DG :: Volume #6

#2180: The war of Book Mountain

Regarding black and white two color Book Mountain, Gu Immortal in the intense confrontation, the space underground has their forms. 围绕着黑白两色的书山,蛊仙在激烈的交锋,天上地下都有他们的身影。 Immortal Realm Ultimate Move-- air/Qi group fuel-air! 仙道杀招——一气群云爆! Demon Immortal Qi Jue points a finger, finger continually. 气绝魔仙伸出手指,手指连点。 Instantaneous, in his front air turbulent change, swiftly condenses the agglomerate. 瞬间,在他面前的空气汹涌变化,迅速凝聚成团。 Several hundred muddy white air masses are at top speed common, salvo, at present offensive counter-balance of Book Mountain. 数百颗浑白气团流星赶月一般,齐射而出,将眼前书山的攻势抵消。 Fairy Ming Hao rely on Book Mountain, has been stimulating to movement modest courteous ultimate move. Dependence this and other fearful methods, just now suppressed Fang Yuan and Longevity Heaven two sides fierce offensive. 明皓仙子一直借助书山,催动着谦谦有礼杀招。正是依靠这等可怕的手段,方才压制住了方源长生天两方的凶猛攻势。 These ultimate move from the Book Mountain record, the great variety, essentially are Human Dao ultimate move, but simulated the prestige of each school to be able the effectiveness. 这些杀招都是源自书山的记录,种类繁多,本质上人道杀招,但模拟出了各个流派的威能效用。 Demon Immortal Qi Jue to attack to attack, after destroying the present offensive, sighs, has to withdraw. 气绝魔仙以攻对攻,摧毁眼前的攻势后,叹息一声,不得不后撤。 He by the Ju Yang Immortal Venerable solution, but, does not have many with Longevity Heaven and Fang Yuan two sides contact, but acts on free will in secret, understood the cause and effect. 他被巨阳仙尊解决而出后,没有过多和长生天方源两方接触,而是私底下自由行动,了解到了前因后果。 Heavenly Court wants to gain Primordial Realm, similarly is Demon Immortal Qi Jue does not want to see. 天庭想要获取元境,同样也是气绝魔仙不想看到的。 He also wants certainly to enter Primordial Realm, selects for promotion own Qi Dao Realm to the Supreme Grandmaster situation. Allowed that other people do act swiftly to get there first? 他当然也想进入元境,将自家的气道境界拔升到无上大宗师地步。怎容许他人捷足先登? Demon Immortal Qi Jue all alone, is hard to shake the Heavenly Court situation. But at present Fang Yuan and Longevity Heaven two sides attacks crazily, if this grade of external force does not seize the chance rely on, that was not Demon Immortal Qi Jue. 气绝魔仙孤身一人,难以撼动天庭大势。但眼下方源长生天两方狂攻,这等外力若不趁机借助,那就不是气绝魔仙了。 Does not want to attack Book Mountain to be so dangerous, cannot kill the halfway up the mountainside.” Demon Immortal Qi Jue knits the brows. “不想攻打书山如此险恶,连半山腰都杀不上去。”气绝魔仙皱眉。 He was suppressed in God Emperor City that time, body Qi Dao's Dao Marks loses many. Let alone continuously dependent Heaven and Earth Mystic Realm Xī Earth, in Fang Yuan chases down to fight only remaining 30%. 他被镇压在神帝城的那段时间,身上气道道痕损失很多。更别说一直依赖的天地秘境兮地,更是在方源追杀战中只剩下三成。 hū lā...... 呼啦啦…… As if the tsunami is common, another wave of huge offensive, hangs down the washout from the summit just like the waterfall under. 仿佛海啸一般,又一波巨大的攻势,宛若瀑布从山顶垂挂冲刷而下。 Demon Immortal Qi Jue can only draw back draws back again. 气绝魔仙只能一退再退。 Clash/To, rushes!” Rank 8 Immortal Gu Home passed by, to Demon Immortal Qi Jue did not hear that does not attend. “冲啊,冲上去!”一座八转仙蛊屋路过,对气绝魔仙不闻不顾。 That is the Rank 8 Immortal Gu Home diamond fort of Fang Yuan subordinates. 那是方源麾下的八转仙蛊屋金钢堡。 Gu Immortal in iron fort sees Demon Immortal Qi Jue, but has not managed him. Demon Immortal Qi Jue just came, indeed annoys to focus attention on, but saw that he was also attacking Book Mountain, Fang Yuan subordinates Gu Immortal understood the Demon Immortal Qi Jue standpoint. 铁堡中的蛊仙看到气绝魔仙,但没有管他。气绝魔仙刚刚现身的时候,的确惹来注目,但看到他也在进攻书山,方源麾下蛊仙就都明白了气绝魔仙的立场。 The Demon Immortal Qi Jue looks at diamond fort horizontally kills to the clash, arrived at such as the sea tide rough sea ultimate move offensive forcefully, in the eye is revealing the light of envying unavoidably. 气绝魔仙看着金钢堡横冲猛撞地杀上去,硬生生抵着如海潮大浪般的杀招攻势,眼中不免流露出了羡慕的光。 Under this time tactical situation, the Immortal Gu Home importance is very evident. 在此番战况下,仙蛊屋的重要性十分凸显。 Immortal Gu Home has provided the quite abundant shield to Gu Immortals, otherwise depends on Gu Immortal individual body only, how leads the way under everywhere Disaster and Tribulation and ultimate move? 仙蛊屋蛊仙们提供了相当雄厚的掩护,否则单靠蛊仙个人身躯,如何在漫天的灾劫杀招下前行? The diamond fort has rushed to the halfway up the mountainside, floods in the present ultimate move smoke screen appears wipes the blood shadow suddenly. 金钢堡一直冲上半山腰,充斥眼前的杀招烟幕中忽然现出一抹血影。 a moment later, the giant blood shadow rushes ahead, appears the appearance/portrait. 下一刻,巨大的血影冲杀过来,现出真容。 This is a giant vermilion blood tombstone, on the tombstone various languages walks randomly unceasingly, Blood Dao aura richly-- Demon Execution List! 这是一个巨大的朱血墓碑,墓碑上各种文字不断游走,血道气息浓郁至极——正是诛魔榜 You gave up any idea of that leads the way again!” In Demon Execution List, is Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng manipulates. “尔等休想再前行一步!”诛魔榜中,正是古月方正操纵 Bang. 轰。 A loud sound, two Immortal Gu Home come to meet the tough head-on with toughness directly. 一声巨响,两座仙蛊屋直接来个硬碰硬。 Brunting of diamond fort stops suddenly. 金钢堡的冲势戛然而止。 Demon Execution List splits at once shoots the blood light, the blood light like the column, shoots above the diamond fort. 诛魔榜旋即绽射血光,血光如柱,射在金钢堡之上。 The diamond fort haunches the protection method, although resisted the blood light, great strength that but was actually hard to resist by one pushing down halfway up the mountainside. 金钢堡撑起防护手段,虽然抵御住了血光,但是却被一股难以抵挡的巨力给推下半山腰。 Although the diamond fort is Immortal Gu Home of Rank 8 level, but compared with Demon Execution List this grade of peak, has the disparity. 金钢堡虽然是八转层次的仙蛊屋,但是和诛魔榜这等巅峰相比,还是有着差距。 Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng breathes heavily. 古月方正喘着粗气。 Heavenly Court Immortal Gu Home are few. 天庭仙蛊屋少。 Is counted Demon Execution List, Supervising Heaven Tower and God Emperor City, is about six. 算上诛魔榜监天塔神帝城,也不过六座。 At present these six Immortal Gu Home are used to station, copes with Immortal Gu Home that attacks specially. 眼下这六座仙蛊屋都用来驻防,专门对付攻上来的仙蛊屋 A Longevity Heaven side, Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace has not moved lightly, but Fortune Stealing Altar and five harems altogether have six, was flush with the Heavenly Court's Immortal Gu Home quantity. 长生天一方,镇运天宫没有轻动,但劫运坛、五座后宫共有六座,已经和天庭的仙蛊屋数量齐平。 A Fang Yuan side has emitted seven Immortal Gu Home suddenly! 方源一方忽然冒出了七座仙蛊屋 This is big Heavenly Court anticipation. 这点大出天庭意料。 Their originally thinks, Fang Yuan will possibly reconstruct Dragon Palace and 10,000 Years Flying War Carriage, but has not thought that Fang Yuan is actually to start over from scratch, has put out seven similar diamond fort such Immortal Gu Home. 他们原本以为,方源很可能会重建龙宫万年斗飞车,但没想到方源却是重起炉灶,拿出了七座类似金钢堡这样的仙蛊屋 With, key is these Immortal Gu Home reaches as high as Rank 8. 拿出来也就算了,关键是这些仙蛊屋都高达八转 Seven Rank 8 Immortal Gu Home, take to the Heavenly Court huge defense pressure all of a sudden. 七座八转仙蛊屋,一下子带给天庭巨大的防守压力。 Heavenly Court's side Immortal Gu Home, but enemy total half also miss. And Longevity Heaven's Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace, in Fang Yuan's hand Secured Earth Heavy Mountain Fort has not entered the war, this fact makes the Heavenly Court Gu Immortal heart serious. 天庭一方仙蛊屋,只是敌人总数一半还差。并且长生天的镇运天宫,方源手中安土重山堡都未参战,这个事实就更让天庭蛊仙心头沉重。 Demon Execution List under the Fang Zheng's stimulation of movement, attacks in all directions, Immortal Gu Home that will invade one's territory unceasingly repels, defends own position. 诛魔榜方正的催动下,四处出击,不断将来犯的仙蛊屋打退下去,守住自己的阵脚。 Enemy potential is significant, at present can support the aspect, is God Emperor City and Supervising Heaven Tower, me acts as the pillar/backbone. Perhaps this way, how long could not support.” “敌势重大,眼下能够支撑住局面,乃是神帝城监天塔,还有我这边充当支柱。但再这样下去,恐怕支撑不了多久。” Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng facial color slightly white, in the heart a piece understands clearly. 古月方正面色微白,心中一片了然。 He felt oneself are going to reach limit. 他已经感到自己将要到达极限。 The fight intensity was too high. 战斗烈度太高了。 Demon Execution List not only need attack in all directions, guards against numerous Immortal Gu Home, but must resist bombing of ultimate move and Disaster and Tribulation. 诛魔榜不仅要四处出击,防范众多的仙蛊屋,还要一直抵御杀招灾劫的轰炸。 The violence of immortal essence consumption, even if Fang Zheng is also startled for it heart. 仙元消耗之猛烈,即便是方正也为之心惊。 Demon Execution List damage condition, is even more serious. Before the Heavenly Thief True Inheritance space, Demon Execution List caused heavy losses by Fang Yuan, already the recuperation came. The place that now these are damaged, newly adds. 诛魔榜的受损情况,也越发严重。之前在盗天真传空间中,诛魔榜方源重创,已然休整过来。现在这些受损的地方,都是新添的。 If depends on Fang Zheng one person only, already has too many problems to tackle, cannot attend to one thing without losing track of another thing. Luckily in Demon Execution List has left behind all previous Demon Executing List Lord will, these wills help Fang Zheng patch the Immortal Gu Home damage positively. 若是单靠方正一人,早已经捉襟见肘,顾此失彼。幸亏诛魔榜中遗留了历代诛魔榜主的意志,这些意志帮助方正积极修补仙蛊屋损伤。 When gets up, my Heavenly Court's has background been inferior to other people?” The summit of Book Mountain, Fairy Ming Hao is maintaining modest courteous ultimate move, while sighed. “什么时候起,我天庭的底蕴已经不如他人了?”书山之巅,明皓仙子一边维持着谦谦有礼杀招,一边叹息。 Regarding Heavenly Court, battlefield situation is not wonderful. Although Heavenly Court Gu Immortals battles at risk of life, the defense line was in imminent danger, perhaps has Immortal Gu Home to break through the defense line in a moment later, kills Book Mountain to withstand/top. 对于天庭而言,战场的形势并不妙。尽管天庭蛊仙们拼死作战,防线已经岌岌可危,或许在下一刻就有仙蛊屋冲破防线,杀到书山顶上来。 The summit of Book Mountain, Fairy Fengya is still urging valley ultimate move, schemes Primordial Realm, does not allow to disturb. 书山之巅,丰雅仙子还在全力催谷杀招,图谋元境,不容干扰。 Fairy Ming Hao and Fairy Yuxiu look at each other one, the latter then gently waves: You, and goes.” 明皓仙子毓秀仙子对视一眼,后者便轻轻一挥手:“你们且去。” A tiger roars, a crane calls resounds through the battlefield at once. 一声虎吼,一声鹤鸣旋即响彻战场。 Two big Immemorial legend Evil Tapir 95 and Ruan Dan rush to the mountainside. 两大太古传奇煞狴九十五阮丹冲下山腰。 Although Heavenly Court does not have Immortal Gu Home, but also has two Immemorial Legendary Desolate Beast. Immemorial Desolate Beast rough skin and thick flesh, the Immemorial legend is so. 天庭虽然没有仙蛊屋,但还有两头太古传奇荒兽太古荒兽皮糙肉厚,太古传奇更是如此。 Evil Tapir 95 and Ruan Dan one on the left and other on the right, are going against everywhere ultimate move and Disaster and Tribulation, plunges ice Cloud City directly. 煞狴九十五阮丹一左一右,顶着漫天杀招灾劫,直接扑向凌云城 In ice Cloud City is managed by Fairy Euphony, she is just about to break in the battlefield, suddenly sees two big Immemorial legend converging attack. 云城中由妙音仙子主持,她正要冲入战场,忽然见到两大太古传奇夹攻。 Fairy Euphony stimulates to movement ultimate move hastily, ice Cloud City spout innumerable mist, is holding the Immortal Gu Home rapid rise. 妙音仙子连忙催动杀招,凌云城喷涌出无数云气,托着仙蛊屋迅速上升。 But the Ruan Dan both wings inspire, on the flew to ice Cloud City sky, the ultimate move stimulation of movement, the crane claw grasps ruthlessly, one grasps the broken, innumerable mortal gu destruction the ice Cloud City roof. 阮丹双翅一振,就飞到了云城的上空,杀招催动,鹤爪狠狠一抓,将凌云城的屋顶一下抓碎,无数凡蛊毁灭。 Bang. 砰。 a moment later, Evil Tapir 95 dashes fierce, ice Cloud City was knocked, unexpectedly under a roller hillside. 下一刻,煞狴九十五凶猛冲撞,凌云城被撞翻,竟一路滚下山坡。 Fairy Euphony figure staggers, wanting manipulates ice Cloud City to fly once again, but ice Cloud City actually does not listen to direct, immortal essence instills into not to respond unexpectedly. 妙音仙子身形踉跄,想要操纵云城再度飞起,但凌云城却不听使唤,仙元灌输进去竟毫无响应。 Demon Immortal Qi Jue in nearby, is seeing this, immediately flies. 气绝魔仙正在左近,见到这一幕,立即飞来。 His low roaring sound, the top of the head emits Xī Earth phantom. 低喝一声,头顶冒出兮地虚影 Immortal Realm Ultimate Move--. 仙道杀招——兮兮。 Xī Earth erupts the strength of fierce attracting absorbing, attracts to absorb in Xī Earth the a path of gas ring of ice Cloud City surface. 兮地爆发出凶猛的吸摄之力,将凌云城表面的一道道气环都吸摄到兮地中去。 Has been liberated, ice Cloud City immediately retrieval freedom. 得到解放,凌云城立即重获自由。 Many thanks!” Fairy Euphony expressed gratitude, will stimulate to movement Immortal Gu Home to kill, suddenly heard the Fang Yuan's order. “多谢!”妙音仙子道谢一声,正要催动仙蛊屋重新杀上去,忽然听到方源的命令。 Fairy Euphony is stunned. 妙音仙子愕然。 But at once responds, bringing other Gu Immortal to depart ice Cloud City. 但旋即反应过来,带着其他蛊仙飞出凌云城 Sir Qi Jue, my revered master assigns me to bestow this ice Cloud City to you!” Fairy Euphony said. 气绝大人,我家主上命我将这座凌云城赠送给您!”妙音仙子道。 „?” Demon Immortal Qi Jue is shocked, afterward laughs, Fellow Immortal Fang Yuan is generous, I kindly accepted.” “哦?”气绝魔仙愣住,随后哈哈大笑,“方源仙友慷慨惊人,那我就笑纳了。” Demon Immortal Qi Jue no trace of politeness, drills into ice Cloud City, the latter flies upwards, kills to the halfway up the mountainside. 气绝魔仙毫不客气,钻入凌云城,后者飞升而起,杀向半山腰。 In halfway up the mountainside, Evil Tapir 95 and Ruan Dan cooperation, shoots down the dragon mortal form graveyard. 半山腰上,煞狴九十五阮丹合作,又将龙魄阴宅击落。 In the dragon mortal form graveyard has Miss White Rabbit to lead the numerous immortals, is not charging anxiously once more, but falls the foot to aid the Fairy Euphony some people and others. 龙魄阴宅中有白兔姑娘率领众仙,也不急着再次冲锋,而是落回山脚接应妙音仙子一干人等。 Demon Immortal Qi Jue kills to rush to the halfway up the mountainside finally, sees Evil Tapir 95, immediately at present one bright: Good domestic animal, I to be lacking mount.” 气绝魔仙终于杀奔到半山腰,见到煞狴九十五,顿时眼前一亮:“好畜生,我正缺一个坐骑呢。” Demon Immortal Qi Jue receives ice Cloud City, kills to Evil Tapir 95. 气绝魔仙收起凌云城,只身杀向煞狴九十五 After both encounter several rounds, Evil Tapir 95 then falls leeward, called for help hastily. 两者交锋几个回合之后,煞狴九十五便落入下风,连忙呼救。 This Immemorial legend subordinates Qi Dao, was restrained stubbornly by Demon Immortal Qi Jue. 这头太古传奇隶属气道,被气绝魔仙克制得死死的。 Don't be upset, I came!” Ruan Dan comes the rescue, the mouth spits a scarlet red lead pill. “不要慌,我来了!”阮丹过来救援,口吐一颗赤红丹丸。 What school is this?” Demon Immortal Qi Jue sees pill pill aura to be inexplicable, does not dare to pull rank, emits ice Cloud City hastily, wormed one's way into. “这又是什么流派?”气绝魔仙见丹丸气息莫名神秘,不敢托大,连忙又放出凌云城,钻了进去。 Bang! 轰! pill pill hits on ice Cloud City, fierce self-exploding. The air wave of explosion rolls in all directions, ice Cloud City was exploded directly collapsed a city corner/horn. 丹丸撞在凌云城上,猛的自爆。爆炸的气浪四处滚荡,凌云城直接被炸崩了一个城角。 Although Pill Dao is not good at attacking, but is the new school, ice Cloud City is hard to guard. 丹道虽然不擅长攻伐,但到底是新流派,凌云城难以防范。 Hahaha, 95, you may owe me a favor!” Ruan Dan laughs, complacent. 哈哈哈,95,你可欠我一个人情!”阮丹大笑,得意洋洋。 Evil Tapir 95 curled the lip, will reply, suddenly the facial expression sudden change, loudly shouted: Be careful!” 煞狴九十五撇了撇嘴,正要答话,忽然神情骤变,大呼:“小心!” Ruan Dan suddenly palpitation, before hastily, throws. 阮丹陡然心悸,连忙前扑。 But mysterious comes the enemy movement to be quicker. 但神秘的来敌动作更快。 „Can you be inescapable?” The sound conveys, Ruan Dan at once felt that own nape of the neck was held by a small hand. “你跑得了吗?”声音传来,阮丹又旋即感到自己的脖颈被一只小手抓住。 With it such as compared with the mountain-like build, the palm of average man naturally appears small and exquisite. 和它如山般的体型相比,常人的手掌当然显得小巧玲珑。 But Ruan Dan was built by this on the neck, is actually absolutely terrified, is startled the scream to result in the variant pronunciation. 阮丹被这一手搭在脖子上,却是毛骨悚然,惊得尖叫得破音。 Because it turns head to discover, a youngster wears the red cloak, is standing after its carries on the back. 因为它扭头发现,一个少年身披红色披风,正站在它的后背上。 It is not other people, is Fang Yuan's Transformation Dao clone Zhan Budu! 不是他人,正是方源的变化道分身——战部渡 But at this moment, he already stimulated to movement Freedom Fragmented Transformation ultimate move, battle strength rose suddenly Quasi Immortal Venerable level. 而此刻,他已然催动了自由残缺变杀招,战力暴涨到了亚仙尊级数 Wait.” Ruan Dan is anxious shouted, but Zhan Budu is actually grins fiendishly one, suddenly catches up. “等等。”阮丹急切间大喊,但战部渡却是狞笑一声,猛地发力。 a moment later. 下一刻 Bang! 轰! Fierce explosive, just like thunder. 剧烈爆响,宛若雷霆。 Book Mountain shakes, the black and white two color stones scatter fly randomly. 书山震荡,黑白两色的土石四溅乱飞。 Shortly, a giant gulf appeared. 顷刻,一个巨大的深坑就出现了。 Ruan Dan by a Zhan Budu fist stun, the body was inlaid in the middle of Book Mountain, crane mouth big, spurts the blood unceasingly, body motionless. 阮丹战部渡一拳打昏,身躯嵌在书山当中,鹤嘴大张,不断喷血,身躯一动不动 However at once, on Ruan Dan shines the radiant brilliance. 不过旋即,阮丹身上又亮起璀璨的光辉。 The wound heals rapidly, the intelligence awakes to transfer. 伤口迅速愈合,神智醒转开来。 I have ultimate move to save a life luckily return pill greatly!” Ruan Dan recovers, just wanted to struggle. “幸好我有杀招救命大还丹!”阮丹回过神来,刚想要挣扎。 Zhan Budu has actually lifted up high the fist. 战部渡却已经高举拳头。 pēng pēng pēng...... 砰砰砰…… A series of boxing, Zhan Budu time after time hits in the head of Ruan Dan, hits Book Mountain fiercely to tremble. Has hit the head to crack Ruan Dan, after the brain fluid flows out, Zhan Budu then gives up. 一连串的拳击,战部渡一次次打在阮丹的头上,打得书山猛颤。一直把阮丹打得头颅崩裂,脑浆流出后,战部渡这才罢休。
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