DT :: Volume #12 战神与芬布尔之冬

#1057: The situation is not wonderful

in the sewers capsizes, plays the eagle the expert to be pecked the eye by the eagle, the Grandmaster in Soul aspect unexpectedly by Soul doing the severe wound, has saying that this is a matter of unusual satire..., but this is the present fact. 阴沟里翻了船,玩鹰的老手被鹰啄了眼,灵魂方面的大师竟然被灵魂给搞成了重伤,不得不说这是一件非常讽刺的事情…但这就是现在的事实。 Is conceited in this aspect, never thought that some people can with Ash that are on par with, finally suffers a loss in Soul this aspect, it can be said that under Ash lamp black, it can be said that Odin experienced and careful... 在这个方面自视甚高,从来不觉得有人能和自己比肩的灰烬,终于在灵魂这个方面吃了亏,可以说是灰烬灯下黑,也可以说是奥丁老谋深算… However said no matter how, Ash was to basically lose the combat capability now... Soul is the Ash core, was the Ash essence, now actually suffers the heavy losses, has saying that was a very pitiful matter, what was more pitiful was Mistletoe insect of some only Mistletoe in Ash Soul! 但是不管怎么说,灰烬现在基本上是丧失战斗能力了…灵魂灰烬的核心,是灰烬的本质,现在却遭受了重创,不得不说是一件非常可悲的事情,不过更可悲的是某只寄生灰烬灵魂之中的寄生虫! In the Soul bomb , in Ash Soul erupts, bears the brunt receives affect is Frat Moot, present Frat Moot can only describe with pitiful, but also was lucky him, Ash had not further been injured. 灵魂炸弹在灰烬灵魂之中爆发开的时候,首当其冲受到影响的就是芙拉姆特,现在的芙拉姆特只能用凄惨来形容,不过也多亏了他,灰烬才没有受到进一步的伤害。 Rides Odin above warhorse to look, although breathing rapidly, but has not actually received too influence Ash, cannot help but gently knits the brows... he to observe this person, since Ash enters since that moment of this world, already under the gaze of Odin... 骑在战马之上的奥丁看着虽然呼吸急促,但是却没有受到太多影响的灰烬,不由得轻轻的皱了皱眉…他一直在观察这个人,自从灰烬进入这个世界的那一刻起,就已经在奥丁的注视之下了… Therefore ability of Odin very clear Ash in Soul this aspect, therefore he will choose this Yin move, the effect of however achieving has not made him be satisfactory. 所以奥丁很清楚灰烬灵魂这方面的能力,所以他才会选择这一手阴招,但是达成的效果却并没有让他满意。 During the estimate of Odin, struck to kill so many hero souls, recruited their Soul Ash to be killed by Soul that these fudge directly, even if could not kill will still lie on the ground begins cannot be right, but now... 奥丁的估计之中,击杀了那么多英灵,吸收了他们灵魂灰烬应该会直接被这些自己动了手脚的灵魂炸死,就算炸不死也应该趴在地上再起不能才对,但是现在… Cannot to the time that he recovers consciousness! In the one-eyed of Odin flashes through a none, waves the long spear/gun, the verbal command remaining hero soul soldiers continue to charge! Must before Ash recovers consciousness kills him thoroughly! 不能给他缓过来的功夫!奥丁的独眼之中闪过一丝精光,一挥手中的长枪,号令剩下的英灵战士们继续冲锋!务必要在灰烬缓过来之前把他彻底干掉! Looks hero soul soldiers who throw again, protected several people side Ash to get hold of the weapon in hand, prepared life-and-death to wrestle! In any event cannot make Ash die here, otherwise this weaponry will be very difficult to hit! 看着再一次扑过来的英灵战士们,护在灰烬身边的几个人握紧了手中的武器,准备殊死一搏!无论如何都不能让灰烬死在这里,不然的话这场仗将很难打下去! Stands looks at front enemy in frontline Kratos, knitting the brows of gently, put out a hand to insert suddenly double blade in the hand behind, changes battle axe that just started, then divided to cut ruthlessly above the land of under foot! 站在最前方的奎托斯看着面前的敌人,轻轻的皱了皱眉,突然伸出手将自己手中的双刀插回了身后,换下了那一把刚刚入手的战斧,然后狠狠地劈砍在脚下的大地之上! As a thunder light surges, in the battle axe of billowing thunder clouds emerged from Kratos hand, although the range is not big, but the good and evil can cover completely them 随着一阵雷光涌动,滚滚的雷云从奎托斯手中的战斧之上涌现了出来,范围虽然不算大,但是好歹能将他们全部遮盖起来 The prepare the scene, Kratos put out a hand also to take down axe of the behind another Leviathan, grasps two battle axes, Kratos crashed in the thunder clouds, has crashed in the thunder clouds range to these, the hero soul soldiers of having no idea has rushed over... 布置好了场景,奎托斯伸出手将自己身后的另外一把利维坦之斧也取了下来,手持两柄战斧,奎托斯冲进了雷云之中,向那些已经冲进了雷云范围,两眼一抹黑的英灵战士们冲了过去… The remaining three people protect as in the Ash side, is gazing at all around cautiously, so long as there is a hero soul soldier to bump into to rush in their vision, greeted their is the Freya magic, the Hela sickle and Atreus arrow arrow... 剩下的三个人依旧护在灰烬的身边,小心翼翼的注视着四周,只要有英灵战士误打误撞闯进了他们的视线范围,迎接他们的就是芙蕾雅的魔法,海拉的镰刀和阿特柔斯的箭矢… At the same time spells to go all-out to exterminate the present enemy...... 一边拼尽全力剿灭着眼前的敌人...... , On the side of Atreus present anxious looks around in the direction that behind prison is , the thunder clouds that because Lane Kratos comes out, his anything cannot see... ,阿特柔斯一边焦急的朝着身后的监狱所在的方向张望,但是由于奎托斯出来的雷云,他什么都看不见… Freya pulled out own long sword from a chest of hero soul soldier, asked Lear to a face anxious Atreus present? Why hasn't he come out?” 芙蕾雅从一个英灵战士的胸膛之中抽出了自己的长剑,冲着一脸焦急的阿特柔斯问道“芬里尔呢?他为什么还不出来?” I do not know! Hela said that his fettered time was too long, requires time to move the hands and feet, will immediately come out, is the present...” “我不知道!海拉说他被束缚的时间太长了,需要一点时间活动一下手脚,马上就会出来的,可是现在…” Atreus finishes speaking, a wolf never the distant place transmits howlingly again! Is a sound and sad and shrill pitiful yell sound of collapse of buildings! 阿特柔斯话音刚落,一声狼嚎就再一次从不远处传来!紧接着就是一阵房屋倒塌的声音以及凄厉的惨叫声! Lear came, and had entered in the battlefield! As a wolf, he can distinguish the position of enemy through the sense of smell, can say that he was now only one besides Kratos not the thunder clouds by the battle efficiency that affected... 芬里尔来了,并且已经杀入了战场之中!作为一头狼,他可以通过嗅觉分辨敌人的方位,可以说他是现在除了奎托斯之外唯一一个不受雷云影响的战斗力了… In the billowing thunder clouds, can only hear the sharp claws to tear to pieces the flesh, at the point of death beforehand pitiful yell sound..., since Lear joins commencing of action, 滚滚的雷云之中,只能听到利爪撕破血肉,还有临死之前的惨叫声…自从芬里尔加入战斗开始, Does not have a hero soul soldier to touch to the direction that Ash they are at again. Can reach an agreement in Lear is them, otherwise has such a fearful wild animal, they will definitely not feel better... 就再也没有一个英灵战士能摸到灰烬他们所在的方向。可以说好在芬里尔是他们这边的,不然的话有这么一个可怕的野兽,他们肯定不会好受… Odin is fixing the eyes on the present thunder clouds, gently narrowed the eye, in the hand is gripping tightly a grid Neil revolution, lifted the top of the head... to make a throwing posture slowly again! 奥丁紧盯着眼前的雷云,轻轻的眯起了眼睛,手中紧握着的冈格尼尔一转,缓缓地举过头顶…再一次做出了一个投掷的姿势! Odin must make a move again! Although the present thunder clouds covered the surrounding all, but grid Neil did not fear the thing that this dishonest ways... Odin needs to know enemy general direction, who knowing the enemy was, then threw the long spear/gun to be enough. 奥丁要再次出手了!虽然眼前的雷云遮盖住了周围的一切,但是冈格尼尔可不怕这种歪门邪道的东西…奥丁之需要知道敌人大概的方向,知道敌人是谁,然后扔出长枪就足够了。 Grid Neil changes to together the flowing light again, the lasing from the hand of Odin, sneaked into the thunder clouds directly! 冈格尼尔再一次化作一道流光,从奥丁的手中激射而出,径直窜入了雷云之中! ...... …… Is hiding in the people behind, returns to normal Soul that diligently are moving restlessly, wanting Ash that restored the battle efficiency to avenge a grievance to lift the head as soon as possible suddenly fiercely, puts forth the strength of nursing to put out a hand, held kept off in own front Freya, then made an effort to knock it off her in the place! 正躲在众人的身后,努力平复着自己躁动的灵魂,希望尽快恢复战斗力去报仇雪恨的灰烬突然猛地抬起了头,使出吃奶的力气伸出了手,一把抓住了挡在自己前方的芙蕾雅,然后用力将她拉倒在地! Suddenly receives Freya from Ash attack to have a scare, she who is unable to revolt against the Ash enormous force was entrained directly but actually, when Freya crawls to set out, wants to inquire why time Ash must, only saw the mouth spat the blood, the chest front is passed through gulf Ash... 突然受到来自灰烬袭击的芙蕾雅被吓了一跳,更无法反抗灰烬巨大力量的她直接被拽倒,等到芙蕾雅爬起身来,想要询问灰烬要干什么的时候,就只看到了口吐鲜血,胸前被贯穿了一个深坑的灰烬 Grid Neil had returned to the hand of Odin after hit Ash, only stayed behind is hit again, again heavily damaged Ash! 冈格尼尔已经在命中灰烬之后就回到了奥丁的手中,只留下了被再一次命中,再一次受到重创的灰烬 Damn! Odin that fellow, Ash, you... you are all right! Do not move heedlessly, my treats to you!” “该死!奥丁那个家伙,灰烬,你…你没事吧!不要乱动,我这就给你治疗!” Ash shaking the head of gently, looked in the surrounding environment, deeply inspires said in a low voice does not use, so long as this spear/gun is unable to harm my body I not dead thoroughly, but my Soul is seriously injured now, temporarily is unable to reply directly... does not need to manage me, you continue to eliminate the enemy line...” 灰烬轻轻的摇了摇头,看了看周围的环境之中,深吸了一口气低声说道“不用了,这一枪只要无法彻底破坏我的身体我就不会死,只不过现在我的灵魂受了重伤,暂时无法直接回复而已…不用管我,你继续消灭敌人就行…” Looks the Ash chest front the pothole non-stop braves the blood outward, Freya cannot help but...... 看着灰烬胸前的坑洞不停的往外冒血,芙蕾雅不由得...... Knits the brows, serious saying Ash, now is not showing off ability time, you injure very seriously! You can the excessive loss of blood die in the words that does not stop bleeding!” 皱了皱眉,一脸严肃的说道“灰烬,现在不是逞能的时候,你伤得很严重!在不止血的话你会失血过多而死的!” Ash shot a look at Freya, sighs saying that lightly you told does not need not to use, let alone will flow such blood... you to drain I the blood in my body not dead, was wholly-absorbed your matter to be OK!” 灰烬瞥了一眼芙蕾雅,轻叹了一口气说道“跟你说不用了就是不用了,别说流这么点血了…你就是把我身体里的血全部放干我都不会死的,专心你自己的事情就可以了!” Looks at face impatient Ash, Freya also can only give up , to continue to turn around toward the place that thunder clouds cover to launch no difference attack... 看着一脸不耐烦的灰烬,芙蕾雅也只能作罢,继续转过身朝着一片雷云遮盖的地方进行着无差别攻击… After Freya had turned around, Ash then puts out a hand slowly, took out the element bottle from own backpack, poured into the liquid element own mouth 等到芙蕾雅转过身了之后,灰烬这才缓缓地伸出了手,从自己的背包之中取出了元素瓶,一口将液态的元素灌入了自己的口中 Although on the mouth is saying being all right, but Ash are very clear, situation very bad, Soul was damaged did not say, now the body is also hit... the present situation it can be said that to have one misfortune after another remnantly. 虽然嘴上说着没事,但是灰烬自己很清楚,情况非常的糟糕,灵魂受创不说,现在就连身体也都被打残了…现在的情况可以说是雪上加霜。 A Pulpy fills to get into the stomach, the Ash complexion relaxed much, Odin this old vagrant, a day is thinking died by oneself, the present situation is less optimistic, if oneself continue to treat here, certainly will continue to become the Odin living target, but if leaves, several other people will also be attacked by Odin... 一口果粒橙灌下肚,灰烬的脸色缓和了不少,奥丁这个老瘪三,一天就想着让自己死,现在的情况不容乐观,自己如果继续待在这里的话,一定会继续成为奥丁的活靶子,但是如果离开的话,其他的几个人也会被奥丁攻击… Walking is not, does not walk is not... where, moreover can also arrive goes? Entire nine in others attack scopes, own Soul received the heavy losses, without the means launches Reality Marble to hide. 走也不是,不走也不是…而且自己还能走到哪里去呢?整个九界都在人家的攻击范围之内,自己的灵魂又受了重创,没办法展开固有结界躲进去。 Thinks of here, Ash helpless sighing, looked in the hand not to have the remaining several element bottles, smiled bitterly is shaking the head... 想到这里,灰烬无奈的叹了一口气,看了看手中没剩下几口的元素瓶,苦笑着摇了摇头… If we had known changed into Pulpy completely, but can also many anti- two, want what blueberry juice...” “早知道就全部换成果粒橙了,还能多抗两下,要什么蓝莓汁啊…” With the lapse of time, the surrounding thunder clouds also diverged slowly... can continue so many time to be great, but after all was the weapon that Ash could not have a liking, it has done enough well 随着时间的推移,周围的雷云也慢慢的散去了…能持续这么多时间已经非常了不起了,但毕竟是一件灰烬根本看不上的武器,它已经做得足够好了 After the thunder clouds diverge, Kratos then received the battle axe in hand, received in exchange the double blade again, had a bloody road, returned to the side of people... 等到雷云散去之后,奎托斯便收起了手中的战斧,再一次换回了双刀,杀出了一条血路,回到了众人的身边… On the contrary is Lear, after the thunder clouds diverge, finally saw god king Odin of not far away! 反倒是芬里尔,在雷云散去之后,终于看到了不远处的神王奥丁 The imprisoned hatred erupts in Lear's innermost feelings in this moment thoroughly, angry low roared, Lear lifts oneself former claw, tears into shreds the surrounding hero soul soldier, then charged into Odin directly! 被囚禁的仇恨在这一刻彻底在芬里尔的内心之中爆发,愤怒的低吼了一声,芬里尔抬起自己的前爪,将周围的英灵战士撕碎,然后径直冲向了奥丁 The surrounding hero soul soldier wants to prevent, but ripped the fragment by Lear's sharp claws and canine! 周围的英灵战士想要阻挡,但是都被芬里尔的利爪和尖牙撕成了碎片! Looks Lear who throws, Odin deep frowning, held up grid Neil in hand, strikes punctures the thorn suddenly to Lear who threw! 看着扑过来的芬里尔,奥丁深深的皱起了眉头,举起了手中的冈格尼尔,一击突刺刺向了扑过来的芬里尔! Keen Lear moves sideways, avoided Odin punctures suddenly, then opens mouth fiercely, bites to Odin! 敏锐的芬里尔一个闪身,避开了奥丁的突刺,然后猛地张开嘴,一口咬向奥丁 Odin as war-god this will not naturally be struck to hit, the eight full steed leaving retreat of fast crotch, avoided Lear's throwing to nip... 身为战神的奥丁自然是不会被这一击击中,胯下的八足骏马飞快的抽身后退,避开了芬里尔的扑咬… Ash deeply inspires, after looked, deep frowning of saidthat big snake in a low voice...... 灰烬深深地吸了一口气,四下看了看之后深深的皱起了眉头低声说道“那条大蛇...... How to have come? If that snake came this fight not to need to hit were so uncomfortable! ” 怎么还没过来?要是那条蛇过来了这场战斗就不用打的这么难受了吧!” Atreus shaking the head of gently, somewhat worried said in a low voice does not know, I had summoned him, but he has not come...” 阿特柔斯轻轻的摇了摇头,有些苦恼的低声说道“不知道啊,我已经呼唤了他,但是他还没来…” Should not be will encounter any problem! Or he does not have means to enter Asgard simply, but also does the important person meet him?” “该不会是遇到什么麻烦了吧!或者说他干脆没办法自己进入阿斯加德,还要人去接他?” He had said before, so long as we summoned him in Asgard, he can come, how to come we not to know specifically...” “他之前说过,只要我们在阿斯加德呼唤他,他就能自己过来,具体怎么过来我们也不知道…” Ash nod of gently, serious is staring at the front hero soul army, if this world big snake, these hero soul soldiers is not the issue... 灰烬轻轻的点了点头,一脸严肃的盯着前方的英灵大军,这会要是世界大蛇在的话,这些英灵战士根本就不是问题啊… Cannot get down again, cannot wait for the world big snake again, must reply own condition as soon as possible, restores the battle efficiency as soon as possible... 不能再这么下去了,不能再等世界大蛇了,必须尽快回复自己的状态,尽快恢复战斗力… Thought of here, Ash deeply inspires, keeps taking out Soul, then before crumb..., collects, and has no Soul that big uses to absorb. 想到了这里,灰烬深吸了一口气,不停地取出灵魂,然后捏碎…将自己之前收藏起来,并没有什么大用的灵魂吸收掉。
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