DD :: Volume #12

#1112: The disaster of flying skull

The voice just fell, Liu Ming another raises hand throws several talisman, post that dodges on remains, after seeing it indeed not to have slight restrictions to respond, truly feels relieved. 话音刚落,柳鸣又一扬手的扔出几张符箓,一闪的贴在遗骸上,见其的确没有丝毫禁制反应后,才真正放心下来。 He goes forward several steps, the arm lifts, grasps to go toward the opposite party lower abdomen Dantian place directly. 他上前几步,手臂一抬,直接朝对方小腹丹田处一抓而去。 Throws one. “扑哧”一声。 Five fingers effortlessly submerges directly, when extracts once more, in the palm broadminded left the swarthy round beads of three egg sizes. 五指毫不费力的直接没入其中,当再次抽出之时,手掌中豁然多出了三颗鸡蛋大小的黝黑圆珠。 These circle Zhu surface inscriptions are printing dense and numerous tiny rune, is uncertain along with the miraculous glow circulation, periphery lets some void slightly twist deformations unexpectedly. 这些圆珠表面铭印着密密麻麻的细小符文,随着灵光流转不定,竟让周围虚空都微微有些扭曲变形起来。 Nine Revolutions Dark Core, is three! This person once was Profound Opening Intermediate Stage Supreme Being!” In Liu Ming surface one happy. 九转幽核,还是三颗!此人曾是一名通玄中期大能!”柳鸣面上一喜。 According to its knows, after Profound Opening Realm Dark Clan died during meditation, in the Dantian Spirit Sea position, will congeal voluntarily Nine Revolutions Dark Core, is containing its lifetime essence, once cultivation base achieves Intermediate Stage, then will again be born two to come out, if Profound Opening Late Stage, will then have six. 据其所知,通玄境幽族坐化后,在丹田灵海位置,会自行凝结出一颗九转幽核,蕴含着其毕生精华,一旦修为达到中期的话,便会再诞生两颗出来,若是通玄后期,则会有六颗。 In this time, the young man corpse flesh before body actually withers at the naked eye obvious speed gets down witheredly, as if the whole body flesh and blood vanished into thin air, , changed to disappearance of crystal light in light of this. 就在此时,身前的青年男子尸身肌肤却以肉眼可见速度枯萎干瘪下去,仿佛浑身血肉都不翼而飞了,紧接着,“噗”的一声,就此化作点点晶光的消失了。 Once the cultivation base Profound Opening first generation King, hence finally vanished into thin air from world. 曾经修为通玄一代王者,至此终于从世间烟消云散了。 So-called all living things was born in the nihility, the regression nihility, even if once cultivation base Profound Opening, so long as has not been the Eternal Life level, still eventually will fade out the history, and forgot by world gradually. 所谓万物生于虚无,复归虚无,哪怕曾经修为通玄,只要没有达到永生层次,仍终究将淡出历史,并被世间渐渐遗忘。 Liu Ming is looking at present one, somewhat is startled the god slightly, but in this time, the mutation breaks out! 柳鸣望着眼前一幕,微微有些怔神,但就在此时,异变突起! Three huge spirit pressures, erupt from under instantaneously, and locked on Liu Ming directly. 三道庞然的灵压,瞬间从下方爆发而出,并直接锁定在了柳鸣身上。 Liu Ming complexion changes. One take Nine Revolutions Dark Core, destroyed the Desolate Cold true body. Obviously touched below three guards Heaven Imitation Realm inviting the wrath of the emperor of puppet. 柳鸣面色一变。自己取走九转幽核,破坏了荒寒真身。显然是触动了下方三位天象境护卫傀儡的逆鳞了。 Under his intention phonograph, in three Nine Revolutions Dark Core the hand receives hastily. In another hand pinches Sword Secret Art, together purple sword light one volume, after bind, immediately changes to one group of purple light goes toward the place above lasing. 他心念电转下,连忙将手中三颗九转幽核一收。另一手中一掐剑诀,一道紫色剑光一卷而出,将自己一裹后,就立刻化作一团紫光的往上方激射而去。 Bang! “轰”的一声! One group of purple light pierce the temple roof, a silver light flashes goes toward the distant place lasing. 一团紫光洞穿寺庙楼顶而出,银光一闪的往远处激射而去。 Almost is at the same time that purple light presents, lasing of three blue escaping light from Desolate Cold Temple, closely pursue in the Liu Ming fleeing direction. 几乎是紫光出现的同一时间,三道蓝色遁光从荒寒寺中激射而出,朝着柳鸣遁逃方向紧紧追去。 Everywhere as if dandelion the giant ash-gray snowflake, the superficial gray light concentrates, changes to crystal clear ice cones. From wells up to go toward four groups of escaping light in all directions crazily. 漫天仿佛蒲公英般的巨大灰色雪花,表面灰光一凝,化作一根根晶莹冰锥。从四面八方朝四团遁光狂涌而去。 ...... …… 78 in the future. 78日后。 Liu Ming both hands recited backwards from the end float in high vacancy, was looking into the distant place limitless grey sex-mad sand, on the face appeared color of the hesitation. 柳鸣双手倒背的悬浮在高空处,眺望着远处无边无际的灰色荒沙,脸上现出一丝沉吟之色来。 Shows according to the map, the front has less than the half day distance again, was another Dark King Shi Kun once the place of died during meditation. 根据地图所示,前方再有不到半日路程,便是另一位幽王释坤”曾经坐化之地。 This ruins and Desolate Cold died during meditation snowy mountain small temple is before this different, is one is quite covert, but internal structure is quite great complex underground ruins. 这处遗迹与此前荒寒坐化的雪山小寺庙不同,是一处极为隐蔽,但内部构造颇为宏大复杂的地下遗迹 Then, this Shi Kun once was quiet empty territory Dark King, in the Nine Netherwolds history. Also was considered as is reputation illustrious Dark King, its, not only overawed Nine Netherworlds by Dark Bone Technique, but also outstanding ability and grand vision recruited many Dark Clan Expert, this quiet territory management situation under good order. Big of influence was unmatched at that time. 说起来,这释坤曾是幽虚域幽王,在九幽冥界历史上。也算得上是一名声名赫赫的幽王了,其不仅以冥骨决威震九幽,还雄才伟略的招募了不少幽族强者,将本幽域管理的井井有条的情况下。势力之大在当时一时无两。 However he does not satisfy the present situation, was launching the cross-domain war finally unexpectedly resolutely, wants to annex other quiet territories. Finally when his crest of wave Sheng, suddenly was actually defeated by a mysterious person. And ran into Dark King's Grave in light of this, the cross-domain war also has naturally let it go. 然而他不满足于现状,在最后竟毅然决然的发动了跨域战争,想要吞并其他幽域。结果在其风头正盛之时,却突然被一个神秘之人击败。并就此逃入了幽王之殇,跨域战争自然也不了了之。 It seems like this Dark King but actually and king in world of mortals is somewhat similar. It is not small to the right desire, before died during meditation, has constructed such a mausoleum for oneself.” Liu Ming looking pensive talked to oneself. “看来这位幽王倒和凡间的帝王有些相似。对权利欲望不小,就连坐化前还为自己建了这么一座王陵。”柳鸣若有所思的自语了一句。 However although the words so, he does not dare underground mausoleum to have the heart of slight belittling to this, one month ago tour of that Desolate Cold Temple, made him suffer not the small hardship finally. 不过话虽如此,他可不敢对这座“地下王陵”有丝毫小觑之心,一个月前的那次荒寒寺之行,最后可是让其吃了不小的苦头。 Fortunately he got a sudden inspiration at that time, has used snowy area flying restriction restrictions ingeniously, changes to several phantom clone through the Three Stages of Indistinct Shadows big method, through Che Huan totem concealing aura, has thrown away again chasing down of two puppets. The last puppet bodyguard actually such as attaches the bone deep-rooted ulcer has launched the crazy chase to Liu Ming, pursued one day one night fully, is unable thoroughly to get rid. 所幸他当时灵机一动,巧妙利用了雪地禁空禁制,通过三分朦影大法化作数个虚影分身,再通过车患图腾隐匿气息,甩脱了其中两名傀儡的追杀。只是最后一名傀儡卫士却如附骨之疽般的对柳鸣展开了疯狂追逐,整整追了一天一夜,根本无法彻底摆脱。 He but, must take risk with its preying, finally in Mountain and River Bead coordinates under the help of Dragon Tiger Hell Method, strikes to kill it thoroughly. 他无奈之下,只得冒险与其一番搏杀,最终在山河珠配合龙虎冥狱功的帮助下,将其彻底击杀。 Then, his magical power also nearly dries up, was looking for a covert cave, the training three talents restored to come. 如此一来,他法力也近乎枯竭,在找了一处隐蔽山洞,足足修养了三天才恢复过来。 However obtained three Nine Revolutions Dark Core, these are worth. 不过得到了三颗九转幽核,这些都是值得的。 The Liu Ming pursing the lips lip, continuation of unemotionally goes toward the forward flight. 柳鸣抿了抿嘴唇,面无表情的继续往前飞去。 ...... …… one day later. 一日后 In a deep and quiet long and narrow dim palace, on bronze ancient lamp of both sides dozens palm of the hand sizes, pea-sized lamp flame glittering weak rays of light, enabling in the palace to be insufficient jet black one piece. 一座幽邃狭长的昏暗殿堂中,两侧数十盏巴掌大小的青铜古灯上,豆粒大小的灯焰闪烁着微弱的光芒,使得殿内不至于漆黑一片。 While the light, the faintly visible palace deep place has one high an approximately half foot platform, in the platform lays aside a pitch-black as ink giant coffin, around the coffin thick or thin, is lived the great flood dragon of corner layer upon layer to coil around by a bucket. 趁着灯光,隐约可见殿堂深处有一处高约半尺的平台,平台上放置着一个漆黑如墨的巨大棺材,棺材周围被一条水桶般粗细、头生犄角的巨蛟层层盘绕着。 Great flood dragon both eyes shuts tightly, seems in the deep sleep. 巨蛟双目紧闭,似乎正在沉睡。 Coffin coverlet at this moment lifts an corner/horn, place above black Qi winds around, the long time does not gather loose, is unable to see clearly in the coffin situation. 此刻的棺盖被掀开一角,上方黑气缭绕,久聚不散,无法看清棺内情况 Before the coffin, is standing a fuzzy person's shadow, is grasping one volume of azure jade bamboo slips, earnest looks at. 棺材前,站着一个模糊人影,正手持一卷青玉色竹简,认真的看着 On bamboo slip forefront bamboo strip, writes three ancient Dark Clan writing with the gold lacquer Dark Bone Technique. 竹简最前面的竹片上,用金漆书写着三个古幽族文字“冥骨决”。 Person's shadow Liu Ming. 人影正是柳鸣 This dim palace, is Dark King Shi Kun the place of died during meditation, underground eight of mausoleum. 这处昏暗殿堂,正是幽王释坤坐化之地,王陵的地下八层。 Before this mausoleum, three layers in it before, had then been intruded, inside restrictions was almost destroyed completely, degenerated into a ghost lair now. 此王陵前三层在其进入前,便已被人闯入过了,里面的禁制几乎被破坏殆尽,如今更是沦为了一处鬼物的巢穴。 From fourth layer, ghost soldier that each one layer many strange restrictions, the cloudy sand condenses, fills certainly deep air/Qi restrictions, makes kill that one falls into endless slaughters imaginary wait / etc.. 第四层开始,每一层都有不少稀奇古怪的禁制,阴沙凝聚的鬼兵阵,充满绝冥之气的禁制,使人陷入无尽杀戮的幻杀阵等等。 Majority of restrictions has not the small deterrent effect regarding Dark Clan ghost, but regarding is Human Race, and mental power formidable Liu Ming, has not actually caused anything to puzzle, has had under troubles, pass that one by one is shocking but not dangerous. 大部分禁制对于幽族鬼物有着不小的震慑力,但对于身为人族,且精神力强大的柳鸣而言,却并未造成什么困扰,费了一番周折之下,一一有惊无险的度过了。 According to the Yin Stream map, the place of this eighth layer Shi Kun corpse depositing, by the coffin is occupying the does not know the deep sleep many years of corpse flood dragon, cultivation base not under Heaven Imitation Realm, when Six Yin came this at that time, not Dark Bone Technique that for this does not use, but provokes this ghost. 根据阴流地图所述,这第八层正是释坤尸身存放之处,棺木旁盘踞着的这条不知沉睡多年尸蛟,修为不下于天象境,故而当时六阴来此之时,并未为了一本自己不用的冥骨决,而去招惹此鬼物 Under Liu Ming in the Great Accomplishment realm Che Huan totem secret technique in addition holds, has not awakened this corpse flood dragon, quietly took in the coffin the thing, naturally was overjoyed 柳鸣大成境界车患图腾秘术加持之下,并未将此尸蛟惊醒,就悄然取到了棺木中之物,自然大喜过望 It seems like this Dark Bone Technique before obtains from the Azure Spirit place, but also is slightly different.” Liu Ming from the hand in has drawn back bamboo slip of Divine Consciousness, muttered said. “看来此冥骨决与之前从青灵处得到的,还略有不同。”柳鸣神识从手中竹简中退了出来,喃喃说道。 Although he a moment ago in a hurry has swept one, but actually discovered that this unabridged book technique, seems more mysterious several points of appearance. 他刚才虽然只是匆匆扫了一眼,但却发现这本全本法决,似乎更加玄妙几分样子。 After Liu Ming the bamboo slip receives, then looks at a coffin, in the eye has flashed through surprising color. 柳鸣将竹简收起后,再望了一眼棺木,目中闪过一丝异色 According to this Yin Stream, this mausoleum nine, it is said this ninth layer, had Shi Kun to lead into Dark King's Grave large quantities of genuine treasures in the past, the entrance should under the coffin. 根据这阴流所述,这王陵共有九层,据说这第九层,藏有释坤当年带入幽王之殇的大批真正宝物,入口应该就在棺木之下。 However Yin Stream is labelling on the map explicitly, even if cultivation base Profound Opening, do not try to step into ninth layer. 不过阴流在地图上明确标注着,即便修为通玄,也不要试图踏入第九层 Now he comes not to find the ninth layer entrance, two came to obtain Dark Bone Secret Art of complete set, naturally does not want to go by body model|pattern Xian again. 如今他一来也没有找到第九层入口,二来已得到了全套的冥骨诀,自然不想再去以身范险了。 Then, Liu Ming has not stayed here, left this dim palace in light of this, the old route returned. 接下来,柳鸣没有在这里停留,就此离开了这座昏暗殿堂,原路返回了。 Regarding restrictions that Dark King's Grave emerges one after another incessantly, his already has profound understanding, therefore cautiously, has not explored the meanings of other places all the way. 对于幽王之殇层出不穷的禁制,他已经深有体会,故而一路上小心翼翼,更没有探索其他地方的意思。 After more than ten day, Liu Ming returned to the Dark King's Grave center safely, that huge black mountain valley entrance. 十余日后,柳鸣平安的回到了幽王之殇的中央,那座巨大的黑色山谷入口处。 Mouth nobody left at this moment, Yin Stream has not appeared. 此刻的谷口空无一人,阴流并没有出现。 Calculates the time, distance with three months of its agreement also early very much, under a Liu Ming consideration, simply in the secluded corner of mountain valley entrance, conveniently has arranged several restrictions, sat cross-legged to sit, took out Dark Bone Secret Art careful insight to get up. 算算时间,距离与其约定的三个月还早的很,柳鸣一番思量之下,干脆在山谷入口的一个僻静角落,随手布置了几个禁制,盘膝坐了下来,取出冥骨诀细细参悟起来。 Before he was only looked superficially, at this moment, he started careful insight tenth one layer cultivation method to get up. 之前他只是泛泛的看了一遍,此刻,他开始细细参悟第十一层功法起来。 Under his cultivation base in Prisoner Cage spiritual force fills top, already to True Core Intermediate Stage, so long as can insight insightful tenth one layer Dark Bone Secret Art, cultivation become should be the successful matter. 他的修为囚笼灵力灌顶之下,已经到了真丹中期,只要能参悟通透第十一层冥骨诀,修炼成应该是水到渠成的事情。 When his closed eyes insight Dark Bone Secret Art, on Nourishing Soul Pouch of waist suddenly flood light black Qi, has sway that countless black runes flickers faintly, looks like exceptionally mysterious. 就在他闭目参悟冥骨诀的时候,腰间的一个养魂袋上忽的泛起了淡淡黑气,其中隐隐有无数黑色符文忽明忽暗的晃动着,看起来异常玄妙。 suddenly, an anxious neighing sound passed from Nourishing Soul Pouch. 忽然,一阵焦躁的嘶鸣声从养魂袋中传了出来。 Liu Ming opens the eye suddenly, in the hand formed hand seals. 柳鸣豁然睁开眼睛,手中一掐诀 One group of black Qi flew from Nourishing Soul Pouch, concentrates turning round, appeared Fei'er figure. 一团黑气养魂袋中飞了出来,滴溜溜一凝下,显现出了飞儿身影 Liu Ming sizes up present Fei'er, the complexion is startled. 柳鸣一打量眼前的飞儿,脸色一怔。 This moment Fei'er already changed into the Flying Head main body, on big eight small altogether nine heads, reappeared the innumerable [say / way] dense and numerous dark red capillaries, looked like just likes close meridians is ordinary, sent out the intermittent blood glow. 此刻飞儿已经化为了飞颅本体,一大八小一共九个头颅上,均浮现出了无数道密密麻麻的暗红色血丝,看起来恍如一道道细密的经脉一般,散发出阵阵血芒。 In Flying Head main head both eyes reappeared two red flame, in the mouth has sent out intermittent anxious neighing. 飞颅主头颅双目之中浮现出了两点赤色火焰,口中发出一阵阵焦躁的嘶鸣。 Fei'er, don't tell me your already......” Liu Ming feels the aura fluctuation that on Fei'er surges upward, on the face appears the color of being pleasantly surprised. 飞儿,难道已经……”柳鸣感受到飞儿身上高涨的气息波动,脸上浮现出又惊又喜之色。 At this moment, the mountain valley above upper air spreads sad thunderous, originally on the dark sky, rapid reappeared piece by piece jet black Tribulation Clouds. 就在此刻,山谷上方的高空中传出一阵沉闷的雷鸣,原本就黑乎乎的天空,迅速的浮现出了一片片漆黑的劫云 Quick, the electricity snake that in the thunder clouds scurry about crazily, the thunderclap sound has disseminated by far, sweeping across that strong winds wreak havoc, curled up the crushed stone to stroke in mountain valley. 很快,雷云中一道道疯狂乱窜的电蛇,炸雷声远远传播了出去,一股股狂风肆虐的席卷而下,卷起了碎石击打在山谷之中。 Tribulation Clouds presses is lower, grew faster and faster that the dazzling electricity snake walks randomly, as if momentarily from airborne dividing. 劫云压的更低,刺目电蛇游走的越来越快,仿佛随时都会从空中劈下。 In the Flying Head eye reappeared immediately crazy expression, after body black Qi one volume, departed restrictions unexpectedly directly, exuded the low roar provocatively to space Tribulation Clouds. 飞颅眼中顿时浮现出了一丝疯狂的神色,身上黑气一卷后,竟直接飞出禁制,冲着天上劫云发出挑衅般的低吼声。 Thinks that can be Xie'er Thunder Tribulation, has not thought that this time was Fei'er walked one first......” “原以为会是蝎儿率先度雷劫,没想到这次是飞儿先走了一步……” Liu Ming stands in same place has not moved, raises the head to look at Flying Head in upper air, cannot help but is talking to oneself several, and emits Divine Consciousness, frequently is monitoring surrounding situation. 柳鸣站在原地没有动,仰首望着高空中的飞颅,不禁自语几句,并将神识放出,时刻监视着周围的情况 Although neighbor except for the dark rock, a living creature does not have, but by the Liu Ming personality, naturally is not willing to relax fraction, in the hand pinches Sword Secret Art, purple light dodges, Ku Lun Sword flies, float is uncertain in its top of the head.( To be continued......) R1292 虽然附近除了黑乎乎的山石,一个活物也没有,但以柳鸣性情,自然仍不肯放松分毫,手中一掐剑诀,紫光一闪,苦轮剑一飞而出,在其头顶悬浮不定起来。(未完待续……)R1292
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