DKDHO :: Volume #2 和平不必被打破

#706: Won't have a liking for the trivial man?

The day, finally is slowly shone. 天,最后还是慢慢的亮了起来。 With the arrival of daytime, Charm Devil's Castle is also starts gradually becomes lives it up. 伴随着白昼的到来,魅魔堡亦是开始逐渐变得热闹而起。 Ryehl early morning then appears in Charm Devil's Castle, and under first cadre the status by Schiffne, incites the person in Charm Devil's Castle, worked. 莉艾尔一大早的便出现在魅魔堡中,并以夏芙涅麾下的第一干部的身份,指使起魅魔堡内的人,工作了起来。 Because, today, Schiffne goes to the Moon Devil Territory Central City set off. 因为,今天,夏芙涅出发前往月魔领的中心城。 thanks to this, Charm Devil's Castle naturally also becomes lives it up. 拜此所赐,魅魔堡自然也变得热闹而起。 Skien under the condition of being too fond of sleep, suddenly come Ryehl forcing to awaken. 希恩就在贪睡的状况下,被突然过来的莉艾尔给强制叫醒。 Wants departed, do you also rest unexpectedly?” “就要出发了,你居然还睡?” In the Ryehl tone is filling to the Skien disaffection. 莉艾尔的语气里充满着对希恩的不满。 These discontented, not only in view of Skien today's performance, aims at Skien couple days ago performance. 这些不满,不仅仅是针对希恩今天的表现,也是针对希恩前几天的表现。 Looks at the Skien that as always exhausted appearance, the Ryehl fire was big. 看着希恩那一如既往疲惫的模样,莉艾尔都火大了。 Has eaten so many tonics, haven't you adjusted good Status/condition?” “都已经吃了那么多的补品了,你还没调整好状态啊?” Clearly, Ryehl by Skien frail being mad. 很明显,莉艾尔是被希恩的“脆弱”给气到了。 If before trading does, Skien absolutely will because of Ryehl these words, inevitable comes under some attack. 要是换做之前,希恩一定会因为莉艾尔的这番话,不可避免的受到一些打击。 However, today, Skien looks to Ryehl in the eyes, only then some strangeness, even also sympathy and pitying. 然而,今天,希恩看向莉艾尔眼中只有些许的怪异,甚至还有点同情及怜悯。 „Do you think so my what are you doing?” “你这么看着我干什么?” Ryehl perplexed. 莉艾尔不明所以 No, no.” Skien had a yawn, careless said: only is thinking, if you know that who causes I such empty person is, can be mad to the explosion at the scene.” “没,没什么。”希恩打了一个哈欠,漫不经心般道:“只是在想,要是你知道导致我这么虚的人到底是谁,会不会当场气到爆炸而已。” Ha?” Ryehl has not understood Skien's meaning. “哈?”莉艾尔没有明白希恩的意思 Skien naturally does not want to propagandize everywhere. 希恩自然也没有想到处宣传。 Do not care, I spoke irresponsibly casually.” Skien then hits mind/energetic, said: Has wanted departed?” “别在意,我随便乱说的。”希恩便强打精神,道:“已经要出发了吗?” Naturally.” Although Ryehl somewhat cares about Skien's view, the meaning of actually not having investigated, said: I have made one start to gather, missed you and Schiffne-sama has not arrived.” “当然。”莉艾尔虽有些在意希恩的说法,却没有追究的意思,道:“我已经让人开始集合,就差你和夏芙涅大人没有到场而已了。” Person?” Skien hits movement slightly of yawn, looked to Ryehl, said: „It is not only then do I and Schiffne go?” “人?”希恩打哈欠的动作微微一顿,看向了莉艾尔,道:“不是只有我和夏芙涅去而已吗?” How possibly?” Ryehl despises looks at Skien, righteous said: Your Highness Charm Devil goes on an inspection tour, how can the side not have the cadre to accompany?” “怎么可能?”莉艾尔鄙夷般的看着希恩,理直气壮般道:“魅魔殿下出巡,身边怎么能没有干部随行?” Let alone, Ryehl also impossible lets Skien and Schiffne is together alone, even if will push to make others push hardly. 更何况,莉艾尔不可能希恩夏芙涅单独相处,即便是硬挤都会让别人挤进来的。 What a pity, this pitiful head of the clan Stone Woman Clan does not know, yesterday evening, Skien had been together with Schiffne alone for a long time was very very long, was about to shine until the day came out from Schiffne's room. 可惜,这位可怜的石女族族长并不知道,昨天晚上,希恩已经和夏芙涅单独相处了很久很久,直到天快亮了才从夏芙涅的房间里出来。 Even, couple days ago night, Skien and Schiffne passed in independent being together. 甚至,前几天的夜晚,希恩夏芙涅都是在单独相处中度过的。 Does not know that these Ryehl are still speaking with confidence. 不知道这些的莉艾尔还在侃侃而谈。 This time, accompanying Schiffne-sama goes to cadre altogether three of Moon Devil Territory Central City together, respectively is I and Bian Clan Hart as well as Variant Spirit Clan Sesai.” “这一次,随行夏芙涅大人一起前往月魔领中心城的干部一共有三个,分别是我、狴犴族哈特以及异灵族西赛。” Ryehl said let the matter that Skien a little cared about. 莉艾尔说出了让希恩有点在意的事情。 Sesai?” Skien hesitated for a moment, said immediately: Is previous that in Sean the fellow mouth named Elder Brother that mentioned, that Variant Spirit Clan head of the clan, one of the Schiffne subordinate cadres?” 西赛?”希恩沉吟了一会,随即道:“就是上次那个叫西恩的家伙口中提到的哥哥,那个异灵族的族长,夏芙涅麾下的干部之一?” Right.” Ryehl nodded, said: These went to the Moon Devil Territory Central City time, Sesai also took his younger brother, said that wants to lead him to go to Central City to experience, Hart took Grayville similarly, it is estimated that came to Schiffne-sama?” “没错。”莉艾尔点了点头,道:“这一次前往月魔领中心城,西赛还带上了他的那个弟弟,说是想带他去中心城见识一番,哈特同样带上了格雷克维尔,估计是冲着夏芙涅大人来的吧?” in other words, even is not Skien, this time, accompanies to have entire five in Schiffne legendary expert, and top legendary expert of also multiple. 也就是说,即便不算希恩,这次,随行在夏芙涅身边的传奇级强者都有整整五个,且其中还有复数的顶尖传奇级强者 Ryehl was naturally needless saying that the Charm Devil Territory first expert, only had head of the clan Stone Woman Clan of one pace to limit level, absolutely was leaders in one group of legendary expert. 莉艾尔自然不用说,魅魔领的第一高手,离极限级仅有一步之遥的石女族族长,绝对是一行传奇级强者中的领袖。 Hart is next to the Ryehl Charm Devil Territory second expert, Level reaches as high as 97, the strength can also be inferred. 哈特是仅次于莉艾尔魅魔领第二高手,等级高达九十七,实力也是可见一斑。 Gray is stronger than Hart, even can be a worthy opponent Ryehl, left home, goes to the bosom of Demon World, the Alidiya humanity's first given name may not guarantee. 格雷更是比哈特还强,甚至能够匹敌莉艾尔,要不是离家出走,投向了魔界的怀抱,阿里迪亚人族第一的名号或许会不保。 Instead is that Sesai and Sean... 反而是那个西赛西恩... „Do they also go?” “他们也去?” Skien's tone appears some appearances of caring. 希恩的语气显得有些在意的样子。 What's wrong?” Ryehl noticed, asked: What issue has?” “怎么?”莉艾尔注意到了,问道:“有什么问题吗?” No.” Skien face calmly said: only wants to ask you, this pair of brothers strength how.” “没有。”希恩一脸平静的道:“只是想问问你,这对兄弟的实力如何而已。” Also ok.” Ryehl seems like some appearances of sparing a glance, said: Although Variant Spirit Clan is in Charm Devil City the ethnic group ranked the fourth, but this cohort can arrange at fourth, because mainly in their clan has two legendary expert, but only discussed the strength in legendary level, that pair of brothers can only be reluctantly also good forget it/that's all.” “还行吧。”莉艾尔似乎有些不屑一顾的样子,道:“虽然异灵族魅魔城内排名第四的族群,可这一组群能排在第四,主要还是因为他们族里有两个传奇级强者,但只论在传奇级中的实力,那对兄弟只能算是勉强还行罢了。” Right?” Skien looking pensive inquiry: How many their are Level?” “是吗?”希恩若有所思般询问道:“他们的等级都是多少?” Regarding Skien the issue, Ryehl has not concealed. 对于希恩的这个问题,莉艾尔倒没有隐瞒。 Sesai Level is 94, ranks fifth in the Schiffne-sama eight big cadres, only in that before Brother rock giant and one of the guarding a gate by the idiot seductress of Schiffne-sama punishment, regarding many ethnic groups in Charm Devil City is expert that cannot offend, and other cadres is actually not regarding me is active and outstanding, can be reluctantly fair.” 西赛等级是九十四,在夏芙涅大人麾下的八大干部里排名第五,仅在那对守门的岩石巨人兄弟和一个被夏芙涅大人处罚的蠢货妖女之前,对于魅魔城内的诸多族群而言算是不能得罪的强者,对于我等干部而言却算不上多么活跃及出众,勉强算得上是中规中矩吧。” Ryehl appraises a level to reach as high as 94 Demon Race legendary expert unexpectedly. 莉艾尔竟是这么评价一个等级高达九十四的魔族传奇级强者 As for that Sean, I heard that his Level only 91, has wanted to become the Schiffne-sama subordinate cadre, that cannot actually even be victorious Brother rock giant who he is lower than to Level, falls far short compared with Sesai, let alone is other cadres compares, can only say that he has been indulging in fantasy, this time will come, it is estimated that grows in experience is false, same comes to Schiffne-sama with Grayville real?” “至于那个西恩,我听说他的等级仅有九十一,一直想成为夏芙涅大人麾下的干部,却连那对等级比他低的岩石巨人兄弟都打不过,比起西赛都差得远,更别说是和其余干部比,只能说他一直在异想天开,这次会来,估计长见识是假,和格雷克维尔一样冲着夏芙涅大人而来才是真的吧?” Ryehl probably regarding this quite discontented appearance. 莉艾尔好像对此相当不满的样子。 To her, has the fellow who improper ambition to own lord, is completely the idiots of overreaching oneself. 对她来说,对自己的主子有非分之想的家伙,全部都是不自量力的蠢货。 In her words, that is... 用她的话来说,那就是... Schiffne-sama will not have a liking for the trivial man, when can these stupid fellows understand?” 夏芙涅大人才不会看上区区男人,这些愚蠢的家伙什么时候才能懂?” In the Ryehl tone is filling despising, meaning that even shot a brief look at Skien, a little makes oblique charges. 莉艾尔语气里充满着鄙夷,甚至瞥了希恩一眼,有点含沙射影的意思了。 Skien raised his brow, wants to tell this truly own lord to the barren woman who has improper ambition, Schiffne-sama in her mouth already by its in so-called trivial man pushing several times. 希恩眉头一挑,很想告诉这个真正对自己的主子有非分之想的石女,她口中的夏芙涅大人已经被其口中所谓的“区区男人”给推了好几次了。 May think the consequence that does this, Skien pressed down the idea of seeking death. 可一想到这样做的后果,希恩按下了作死的想法。 However... 不过... Level 91?” Skien muttered: This may be really interesting.” 等级九十一?”希恩喃喃道:“这可真有意思了。” What?” Ryehl strange asked one. “什么?”莉艾尔奇怪的问了一句。 It‘s nothing.” Skien replied, say/way that only quite ponders: Pays attention to that Sean is quite good, he does not have being unable to withstand that you think.” “没什么。”希恩还是这么回答,只是颇为玩味的道:“还是多注意一下那个西恩比较好,他没你想的那么不堪。” Then, Skien crossed Ryehl , to continue has the yawn, while walks toward the assembly place. 说完,希恩越过了莉艾尔,继续一边打哈欠,一边往集合地点走去。 Sees that Ryehl frowns. 见状,莉艾尔皱起眉头。 His what meaning?” “他什么意思啊?” Ryehl then felt that in Skien is good to make sense has the words. 莉艾尔便感觉希恩好像话里有话。 Mysterious.” “故弄玄虚。” In a while, Ryehl curls the lip, has not paid attention to this point again, walks in the direction that Schiffne's room is. 没过多久,莉艾尔撇了撇嘴,没再理会这一点,往夏芙涅的房间所在的方向走去。 ...... ...... Charm Devil's Castle, before the gate, square. 魅魔堡,门前广场。 Here, besides having that to watching the front door, such as the statue is moving also motionless standing there Brother rock giant, has gathered these people who in the Ryehl mouth mentioned. 在这里,除了有那对守着大门,如石像般动也不动的站在那里的岩石巨人兄弟以外,已经聚集了莉艾尔口中提及的那些人。 Has Hart and Gray from Bian Clan. 有来自狴犴族哈特格雷 Has Sesai and Sean from Variant Spirit Clan. 有来自异灵族西赛西恩 At this time, these four legendary expert crowd together, is having the conversation. 此时,这四名传奇级的强者就凑在一起,正在进行着交谈。 Never expected that you also came, Gray.” “没想到你也来了啊,格雷。” Sesai looks to stand in the Hart side such as the put on airs handsome man, in the tone has the accident/surprise, dreaded. 西赛看着站在哈特身边如白马王子般的美男子,语气里既有意外,也有忌惮。 Unexpectedly even did he come?” “居然连他都来了?” Sean also in seeing Gray that split second complexion slightly cannot be thought changes, so mumbled to make noise. 西恩亦在见到格雷的那一瞬间面色微不可觉的一变,这般嘟哝出声。 Gray saw this to the Variant Spirit Clan brothers, only smiled, has not opened the mouth. 格雷看到了这对异灵族的兄弟,只是笑了笑,没有开口。 conversely Hart, looked at Sean, looked at Sesai, at once faint smile continued. 反倒是哈特,看了一眼西恩,又看了一眼西赛,旋即似笑非笑的接过了话题。 Has not really thought the person who is you, Sesai.” Hart tone strange say/way: I also think besides me and Ryehl, only then Wendy that fellow will be permitted accompanying.” “真没想到来的人是你啊,西赛。”哈特语气怪异的道:“我还以为除了我和莉艾尔以外,只有温迪那家伙会被允许随行呢。” Wendy who in the Hart mouth mentioned, referred to under Charm Devil in eight big cadres that honored one ranked third, the strength was next to Ryehl and Hart Demon Race expert. 哈特口中所提及的温迪,指的是魅魔麾下八大干部中排名第三的那一位,实力仅次于莉艾尔哈特魔族高手。 In the past, when Schiffne went out, if nothing unexpected happens, will only take Ryehl accompanying, other cadres need to remain in Charm Devil City, arranged Charm Devil City and Charm Devil the affairs within the territory for her. 以往,夏芙涅外出时,如无意外,都只会带上莉艾尔随行,其余干部则需要留守在魅魔城,为她打点魅魔城魅魔领内的事务 This time, because may relate to the later three races conference very much, and in this period of time Demon World had many matter, faint has the disorder to appear, after the proposition of Ryehl, Schiffne decided that mentioned three from one quota of accompanying cadre. 这一次,因为很有可能关系到之后的三族会议,且这段时间魔界内发生了不少的事情,隐隐的有乱象出现,经过莉艾尔的提议以后,夏芙涅才决定把随行干部的名额从一个提到三个。 Knew this news, Hart without delay jumps , indicating to accompany, even has not hesitated to draw in Gray , indicating that can many free powerful goons, successful obtained an accompanying quota from Ryehl here. 得知这个消息,哈特二话不说的就跳出来,表示要随行,甚至还不惜拉上格雷,表示能多一个免费的强力打手,才成功的从莉艾尔这里获得了一个随行名额。 In the remaining two accompanying quotas, Ryehl will definitely occupy one, remaining that Hart also thinks that can be in the cadre Wendy ranked third obtains. 剩下的两个随行名额里,莉艾尔自己肯定会占据一个,剩下的那个,哈特还以为会是干部里排名第三的温迪得到。 Finally, obtains this quota unexpectedly usually displays fair Sesai, not strange Hart will be surprised. 结果,得到这个名额的居然是平时表现中规中矩的西赛,不怪哈特会感到意外。 Regarding this, Sesai is actually unemotional. 对此,西赛却是面无表情。 To attain this quota, I also paid many prices, but also gives to take my younger brother, otherwise, but also not has really necessarily won Wendy.” “为了拿到这个名额,我同样付出了不少的代价,还把我弟弟给带上,要不然,还真不一定争得过温迪。” Sesai said. 西赛是这么说的。 Nearby Sean also very smiled. 一旁的西恩亦是贼笑了起来。 Our two brothers accompany together, two are legendary expert, how insufficient to struggle not to win a person again?” “我们兄弟俩人一起随行,两个传奇级强者,再怎么样都不至于争不赢一个人吧?” Even the opposite party is the Schiffne subordinate cadre ranked third, but if Sesai and Sean put together, two legendary expert, attach a price again, truly has possibly to struggle the quota. 就算对方是夏芙涅麾下排名第三的干部,可若是西赛西恩加在一起,两个传奇级强者,再附加一点代价,确实不是没可能争到名额。 Your this price pays can absolutely not be now this?” Hart somewhat said things just to frighten people was saying to Sesai: Wendy has not attained the quota, knows that is ghost who you do, he does not look for your trouble is impossible.” “你这代价付的可绝对不是现在这点而已哦?”哈特有些危言耸听般对着西赛道:“温迪没拿到名额,又知道是你搞的鬼,那他不找你的麻烦是不可能的。” I know.” Sesai still without turning a hair, said: „But for this can with great difficulty for the opportunity that Schiffne-sama strives, pays is also worth many again.” “我知道。”西赛还是面不改色,道:“但为了这个好不容易能够为夏芙涅大人出力的机会,付出再多也值得。” Ma, this but actually is also.” Hart shrugged, no longer said anything. ,这倒也是。”哈特摊了摊手,不再说什么了。 Until, Skien is hitting the appearance of yawn. 直到,希恩打着哈欠的出现。
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