DT :: Volume #12 战神与芬布尔之冬

#1062: Sure-kill

Ran out of Odin gasping for breath in gulps gas cloud, the cold sweat rolled from his forehead, obviously its pain! 冲出了毒雾的奥丁大口大口的喘着气,冷汗从他的额头上滚了下来,可见其痛苦! Deeply attracted several tones, before Odin , the gas cloud of not careful inspiration spat, then has turned the head to look that to saying that raising Machete Ash coldly „is really despicable...” 深吸了几口气,奥丁将之前不小心吸入的毒雾吐了出来,然后转过头看向提着弯刀灰烬冷冷的说道“真是卑鄙…” „Did you feel all right to say me? Moreover this is preying of life and death, is not the duel of honor, so long as can kill you... I naturally to stop at nothing, you do not do that?” “你好意思说我吗?而且这是生与死的搏杀,又不是荣誉的决斗,只要能杀死你…我自然是无所不用其极,你不也是这么做的吗?” Said is also the honor that... this fight has no, no matter you were we... are indifferent! Come, we continue!” Is speaking, Odin while is enduring the ache and disgusting feeling dispelled the poison with the magic to oneself, held up grid Neil in hand again, flushed toward Ash on own initiative! “说的也是…这场战斗没有任何的荣誉可言,不管是你们还是我们…不过无所谓了!来吧,我们继续!”一边说着话,奥丁一边忍着疼痛和恶心的感觉用魔法给自己祛了毒,再一次举起了手中的冈格尼尔,主动朝着灰烬冲了过来! Ash licked the lip, showed a cruel smile, facing long spear/gun that the Odin straight thrust comes, Ash sudden backward somersault, avoided the Odin thorn to strike, falls to the ground later another to turn around, the Machete stroke in hand a curve, cut again to the chest of Odin! 灰烬舔了舔嘴唇,露出了一个残忍的笑容,面对奥丁直刺而来的长枪,灰烬突然一个后空翻,避开了奥丁的刺击,落地之后又一个转身,手中的弯刀划出一个弧度,再一次斩向奥丁的胸膛! This sword does not change to come from the big sword, if in cutting definitely will cut the Odin flesh! 这一剑可不是从大剑变招而来,要是砍中了的话必然会砍到奥丁的血肉! Has not made the movement that keeps off or dodges out of the ordinary, in the eye of Odin flashes through one ruthlessly spicy, the long spear/gun that punctures to the next pressure, the spear's/gun's body stroked above the shoulder of Ash, a move took as to draw back, attacked in order to defend, forcing Ash to stop the attack... 没有做出格挡或者规避的动作,奥丁的眼中闪过一丝狠辣,刺出的长枪向下一压,枪身击打在了灰烬的肩头之上,一招以进为退,以攻为守,逼迫灰烬停止了攻击… After all is the long weapon, was popular at this kind of time very much, suppressed Ash clenches teeth ruthlessly, the both legs caught up, stood fiercely, but also gripped the long spear/gun in Odin hand in the hand and ensure this fellow will not run away! 毕竟是长兵器,在这种时候还是很吃香的,被压住的灰烬狠狠地咬了咬牙,双腿一发力,猛地站了起来,还将奥丁手中的长枪攥在了手中,确保这个家伙不会逃走! Also is a blade cuts, this time, Odin may have no method of counterattacking, either eats a Ash blade, either disperses the hand to draw back backward! 又是一刀斩出,这一次,奥丁可没有什么反制的手段了,要么吃上灰烬的一刀,要么撒开手向后退! Clearly, Odin ignores will not be injured, quickly loosens in the hand was grasping grid Neil, the whole person leaves to retreat backward! 很明显,奥丁可不会放任自己受伤,急忙松开了手中握着的冈格尼尔,整个人抽身向后退去! Ash wielded spatially... to raise Machete again, on the one hand grasped Odin grid Neil, Ash was blowing whistling contemptuous saying as a soldier ridiculing, you do not know that in any event can't let loose own weapon?” 灰烬再一次挥了个空…一手提着弯刀,一手抓着奥丁的冈格尼尔,灰烬戏谑的吹了声口哨轻蔑的说道“作为一个战士,你难道不知道无论如何都不能放开自己的武器吗?” Odin light snort/hum, to Ash light saying „I am the god king, is not the soldier, next... I know this point! I have not let loose my weapon!” 奥丁轻哼了一声,冲着灰烬淡淡的说道“我是神王,不是战士,其次…我知道这一点!我可没有放开自己的武器!” Spoke this saying, Odin lifted the hand suddenly, referred to Ash... 说这话,奥丁突然抬起了手,冲着灰烬指了指… The next quarter, in the Ash hand is grasping grid Neil received the instruction to be common suddenly probably, aims at the head of Ash to shoot! 下一刻,灰烬手中握着的冈格尼尔突然像是收到了指令一般,指向了灰烬的脑袋射来! Ash quickly gets hold of the wrist/skill, unexpected , the long spear/gun started to stab the Ash helmet, rubbed a flame! 灰烬急忙握紧手腕,猝不及防之下,长枪开始刺中了灰烬的头盔,摩擦出了一阵火光! However is good because of the Ash reaction speed also calculates, without and other long-barrelled guns passed through own head to press firmly between the fingers it, making grid Neil stop... 但是好在灰烬的反应速度还算可以,没等长枪贯穿自己的脑袋就将其捏住,让冈格尼尔停了下来… Ash somewhat astonished turning the head, looked that to was grasped by oneself in the hand, tries to work loose own palm, sneaks in the head...... 灰烬有些惊愕的转过头,看向被自己握在手中,不停的试图挣脱自己的手掌,钻进自己脑袋里...... Long spear/gun, rough said in a low voice „... can also control remotely unexpectedly unexpectedly? This I have not really thought! Old thing you really sinister!” 的长枪,磕磕绊绊的低声说道“竟然…竟然还能遥控?这个我是真的没想到啊!老东西你是真的阴险!” Saw that own trick cannot be effective as before, Odin frowning of gently, aims at the finger of Ash to open, grid Neil changed to the flowing light to fly back to his hand again... 眼看自己的奇招依旧没能奏效,奥丁轻轻的皱起了眉头,指向灰烬的手指张开,冈格尼尔再一次化作流光飞回到了他的手中… Ash, I can look, your injury has not recovered, now fights to put forth with me, probably was your full power! If so, in a short time you are unable to be defeated my!” 灰烬,我能看得出来,你的伤势还没有痊愈,现在跟我战斗所能使出的,大概就是你的全力了吧!如果是这样的话,短时间内你是无法打败我的!” Was seen through saying that Ash contemptuous curling the lip , a face disdains you said right how, but can that? You are unable to defeat me! So long as that side several people got rid of your non- loyal son, Freya cured that again to the brother and sister, you will definitely be defeated! The victory of this fight had been grasped by me in the hand! Here may have no hero soul soldier to give you to detonate!” 被看穿了的灰烬轻蔑的撇了撇嘴,一脸不屑的说道“你说的没错可是那又能怎么样呢?你也无法战胜我啊!只要那边几个人干掉了你的不孝子,芙蕾雅再治好了那对兄妹,你必然会落败!这场战斗的胜利已经被我握在手中了!这里可没有什么英灵战士给你引爆的!” Hears this saying, 听到这话, Odin cannot help but rotated an own one-eyed, looked at not far away suppressed, simply does not have the hitting back leeway stubbornly, Sol who sooner or later can defeat, was being treated and cured by Freya, has revived from the stupor, the correct use vicious look fixes the eyes on own Lear... to see these, Odin cannot help but long sighs, looked at dim sky light saying originally... to should according to the plan, according to the prediction finished, my death, Sol's dying, had your dies... is plans well, why will turn like this?” 奥丁不由得转动了一下自己的独眼,看了看不远处被压制的死死地,根本没有还手余地,迟早会战败的索尔,还有正在被芙蕾雅救治,已经从昏迷之中苏醒了过来,正用凶狠的眼神紧盯着自己的芬里尔…看到这些,奥丁不由得长叹了一口气,看了看昏暗的天空淡淡的说道“本来…一切都应该按照计划,按照预言结束的,我的死,索尔的死,还有你们的死…一切都是计划好的,为什么会变成这样呢?” You were ready for any sacrifice actually, the words that but must die trouble you dead, do not draw in us to be buried along with the dead to you, some of my also a lot must be done! Do not die with you together here!” “你倒是豁出去了,不过要死的话麻烦你自己去死,不要拉上我们给你陪葬,我还有很多事情要做呢!才不要跟你一起死在这里!” Looks Ash that a face teased, Odin helpless shaking the head, got hold of grid Neil's light saying in hand destiny to be stirred one group of chaotic, this was does obeisance you to bestow... Ash, your Jane was the malignant tumor! How not to know in your world me, however in this world, you are the cancer of the world!” 看着一脸戏谑的灰烬,奥丁无奈的摇了摇头,握紧手中的冈格尼尔淡淡的说道“命运被搅得一团乱,这都是拜你所赐…灰烬,你直就是毒瘤!在你的世界怎样我不知道,但是在这个世界,你就是世界之癌!” How to say as you like, so long as can achieve my goal, no matter you called me anything, the malignant tumor was also good, the cancer of the world, I will accept with pleasure! You is a smart person, perhaps you give me to think several such names, next time again with others compared with given name and title time I will not lose “随你怎么说,只要能达成我自己的目的,不管你叫我什么,毒瘤也好,世界之癌也罢,我都会欣然接受!你是个聪明人,也许你多给我想几个这样的称呼,下一次再跟别人比名号和头衔的时候我就不会输了” „The opportunity of bringing order out of chaos, Ash... you die to me here!” The final several characters, Odin almost roars! But his facial expression also changed! If beforehand Odin has victory in the hand, chess player of accomplishing a task with ease, then he has turned into one to be compelled the dead angle now, prepares to counter-attack at the point of death the angry beast that! “还有拨乱反正的机会,灰烬…你给我死在这里吧!”最后的几个字,奥丁几乎是吼出来的!而他的神情也发生了变化!如果说之前的奥丁还是胜券在握,游刃有余的棋手,那么现在他就已经变成了一个被逼到死角,准备临死反扑的怒兽! Odin launched the active offense again, at this moment, Odin does not care at all the sharp blade in Ash hand, brandishes the long spear/gun to look like a crazy crazy soldier, launched the suicide -type attack toward Ash! 奥丁再一次展开了主动攻击,这一刻,奥丁毫不在意灰烬手中的利刃,挥舞着长枪像一个疯狂的狂战士,朝着灰烬发起了自杀式的袭击! Although said that is the suicide attack, however the Odin skill in Wushu makes Ash look askance as before... 虽然说是自杀式袭击,但是奥丁的武艺依旧让灰烬为之侧目… His attack becomes incomparable verve, but as before compact ordered! Although he gave up greatly...... 他的攻击变得无比的刚猛,但是依旧紧凑有序!他虽然放弃了大...... The defense of part, the step of under foot is however more rapid! 部分的防御,但是脚下的步伐却更加急促! Each attack is shed that fights valiantly to go all-out strikes, every time under a blade edge that dodges in Ash dances! 每一次攻击都是拼尽全力的舍命一击,每一次闪避都是在灰烬的刀锋之下舞蹈! Before the life and death, Ash seemed led into the rhythm by him, two people weapons to touching, friction getting angry light! Ash also no longer uses what Yin move, is only the pure spelling consciousness, puts together the response! 在生死之前,灰烬仿佛被他带入了节奏之中,两人的武器对碰着,摩擦出火光!灰烬也不再使用什么阴招,只是单纯的拼意识,拼反应! Be that as it may, but Odin still stems from leeward, although can always avoid Ash must kill the attack, but actually unavoidable will receive some wounds 话虽如此,但是奥丁依旧出于下风,虽然总能避开灰烬的必杀攻击,但是却无法避免的会受一些伤 Magnificent Kim Kap-hyun is tattered, the gold/metal helmet that the head wears had also been cut to fly by a Ash sword 原本华丽的金甲现在已经破破烂烂,头上戴着的金盔也早就被灰烬一剑砍飞 The beard and hair white one-eyed old man is all raising a splendid long spear/gun, is preying with Ash furiously! 须发皆白的独眼老者提着一杆熠熠生辉的长枪,和灰烬奋力的搏杀着! As if also knows oneself are unable to defeat Ash, however in one-eyed of Odin as before does not have any flinching! 仿佛也知道自己根本无法战胜灰烬,但是奥丁的独眼之中依旧没有任何的退缩! Looks even the whole body is the wound, but eyes as before sharp such as Odin of eagle, Ash gently frowns... 看着即便浑身是伤,但是双眼依旧锐利如鹰的奥丁,灰烬轻轻的皱起了眉头… Past was Lord Gwyn... also so? Even if oneself meet a cruel death, even if own flesh and blood is buried along with the dead with, must be continued to survive by own race. 当年的葛温大王…也是如此吗?即便自己粉身碎骨,即便自己的骨肉与自己陪葬,也要让自己的种族继续存活下去。 Is this selfish... or selfless? 这算是自私…还是无私呢? A time of Ash god, the Odin long spear/gun punctures fiercely, passed through the shoulder of Ash directly! 灰烬一愣神的功夫,奥丁的长枪猛地刺出,径直贯穿了灰烬的肩膀! What are you thinking? Boys!” “你在想什么?小子!” Ash disregarded the long spear/gun that passes through the shoulder, raised the head to stare at Odin light saying I to think why... you are willing to do these matters for Æsir, even gives own life, even is harmful to the whole world, even if this will perhaps make you shoulder the infamy, even if... the result will not have what difference.” 灰烬无视了贯穿自己肩膀的长枪,抬起头盯着奥丁淡淡的说道“我在想…你为什么愿意为了阿萨神族做这些事,甚至奉献出自己的生命,即便是对整个世界是有害的,即便这也许会让你背负骂名,即便…结果不会有什么不同。” Result... will not have anything to be different...” Odin twittering, then the chuckle said in a soft voice „, because they present me for the king! I am the symbol of Æsir! Therefore I need to consider that so long as the Æsir benefit and in the future, these in addition are not meaningful!” “结果…不会有什么不同嘛…”奥丁轻声呢喃了一句,然后轻笑了一声说道“因为他们奉我为王!我就是阿萨神族的象征!所以我需要考虑的,只要阿萨神族的利益和未来,除此之外的那些没有任何意义!” Yes... he also thought at that time?...” “是嘛…他当时也是这么想的吗?呵…” The Ash chuckle, then lifted the hand, grasped firmly the long spear/gun that pierced oneself shoulder, the cutting edge in hand strikes to draw a sword ruthlessly! Cut the Odin body from bottom to top! 灰烬轻笑了一声,然后一把抬起了手,攥住了洞穿了自己肩头的长枪,手中的锋刃狠狠地一击抽刀!自下而上划开了奥丁的身躯! Although sounds very great, but as the victim, I am not able to produce the resonance to your words as before! Odin... my really repugnant people like you!” “虽然听起来很伟大,但是作为受害者,我依旧无法对你的这番话产生共鸣!奥丁…我果然还是讨厌你这种人!” Odin grips the hand of long spear/gun to disperse the footsteps to start slowly impractically, the dark red blood that together is of slanting passing over gently and swiftly the average wound from his chest... 奥丁握住长枪的手缓缓地撒开脚步开始虚浮,殷红的鲜血从他的胸膛之上那一道斜着掠过的伤口之中流了出来… Even came to the verge of death, the Odin expression has not changed as before, that one-eyed as if saw through the Ash thoughts general... 就算是濒临死亡,奥丁的表情依旧没有变化,那只独眼仿佛看穿了灰烬的心思一般… Fell down slowly, Odin to Ash light sayingin any case this was a contest of life and death, won living, lost died... blames heaven and earth will not have any good result. Ash, you, if some day as a king, some day saves under the vision that everyone hopes for...... 缓缓地倒在了地上,奥丁冲着灰烬淡淡的说道“反正这就是一场生死存亡的较量,赢了生,输了死…怨天怨地可不会有什么好结果。灰烬啊,你要是有朝一日身为王,有朝一日在所有人期盼的目光之下存...... In, you can understand... ” 在,你会明白的…” Odin tone incomparable gentle... looks like in the elders of lesson younger generation general... 奥丁的语气无比的平缓…就像是在教训晚辈的长者一般… Ash shaking the head of gently, looks that poured „I have said in ground bloody Odin light saying, I disliked people like you! I will not be lived by myself such, some people are not willing to present me for the king!” 灰烬轻轻的摇了摇头,看着倒在地上血流如注的奥丁淡淡的说道“我说过,我讨厌你们这样的人!我不会让自己活成那样的,也不会有人肯奉我为王的!” Yes... that may really be a pity.” Said that this last few words, Odin closed the eyes slowly, thorough dying... “是嘛…那可真是可惜啊。”说完这最后一句话,奥丁就缓缓地闭上了双眼,彻底的死去了… Ash bends down, extracted Odin Soul, will pass through grid Neil of oneself shoulder to pull out, after hesitant over and over, will have lost grid Neil of master to receive in the pouch... 灰烬俯下身,抽出了奥丁灵魂,将贯穿了自己肩膀的冈格尼尔抽了出来,犹豫再三之后,还是将已经失去了主人的冈格尼尔收入了囊中… The enemies are the enemies, does not need any respect and pitying! Odin does not need these things! 敌人就是敌人,不需要任何的尊重和怜悯!奥丁也不需要这些东西! exhales, Ash has turned around slowly, looks although behind has awakened, but weak Hela and Lear, gently curls the lip saying that you may really be useless! Added that was you facilitates Various God single-handedly dusk is really is shy for you! Finally must make me come for you to clean up the aftermath!” 呼出了一口气,灰烬缓缓地转过了身,看着身后虽然已经唤醒了过来,但是已经虚弱的海拉和芬里尔,轻轻的撇了撇嘴说道“你们可真是没用啊!还说就是你们一手促成了诸神黄昏呢真是替你们害臊!最后还得让我来替你们收拾残局!”
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