DD5ROTS :: Volume #8

#760: Shakes White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign hardly

space-time tower in Tang San hand releases space-time power again, oneself and Mei Gongzi will cover, and instantaneously Mei Gongzi teleport to oneself behind. 唐三手中的时空之塔再次释放出一层时空之力,将自己和美公子笼罩,并且瞬间将美公子传送到了自己身后。 He stares at White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign, the sound was saying cold and gloomy: You should rejoice, is not the hand that you have, otherwise, I must surely with your fight in which both sides perish.” 他盯着白虎大妖皇,声音森冷地说道:“你应该庆幸,不是你出的手,否则的话,我定要与你鱼死网破。” When White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign has been under such threat, cannot bear the violent anger, the right hand lays out toward Tang San, the palm increases instantaneously, a terrifying murderous aura to condense, spreads across, changes into seven, the racket to the body of Tang San. 白虎大妖皇什么时候遭受过这样的威胁,忍不住暴怒,右手朝着唐三拍出,手掌瞬间变大,一股恐怖至极的杀气凝聚,纵横交错,化为七道,拍向唐三的身体。 Next flickers, Tang San moved, his body looks like instant movement flushed three chi (0.33 m) suddenly forward. Yes, only then three chi (0.33 m), but behind him towed to entrain the remnant shadow. 下一瞬,唐三动了,他的身体就像是瞬移似的猛然向前冲了三尺。是的,只有三尺,可他背后拖拽出了残影。 golden mist transformation and liger transformation fuse together instantaneously, on his fist is bursting out the white-golden ray. 金蒙变狮虎变瞬间融为一体,他的拳头上迸发着白金色的光芒。 Bang a fist, happen to shells above the palm of White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign. “轰”的一拳,正好轰击在白虎大妖皇的手掌之上。 Tang San this fist seems like a fist, actually seemed like erupted in the White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign sensation a lot of fists instantaneously. 唐三这一拳看上去是一拳,在白虎大妖皇的感知之中却像是瞬间爆发了千百拳。 tiger palm shakes, shoots. Tang San retrocedes again one step, in the mouth spouts a blood. However, he only retroceded. 虎掌震荡,弹起。唐三再次后退一步,口中喷出一口鲜血。但是,他只后退了一步而已。 above the forehead, the golden ray is sparking, the golden trident light shadow appears. 额头上,金色光芒闪亮,黄金三叉戟的光影浮现而出。 Sufficed!” White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign calls out one. “够了!”白虎大妖皇暴喝一声。 The Tang San aura also restrains. 唐三的气息也随之收敛。 White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign coldly looks at Tang San: „Do you want to alarm Ancestral Court all Sovereign?” 白虎大妖皇冷冷地看着唐三:“你想惊动祖庭的所有皇者吗?” In the Tang San heart ice-cold, the human inhabit region was destroyed! In that stretch of inhabit region, is at least also living several tens of thousands of human. That is several tens of thousands of lives! 唐三心中一片冰冷,人类聚居地被毁了!在那片聚居地,至少还生活着数万名人类。那是数万条生命! Because these people believe that he and Mei Gongzi, gather by Jiali City, thinks that really found the existing space. Several tens of thousands of lives disappeared. In front of Sovereign, same disappeared like the ants. After arriving at this world, Tang San has seen the scene of too many Monster Race persecution human. With the lapse of time, especially he and Mei Gongzi after together, what in his heart are more found the happiness of lover, even has not that hated to Monster Race. 那些人因为相信他和美公子,才聚集在嘉里城旁边,以为真的找到了生存空间。数万生灵就这么泯灭了。在皇者面前,如同蝼蚁一样泯灭了。来到这个世界之后,唐三看到过太多妖怪族迫害人类的景象。随着时间的推移,特别是他和美公子在一起之后,他内心之中更多的是找到爱人的美好,甚至对妖怪族已经没有那么憎恨了。 But, today through with the conversation of White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign, the picture that as well as sees, he came to understand thoroughly. So long as Monster Race and control of Fairy Race this plane, human will never possibly stand up from failure, can only brutally controls and devastates by Monster Race and Fairy Race. 可是,今天通过和白虎大妖皇的交谈,以及看到的画面,他彻底觉悟了。只要妖怪族精怪族还是这个位面的主宰,人类就永远不可能翻身,只能被妖怪族精怪族无情地掌控和摧残。 Therefore, by his a generation of God King disposition, in clearly knows that should not expose the real strength in the situation, he could not bear make a move as before. At this time, in his innermost feelings is full of the grief and indignation. 所以,以他一代神王的心性,在明知道不应该暴露自己真实实力的情况下,他依旧忍不住出手了。此时,他的内心之中充满悲愤。 The White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign vision brilliant looks at Tang San, more looked that more heart is startled. 白虎大妖皇目光灼灼地看着唐三,越看越心惊。 Tang San should just crossing tribulation succeed. But, was such a just the crossing tribulation little fellow, unexpectedly can shoulder hardly own struck? 唐三应该刚刚渡劫成功。可是,就是这么一个刚刚渡劫的小家伙,居然能够硬扛自己的一击? How is this possible?! What kind of strength is this? 这怎么可能?!这是怎样的实力? Before Heavenly Fox Great Monster Sovereign said that crossing tribulation person has many bloodline ability, and has super bloodline. At present is this fellow not just so? In other words, the crossing tribulation person is not Crystal Great Monster Sovereign, but is this boy? If so, why can explain heavenly tribulation when Mei Gongzi debriefing erupted suddenly. He is coordinating Mei Gongzi radically! 天狐大妖皇之前说,那个渡劫的人身上有多种血脉能力,而且还有超级血脉。眼前这个家伙不正是如此吗?也就是说,渡劫的人并不是水晶大妖皇,而是这小子?如果是这样的话,就能解释为什么天劫会在美公子述职的时候突然爆发了。他根本就是在配合美公子! But, is this possible? That heavenly tribulation intensity, even Sovereign feel so inconceivable. How does he achieve? He can actually bring in such heavenly tribulation, can that future he, what kind of existence be? Like becomes Sea God that he said or is the sea sovereign? Is the sea sovereign unexpectedly powerful in this way? 可是,这怎么可能?那天劫的强度,连皇者们都感到如此的不可思议。他是怎么做到的?他竟然能够引来这样的天劫,那未来的他,会是怎样的存在?像他说的成为海神或者是海皇?海皇竟然强大如斯吗? Suddenly, the White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign intention revolve like lightning, thought many and many. 一时间,白虎大妖皇心念电转,想了许多、许多。 Tang San after erupts suddenly, calms down gradually. Although he by peacock transformation, was ejected the innumerable fists using power of space by himself instantaneously, each fist condensed golden mist transformation and liger transformation strength, but, his cultivation base eventually insufficient, to White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign senior Sovereign, wants to contend like this as before difficultly. 唐三在骤然爆发之后,渐渐冷静下来。尽管他凭借孔雀变,利用空间之力让自己瞬间击出无数拳,每一拳都凝聚了金蒙变狮虎变的力量,但是,他的修为终究还是不够,对上白虎大妖皇这样的资深皇者,想要抗衡依旧艰难。 A White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign full power, has not shown mercy. Otherwise If nothing else, here aura has leaked out. 白虎大妖皇没有出全力,已经是手下留情。否则别的不说,这里的气息早就泄露出去了。 He can steal White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign divine consciousness to conduct the time recollection , because all happen too suddenly, White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign also has no protection to him. On the strength, he has a big disparity with White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign. 他能窃取白虎大妖皇的一丝神识进行时间回溯,是因为一切发生得太突然,白虎大妖皇对他也没有任何防备。论实力,他还是与白虎大妖皇有着不小的差距。 Even so, Tang San is still confident, if oneself launch an attack full power, spares nothing, the self-preservation in front of Sovereign is without question. 就算如此,唐三也有信心,如果自己全力发难,不惜代价的话,在皇者面前自保还是毫无问题的。 Suddenly, both sides fell into silent, each other look rendezvous. Although White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign in eye ominous glittering, but has not erupted immediately. 一时间,双方都陷入了沉默,彼此眼神交会。白虎大妖皇虽然眼中凶光闪烁,但并没有在第一时间爆发。 Human, unexpectedly intrepidly hence?” He muttered said. “人类,竟强悍至此了吗?”他喃喃地说道。 Tang San gravely said: We must leave now, hopes that do not stop.” 唐三沉声道:“我们现在要离开,希望你不要阻拦。” He must go back to have a look. He does not know that in this time big disaster, actually who fell from the sky, oneself partner and are Redemption Academy teachers and students, already .... 他要回去看看。他不知道在这次的大劫难中,究竟都有谁陨灭了,自己的伙伴、救赎学院的师生,是不是都已经…. His some cannot think. After arriving at this world, his mood few out-of-control. 他有些不敢想。来到这个世界之后,他的情绪鲜少失控。 Mei Gongzi pale like paper, the entire body is shivering, she had anything similarly clearly. 美公子的脸色苍白如纸,整个身体都在颤抖,她同样明白发生了什么。 The White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign vision looks at Tang San profoundly, said: Reason told me, I should kill you now, strangled all in the cradle. Do you understand?” 白虎大妖皇目光深邃地看着唐三,道:“理智告诉我,我现在就应该把你弄死,将一切扼杀在摇篮之中。你明白吗?” Tang San does not let: You can try.” 唐三丝毫不让:“那你可以试试。” White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign shifts to Mei Gongzi the sunlight, asked: You and he walk, stays behind?” 白虎大妖皇将日光转向美公子,问道:“你和他走,还是留下?” Mei Gongzi is sipping the lip, has not opened the mouth, actually held the hand of Tang San without hesitation, oneself aura bloomed. 美公子抿着嘴唇,没有开口,却毫不犹豫地挽住了唐三的手,自身气息绽放。 Go away, go away. You roll to me.” White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign suddenly hot tempered rave. Immediately, the furniture in entire room changes into fine powder. “滚,滚吧。你们都给我滚。”白虎大妖皇突然暴躁地狂吼一声。顿时,整个房间内的家具都化为齑粉 Tang San deeply looked at his one eyes, then drags into oneself to cherish Mei Gongzi. The silver light surges, the cling two people, teleport starts, two people disappear. 唐三深深地看了他一眼,然后将美公子拉入自己怀中。银光涌动,卷住两人,传送发动,两人消失。 In the room the wild air current surges long time, returns to normal gradually. 房间内狂暴的气流激荡良久,才渐渐平复下来。 In the White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign eye is glittering the complex ray, the above the forehead king character trace is partly visible, showed that his time innermost feelings are not calm. 白虎大妖皇眼中闪烁着复杂的光芒,额头上的王字纹路若隐若现,说明他此时内心绝不平静。 He realized suddenly, this time possibly really had problems. He has believed, oneself granddaughter is talent most outstanding existence. Just broke through to God Rank can defeat Undying Fire Phoenix Clan Great Monster King, such talent, the average person could not catch up absolutely. 他突然意识到,这次可能真的出问题了。他一直认为,自己的外孙女是天赋最为卓绝的存在。刚刚突破到神级就能够击败不死火凤族大妖王,这样的天赋,一般人绝对赶不上。 When Tang San erupts before him, he knows oneself were wrong. Why his not clear Tang San will have such strength, but, the fact puts at present. The strength that Tang San shows had surpassed his judgment completely, went beyond his cognitive category. 唐三在他面前爆发,他才知道自己错了。他不清楚唐三为什么会有这样的实力,可是,事实摆在眼前。唐三展现的实力已经完全超出了他的判断,超出了他的认知范畴。 Just broke through the become a God fellow, can block Sovereign unexpectedly strikes, but can also steal own divine consciousness. Tang San that white turreted divine tool, above the forehead that wipes including oneself must for it heart startled golden color ray, without doubt is extraordinary divine tool. White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign is indefinite, if oneself and Tang San fight truly, whether oneself can leave behind him. 一个刚刚突破成神的家伙,竟然能挡住皇者的一击,还能窃取自己的一丝神识唐三那个白色的塔状神器,还有额头上那抹连自己都要为之心惊的金色光芒,无疑都是了不得的神器白虎大妖皇并不确定,如果自己与唐三真正交手,自己能否将他留下。 This is how strange situation! Just broke through to the tenth level opponent, actually had the feeling of being at a loss by oneself. This is inconceivable simply. 这是多么诡异的情况!一个刚刚突破到十阶的对手,却让自己产生了束手无策的感觉。这简直难以想象。 Then, after Tang San grows, what degree will be? Has super bloodline Tang San to dominate above Great Monster Sovereign, becomes more terrifying existence, even is aloof existence of this world? 那么,唐三成长起来之后又会达到什么程度?拥有超级血脉唐三是不是能够凌驾于大妖皇之上,成为更加恐怖的存在,甚至是超脱这个世界的存在? His ability is certainly related with Crystal Great Monster Sovereign, but, he as if approves himself is human, rather than Monster Race. If human appear such expert .... 他的能力一定与水晶大妖皇有关,可是,他似乎更认可自己是人类,而不是妖怪族。如果人类出现了这么一位强者…. White Tiger Great Monster Sovereign cannot want to get down again. He somewhat understands suddenly Heavenly Fox Great Monster Sovereign beforehand worry and anxious. Heavenly Fox Great Monster Sovereign has thought this worries from Mei Gongzi, therefore does not want to make her debriefing succeed. Heavenly Fox Great Monster Sovereign made a mistake, takes to the Ancestral Court threat truly, should be just this young people. 白虎大妖皇不敢再想下去。他突然有些明白天狐大妖皇之前的担忧与不安了。天狐大妖皇一直认为这份担忧来自美公子,所以不想让她述职成功。天狐大妖皇错了,真正带给祖庭威胁的,应该是刚刚这个年轻人。
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