DG :: Volume #6

#2185: Immortal Venerable enters Primordial Realm

Constellation Immortal Venerable?!” 星宿仙尊?!” The summit of Book Mountain, three big astrology and physiognomy unite, change into Constellation Immortal Venerable one, the command are bathed in blood various immortal that slaughters to shock. 书山之巅,三大星相合一,化为星宿仙尊的一幕,令浴血厮杀的诸仙都为之震惊。 Although in the numerous unconventional ideas early some expectations, Fate Gu has destroyed, the Venerable rebirth became possible. When Venerable really in them at present rebirth resurrecting, in the hearts of numerous immortal still unavoidably intense shake. 尽管众仙心中早有预料,宿命蛊已毁,尊者重生成为了可能。但是当尊者真的在他们眼前重生复活,众仙的心中仍旧免不了强烈的震荡。 Constellation Immortal Venerable! 星宿仙尊 In Ten Great Venerables only female, she founds Wisdom Dao, carries forward the Genesis Immortal Venerable's unfulfilled will, develops Heavenly Court, with the Will of Heaven assimilation, helping Heavenly Court resist descendant three Demon Venerable. 十大尊者中唯一的女性,她开创智道,继承元始仙尊的遗志,发扬天庭,与天意同化,帮助天庭抵御后代三位魔尊 Her name seal carves in the Human Race history, splendid, has been never dim. 她的名字印刻在人族历史之中,熠熠生辉,从未黯淡过。 Now, her rebirth! 现在,她重生了! Constellation, eats my fist!” Zhan Budu does not have slight hesitation, steps on the summit, the sound like the thunder, the potential like fierce tiger, kills to Constellation Immortal Venerable. “星宿,吃我一拳!”战部渡却是没有丝毫的犹豫,踩踏山巅,声如雷霆,势如猛虎,杀向星宿仙尊 The Constellation Immortal Venerable rebirth, does not make Fang Yuan accidental/surprised. 星宿仙尊重生,并不让方源意外。 In fact, he to Ming Hao, Yuxiu and status of Fengya these three fairy maidens, early has the speculation. 事实上,他对明皓毓秀丰雅这三位仙子的身份,早有推测。 These three people of strengths were too high, is Quasi Immortal Venerable. 这三人实力太高了,都是亚仙尊 Sole this point, fully showed issue! 单单这一点,就足以说明问题! Heavenly Court restores the fate decisively, has tried hard for 1 million years. However in the essential Fate Great War time, only then Duke Long Quasi Immortal Venerable battle strength guards Heavenly Court. 天庭矢志不渝地修复宿命,努力了1000000年有余。但是在关键的宿命大战时期,只有龙公一位亚仙尊战力镇守天庭 Now Heavenly Court in Insanity Demon Lair, left three Quasi Immortal Venerable battle strength suddenly, was explaining their three after Fate Gu was destroyed, this resurrected. 现在天庭疯魔窟中,猛然多出了三位亚仙尊战力,正说明她们三位都是在宿命蛊被摧毁之后,这才复活的。 otherwise, Fate Great War don't they possibly participate? 若非如此,宿命大战她们怎么可能不去参与呢? Since is the status of resurrecting, is Quasi Immortal Venerable, the inevitable history left a good name, however these three people were very mysterious. 既然是复活的身份,又是亚仙尊,必然青史留名,然而这三人却十分神秘。 Most critically, Constellation Immortal Venerable has disappeared. 更关键的是,星宿仙尊一直都不见踪影。 Several clues unify, under the calculation of Fang Yuan abundant Wisdom Dao attainments, three immortals is constellation possibility even more is then evident. 几个线索结合起来,在方源雄厚的智道造诣的推算下,三仙便是星宿的可能性越发凸显。 Resembles Fang Yuan to found Qi Sea Old Ancestor, Zhan Budu and Wu Shuai these clone, why Constellation Immortal Venerable may not? 就好像方源能够创建气海老祖战部渡吴帅这些分身,星宿仙尊为何不可呢? Constellation three-phase clone, were more than one layer mysteriously Fang Yuan's clone-- 只是星宿的三相分身,比方源的分身多了一层玄妙—— Three fairy maidens combine into one, can the incarnation constellation! 三位仙子合而为一,就能化身星宿! Facing the constellation of resurrecting, Zhan Budu happy does not fear. His fist has not hit Constellation Immortal Venerable, the intense fist wind blows the Constellation Immortal Venerable Qingsi (Slender Black Hair) long hair flutters to fly upwards. 面对复活的星宿,战部渡怡然不惧。他的拳头还未击中星宿仙尊,强烈的拳风就将星宿仙尊青丝长发吹得飘荡飞扬。 Constellation Immortal Venerable actually shows a faint smile. 星宿仙尊却是微微一笑。 a moment later, Zhan Budu hits the constellation, is actually the direct penetration. 下一刻,战部渡击中星宿,却是直接穿透而过。 The Constellation Immortal Venerable form vanishes like the bubble. 星宿仙尊身影如泡沫般幻灭。 This is false, one layer illusory image that's all. 这是假的,一层幻影罢了 Zhan Budu realizes this point, the stimulation of movement detection method, has not seen clearly the Constellation Immortal Venerable main body to be at hastily unexpectedly. 战部渡意识到这一点,连忙催动侦查手段,竟没有洞察出星宿仙尊的本体所在。 Constellation, holds on a minute one step.” In Fortune Stealing Altar, spreads the Immortal Zombie Ju Yang sound suddenly. “星宿,且慢走一步。”劫运坛中,忽然传出巨阳仙僵的声音。 The a path of golden light dances in the air in the midair, making the Constellation Immortal Venerable form reveal. 一道道金光在半空中飞舞,令星宿仙尊的身影显露而出。 But Constellation Immortal Venerable actually offers a sacrifice to ultimate move. 星宿仙尊却是祭起了杀招 In Immortal Aperture, Fairy Fengya Talent Gu, Fairy Yuxiu Conscientious Gu, as well as Learning Gu that special intention from God Emperor City extracts temporarily starts in abundance. 仙窍中,丰雅仙子才华蛊,毓秀仙子认真蛊,以及从神帝城特意暂时抽取出来的学习蛊纷纷发动。 The immortal essence fierce consumption, the Constellation Immortal Venerable form becomes illusory uncertain. 仙元剧烈消耗,星宿仙尊身影变得虚幻不定。 Immortal Zombie Ju Yang urges to send, but golden light, cannot continue to prevent her. 巨阳仙僵催发而出的金光,不能继续阻挡住她。 Under glare of the public eye, sky over Constellation Immortal Venerable flying upwards, has flown into Primordial Realm splendidly! 在众目睽睽之下,星宿仙尊堂而皇之地飞升上空,一直飞入了元境 Damn!” Zhan Budu clenches teeth ruthlessly, hastily pursuit. “该死!”战部渡狠狠咬牙,连忙追击。 However, although he overtook Constellation Immortal Venerable, but the latter as if one layer image, by the disturbance of Zhan Budu, rapidly was not submerged the Primordial Realm deep place. 然而,他虽然追上了星宿仙尊,但后者仿佛一层影像,根本不受战部渡的干扰,迅速没入元境深处。 Zhan Budu from the Primordial Realm penetration. 战部渡更是从元境穿透而过。 „The special method, could not have entered Primordial Realm!” Zhan Budu both eyes want to torch. “没有特别的手段,根本进入不了元境!”战部渡双眼直欲喷火。 Constellation Immortal Venerable resurrected. 星宿仙尊复活了。 However she does not have take action to cope with Zhan Budu, but is the choice escapes directly, escapes into the middle of Primordial Realm. 但是她并没有出手对付战部渡,而是选择直接远遁,遁入元境当中。 She is Venerable, cannot at will take action, otherwise like Qi Sea Old Ancestor, by the method suppression of Infinite Demonic Venerable. 她是尊者,不能随意出手,否则就会像气海老祖那样,被无极魔尊的手段压制。 She sets at the Heavenly Court numerous immortals, Book Mountain and entire battlefield not to attend to directly, evades not to fight, is fatal strikes! 她直接置天庭众仙、书山、整个战场于不顾,避而不战,却是致命一击! The Lu Weiyin complexion is pale, is extremely ugly. 陆畏因脸色铁青,极其难看。 Primordial Realm is the key of struggle of Insanity Demon Lair. 元境乃是疯魔窟之争的关键。 Reason that attacks Book Mountain crazily, is prevents Heavenly Court to obtain Primordial Realm. Even if unexpectedly, Constellation Immortal Venerable is unable to gather Primordial Realm, can actually fly upwards directly, the body enters Primordial Realm. 之所以疯狂进攻书山,就是阻止天庭得到元境。没成想,星宿仙尊纵然无法收取元境,却能够直接飞升上去,身入元境 The Zhan Budu method is deficient, is hard to prevent. 战部渡到底手段贫乏,难以阻挡。 In fact, Immortal Zombie Ju Yang take action, still had not blocked under Constellation Immortal Venerable! 事实上,就连巨阳仙僵出手了,仍旧没有拦得下星宿仙尊 „Can this not know what to do?” Lu Weiyin is vacant. “这可如何是好?”陆畏因茫然无措。 Constellation Immortal Venerable enters Primordial Realm, naturally can make up the simultaneous/uniform flaw Realm, rapidly becomes Wisdom Dao Supreme Grandmaster, the retrieval Wisdom Dao Dao Lord status. 星宿仙尊进入元境,自然会补齐缺失的境界,迅速成为智道无上大宗师,重获智道道主的身份。 „Does don't tell me world situation, still need to be dominated by Heavenly Court in the hand?” Bing Saichuan loses the sigh. 难道天下大势,仍旧要被天庭把持在手上吗?”冰塞川失落叹息。 Not necessarily so.” Immortal Zombie Ju Yang sneers, we walk!” “未必如此。”巨阳仙僵冷笑一声,“我们走!” a moment later, Fortune Stealing Altar glows threatening golden glow. 下一刻,劫运坛焕发逼人的金芒 Is shining, collects a path, be continuous upward. 金光四射,汇集成一条道路,绵延向上。 Fortune Stealing Altar implication ultimate move-- transports golden light Grand Dao! 正是劫运坛蕴含的杀招——转运金光大道 Meanwhile, has stayed in Savage Major World central Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace also sends out the broad light. 与此同时,一直停留在蛮荒大世界中央的镇运天宫也发出恢弘的光。 Since Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace falls into Insanity Demon Lair, actively participates, coordinates the deduction of Infinite Demonic Venerable, to entire world the deepening of evolution participation. 自从镇运天宫落入疯魔窟,就积极参与,配合无极魔尊的推演,对整个世界的演变参与的越加深入。 The Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace brilliance, shines to Fortune Stealing Altar on, making transportation golden light Grand Dao have the mysterious change. 镇运天宫的光辉,照耀到劫运坛上,令转运金光大道发生玄妙的变化。 Following golden light Grand Dao, Immortal Zombie Ju Yang departs Fortune Stealing Altar, flew into to Primordial Realm in unexpectedly. 顺着金光大道,巨阳仙僵飞出劫运坛,竟也飞入到元境之中去了。 Immortal Zombie Ju Yang has not prevented Constellation Immortal Venerable, but he has the Luck Dao attainments of first under heaven, unexpectedly using Fortune Stealing Altar and Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace, making oneself also be able to rectify conduct to enter Primordial Realm. 巨阳仙僵没有阻止得了星宿仙尊,但他拥有天下第一的运道造诣,竟利用劫运坛镇运天宫,令自己也能真正身入元境 The Longevity Heaven numerous immortals see this, in abundance great happiness. 长生天众仙见到这一幕,纷纷大喜。 Only remaining Fang Yuan subordinates, all changes countenance. 只剩下方源麾下,无不变色。 Rotten to the core!” The Lu Weiyin complexion is pale, is very ugly. “糟糕透顶!”陆畏因脸色铁青,十分难看。 Although Longevity Heaven continuously and Fang Yuan cooperation, but is the nature of use is in the majority obviously. At present Immortal Zombie Ju Yang directly has gotten rid of Fang Yuan, oneself rushed to Primordial Realm to go. 长生天虽然一直和方源合作,但明显是利用的性质居多。眼下巨阳仙僵就直接抛弃了方源,自己赶往了元境去。 It can be imagined, he will make surely also up Luck Dao Realm in Primordial Realm, once more becomes Luck Dao Dao Lord! 可想而知,他在元境中必定也会补足运道境界,再次成为运道道主 Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven get rid of Fang Yuan one side. 天庭长生天都将方源抛弃到一边。 „Is this Venerable's background?” Xiao Hejian sigh. “这就是尊者的底蕴吗?”萧荷尖叹息。 We whether should remove?” The Bing Saichuan fighting spirit starts lax. “我们是否该撤?”冰塞川斗志开始涣散。 Fang Yuan is in their these nonhuman Gu Immortal hearts the biggest energy, but obvious Fang Yuan was inferior at present two big Venerable, this makes the nonhuman Gu Immortals morale slide rapidly. 方源是他们这些异人蛊仙心中最大的底气,但眼下明显方源不如两大尊者,这让异人蛊仙们的士气迅速下滑。 Does not need to worry.” At this time, the Fang Yuan main body caught up from Loess Major World. “不必担忧。”这时,方源本体从黄土大世界赶来。 His manner was still calm. 他神态仍旧从容。 In Lu Weiyin eye immediately one bright, starts the hope the light: Sir Fang Yuan, do you have method?” 陆畏因眼中顿时一亮,兴起希望的光:“方源大人,你有法子?” Fang Yuan nodded, looks to ice Cloud City: Qi Jue, cooperates again a time.” 方源点了点头,看向凌云城:“气绝,再合作一次吧。” Demon Immortal Qi Jue departs from ice Cloud City: Hey, I know that you deliver me Rank 8 Immortal Gu Home, must have a chart. However your this ultimate move not issue, come, making us cooperate a time!” 气绝魔仙从凌云城中飞出:“嘿,我就知道你送我一座八转仙蛊屋,必有所图。不过你这杀招并无问题,来吧,让我们合作一次!” Fang Yuan puts out a hand to absorb, takes out Hū Earth from Qi Sea clone Immortal Aperture. 方源伸手一摄,从气海分身仙窍中取出乎地 Meanwhile, the Demon Immortal Qi Jue top of the head reveals Xī Earth. 与此同时,气绝魔仙的头顶显露兮地 Hū Earth and Xī Earth speedy approach, shines mutually. 乎地兮地迅速接近,相互辉映。 Lu Weiyin sees this, suddenly great happiness: I understood, «Human Ancestor Biography» early has the record!” 陆畏因见此,恍然大喜:“我明白了,《人祖传》中早有记载!” The «Human Ancestor Biography» fifth chapter, 37 th. 人祖传》第五章,第37节。 Wisdom Gu had been eaten one by One's Self Gu, feels very Life Qi(angry), decided that must retaliate. 智慧蛊自己蛊吃了一口,感到很生气,决定要报复。 Wisdom Gu then found Lie Gu: Words that I spoke no matter anything, will be wise, will raise and help person. This is not good, therefore I must ask you to help.” 智慧蛊便找到谎言蛊:“我说的话不管是什么,都充满智慧,会提点和帮助人。这可不好,所以我要找你帮忙。” Lie Gu then asked: How do you want me to help you?” 谎言蛊便问:“你要我怎么帮你呢?” Wisdom Gu said: This easy to do, is very simple. Human Ancestor and his pair of children, at present in Primordial Realm. The Primordial Realm front is Xī Earth, behind is Hū Earth. You go in Primordial Realm, cheated Human Ancestor, told him: Primordial Realm front is Hū Earth, behind is Xī Earth.” 智慧蛊说:“这好办,很简单。人祖和他的一对儿女,目前就在元境之中。元境的前方是兮地,后面是乎地。你进去元境,哄骗人祖,就告诉他:元境的前面是乎地,后面是兮地。” Lie Gu has doubts very much: „Can this revenge for you?” 谎言蛊很疑惑:“这样就能为你报仇了吗?” Wisdom Gu laughs: Person must inspire first, then exhales. Xī Earth and breath of Hū Earth Heaven and Earth. You illuminated my direction to complete freely.” 智慧蛊哈哈大笑:“人要先吸气,然后才呼气。兮地乎地正是天地的呼吸。你尽管照着我的指点去做好了。” Lie Gu then defers to the arrangement of Wisdom Gu, arrives in Primordial Realm, it told Human Ancestor: Person, you may result in carefully. You at a very marvelous place, you proceed to go to Hū Earth now, you will walk in the future will go to Xī Earth.” 谎言蛊便依照智慧蛊的安排,来到元境中,它告诉人祖:“人啊,你可得小心。你现在处在一个很奇妙的地方,你往前走就会去往乎地,你往后走就会去往兮地。” Human Ancestor just wants to leave Primordial Realm, thought: I obtained the direction of Beastman, do not make me go to Hū Earth. I in the future will walk, go to Xī Earth to be good.” 人祖正想离开元境,心想:“我曾经得到过兽人的指点,不要让我去乎地。那我就往后走,前往兮地好了。” Human Ancestor is then bringing his children Vigorous True Martial and Unfettered Wisdom Heart, from Primordial Realm depart, will walk in the future. 人祖便带着他的儿女大力真武逍遥智心,从元境出发,往后走。 Therefore, their arrived Hū Earth. 于是,他们就来到了乎地 Here is not Xī Earth!” Unfettered Wisdom Heart realized that they were deceived. “这里不是兮地啊!”逍遥智心意识到他们被骗了。 Human Ancestor racket own chest: I died luckily, Betrayal Gu had left. Otherwise I care, Betrayal Gu will injure me.” 人祖拍拍自己的心口:“幸好我死过一回,背叛蛊已经离开了。否则我在乎,背叛蛊就会伤害我。” But Vigorous True Martial actually suddenly realizes anything, called out hastily: Is awful!” 大力真武却忽然意识到什么,连忙叫道:“要糟糕!” How?” Human Ancestor just wants to ask, at this time, his One's Self Gu flew away. “怎么了?”人祖刚想问,这个时候,他身上的自己蛊就飞走了。 One's Self Gu left Human Ancestor, just before leaving before , leaves behind a few words: Person, you wear Manner Gu in my above, you deceive, do not blame me to leave you.” 自己蛊离开了人祖,临走前留下一句话:“人啊,你把态度蛊戴在我的上面,你连自己都骗,就不要怪我离开你了。” Initially, Human Ancestor sheltered Weak Gu. Weak Gu then urges Human Ancestor, making him wear Manner Gu in One's Self Gu above, deceives including oneself. Achieves the most complete deceit camouflage, then cheated Predicament. 当初,人祖庇护弱蛊弱蛊便撺掇人祖,让他将态度蛊戴在自己蛊的上面,连自己都骗。做到最完全的欺骗伪装,然后来哄骗困境 If the people deceive themselves, oneself will go to the person, the person will discard himself. 人若骗自己,自己会离人而去,人会丢掉自己。 Human Ancestor air/Qi and anxious: What to do, One's Self Gu to me. Didn't have it, I to gain the freedom? Gets rid of Fate Gu restraint?” 人祖又气又急:“怎么办,自己蛊离我而去了。没有了它,我该怎么获得自由呢?怎么摆脱宿命蛊束缚呢?” One's Self Gu had once eaten Betrayal Gu, this has the meaning of betrayal, I was very already unsatisfied.” Vigorous True Martial Capability Gu called to shout. 自己蛊曾经吃了一口背叛蛊,这就是有背叛的意思,我早就对它很不满意了。”大力真武身上的能力蛊叫嚷道。 expert instinct will be discontented with oneself. 强者本能的会对自己不满。 One's Self Gu flew away, soon makes us look to disappear. We pursue quickly!” The Unfettered Wisdom Heart reminder said. 自己蛊飞走了,快要让我们看不见了。我们快追啊!”逍遥智心提醒道。 Three people of then break into a run run swiftly, pursues One's Self Gu. 三人便拔腿飞跑,追赶自己蛊 One's Self Gu runs quickly, sneaked in the middle of rivers. 自己蛊跑得很快,钻进了一片河流当中。 The rivers water surface is gentle, on the water surface is floating every large or small, floating ice. 河流水面平缓,水面上漂着大大小小,一块块的浮冰。 Here is River of Time, what on river surface is floating is true floating ice.” The Human Ancestor three people quick identify, they gained the experience from Universe Crystal Wall. “这里是光阴长河啊,河面上漂浮着的是事实浮冰。”人祖三人很快就辨认出来,他们从乾坤晶壁中增长了见识。 Human Ancestor looks out the distant place, said: I thought that One's Self Gu on conceals in the most center of floating ice, we go to look for quickly it!” 人祖遥望远方,说道:“我觉得自己蛊就藏在浮冰的最中心,咱们快去把它找回来!”
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