DG :: Volume #6

#2184: Constellation Immortal Venerable!

The constellation of childhood time, giggle smiles. 童年时候的星宿,咯咯笑着。 She wanders in the back side of the mountain, wanders about in the brilliant wild flower, hee play in sweet mountain springs. 她在后山游荡,在烂漫的山花中徜徉,在甘甜的山泉间嘻戏。 She teases a spirited childhood small leopard cat, this is she rescues accidentally/surprisingly. 她逗弄一只充满灵性的幼年小狸猫,这是她意外救下来的。 This days, she will come to see it to the cave in whenever there is time, feeds it, teases it. 这段日子,她一有时间就会到山洞里来看它,喂养它,逗弄它。 „Are you playing?!” A sound behind conveys towering. “你又在玩耍?!”一个声音突兀地身后传来。 The childhood constellation whole body trembles, hair tingles with numbness, turns around slowly, then sees a white robe, whole face respectful appearance Genesis Immortal Venerable. 童年星宿浑身一颤,头发发麻,缓缓地转身,便见到一身白袍,满脸肃容元始仙尊 Master......” constellation lowered the head, if sound mosquito. “师父……”星宿低下了头,声若蚊呐。 extend the hand comes.” Genesis Immortal Venerable has put out the disciplinary ruler. 伸出手来。”元始仙尊拿出了戒尺。 The constellation bites jaw, stretches out small hand who talks excessively. 星宿咬起牙关,伸出白乎乎的小手。 . 啪。 The disciplinary ruler hits in the palm, immediately a red seal. 戒尺打在手心上,顿时一条红印。 The intense pain transmits, the constellation actually suppresses does not cry. 强烈的痛楚传来,星宿却强忍不哭。 Your recent schoolwork in a complete mess, does not practice ultimate move well, unexpectedly teases the kitten in this?” The Genesis Immortal Venerable vision goes to constellation behind small leopard cat. “你最近的功课一塌糊涂,不好好练习杀招,居然在此逗弄小猫?”元始仙尊目光投向星宿身后的小狸猫。 Childhood constellation immediately eye tearful: Master, do not get angry, do not catch up with little yellow to walk. Its wound is just now good shortly. I ensure later certain obediently practices ultimate move.” 童年星宿顿时眼泪汪汪:“师父,你别发怒,别赶小黄走。它的伤才刚好没多久呢。我保证以后一定乖乖地练习杀招。” Genesis Immortal Venerable deeply congealing solid constellation, but this moment constellation aroused the courage, has to pledge to fight to the death to protect the stance of small leopard cat greatly. 元始仙尊深深凝实星宿,但这一刻的星宿鼓足了勇气,大有誓死保护小狸猫的架势。 Genesis Immortal Venerable puts on a serious face, holds to raise the childhood constellation: You come along with me.” 元始仙尊板着脸,将童年星宿提溜地提起来:“你随我来。” The constellation then thinks the strong winds to caress the face, cannot open eyes. 星宿便觉得狂风扑面,睁不开眼。 Also has not known sound of the wind how long, the ear has howled ceases suddenly, she felt that the foot stepped in the spot. 也不知过了多久,耳边呼啸的风声猛然停息,她感到脚踩在了实地上。 You open eyes to have a look.” The Genesis Immortal Venerable's sound conveys. “你睁眼看看罢。”元始仙尊的声音传来。 The constellation then opens both eyes, sees only itself to stand is in the middle of stretch of ruins. 星宿便睁开双眼,只见自己立身在一片废墟当中。 Her pupil suddenly shrinks needle-tip size, what seeing is the house in piece by piece combustion, the corpse of each and every one everybody...... 她瞳孔猛地缩成针尖大小,入目的是一片片燃烧中的房屋,一个个男女老少的尸首…… This small village originally is peaceful, but next to Boundary Wall, was actually rushed ahead by one group of different race robbers, slaughtered.” Genesis Immortal Venerable said. “这个小村庄原本安静祥和,但却是紧挨着界壁,被一伙异族的强盗们冲杀进来,屠戮一空了。”元始仙尊道。 You know that this situation, how many times will occur?” Genesis Immortal Venerable asked. “你知道这种情况,会发生多少次?”元始仙尊问道。 The childhood constellation is very shocking, subconsciously shook the head. 童年星宿十分震惊,下意识地摇了摇头。 Almost every day, this situation is performing.” Genesis Immortal Venerable sighed, „, not only the Central Continent edge, the Central Continent center also had different race to remain, often appeared and disappeared, strangles to death our Human Race.” “几乎每天,这种情况都在上演。”元始仙尊叹息,“不只是中洲边缘,就连中洲腹地都还有异族残留,时常出没,绞杀我们人族。” Present Central Continent, Heavenly Court has established, Human Race gets the winning side firmly, the nonhuman super influence is not hides, fled Central Continent. But other four territories? Still was the different race authorities. You know why this is?” “如今的中洲,天庭已经建立,人族牢牢占据上风,异人的超级势力不是躲藏起来,就是逃离了中洲。而其他四域呢?仍旧是异族当道。你知道这是为什么吗?” The childhood constellation many had not pondered, replied: I know! I already listened to other Senior Brother Senior Sister saying that the master your vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered Five Regions, once started to all nonhuman super influences. No matter many nonhuman Gu Immortal cannot hit the master you, but they hide. We actually could not find them.” 童年星宿没有多加思考,就答道:“我知道!我早就听其他师兄师姐们说过,师父你纵横五域,曾对所有的异人超级势力下手。不管多少的异人蛊仙都打不过师父你,但是他们都躲起来。我们却找不到他们。” right.” Genesis Immortal Venerable nods, Immortal Aperture, once reposes Heaven and Earth, condenses a point, we must search, just like looking for a needle in a haystack, difficultly incomparable.” 不错。”元始仙尊点点头,“仙窍一旦寄托天地,凝缩一点,我们要搜索起来,宛若大海捞针,困难无比。” So, even if Human Race has my this grade of Immortal Venerable to exist, invincible world, but was still hard to be effective eradicates these nonhumans.” “正是如此,纵然人族有我这等仙尊存在,无敌天下,但仍旧难以有效地铲除那些异人们。” Our Human Race, although has ruled Central Continent initially, but other four territories are also hard to liberate. Because the population of my clan were too few, cannot compare nonhumans.” “我们人族虽然初步统治了中洲,但是其他四域还难以解放。因为我族的人口太少了,根本比不上异人们。” Our nonhuman Gu Master to four territories and mortals starts, slaughters them. So long as these nonhuman Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos still, can cultivate massive nonhumans easily.” “就算我们对四域的异人蛊师、凡人们下手,将他们屠戮一空。只要那些异人福地洞天还在,就能轻而易举地栽培出海量异人们。” Once Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos hides, is untraceable, moreover inside time flies than the outside. This causing inside population will increase rapidly. 福地洞天一旦躲藏起来,难以寻找,而且内里的时间远比外界更快。这就导致里面的人口会增加迅速。 Once in a while, the Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos gateway greatly will start, unnecessary population release to four territories. 每隔一段时间,福地洞天就会门户大开,将多余的人口释放到四域中来。 These Gu Immortal Immortal Aperture, are the nonhumans foundations. If could not find the concrete position, after I died, Human Race was still in imminent danger, repeats the past tragedy.” Genesis Immortal Venerable deeply sighed, strokes childhood constellation, why this is you must try hard! The fate makes clear, you will be future Human Race Immortal Venerable, will found Wisdom Dao.” “这些蛊仙仙窍,就是异人们的根基。如果找不到具体的位置,待我死后,人族仍旧岌岌可危,重演往日的悲剧。”元始仙尊深深感叹,抚摸童年星宿,“这就是为什么你要努力!宿命昭示,你将是未来的人族仙尊,开创智道。” Had Wisdom Dao, we can calculate that most Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos, strike to kill these nonhuman Gu Immortals, establishes my Human Race prosperous times truly.” “有了智道,我们就能推算出绝大多数的福地洞天,将这些异人蛊仙们击杀,真正奠定我人族的盛世。” Constellation, you, when understands, you play here the delayed each quarter, had our Human Race dead under the nonhumans butcher knife. In the middle of this, there are many old people, there is many and your equality of age person. You in playing, with the children of your same age, actually can only pour in the middle of the pool of blood, cannot see tomorrow's Sun again.” “星宿啊,你当明白,你在这里玩耍所延误的每一刻,都有我们人族丧生在异人们的屠刀之下。这当中,有许许多多的老人,也有许许多多和你年龄相当的人。你在玩耍的时候,和你一样年纪的孩子们,却都只能倒在血泊当中,再也看不到明天的太阳。” Childhood constellation face whiten like the paper, tight sips lips, is silent. 童年星宿脸色苍白如纸,紧抿双唇,沉默不语。 Genesis Immortal Venerable stimulates to movement ultimate move, brings back to the back side of the mountain her, does not continue to preach, then by her. 元始仙尊又重新催动杀招,将她带回后山,也不继续说教,便由她一个人去了。 Several days later. 数天后。 The childhood constellation and small leopard cat little yellow distinguish. 童年星宿和小狸猫小黄分别。 Although little yellow lingers at very much she, but she still returned to the mountain forest it. 尽管小黄很依恋她,但她仍旧将它送回了山林。 When she is once more lonely a person, she squats on the ground, is holding own knees, wū wū the mewl gets up. 当她再次孤独一人的时候,她蹲在地上,抱着自己的双膝,呜呜的低泣起来。 „A point that although the master he said right, but I am also only a child. Senior Brother Senior Sister can play, why can't I?” “虽然师父他老人家说的一点都没错,但我也只是个孩子。师兄师姐们都能玩耍,为何我就不能呢?” Is because the fate had stipulated I will be future Immortal Venerable?” “就是因为宿命规定了我是未来的仙尊吗?” The childhood constellation has sobbed long time, falls to the night, in summer night everywhere Starry Sky. 童年星宿哭泣了良久,一直到夜幕降临,夏夜里漫天繁星 She stands up slowly, small cheek still have tear stains. 她缓缓站起身来,小脸蛋犹有泪痕。 Her chest place gushes out Cluster light. 她的心口处涌出一团星光。 The constellation holds to take this Cluster light, throws in the back side of the mountain. 星宿将这团星光捧取出来,扔在后山中。 This Cluster light vaguely has her shadow. 这团星光依稀有她的影子。 Childhood constellation to this Cluster Shadow Dao: I do not think actually, when Immortal Venerable, but the fate cannot change. Everybody to me like this good, I must think of them, wants to make our entire Human Race happy.” 童年星宿对这团星影道:“我其实不想当仙尊,可是宿命是不能更改的。大家又对我这样的好,我也要为他们着想呢,也想让我们整个人族都幸福呢。” If there is a next life, you playing well, makes up for my this fresh regret!” “如果有来生,你就好好的玩耍吧,弥补我此生的遗憾!” The star shadow cannot walk back and forth. 星影逡巡不去。 The childhood star long-felt wish she, was saying: Gives a name to you again, since the master praised my beautiful woman frequently, intelligent clever, that asked you Ming Hao.” 童年星宿望着她,道:“再给你取个名字吧,既然师父常常夸我明眸皓齿,聪明伶俐,那就叫你明皓罢。” The star shadow has resulted in the name, seemed very happy, flew away quickly. 星影得了名字,似乎十分高兴,倏地飞走了。 The constellation of youth time, became young female immortal. 青年时期的星宿,已经出落成一位妙龄女仙 She does not close up constantly, frequently travelling four directions, substantial vision. 她并不一味地闭关,经常游历四方,充实眼界。 Divorcing oneself from reality useless, because she needs does not inherit Genesis Immortal Venerable's legacy, but founds Wisdom Dao. 闭门造车是没有用的,因为她需要的不是继承元始仙尊的衣钵,而是开创智道 In the camouflage status, walks the Eastern Sea's time, she knew one Gu Immortal. 在伪装身份,行走东海的时候,她结识到了一位蛊仙 Under the chance coincidence, she encounters with this Gu Immortals again and again, opposes the enemy mutually hand in hand, eliminates nonhuman tribe, searches the seabed gulley wait/etc., the friendship is rich, transfers the feelings. 机缘巧合之下,她和这位蛊仙三番两次遭遇,相互携手对敌,剪除异人部族,共探海底深沟等等,情谊浓郁,转为情愫。 However...... 然而…… You unexpectedly are nonhuman!” The true colors that the constellation sees the one's beloved, shock again and again retrocede. “你居然是一位异人!”星宿看到心上人的真面目,震惊得连连后退。 Star, I do not intend to conceal, you listen to me to explain.” One's beloveds anxiously. “星儿,我不是有意隐瞒的,你听我解释。”心上人焦急不已。 The constellation actually violently shakes the head, sky over flying upwards. 星宿却猛烈摇头,飞升上空。 The one's beloveds are in hot pursuit, how injury to be heavy, finally drops from the upper air. 心上人紧追不舍,奈何身上伤势沉重,终于从高空跌落。 When he regains consciousness from the stupor, he discovered that oneself lies down in a sand beach, side constellation. 当他从昏迷中苏醒,他发现自己躺在一片沙滩上,身边正是星宿。 Was you have saved me, star! Certainly is you, where you? Comes out to see me!” The one's beloveds occur simultaneously pleasantly surprised, struggle to set out, go all out to summon, but has not been responded throughout. “是你救了我,星儿!一定是你,你在哪里?出来见见我吧!”心上人惊喜交加,挣扎起身,拼命呼唤,但始终没有得到回应。 Finally, he can only staggering offshore islands go. 最终,他只能踉跄离岛而去。 Under the setting sun, looks at his solitary back, the constellation is basing the sand beach, reveals figure. 夕阳下,望着他形单影只的背影,星宿立足沙滩,显露身形 Her both eyes with tears, in the heart have do not abandon: Why are you nonhuman? If Human Race, this good. You may know, I have wanted to marry you. According to the custom, the master has prepared Embroidery House for me, acts as the dowry.” 她双眼含泪,心中也有不舍:“为何你偏偏是一位异人呢?如果是人族,该多好。你可知道,我已想嫁你。按照风俗,师父已经为我准备了一座绣楼,充作嫁妆。” But I cannot.” “可是我不能。” Because I am the constellation, I can be future Human Race Immortal Venerable.” “因为我是星宿,我会是未来的人族仙尊。” I must be Human Race eradicate nonhuman Gu Immortal, if I am your wife, how I under did go well? Once appeases nonhuman, Human Race what course to follow?” “我要为人族铲除异人蛊仙,如果我是你的妻,我如何下得了手?一旦姑息异人,人族又何去何从?” The hope of master, the hope of Human Race, lifting of surroundings person, shoulders in the shoulder of constellation. 师父的期盼,人族的希望,周围人的托举,都背负在星宿的肩头。 But was still grieved! 但仍旧是心痛啊! The pain of not being able to love, almost must tear the soul. 爱不得的痛楚,几乎要撕裂魂魄。 The chest of constellation surges intermittent star light. 星宿的心口涌起一阵阵的星光。 She also holds to take this Cluster light. 她又将这团星光捧取而出。 She to star shadow mouth in twittering: You, since the boasts my elegant and graceful, I give a name to you my Yuxiu. If there is a next life, asks you to live for me well, do not manage any Human Race in the future, do not think that any common people safety, lives for oneself one time, for oneself selfish one time, loves happily, cries drippingly!” 她对着星影口中呢喃:“你既然夸我钟灵毓秀,那我就给你起名我毓秀。若有来生,就请你替我好好活着,不要管什么人族未来,不要想什么苍生安危,就为自己活一次,为自己自私一次,痛快地去爱,淋漓地去哭!” The star shadow wave light ripples, resembles is responding. 星影波光荡漾,似在回应。 The constellation of old age, already to become Venerable. 晚年的星宿,已然成尊 In the main hall, she sits seat of honor high, looks at has assisted her at present, takes care of her, kisses/intimate such as mother's and daughter's Senior Sister. 大殿上,她高坐主位,看着眼前一直辅佐她,照顾她,亲如母女的师姐 Makes me go!” Senior Sister shouts said, flatter night/lodge, you are solemn Immortal Venerable, cannot give self up to coincide with Will of Heaven.” “让我去!”师姐呼喊道,“阿宿,你是堂堂仙尊,不能舍身与天意相合啊。” No.” The constellation shakes the head slowly, because of me is Immortal Venerable, I must this.” “不。”星宿缓缓摇头,“正是因我是仙尊,我才必须要这样做。” Senior Sister with tears: flatter night/lodge, you just acknowledged as teacher, is about three years old. Is I have taken care of you, looks at you grow little, grows step by step, finally becomes Human Race Constellation Immortal Venerable.” 师姐含泪:“阿宿,你刚刚拜师的时候,才不过三岁。是我一直照顾你,看着你一点点长高,一步步成长,最终成为人族星宿仙尊。” Nobody is clearer than me, bitter and pain in this process. Price that you pay for this reason, too many were too many.” “没有人比我更清楚,这个过程中的辛酸和痛楚。你为此付出的代价,太多太多了。” Now you have done well, have satisfied the hopes of all people very much. Do not sacrifice themselves again, you have greatly the time can handle the matter that you want to handle.” “现在你已经做得很好了,已经满足了所有人的期盼。你不要再牺牲自己了,你还有大把的时间可以去做你想要去做的事情。” „Didn't you pour out to me frequently? Your this life, although the scenery is infinite, although manner praise, but you have many regrets. You should go to the good life, flatter night/lodge.” “你不常常对我倾诉吗?你这一生,虽然风光无限,虽然为人称颂,但是你有许许多多的遗憾。你应该去过更好的生活了,阿宿。” You for too many are too many, you who Human Race pays should live for yourself.” “你为人族付出的太多太多,你该为自己而活了。” Therefore this time, makes Senior Sister I assimilate Will of Heaven.” “所以这一次,就让师姐我去同化天意。” The constellation smile, the form flashes, has stood in the Senior Sister front. 星宿微笑,身影一闪,已经站立在了师姐的面前。 Her gently has cleaned the Senior Sister tear stains, holds a Cluster shadow from the chest. 温柔地擦拭了师姐的泪痕,从心口捧出一团星影。 Senior Sister.” 师姐。” You praised me recently, said my abundant god magnanimity. My this Cluster shadow is called Fengya, making her accompany you for me. I very slightly am an orphan, you take care of me to grow up, is my elder sister is also my mother. How could did I sacrifice you?” “你最近夸赞我,说我丰神雅量。我这团星影便叫做丰雅罢,让她替我陪陪你。我很小就是孤儿,你照顾我长大,是我姐亦是我母。我又岂能牺牲你呢?” I have paid these many in any case, had sacrificed these many, has been used. Haha.” “反正我付出了这么多,牺牲了这么多,也已经习惯了。哈哈。” Makes Fengya take care in your side, makes up for the regret for me.” “就让丰雅服侍在你的身边,替我弥补遗憾罢。” I leave behind three star shades, actually is also the arrangement of my rebirth.” “我留下三个星影,其实也是我重生的布置。” I do not think one day to be able the rebirth, if the matter ruins this situation, I heavy labor. I listen certainly your, Senior Sister. I will live for myself, no matter this world, no matter any Human Race!” “我并不想有一天能够重生,如果事情败坏到这种地步,我又重活。我一定听你的,师姐。我会为自己而活,不管这世界,不管什么人族!” I also think selfish one time.” “我也想自私一次呢。” Insanity Demon Lair. 疯魔窟 When Ming Hao, Yuxiu and Fengya were awakened, what obtains is the huge sad news. 明皓毓秀丰雅被唤醒,得到的是巨大的噩耗。 The Fate Gu destruction, Heavenly Court deteriorated the valley, Fang Yuan to become demon, Righteous waned, Demonic rised, Central Continent was crisis-ridden. 宿命蛊毁灭,天庭衰败到了谷底,方源成魔,正消魔涨,中洲危机四伏。 I once pledged to myself! 我曾经对自己发誓! I must live for myself. 我要为自己活。 For own joy, for own Passion, for own happiness and living. 为自己的快乐,为自己的爱情,为自己的幸福而活。 Is there anything wrong with this? 这难道有什么错吗 I have completed my mission, I founded Wisdom Dao, I have put down most nonhuman Gu Immortal, I have led Human Race to move toward prosperously. 我已经完成了我的使命,我已经开创了智道,我已经剿除了绝大多数的异人蛊仙,我已经带领人族走向昌盛。 I should rest. 我该歇歇了。 But why? 可是为什么? Why my does subconsciously start to plan, starts the layout? 为什么我下意识地开始筹谋,开始布局? Will I still here fight why? 为什么我仍旧会在这里战斗? Why? 为什么? Fairy Ming Hao looks at everywhere beacon, has cast aside the small mouth. 明皓仙子看着漫天烽烟,撇了撇小嘴。 Fairy Yuxiu looks at Demon Immortal Qi Jue, Eight Extremity Lords and the others, the vision is cold. 毓秀仙子看着气绝魔仙八极子等人,目光冷冽。 Fairy Fengya looks at Zhan Budu that is flushing, shows a faint smile. 丰雅仙子望着冲上来的战部渡,微微一笑。 At this moment, three star glow twinkle, shines mutually. 这一刻,三者身上星芒闪烁,相互辉映。 three immortals recited with one voice-- 三仙齐声吟道—— The life is unselfish, 一生不利己, Sorrow Jinan in Yuan. 忧济在元元。 Lays down one's life to go help in dangerous situation dead, 捐躯赴难死, Star light according to the world. 星光照人间。 Heavy living creature person not, 重活物人非, The five continents are greatly different. 五洲大不同。 Loyalty only one by one, 丹心唯一一, Three-phase pulls the day to lean! 三相挽天倾! The star light links, blends a body, the sparkle upper air. 星光链接起来,融汇一体,闪耀高空。 At once changes into an immortal, the graceful bearing is peerless, Star Pupil is bright. 旋即化为一仙,风姿绝伦,星眸灿烂。 Constellation? 星宿? Constellation. 星宿。 Constellation! 星宿! ps: The late renewal, the midway has deleted one time, this initiates the poem a little not to be unsatisfied, meaning reached that although expressed that but a little not rhyme. Hopes everybody can like. ps:迟到的更新,中途又删改了一次,这首唱诗还是有点不满意,虽然表达的意思达到了,但是有点不押韵。希望大家能喜欢。
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