DSE :: Volume #4

#373: „Goes to Cold Frost”

That is islands that has the winding coast and rock cliff, in the island is covering fog, does not see clearly that above situation indistinctly, can only identify the topography that the height fluctuates vaguely, as well as hidden in the mist, as if rugged rock or collapsing building general strange sketch. 那是一座有着曲折海岸以及岩石峭壁的岛屿,岛上笼罩着一层雾,影影绰绰看不清楚那上面的情况,只能依稀辨认出高低起伏的地势,以及隐藏在雾气中的、仿佛嶙峋怪石或坍塌建筑一般的诡异剪影。 Towering that very it presents, even as if emerges out of thin air near White Oak. 它出现的十分突兀,甚至仿佛是凭空出现在白橡木号附近的。 What is that?” The first mate with astonishment looks at the islands sketch that in the distant sea level presents, this concept the tense alarmed and afraid feeling that returns to the mind to bring has not removed because of Sun suddenly, at this moment saw sudden islands, his such has even hit the senior seaman sound of many years of social dealings a little to tremble with Boundless Sea, „does an island...... nearby Cold Frost have such a island? In our desired courses has such a island?” “那是什么?”大副惊愕地看着远方海面上出现的岛屿剪影,因“太阳”这一概念突然回到脑海而带来的紧张惊惧感尚未褪去,此刻又看到了一座突然出现的岛屿,以至于连他这么个已经跟无垠海打了多年交道的老海员此刻声音都有点发抖,“一座岛……寒霜附近有这么一座岛吗?咱们的预定航线上有这么一座岛吗?” Does not have any desired course, White Oak is navigating —— on a Vision sea area we were far away from Real World, saw that anything is normal,” the Lawrence calm sound conveys, as if brings to let the person state of mind tranquil strength, although previous second also astonished in Sun disappearance, this old Captain as if is completely at this moment calm, „the words of island...... nearby Cold Frost have one Dagger Island, but I did not determine is it...... on it and identification chart is not quite same.” “已经不存在什么预定航线了,白橡木号正航行在一片异象海域上——我们远离了现实世界,看到什么都正常,”劳伦斯沉稳的声音传来,仿佛带着让人心绪平静的力量,尽管前一秒还惊愕于“太阳”的消失,这位老船长此刻却似乎已经完全镇静下来,“岛的话……寒霜附近有一座‘匕首岛’,但我不确定是不是它……它和辨识图上的不太一样。” What to do should we?” The first mate has turned the head, can depend in the past? Far away from it?” “我们该怎么办?”大副转过头,“要靠过去吗?还是远离它?” Lawrence is silent, is measuring in the heart fast. 劳伦斯沉默下来,在心中飞快地权衡着。 That island is sudden, the time after oneself and first mate realized suddenly Sun this concept, its appearance and are the cognitive revision related? 那座岛是突然出现的,时机就在自己和大副猛然意识到“太阳”这个概念之后,它的出现与认知修正有关吗? That island is covering the mist, that is the real thick fog, misconception that the cognitive dissonance has? 那座岛笼罩着雾气,那是真实的浓雾,还是认知偏差产生的错觉? That island is fixed? Is White Oak really possibly far away from it? If the appearance of that island is some type is intentional, no matter how that White Oak runs, it likely continues to appear in the front of this ship. 那座岛是固定的吗?白橡木号真的可能远离它吗?如果那座岛的出现是某种“有意为之”,那么不管白橡木号怎么跑,它都可能继续出现在这艘船的前方。 But in any event, from the discrete viewpoint, should not close up rashly. 但无论如何,从谨慎角度考虑,都不该贸然靠拢过去。 Goes round it,” Lawrence sinking sound said, goes round from the left, full speed is far away.” “绕开它,”劳伦斯沉声说道,“从左边绕开,全速远离。” Yes, Captain!” “是,船长!” The first mate ran fast to the bridge, a moment later, resonant whistle resounded sky over White Oak, Lawrence felt that under foot ship started to shift, the steam mechanism/organization of hull deep place is sending out shouting that the power rushed. 大副飞快地跑向了舰桥,片刻之后,一阵嘹亮的汽笛声在白橡木号上空响起,劳伦斯感觉到脚下这艘船开始转向,船体深处的蒸汽机关正发出动力澎湃的嘶吼。 Many sailors have noticed that sudden islands, some people approached the gunwale, brings to look into distant that anxiously anxiously by the island that the fog covers, but under glare of the public eye, that island was flung White Oak little behind, and goes far away gradually. 许多水手已经注意到了那座突然出现的岛屿,一些人靠近了甲板边缘,带着紧张不安眺望着远方那座被雾笼罩的岛,而在众目睽睽之下,那座岛一点点被甩到了白橡木号身后,并渐渐远去。 Lawrence relaxes, has turned around also to turn toward the bridge direction to walk. 劳伦斯松了口气,转过身也向着舰桥方向走去。 His footsteps stopped suddenly. 他的脚步突然停了下来。 A form appears in his field of vision —— wears the women Captain uniform/subdue, the long hair of slightly volume hangs loose after the brain, both hands hold the chest, on the face as if have smile slightly. 一个身影出现在他视野中——穿着女式的船长制服,微卷的长发披散在脑后,双手抱胸,脸上似乎带着微微的笑容。 Still remembers I have spoken words?” That form opened the mouth, in the tone brings the thick helplessness, you really should retire, do not wait till me to appear after your ship starts to regret...... Lawrence, you are old.” “还记得我说过的话吗?”那个身影开口了,语气中带着浓浓的无奈,“你真的该退休了,不要等到我出现在你的船上之后才开始后悔……劳伦斯,你已经老了。” Martha......” Lawrence called this name subconsciously , he then put out a hand fast the taking bearing pocket, wanted to put out that bottle of liquid medicines. 玛莎……”劳伦斯下意识地叫出这个名字,紧接着,他便飞快地伸手探向口袋,想要拿出那瓶药水。 Meanwhile, does astonished also flood his mind —— so to be why quick? Why medicament early of such effect retrogression? From Martha last one time is the duration of presenting day of time...... the medicament so short? 与此同时,一阵惊愕也充斥着他的脑海——为什么这么快?为什么药剂的效果消退的这么早?距离玛莎上一次出现不过才一天时间……药剂的持续时间已经这么短了吗? He felt that the own palm is shivering, the arm is also shivering, he touched that bottle of liquid medicines finally, however when he must turn on the medicine bottle, a hand actually built suddenly on his arm. 他感觉自己的手掌在颤抖,胳膊也在颤抖,他终于摸到了那瓶药水,然而就在他要把药瓶打开的时候,一只手却突然搭在他的胳膊上。 When does not know, Martha has arrived at side him, she puts out a hand, presses the arm of old Captain, on the face has the expression that is worrying about. 不知什么时候,玛莎已经来到他身旁了,她伸出手,按着老船长的胳膊,脸上带着担忧的表情。 Medicine already, no matter used, you is actually knows,” Martha said in a soft voice, you drink it now, I will leave a small meeting, then appears again, you drink next one entire bottle, I will leave for a long time, but will still present...... Lawrence, no matter the medicine used.” “药已经不管用了,伱其实是知道的,”玛莎轻声说道,“你现在喝下它,我会离开一小会,然后再度出现,你喝下一整瓶,我会离开更久一点,但仍然会出现……劳伦斯,药不管用了。” I...... I do not understand that......” Lawrence is hesitating blinking, he looks in the memory that kindest face, actually only felt that in the heart has the ice-cold aura to spread, I know the own condition, that Psychiatrist is also the wise expert, but why......” “我……我不明白……”劳伦斯迟疑着眨了眨眼睛,他看着记忆中那最亲切的面孔,却只感觉心中有冰冷的气息在蔓延,“我知道自己的状态,那位精神医师也是高明的专家,可为什么……” Your mind is affected, Lawrence, haven't you felt? This sea area is affecting you,” Martha said in a soft voice —— that perhaps is the Martha sound, perhaps is the Lawrence own subconscious in the opens the mouth, obviously, in the subconscious, this experienced old Captain has detected some truth, „, as you are detained here, your mind is accelerating to deteriorate, was careful, Lawrence, you already in sea center......” “你的心智在受到影响,劳伦斯,你没感觉到吗?这片海域在影响你,”玛莎轻声说道——那或许是玛莎的声音,也或许是劳伦斯自己的潜意识在开口,显然,在潜意识中,这位经验丰富的老船长已经察觉了些许真相,“随着你滞留在这里,你的心智正在加速恶化,小心了,劳伦斯,你已经在大海中央了……” How should I leave here?” The Lawrence subconscious opens the mouth , he had loosened the medicament bottle in hand. “我应该怎么离开这里?”劳伦斯下意识开口,不知不觉间,他已经松开了手中的药剂瓶。 The small medicine bottle drops in the deck, exudes clear crashing, inside half bottle of medicament flow, in the water with deck mixes up, shares everything. 小药瓶跌落在甲板上,发出清脆的碎裂声,里面的半瓶药剂流淌出来,和甲板上的积水混在一起,不分彼此。 Lawrence lowers the head, looks at the liquid medicines bottle of disruption. 劳伦斯低下头,愣愣地看着碎裂的药水瓶。 Martha still holds his arm, opens the mouth in a soft voice: Goes to Cold Frost......” 玛莎仍旧扶着他的胳膊,轻声开口:“去寒霜……” Lawrence peak however one startled, as if suddenly realized from the dreamland, he raised the head, actually saw that the side nobody left —— only some the heats of surviving keep on the oneself arm. 劳伦斯耸然一惊,仿佛从梦境中猛醒,他抬起头,却看到身旁已经空无一人——唯有些许残存的热量留在自己手臂上。 Rapid sound of footsteps never the distant place transmits suddenly, Lawrence looks up, saw the first mate is walking toward the oneself half step. 一阵急促的脚步声突然从不远处传来,劳伦斯抬头看去,看到大副正朝自己快步走来。 Captain, we throwing off that island,” first mate language fast had said fast, but then he raised the head, observes the situation all around curiously, what seems seeking, a moment ago with you in together person? Is that also the sailor on ship?” 船长,我们已经‘甩掉’那座岛了,”大副语速飞快地说道,但接着他又抬起头,好奇地环视四周,仿佛在寻找什么,“刚才和您在一起的人呢?那也是船上的水手吗?” You misread, I was one...... Lawrence have been saying a moment ago subconsciously, but just told only half that then responded, raised the head to stare at the present first mate suddenly, what did you say? A moment ago with me in together person?!” “你看错了,刚才我一直是一个……”劳伦斯下意识地说着,但刚说到一半便反应过来,猛然抬头盯着眼前的大副,“你说什么?刚才和我在一起的人?!” Yes, stood by you a moment ago, seems like madam —— but me not to see clearly,” first mate said at a loss, was I misreads?” “是啊,刚才站在您旁边,看上去是一位女士——但我没看清楚,”大副略带茫然地说道,“难道是我看错了?” Lawrence stared in a big way the eye, the appearance that his pair of eyes circle opened even somewhat frightened the first mate, crossed for several seconds, he opened the mouth suddenly: „Can you see her?!” 劳伦斯瞪大了眼睛,他那双眼圆睁的模样甚至有些吓到了大副,过了好几秒钟,他才突然开口:“你能看到她?!” The first mate swallowed a saliva subconsciously, he does not know why own Captain has this response: „...... I truly saw.” 大副下意识咽了口口水,他不知道自己的船长为何有这种反应:“……我确实看到了。” Finishes speaking, this experienced seaman then thought of anything probably, the complexion is intense: Wait, a moment ago was that the illusion? Did I come under the influence?” 话音刚落,这名经验丰富的海员便好像想到了什么,脸色紧张起来:“等等,难道刚才那是幻象?我受到了影响?” That truly is the illusion......, but should be the illusion that I can see theoretically,” the Lawrence complexion becomes abnormal to be ugly, he waves, hinting the opposite party does not need to be panic-stricken, in the oneself mind actually the mess, should not, not should......” “那确实是幻象……但理论上应该是一个只有我才能看到的幻象,”劳伦斯脸色变得异常难看,他挥了挥手,示意对方不必过于惊恐,自己头脑里却一团糟,“不应该,不应该啊……” This old Captain raised the head, is somewhat observing the situation all around absent-minded, as if also wanted to find the Martha form. 这位老船长抬起头,有些恍惚地环视着四周,仿佛还想要找到玛莎的身影。 But in his mind, all things as if mixed in —— was real, illusion, recollection, delusion...... 而在他的脑海中,所有东西都仿佛混在了一起——真实,幻觉,回忆,妄想…… Reality and illusory all as if did not have the boundary here, the illusory image that theoretically only then oneself can see also appeared in others eyes, false thing in real, that real? 现实与虚幻的一切在这里似乎都没了界限,理论上只有自己能看到的幻影也出现在了别人眼中,虚假的东西在真实化,那真实的呢? This sea area is real? White Oak is real? 这片海域是真实的吗?白橡木号是真实的吗? What damned place is this? 这到底是个什么鬼地方? Lawrence is utterly confused, but suddenly, the deck heard the scream of sailor somewhere, broke his indulging in flights of fancy. 劳伦斯心乱如麻,但突然间,甲板某处传来了水手的喊叫声,打断了他的胡思乱想。 Some sailors discovered the thing in the sea level. 有水手在海面上发现了东西。 Lawrence and first mate look at each other one, two people fast running sidewise side direction, quick, they then saw causes thing —— that the sailor calls out in alarm 劳伦斯与大副对视一眼,两人飞快地跑向侧舷方向,很快,他们便看到了引起水手惊呼的事物—— An island appears in the White Oak side front, it has the lithical cliff that the winding coastline and stands tall and erect, in the island is covering the dense fog...... 一座岛出现在白橡木号侧前方,它有着曲折的海岸线和高耸的石质峭壁,岛上笼罩着迷雾…… That island appeared. 那座岛又出现了。 „...... That island can move......” first mate swallowed a saliva anxiously, the worst suspicion turns into Reality in him at present, it pursued......” “……那座岛是会移动的……”大副紧张地咽了口口水,最糟糕的猜想在他眼前变成了现实,“它追上来了……” Also may be our oneself spin same place, but on this sea area floods can hoodwink the field of vision shortly curtain,” the Lawrence voice is low and deep, the vision falls on that island stubbornly, even has the possibility, Cold Frost present in our side......” “也有可能是我们自己一直在原地打转,而这片海域上充斥着能够短暂蒙蔽视野的‘帷幕’,”劳伦斯嗓音低沉,目光死死地落在那座岛上,“甚至有可能,‘寒霜’现在就在我们身旁……” The first mate with astonishment looked at Captain one, he does not know why old Captain will mention Cold Frost suddenly this phrase, but is quick he then to calm down, asks: Captain, that this time we what to do? Continues to go round it?” 大副惊愕地看了船长一眼,他不知道为什么老船长会突然提到“寒霜”这个字眼,但很快他便定下神来,开口询问:“船长,那这次咱们怎么办?继续绕开它吗?” Lawrence is silent, thought deeply about the moment fast. 劳伦斯沉默下来,飞快思索了片刻。 Martha still lingered in the words that by his ear spoke in a soft voice in the mind —— 玛莎在他耳旁轻声说的话仍然萦绕在脑海中—— Goes to Cold Frost.” “去寒霜。” That island naturally is not Cold Frost City-State, but its times appear near White Oak, perhaps is some type direction. 那座岛当然不是寒霜城邦,但它一次次出现在白橡木号附近,或许已经是某种“指引”。 In some time ago, him is leading White Oak in a hurry fleeing Cold Frost City-State that is disclosing the strange atmosphere, was actually stranded on this strange sea area, but now, Martha is actually directing him, making him go to Cold Frost. 在不久前,他带领着白橡木号匆匆“逃离”了透露着诡异气氛的寒霜城邦,却随之被困在这片陌生的海域上,而现在,“玛莎”却又指引着他,让他“去寒霜”。 At present also presents strange island —— that is disclosing a stranger atmosphere it suddenly appeared side White Oak for successive two times. 眼前还出现了一座透露着更加诡异气氛的陌生小岛——它连续两次突然出现在白橡木号身旁。 How to choose is right? 到底怎么选择才是对的? „...... We close to that island.” “……我们靠近那座岛。”
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