DD3DKL :: Volume #12

#1171: Breaking

Tang Wulin A Thousand Fingers Condemn finished, under foot Blue Silver Golden Light Wave affected on the start(s) display. 唐舞麟千夫所指完毕,脚下蓝银金光阵开始发挥作用了。 Element Peeling effect instantaneous appear(ance), the surroundings ice feels the sharp drop coldly. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin back pair of wings flaps, many and other Blue Silver Golden Light Wave had not had the effect again, but launched the attack directly. 元素剥离的效果瞬间出现,周围的冰寒感觉大幅度下降。与此同时,唐舞麟背后双翼拍动,并没有再多等蓝银金光阵起效,而是直接发起了进攻。 He has not thought must depend upon Blue Silver Golden Light Wave to limit Wu Zhangkong completely, this radically is not realistic, he must do, affects Wu Zhangkong through the Blue Silver Golden Light Wave effect, harasses his display and ability release. This was enough. 他从来都没想过要依靠蓝银金光阵来完全限制住舞长空,这根本就是不现实的,他要做的,是通过蓝银金光阵的效果来影响舞长空,扰乱他的发挥和能力释放。这就已经足够了。 But at this moment, Tang Wulin has achieved this point without doubt, Wu Zhangkong received A Thousand Fingers Condemn assault, in addition influence of Blue Silver Golden Light Wave, attack engagement slightly originally. 而此时此刻,唐舞麟无疑已经做到了这一点,舞长空受到千夫所指冲击,再加上蓝银金光阵的影响,原本的攻击衔接微微一顿。 Also at this moment, Tang Wulin take-off, back pair of wings flapped, Golden Dragon Soars, changes into together radiant golden light avatar instantaneously, takes Golden Dragon Spear as sharply, directly soars Wu Zhangkong to flush away. 也就在这时,唐舞麟已经升空而起,背后双翼拍动,金龙飞翔,瞬间化为一道璀璨的金色光影,以黄金龙枪为锋锐,直奔舞长空冲去。 Meanwhile, his Blue Silver Emperor Vine swarm, coils around in Golden Dragon Spear surroundings, Blood and Soul Fusion Skill! 与此同时,他身上一根根蓝银皇藤蔓蜂拥而出,盘绕在黄金龙枪周围,血魂融合技 Wu Zhangkong after being affected, has made the adjustment instantaneously, has not bumped hardly, but from the sky changes the direction, twisted the body, the person arrived at beyond dozens meters. 舞长空在受到影响之后,也是瞬间做出了调整,没有硬碰,而是在空中改变方向,一拧身,人就到了数十米外。 But this draws back, without doubt makes the Tang Wulin imposing manner win, Golden Dragon Soars at the airborne transition, pursued in front of him. 但他这一退,无疑让唐舞麟的气势更胜,金龙飞翔在空中一个转折,就追到了他面前。 Feels the imposing manner that on Golden Dragon Spear madness is increasing, Wu Zhangkong first time changes countenance. Sixth Soul Ring shines quietly, changes to both hands to grasp the sword, makes movement that in pulls up. 感受着黄金龙枪疯狂攀升的气势,舞长空第一次动容了。身上的第六魂环悄然亮起,改为双手握剑,作出一个上撩的动作。 Regarding Wu Zhangkong Sixth Soul Skill, Tang Wulin, but the impression is profound, this is Storing Power Soul Skill, calling any Tang Wulin to record is unclear, but he knows that Wu Zhangkong this sword was strong. 对于舞长空第六魂技,唐舞麟可是印象深刻的,这是一个蓄势魂技,叫什么唐舞麟记不清了,但他只是知道,舞长空这一剑非常强。 The thought flashes past, Sky Frost Sword and Golden Dragon Spear again had the collision. 念头一闪而过,天霜剑黄金龙枪就已经再次发生了碰撞。 Dāng! on Tang Wulin golden light (Jin Guang) is instantaneous, covers incorruptible, even surroundings spatial bursts out strong white air current, but the body of Wu Zhangkong is actually is similar to artillery shell general flying upside down, departed about hundred meters directly. 当!唐舞麟身上金光瞬间黯淡,一层冰霜覆盖,甚至周围空间都迸发出一层浓烈的白色气流,但舞长空的身体却是如同炮弹一般倒飞而出,直接飞出了百米开外。 Without doubt, Tang Wulin was frozen by Sky Frost Sword, but, the people who the command observes absolutely what cannot think, in the situation of this front impact, similarly is Assault System Battle Soul Master Sky Dragon Ice Wu Zhangkong, Sky Ice Douluo Your Excellency, was flown by a Tang Wulin spear|gun bang unexpectedly. 无疑,唐舞麟天霜剑冰冻了,但是,令观战的众人万万想不到的是,在这种正面碰撞的情况下,同样是强攻系战魂师天龙冰舞长空,天冰斗罗冕下,竟然被唐舞麟一枪轰飞。 He, he is Soul Saint! But Teacher Wu Titled Douluo! 他,他才是魂圣啊!舞老师可是封号斗罗啊! Is this possible? This possibly phase difference such? Both sides in have not used in the Battle Armor situation. Why can like this? 这怎么可能?这怎么可能相差的如此之多?双方在都没有动用斗铠的情况下。为什么会这样? Wu Siduo, Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia and Zheng Yiran looked silly. 舞丝朵骆桂星徐愉程杨念夏郑怡然都已经看傻了。 Is this person? Their confidence originally, in this flicker were nothing left. Even if before is Wu Siduo , in outside by the Tang Wulin suppression, she also thinks oneself by Martial Soul Fusion Technique Nether White Tiger also not necessarily on weakly in Tang Wulin many. 这还是人吗?他们原本的信心,在这一瞬已经荡然无存。哪怕是舞丝朵之前在外面被唐舞麟压制时,她还认为自己凭借武魂融合技幽冥白虎也不见得就弱于唐舞麟多少。 May at this moment, she actually have to face the reality, compared with Tang Wulin, oneself bad at is not a least bit, this simply is the gap general disparity! 可此时此刻,她却不得不面对现实,和唐舞麟相比,自己差的根本不是一点半点,这简直就是鸿沟一般的差距啊! Did he become so formidable? That spear|gun, if trades to do is they, can resist? 他怎么会变得如此强大了?那一枪,如果换做是他们,有可能抵挡得住吗? But at this moment, Tang Wulin golden light (Jin Guang) burnt suddenly Peak, his whole person from the sky looked like changes into golden-colored Sun to be common, in the hand Golden Dragon Spear aimed at Wu Zhangkong. golden light (Jin Guang) suddenly to launch, from the sky has left instantaneously behind dazzling golden-colored light screen. 而就在这时,唐舞麟身上金光突然燃烧到了极致,他整个人在空中就像是化为了一颗金色太阳一般,手中黄金龙枪指向舞长空金光瞬间暴射,在空中留下了一条耀眼的金色光幕。 self-created Soul Skill, Golden Dragon Nine Styles Seventh Style, King's Path! 自创魂技,金龙九式第七式,王者之路 Facing Teacher Wu, to he best respect, is All-Out to go. Before this compares notes start(s), Tang Wulin on deep clear this point, therefore, at this moment, he does not have the least bit to retain, has used the oneself most formidable attack method directly. 面对舞老师,对他最好的尊重,就是全力以赴。早在这场切磋开始之前,唐舞麟就深深的明白这一点,所以,此时此刻,他没有半点保留,直接就将自己最强大的攻击手段用了出来。 Wu Zhangkong while was being shaken flies, had Transformation similarly, his combat experience is rich. Was shaken flies that flash, he clear understanding, compared with strength, oneself, although is Titled Douluo, actually as before is inferior to Tang Wulin. Moreover, he also by Blood and Soul Fusion Skill deep shock of Tang Wulin. 舞长空在被震飞的同时,也同样发生了变化,他的战斗经验何等丰富。被震飞那一瞬间,他就清楚的明白,比力量,自己虽然已经是封号斗罗了,却依旧远不如唐舞麟。而且,他也被唐舞麟血魂融合技深深的震撼了。 May so, he not have the least bit to be startled and absent-minded, was being rumbled the instance that flies, Seventh Soul Ring has shone. 可就算如此,他也没有半点惊慌和恍惚,在被轰飞的瞬间,身上的第七魂环就亮了起来。 Martial Soul Avatar, Sky Frost! 武魂真身,天霜 The body of his whole person elongates suddenly, when he was shaken departs hundred meters, the person became fully has four meters high, but Sky Frost Sword in hand, is terrifying turned into six meters. 他整个人的身体突然拉长,当他被震飞出百米时,人已经变得足有四米高,而手中的天霜剑,更是恐怖的变成了六米长。 In airborne Wu Zhangkong, at this time seems looks like a white ice sculpture is ordinary, cannot see the look. But Sky Frost Sword in his hand, completely became a pure white. 身在空中的舞长空,此时看上去就像是一尊白色冰雕一般,看不到相貌。而他手中的天霜剑,也已经完全变得一片洁白。 This is the Sky Frost Sword strongest shape, Martial Soul Avatar. 这才是天霜剑的最强形态,武魂真身 Meanwhile, on Wu Zhangkong Eighth Soul Ring has also shone, Eighth Soul Ring glittering, in his hand Sky Frost Sword lifts up high, in airborne jumps instantaneously projects the innumerable ice flowers, but these ice flowers the instance that lets loose in the station, the thermal drop in Air. 与此同时,舞长空身上的第八魂环也亮了起来,第八魂环闪烁,他手中天霜剑高举,在空中瞬间迸射出无数冰花,而这些冰花在站放开的瞬间,空气中的温度急剧下降。 Absolute Zero of Sky Frost! 天霜之绝对零度 Wu Zhangkong moved, in airborne, he as before is that natural, even if ordinary just like the ice sculpture, gives people as before a strange feeling. 舞长空动了,在空中,他依旧是那么潇洒,哪怕是宛如冰雕一般,也依旧给人一种奇异的感受。 The Absolute Zero ultra-low temperature by his Control in the small range, was condensed Ice Ball suddenly, moved forward to meet somebody to Tang Wulin King's Path. 绝对零度的超低温被他控制在小范围之中,骤然凝聚成一个冰球,向唐舞麟王者之路迎了上去。 Sky Frost Sword under Absolute Zero condition, destroys the hardest defenses! 绝对零度状态下的天霜剑,无坚不摧! Bang the two collide. All these completed in short extremely Time. Has traded ordinary Titled Douluo, impossible continuously to display Martial Soul Avatar and Eighth Soul Skill in such short Time radically. “轰”二者碰撞。这一切都是在极短时间内完成了。换了普通的封号斗罗,根本就不可能在这么短暂的时间中连续施展武魂真身第八魂技 But Wu Zhangkong has achieved, he uses the oneself strongest condition, welcomed the Tang Wulin understanding to strike. 舞长空做到了,他用自己的最强状态,迎上了唐舞麟的会心一击。 áng áng áng!” In the instance of collision, Wu Zhangkong hears, is the innumerable spirited dragon roar sounds, he feels, is a as if Heaven and Earth highest good terrifying pressure. But in the face of this pressure, his Sky Frost Sword as before is firm, is as before stable. 昂昂昂!”在碰撞的瞬间,舞长空听到的,是无数激昂的龙吟声,他感受到的,是一股仿佛天地至理般的恐怖威压。而就是在这份威压面前,他的天霜剑依旧坚定,依旧稳固。 For the revival of Shrek, nobody can waver his faith. 为了史莱克的复兴,没有人能够动摇他的信念。 The collision is in these circumstances produces. In that flash, the mood of all people as if became absent-minded. 碰撞就是在这样的情况下产生的。在那一瞬间,所有人的情绪似乎都变得恍惚了。 In the line of sight of people, Wu Zhangkong white Ice Ball was exaggerated by that golden-colored ray of light unexpectedly completely, changes into the homochromy, white Ice Ball during that golden light (Jin Guang) exaggerates, is melting unexpectedly rapidly. 在众人的视线中,舞长空所化的白色冰球竟然被那金色光芒完全渲染,化为同色,白色冰球在那金光渲染之中,竟然是在飞速的融化着。 But also flickers below, Ice Ball blasts out suddenly, everywhere sword tip(s) in airborne suddenly to launch, dispersing. The ear-piercing collision sound, the energy fluctuation of terrifying is wreaking havoc entire martial practicing stage. 但也就在下一瞬,冰球猛然炸开,漫天剑芒在空中暴射、飞散。刺耳的碰撞声,恐怖能量波动肆虐着整个演武场 Luckily, martial practicing stage Guard Screen always aims in Titled Douluo stage existence. At this moment, in observing people could not even see clearly what happened, because the energy collision of that terrifying on Guard Screen, has made Guard Screen ray of light too strong, is too strong, they are unable to see clearly inside situation. 幸好,演武场防护罩从来都是针对于封号斗罗层次存在的。此时此刻,观战众人甚至看不清里面发生了什么事,因为那恐怖能量碰撞在防护罩上,已经让防护罩光芒变得太强、太强,以至于他们都无法看清楚里面的情况了。 ray of light continues, for a very long time does not fade. 光芒持续,久久不衰。 Finally, the light screen gradually returns to normal, inside two forms also already again appear(ance) there. 终于,光幕逐渐恢复正常,里面的两道身影也已经重新出现在那里。 Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong have exchanged each other position, they carry to the opposite party. In the Tang Wulin hand Golden Dragon Spear refers to ground slantingly, but this time Wu Zhangkong, has extricated from the Martial Soul Avatar condition. 唐舞麟舞长空交换了彼此的位置,他们背对着对方。唐舞麟手中黄金龙枪斜指地面,而此时的舞长空,也已经从武魂真身状态中解脱出来。 However, under people surprised gaze, their clear seeing, on Wu Zhangkong, unexpectedly many ice-blue armor, that matter armor turned white slightly, the interior as if there is rime fog circulation to be ordinary. Not is just his Three Word Battle Armor Sky Dragon Ice? 但是,在众人吃惊的注视下,他们清楚的看到,在舞长空身上,竟然多了一层冰蓝色甲胄,那层甲胄微微发白,内部仿佛有冰雾流转一般。可不正是他的三字斗铠天龙冰吗? Teacher Wu and were Teacher Wu forced to use Battle Armor unexpectedly? 舞老师舞老师竟然被逼迫着用出了斗铠 Clang!” Flickers below, a resounding transmits, clear delightful, everyone listens very clear. Then under gaze that they shock, Sky Frost Sword in Wu Zhangkong hand, broke...... “铿!”就在下一瞬,一声脆响传来,清脆悦耳,每个人都听的十分清楚。然后在他们震撼的注视下,舞长空手中的天霜剑,断了…… About one-fourth long sword edges crash, fall on the ground. The body of Wu Zhangkong also rocked. 大约1长的剑刃坠落,掉在地上。舞长空的身体也随之晃动了一下。 Broke? 断了? Did Sky Frost Sword break? 天霜剑断了? ------------------------ ------------------------ Sees Teacher Wu to come back, are you affected! Is moved comes a round monthly ticket and recommendation ticket! Writes about Wu Zhangkong also living time, actually my oneself mood some are unable automatic control. Very much likes Teacher Wu this role. 看到舞老师回来,你们感不感动!感动就来一轮月票、推荐票吧!写到舞长空还活着的时候,其实我自己的情绪都有些无法自控。还是很喜欢舞老师这个角色的。
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