DDCTGFD :: Volume #13

#1297: That is the retribution

Does not hope that I do come? I will not come next time.” An appearance of Xu Ran vitality/angry. “不希望我来吗?那我下次不来好了。”徐然一副生气的样子。 Do not be angry, I also had not said that does not make you come, you are an elder, which me you want to go not able to control you.” Sees Xu Ran seems like in the vitality/angry, Ruo Lin said hastily. “你别生气啊,我又没说不让你来,你是长老,你想去哪儿就哪儿我又管不了你。”见徐然像是在生气,若琳连忙说道。 She is only embarrassed in so many colleague front and Xu Ran in the same place. She can affirm, today from now on will definitely become their topic centers. Do not think that made the teacher not the Eight Trigrams (gossip), but they did not gossip to the common matter. Met let their curious burst points sufficiently, that and student also had no difference. 她只是不好意思在这么多同事面前和徐然在一起。她敢肯定,今天过后自己肯定会成为他们的话题中心。别以为做了导师就不把八卦了,只是他们对一般的事情不那么八卦了而已。遇到了足以让他们好奇的爆点,那和学生也没什么区别。 „To make me not be angry to meet this flower, with that.” Xu Ran referred to the Ruo Lin bright red lip. “想让我不生气就把这花接过去,用那个。”徐然指了指若琳鲜艳的红唇。 You are really!” “你真是!” Stamping the feet of Ruo Lin blushes bashfully. 若琳羞赧的跺了跺脚。 Xu Ran really did not have a conformation. This, but also by these fellow exaggerating talking into is indifferent. 徐然还真是没个正形。就这,还被那些家伙夸张的说成是冷漠。 If not the limit of strength, absolutely is a full playboy!!! 如果不是实力的限制,绝对是一个十足的纨绔!!! However Ruo Lin will not always always refute the Xu Ran's meaning, particularly outside. Is clenching teeth lightly, Ruo Lin stands on tiptoes the tip of the toe post to Xu Ran, the palm supports on the Xu Ran's chest, silver tooth biting gently on flowers that tall and slender branch. 不过若琳从来从来都不会驳掉徐然的意思,尤其是在外面。轻咬着牙,若琳踮起脚尖贴向徐然,手掌撑在徐然的胸膛上,银牙轻轻的咬在了花朵那细长的枝条上。 However, the lip was actually unavoidably and Xu Ran touched. 不过,嘴唇却是不免和徐然触碰了一下。 Ruo Lin has almost not controlled, almost must spending to make on the ground. 若琳差点没有控制住,几乎就要将花弄掉在地上了。 If really fell on the ground, although Xu Ran will not be angry, but will punish her while this opportunity absolutely. 如果真的掉在地上了,虽然徐然也不会生气,但绝对会趁着这个机会惩罚她。 Speaking of the penalty, Ruo Lin shivers. 说到惩罚,若琳打了个冷颤。 Xu Ran naturally not violent to her, but sometimes that...... she really has not known whether to laugh or cry. 徐然自然是不会暴力对她的,可是那……有时候她还真是哭笑不得。 ~ “哦~” The indoor spread created a disturbance the sound. 室内传出了起哄了声音。 The especially those female teacher, sees this, is screams. 尤其是那些女导师,看到这一幕,更是尖叫出来。 Xu Ran this pulled up the method of woman really certainly! They are only the viewers look obviously with great interest. 徐然这撩女人的手段真是让人绝了!她们明明只是看客都看得津津有味。 Strength, gentle, but also understands the appeal, where like this easy man to look? 实力强,温柔,还这么懂情趣,这样的好男人去哪里找? Walks!” Ruo Lin pulled the Xu Ran's sleeve, wishes one could to leave this place quickly. This was also too ashamed. “走啦!”若琳扯了扯徐然的袖子,恨不得赶快离开这个地方。这也太羞耻了。 Xu Ran smiles, no longer makes fun of Ruo Lin, left this place with him directly. 徐然一笑,也不再捉弄若琳,跟着他直接离开了这个地方。 „Do you ask me to do? Didn't look for your young girlfriends? Han Yue, Xinlan? Your this fellow came making our school most attractive several girls, really had your. You do not fear in these male students by school to be scolded.” Ruo Lin regarding the purity that the matter of school knew, Xu Ran and Xinlan also has the relations of Han Yue she to have long known. “你来找我干什么?不去找你那些小女朋友了?韩月,欣蓝?你这家伙一来就把我们学院最漂亮的几个姑娘给弄走了,真有你的。你也不怕被学院里的那些男生骂死。”若琳对于学院的事情知晓的一清二楚,徐然欣蓝还有韩月的关系她早就知道了。 In the school, Xu Ran really violated the popular anger. 在学院里,徐然真的是犯了众怒。 Originally Xu Ran brings Xun'er, Hu Jia they to enter the inner courtyard, leading one group of attractive girlfriends to enter the inner courtyard to practice this is very angry. Finally is insufficient, but also put out a hand soaking that most outstanding several in school. 本来徐然就是带着薰儿,琥嘉她们进入内院的,带着一群漂亮的女朋友进入内院修行这就已经很是让人愤怒了。结果还不够,还伸手将学院里的那最优秀的几位给泡走了。 Han Yue is called the inner courtyard's first beautiful woman, crowding around are many, if not Moon Spirit only receives the female to depend on Han Yue reputation Moon Spirit to enter the school first five. 韩月被称作是内院第一美女,簇拥者不少,如果不是月灵只收女子的话靠着韩月的美名月灵都能进入学院前五。 But Xinlan is talent alchemist, in the school hopes that flatters the Xinlan person is also many, these fellows want to make Xinlan help refine the compounded drug. Also is a popularity very high talented woman. 欣蓝更是天才炼药师,学院里希望巴结欣蓝的人也不少,那些家伙都想让欣蓝帮忙炼制丹药。也是一名人气十分高的才女。 Finally Xu Ran had it to others directly, others shout 'motherfucker' are also normal. 结果徐然直接给人家一锅端了,人家心里骂娘也是正常的。 Originally others are single, therefore everyone has the opportunity, even oneself strength not good, but at least still has a dream here. But Xu Ran made their dream broken directly. 本来人家是单身,所以大家都有机会,即使自己实力不行但至少也有一个梦在这里。而徐然直接让他们梦碎了。 Your this fellow will only read without thinking, waste!” Ruo Lin spits the mortise. “你这家伙只会囫囵吞枣,浪费!”若琳不禁吐槽道。 Even if a Xu Ran day 24 hours keep, are completely not possible to make everyone be loved tenderly. 即使是徐然一天二十四小时不停,也完全不可能让所有人都得到怜爱。 Our that called two sentiments to like each other!” Xu Ran curls the lip. “我们那叫两情相悦!”徐然撇了撇嘴。 Right, I asked you to ask for leave. Originally I can leave casually, but thinks that you are my Teacher darling the wife, I came to say one to you.” “对了,我找你是请假来的。本来我可以随便离开的,不过想到你可是我的宝贝导师老婆,我就来给你说一声。” Asking for leave, won't leave like before all of a sudden is very long?” Ruo Lin does not abandon looks at Xu Ran. She really does not hate to separate with Xu Ran, now she also became relies on Xu Ran gradually, Xu Ran has become her pillar. “请假,不会又像之前一样一下子离开很久吧?”若琳不舍的看着徐然。她是真的不舍得和徐然分开,现在她也渐渐变得依赖徐然了,徐然已经成为她的主心骨。 Not, but short leaves for several days. I want to return to Jia Ma Empire to have a look at others. Left such for a long time had not gone back to look at them, I feared that they must complain about me.” Xu Ran smiles. Coming Jia Nan Academy really to have a period of time, then this opportunity had a look at the Yun Yun wife they. “不会,只是短暂的离开几天而已。我想回加玛帝国去看看其他人。离开这么久了一直没有回去看她们,我怕她们都要埋怨我了。”徐然一笑。算起来,来迦南学院确实有段时日了,接着这个机会去看看云韵老婆她们。 Casual, the Yun Yun wife eating. 随便,把云韵老婆给吃了。 Thinks the Yun Yun wife's beautiful condition, he is somewhat ready to make trouble. 一想到云韵老婆的美态,他就有些蠢蠢欲动。 Left hand Sect Master Yun Yun, right hand Queen Medusa, this is being surrounded by beautiful women opens the posture correctly. 左手云韵宗主,右手美杜莎女王,这才是左拥右抱的正确打开姿势啊。 This? You truly should go back to have a look. The action power in your hand, I cannot manage you in any case.” Ruo Lin ill-humored saying. “这样吗?你确实是应该回去看看了。反正行动权在你手上,我又不能管着你。”若琳没好气的说道。 By the Xu Ran's strength, went back Jia Ma Empire unable to require how much time. 徐然的实力,回去一趟加玛帝国也要不了多少时间。 ...... …… Master, we go to Jia Ma Empire now directly. The Jia Ma Empire cloud mist sect has two Xu Ran's female friends, when we hold them, that Xu Ran was suppressed by us. When the time comes we face Xu Ran not to need to be worried about anything again.” Xiao Yan cautious was saying to Void Devouring Flame. “师父,我们现在直接去加玛帝国加玛帝国的云岚宗有两位徐然的红颜知己,等我们将她们抓住,那徐然就被我们压制住了。到时候我们再面对徐然也不需要担心什么。”萧炎小心翼翼的对着身边的虚无吞炎说道。 Un. If I alone acts, I have not grasped can trig him.” Void Devouring Flame nods. If collaborates with Hun Tiandi? If his some untrustworthy Hun Tiandi are really emperor product Chudan, will wait for own strength to strive some to depend on oneself understanding odds of success to the emperor product Chudan again when the time comes greatly. “嗯。如果是我一个人出手的话,我也没有把握能够制住他。”虚无吞炎点了点头。如果和魂天帝联手?他有些信不过魂天帝如果真的是帝品雏丹,等待自己的实力再精进一些到时候靠着自己对帝品雏丹的了解胜算会更大一点。 Now own strength may not beat Hun Tiandi, therefore he will not say emperor product Chudan this existence. Even if Hun Tiandi, only knows that Xu Ran is a talented powerhouse. 现在自己的实力可不敌魂天帝,所以他不会将帝品雏丹这种存在说出来。哪怕是魂天帝,也只知道徐然是一位实力不俗的强者。 Void Devouring Flame is not silly, although does not know why emperor product Chudan can be separated from Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion to appear in the outside world, but this world does not have any is not possible. The emperor product Chudan strength was very strong, found the method of coming out is not strange. 虚无吞炎不傻,虽然不知道帝品雏丹为什么会自己脱离古帝洞府而出现在外界,但这世界没有什么是不可能的。帝品雏丹的实力本来就很强,找到了出来的方法也并不奇怪。 He is not clear, emperor product Chudan so will be why loose lasciviously, the compounded drug can also lascivious? 只是他不明白,为什么帝品雏丹会如此风流好色,难道丹药也能好色的吗? However is the emperor product Chudan speculation he believes in firmly regarding Xu Ran. Xu Ran's Cultivation(Level), is different from other alchemist patterns, his sudden appearance, seems to be verifying his status. Emperor product Chudan, is surely good regarding the understanding of compounded drug as the compounded drug incarnation, it can refine the mysterious compounded drug also to understand. 不过对于徐然是帝品雏丹的猜测他深信不疑。徐然的修为,不同于其他炼药师的格局,还有他的突然出现,都似乎在印证着他的身份。帝品雏丹,作为丹药化身对于丹药的了解必定不俗,它能够炼制出神奇的丹药也能够理解。 In brief, in the guess of Void Devouring Flame, Xu Ran is emperor product Chudan without doubt. 总而言之,在虚无吞炎的猜测中,徐然已经是帝品雏丹无疑了。 cloud mist sect, Nalan Yanran, my Xiao Yan must look for you! Before you broke an engagement to shame me, now should shame you by me! My darling fiancee?” On the Xiao Yan's face reveals morbid state the color of ridicule. Initial broke an engagement by Nalan Yanran, is that what kind of being incapable? But now, the geomancy transfers in turn, should be his domineering steamroll cloud mist sect! This is cloud mist sect makes the retribution of that wrong thing! “云岚宗,纳兰嫣然,我萧炎要来找你了!之前你退婚来羞辱我,现在该由我来羞辱你了!我的宝贝未婚妻?”萧炎的脸上露出病态的讥讽之色。当初的自己被纳兰嫣然退婚,那是何等的无力?而现在,风水轮流转,该是他强势碾压云岚宗了!这就是云岚宗做出那种错事的报应!
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