DTOPB :: Volume #2 为人族崛起而读书

#286: Three day vacation

The training ended. 集训结束了。 After three months of training, 100 students finally remaining 56 people. 在经过三个月的集训后,100名学员最终剩下56人。 But from these 56 people, Hidden Dragon Institute chooses the final 40 people. 而从这56人中,潜龙院又挑选出最后的40人。 And ten-year student 16 people, eighth year student eight people, seventh year student four people, a sixth year student person. 其中十年期学员16人,八年期学员八人,七年期学员四人,六年期学员一人。 Nine years of time student 11 people that Su Chen is, respectively is He Niliu, Duan Jiangshan, Su Chen, Cloud Leopard, Wang Doushan, Gu Qingluo, Yue Longsha, Ji Hanyan, Wang Xuan’an, Zhou Donglai and Yuan Mengshi. 苏沉所在的九年期学员11人,分别为何逆流,段江山,苏沉,云豹,王斗山,顾轻萝,月胧沙,姬寒燕,王玄安,周东来元梦世 Surprisingly, Jiang Xishui that in nine years of time is listed third had not been selected unexpectedly. 令人惊讶的是,九年期中排名第三的江惜水竟然没有被选中。 The Jiang Xishui’s strength is quite good, manner disposition is also passable, although is everybody noble clan young master, does not have any rack. Su Chen once had fought with him, has fought together shoulder to shoulder, no matter the imperial enemy mutually competes together, felt that he has not tried. This thinks after ruins, can find out his bottom, has not thought that he actually will fail to be elected. 江惜水的实力相当不错,为人性格也说得过去,虽是大家贵族的公子,却没什么架子。苏沉曾与他交过手,也一起并肩战斗过,不管是共同御敌还是相互比拼,都感觉他没有尽全力。本以为进了遗迹后能摸清他的底,没想到他竟然会落选了。 Is Jiang Xishui thinks little on the contrary, resembles early guessed correctly that will have this result. 反倒是江惜水不以为意,似是早猜到会有这结果。 Finally after selecting enters the candidate, Hidden Dragon Institute 40 entrants strongly in the same place, leads to a main hall, starts to provide the student number. 选出最后的进入人选后,潜龙院将40名进入者集中在一起,带到一处大殿,开始发放学号。 The one who obtains 1st is He Yuandong of ten-year, this person of strength is powerful, is calm, then quite some people when the training looks on the 1st, obtains also to be in favor with the public. Also is the ten-year on the 2nd, called Qi Weiyan, although was a female, actually quite saw the wisdom, the manner is resourceful in a dishonest way. Qi Weiyan as if inborn has a unique ability, she speaks always not anxiously not Xu, mild-mannered and cultivated, can actually to perceive. Reason that makes her make 2nd , because her can let the people thoughts of returning home the disposition, has the biggest gathering will of the people function. 获得一号的是十年期的贺元东,此人实力强悍,性情沉稳,在集训时便颇有人望,得到一号也算众望所归。二号也是十年期的,叫戚为雁,虽是女性,却颇见智慧,为人更是长袖善舞。戚为雁似乎天生拥有一种独特的能力,她说话总是不急不徐,温文尔雅,却能让人听进去。之所以让她做二号,就是因为她那能让众人归心的性格,具有最大的聚拢人心作用。 What Su Chen obtains is 3rd. 苏沉得到的是三号。 Is together such a long time, everybody had understood. 相处这么长时间,大家相互间有所了解。 Plans the ability regarding Su Chen’s, everybody trusts very much. However, plans is not complete, reason that does not let Su Chen 1st , because plans many, in fact can lack the leader makings relatively. He Yuandong does not excel at planning, Qi Weiyan does not excel at planning, therefore however just, they are instead easier to be popular, is headed by He Yuandong, Qi Weiyan is auxiliary, Su Chen next best. 对于苏沉的谋划能力,大家都很信任。然,谋算不是全部,之所以不让苏沉一号,就是因为谋算过多,实际上会相对缺乏领袖气质。贺元东不擅谋算,戚为雁也不擅谋算,然正因此,他们反而更容易得人心,是以贺元东为首,戚为雁为辅,苏沉次之。 Such does, must tell all people , compared to plan the enemy, gathers oneself, the unity coexists is more important! 这么做,就是要告诉所有人,相比谋划敌人,聚拢自身,团结共处更重要! Is good because of Su Chen also knows one are not good at working as the leader, the nothing else interest, is viewless. 好在苏沉也知道自己不擅长当领袖,也没什么兴趣,对此并无意见。 After sending the student number, spoke. 发完学号后就是讲话。 Still is Si Mingli that old man, to big family fortune: „The present was the time tells your situation about the ruins.” 依然是司明礼那老头,对大家道:“现在是时候告诉你们关于遗迹的情况了。” Before the related ruins matter has kept secret, after selecting final entrant, the related ruins special details will tell everybody. 之前有关遗迹的事一直都是保密,直到选出最后的进入者后,有关遗迹的具体情况才会告诉大家。 Along with narration of Si Mingli, everybody only knows that originally this ruins is the Arcana World Empire time stays behind, until now had more than 30,000 years. 随着司明礼的讲述,大家这才知道,原来这处遗迹奥世帝国时期留下的,迄今已有30000多年。 Reason that can preserve for more than 30,000 years , because this ruins is -and-a-half space-independents. 之所以能保存30000多年,是因为这个遗迹是一个半独立空间。 This half space-independent has been located in the space crevice, until some time ago, the energy consumption of this half space-independent completely, finally started to reveal the whereabouts. 这个半独立空间一直位于空间夹缝中,直到不久前,这个半独立空间的能源消耗殆尽,才终于开始显露行迹。 In fact the major part on Primordial Desolate Continent retains complete ruins is this situation, so long as also has the energy, they can continue to hide millennium for ten thousand years, but was not discovered that will lose when until some day them hides the ability will be delivered from oppression, and gives the posterity to search the opportunity that the treasure gets rich. 事实上源荒大陆上的绝大部分保留完整的遗迹都是这种情况只要还有能量,它们就可以继续藏匿千年万年而不被发现,直到某天它们失去藏匿能力时才会重见天日,并给予后人探宝发财的机会。 Riprap Beach of leading of ruins situated in Golden Water River downstream, therefore is called Golden Water ruins, there present already guards by Dragon Mulberry Kingdom and Sand Lizard Tribe with large army, without permitting anyone cannot enter. 遗迹的进入口位于金水河下游的一处乱石滩,因此被称做金水遗迹,那里现在已经被龙桑国沙蜥部落重兵把守,未经允许谁也不许进入。 Indicated according to the investigation that this half space-independent must be some Arcana World Empire time Great Arcane Art Master personal experiment institute. 根据探查表明,这个半独立空间应当是奥世帝国时期某个大奥术师的私人实验所。 This situation is very normal, in the Arcana World Empire prosperous time, these famous Great Arcane Art Master almost every has in half space-independent establishes the custom of experiment institute, therefore also saves the world to be most like ruins. 这种情况很正常,在奥世帝国鼎盛的时期,那些著名的大奥术师几乎每个都有在半独立空间建立实验所的习惯,因此象这样的遗迹也是存世最多的。 It is difficult to say that this kind of ruins will have any value, after all this depended on their once masters. 很难说这类遗迹会有什么价值,毕竟这取决于它们曾经的主人。 But undeniably, so long as is ruins, is valuable! 但不可否认,只要是遗迹,就有价值! Because Golden Water ruins is old, space stability became extremely bad, be only one time enters the opportunity, once some people enter from outside, the entire space will enter the fast declining process. 金水遗迹由于年代久远,空间稳定性已变得极差,所以只有一次进入机会,一旦有人从外进入,整个空间就会进入快速的衰亡过程。 The similar truth, the excessively fierce primordial strength fluctuation can cause the space to accelerate to collapse, therefore the gift box powerhouse does not enter. 同样的道理,过度剧烈的源力波动会导致空间加速崩溃,所以也不食盒强者进入。 Therefore just Dragon Mulberry and Sand Lizard Tribe will set the request that Boiling Blood Realm or lower enters, for is makes long-time, thus gives everybody who the space exists many exploration time. 正因此龙桑沙蜥部落才会定下沸血境以下进入的要求,为的就是让空间存在的更长久,从而给大家更多的探索时间。 Besides the population and cultivates for rank limit, a custom is all entrants cannot carry to surpass the value 10,000 primordial stones goods. 除了人数和修为等级限制外,还有一条规矩就是所有进入者不许携带超过价值一万源石的物品。 This to is not the space limitation, but is both sides stipulated mutually. 这到不是空间限制,而是双方互相的规定。 After all such stipulation words, that possible both sides finally not to compete are not the strengths, but was the financial resource. 毕竟不这么规定的话,那可能双方最终的比拼就不是实力而是财力了。 Considered that the ruins space risk not measured, no one hopes to arrive this step. 考虑到遗迹空间风险莫测,谁都不希望走到这一步。 ruins decides since the time officially three days later, therefore everybody also three days of relaxation times, can be used to conserve strength, can be used happily indulge. 遗迹的正式进入时间定在三天后,所以大家还有三天的休息时间,可以用来养精蓄锐,也可以用来痛快的放纵一把。 This also to some rewards that everybody pays in advance, after all these enters, no one knows that also who can live coming out. 这也是给大家预支的部分报酬,毕竟这一趟进入,谁也不知道还有谁能活着出来。 After having spoken these, all students entered the free time. 讲过这些后,所有学员就进入了自由时间。 Su Chen looked for Shi Kaihuang directly. 苏沉直接去找了石开荒 Teacher, about Golden Water ruins, has a more concrete material?” “导师,关于金水遗迹,有没有更具体的资料?” Shi Kaihuang is somewhat surprised: What material do you also want?” 石开荒有些惊讶:“你还想要什么资料?” All.” Su Chen replied. “所有的。”苏沉回答。 Shi Kaihuang understands the Su Chen’s meaning, he thinks saying: You want before, to understand the information first about that ruins, I can understand. However because that locates ruins nobody to enter, the special details are unclear, not necessarily has anything to help to you.” 石开荒明白苏沉的意思,他想了想说:“你想在进入之前,先了解关于那个遗迹的信息,我能理解。不过由于那处遗迹没人进过,具体情况不详,未必对你有什么帮助。” Is prepared always compares not arranges.” Su Chen said with a smile. “有备总比无备好。”苏沉笑道。 Shi Kaihuang nods: Since this, good, my turning head makes the person prepare a complete material to you.” 石开荒点头:“既然这样,那好,我回头让人准备一份完整的资料给你。” Good, was right, should better again has some about the Arcana World Empire’s material.” “好,对了,最好再有一些关于奥世帝国的资料。” You can go to big library directly, for these days, the big library was completely open to you, does not consume any contribution.” “你可以直接去大图书馆,这几天,大图书馆对你们完全开放,不耗费任何贡献。” That it would be the best.” “那就最好不过了。” „Don't you plan to enjoy again other?” Shi Kaihuang said suddenly. “你就不打算再享受些别的?”石开荒突然道。 Su Chen stares: Other? What also has other?” 苏沉一愣:“别的?还有什么别的?” Shi Kaihuang said meaningfully: Naturally is a man must enjoy. Hidden Dragon Institute wrapped nearby this for you biggest restaurant, the colored hall, where was casual you to go, played, paid a bill by the institute. You...... Probably virgin?” 石开荒意味深长道:“自然是一个男人应当享有的。潜龙院可是为你们包下了这附近最大的酒楼,花馆,随便你们去哪里,怎么玩,都由院里付账。你……好像还是处男吧?” The Su Chen face rises red: Teacher, I am a student!” 苏沉脸涨得通红:“导师,我还是个学生!” Shi Kaihuang rubs the beard to reply: Your teacher I look like you such big time, but is the colored field expert.” 石开荒捋着胡子回答:“你导师我象你这么大的时候,可已是花场老手了。” „......” Su Chen flees to the wilderness. “……”苏沉落荒而逃。 Thinks Shi Kaihuang’s to speak, does not have the reason at heart is a heat. 只是想想石开荒的说话,心里没来由的又是一热。 Naturally, he thinks is not the love affair field, but is Gu Qingluo. 当然,他想的不是风月场,而是顾轻萝 However thinks an own present kiss has not roared, thought one are away from is separated from the virgin still to have heavy responsibilities, a face then painstakingly. 不过一想到自己现在连个吻都没哄到,就觉得自己距离脱离处男依然任重而道远,一张脸便苦了起来。 Following three days, everybody presses own arrangement to live respectively, rest. 接下来的三天,大家各自按自己的安排去生活,休息。 A small number choose to continue painstaking cultivation, a day is not willing to relax promotes itself. 少部分人选择继续苦修,一天也不肯放松的提升自己。 Most people chose enjoyed a life in these three days well. 大部分人则选择了在这三天里好好享受一把生活。 Wang Doushan chose went through own three days of vacation in the love affair field. He was flowering shrubs expert, the virgin before entering Hidden Dragon Institute breaks. This time he asked 22 misses to accompany itself, reason that has not looked is because Hidden Dragon Institute acted to prevent, but reason that they prevented not because of money, but feared that this fellow pressed out to do oneself, causing the battlefield to be incapable. Even if you are cultivation, even if you will soon participate in a dangerous duty, playing that also cannot such go all out. 王斗山选择了在风月场中度过自己的三天假期。他是花丛老手,处男早在进入潜龙院前就破掉了。这次他找了22个姑娘陪自己,之所以没找更多是因为潜龙院出面阻止了,而他们之所以阻止也不是因为钱,而是怕这家伙把自己榨干,导致战场无力。就算你是修炼过的,就算你即将参与一个危险任务,也不能这么拼着命的玩啊。 Cloud Leopard to wants to pass for three days with cultivation, but Wang Doushan this friend who is a bad influence dragged down him. Cloud Leopard has not looked for that many misses, he only looked for one has seemed like the pure and innocent girl, accompanied the three days, ended own virgin profession. That day of distinction, Cloud Leopard was moved, wants to buy freedom for the miss. But miss, as soon as listens, what? Do you want on the battlefield momentarily dead? At that time did not want. All vanishes without the trace chastely, turns the head to greet the new honored guest, lets Cloud Leopard good moved. This comes into the laughingstock between good friends afterward, has spread for a long time. 云豹到是想用修炼度过三天,但王斗山这个损友把他拉下了水。云豹没有找那么多姑娘,他只找了一个看似纯情的女孩,陪了自己三天,终结了自己的处男生涯。分别的那天,云豹动了情,想为姑娘赎身。可姑娘一听,什么?你丫要上战场随时会死?当时就不愿意了。所有的纯洁消失无踪,转头去迎接新的贵客,让云豹好一阵伤感。这事后来成为好朋友之间的笑柄,流传了好久。 Su Chen has stayed in the entire three days of libraries. 苏沉则泡了整整三天的图书馆。 He is going through the Golden Water ruins detail earnestly, is perusing also the Arcana World Empire’s history, the humanities as well as the background information. 他认真的查阅着金水遗迹的详细资料,同时也翻查着奥世帝国的历史,人文以及背景情况。 Gu Qingluo also with him in the same place. 顾轻萝也和他在一起。 Sometimes she will help the books that Su Chen asks some him to need, more often a person sits there static reading. 有时她会帮苏沉找一些他需要的书本,更多的时候则一个人坐在那里静静的看书。 Like this sits side Su Chen’s, looks glancing through that he tries hard, pondered diligently, diligently writes to paint pictures on the paper. 就这样坐在苏沉的身边,看他努力的翻阅,努力思考,努力的在纸上写写画画。 Occasionally, Su Chen will look up Gu Qingluo, at that time Gu Qingluo had the cleverness also to look up him on the understanding. 偶尔,苏沉会抬头看顾轻萝,那个时候顾轻萝就会心有灵犀般也抬头看他。 They look at each other, then together reveals smiling face , to continue to lower the head to study. 两人对视,便一起露出笑颜,继续低头读书。 At that time, Su Chen thought that even if did not have a more further movement, was only this, was happy enjoyment. 那个时候,苏沉觉得,就算没有更进一步的动作,只是这样,也是一种美好的享受。 The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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