
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