DLAT :: Volume #6 Volume 6

#1184: Anti- You-Know-Who army

Outside is raining hard, in the obsolete manor hall is burning the furnace fire, a wizard respectfully on person speech with armchair. 外面正下着大雨,老旧的庄园大厅里燃烧着炉火,一名男巫正恭敬跟扶手椅上的人说话。 Found that mudblood hiding place?” “找到那个泥巴种的藏身之处了?” In the Voldemort hoarse sound is passing an accident/surprise, obviously the working efficiency of surprise able assistant. 伏地魔嘶哑的声音中透着一丝意外,显然很诧异自己得力助手的办事效率。 I use imperius curse for Diggory.” Yaxley gives Voldemort the letter/believes respectfully, „, but I am unable to determine that is a trap, after all that mudblood is very sly, Lucius and Lestrange plants in his hand, this also possibly is the trap that tempts us to swallow the bait.” “我对迪戈里使用夺魂咒。”亚克斯利恭敬地将信递给伏地魔,“但我无法确定那是不是陷阱,毕竟那个泥巴种很狡猾,卢修斯莱斯特兰奇一家都栽在他的手上,这也可能是个引诱我们上钩的陷阱。” You want to use that old woman to determine that this is a trap?” “你想利用那个老女人来确定这是不是陷阱?” After Voldemort swept content in the letter/believes, throws into the letter paper fireplace directly, whatever it burns the ashes in the flame. 伏地魔扫了眼信里的内容后,直接把信纸扔进壁炉里,任由它在火焰中燃成灰烬。 Yes, my master.” “是的,我的主人。” You go to bring her.” Voldemort's tone, was right, I think that you should already also one and grasp her family member.” “你去把她带来吧。”伏地魔的语气一顿,“哦对了,我想你应该已经将她的家人也一并抓来了吧。” Has grasped, Dementor is guarding them.” Yaxley said. “已经抓来了,摄魂怪正在看守他们。”亚克斯利说。 Very good, I want to take a look at the old woman but actually whether can also like that the strong rejection.” Voldemort sneers to say. “很好,我倒想看看老女人是否还能那般强硬的拒绝。”伏地魔冷笑道。 Quick, Yaxley then pushes the wheelchair to go to the hall, on the wheelchair sits impressively is a while ago missing the prediction Master Cassandra Vablatsky base from St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. 很快,亚克斯利便推着轮椅来到大厅,轮椅上坐着的赫然是前阵子从圣芒戈魔法伤病医院里失踪的预言大师卡桑德拉·瓦布拉斯基。 According to the words that I spoke a moment ago does.” “按我刚才说的话做。” A crystal ball was put in front of this old prediction Master by Yaxley. 一颗水晶球被亚克斯利放到这位年迈的预言大师面前。 The old person puts out a hand tremblingly, the finger is touching the flash of that crystal ball, the thick fog on crystal ball just like vortex revolving. 老人颤颤巍巍地伸出手,手指在触碰那枚水晶球的一瞬间,水晶球上的浓雾宛如漩涡般旋转起来。 When the dense fog stops revolving, heaving in sight was still thick fog. 只是在迷雾停止旋转的时候,映入眼帘的仍然还是一片浓雾。 Was defeated?” “失败了?” Yaxley is staring at the crystal ball, frowns slightly. 亚克斯利盯着水晶球,微微皱起眉头。 Was defeated, the rate of accuracy of divination and prediction was not high, otherwise in Ministry of Magic Department of Mysteries the prediction hall was predicted the ball filling up early.” In old person's tone is passing one contemptuously with the ridicule, she is asking. “失败了,占卜与预言的准确率本来就不高,否则魔法部神秘事务司里地预言大厅早被预言球给填满了。”老人的语气中透着一丝轻蔑与讥讽,她在求死。 Since falls to Voldemort on, Cassandra knows that own destiny, she is too exactly long, and had no awe to the death. 自从落到伏地魔手上,卡桑德拉就知道自己的命运,她已经活太久了,对死亡并没什么敬畏。 If not previous Voldemort uses her family member threat, Cassandra does not want to pay attention to them from the start. 如果不是上次伏地魔使用她的亲人威胁,卡桑德拉压根不想理会他们。 Lies.” “撒谎。” Voldemort transfers has held the chair, is looking at front old woman indifferently, no one can deceive me.” 伏地魔转过扶椅子,冷漠地望着面前的老女人,“没人可以欺骗我。” You in going to school, the divination class definitely do not pass an examination.” Cassandra be relentless ridiculed, „, so long as has understood divination, actually knew the success ratio of divination and prediction low. Naturally, I have a matter to be assured, you later will defeat by Harry Potter.” “你在上学的时候,占卜课肯定不及格。”卡桑德拉毫不留情地讥讽道,“只要了解过占卜,就知道占卜与预言的成功率究竟有多低。当然,我有件事可以笃定,你以后会被哈利·波特打败。” You want dead, that also needs to be under my permission.” The Voldemort eyes stare at front this old woman indifferently, the corners of the mouth are revealing wipe the cruel smile, you had not planned that predicted for me. Doesn't matter, I do not suffer you, but I can suffer your daughter, the son, the grandson, I have made people grasp completely your family member, perhaps you can want to see them.” “你想死,那也需要得到我的允许。”伏地魔双眼冷漠地盯着面前这个老女人,嘴角边露出一抹残忍的微笑,“你根本就没打算为我预言。没关系,我不折磨你,但我可以折磨你的女儿,儿子,孙子,我已经让人把你的家人全部抓来了,也许你会想见见他们。” Without letting Cassandra and others were too long, she then sees one crowd of Dementor to grab several complexion terrified Wizard to enter the hall. 没让卡桑德拉等太久,她便看见一群摄魂怪抓着几名面色惶恐的巫师走进大厅。 If you are like that stubborn, is not willing for my divination, I to be in front of your, suffers them lethal.” Voldemort holds up wand, to a middle-aged wizard uses cruciatus curse, the sad and shrill pitiful yell and terrified squeal are flooding the entire hall. “如果你还是那般倔强,不愿意为我占卜,我就当着你的面,将他们折磨致死。”伏地魔举起魔杖,对着其中一名中年男巫使用钻心咒,凄厉的惨叫与惶恐的尖叫声充斥着整个大厅。 Peaceful.” Voldemort sneers saying that „, if you died, I did not mind that makes them be buried along with the dead for you.” “安静。”伏地魔冷笑道,“如果你死了,我不介意让他们为你陪葬。” Your this, how lets me for your divination!” “你这样,让我怎么为你占卜!” Cassandra after seeing oneself family member thorough despaired, her anger pounds the water leakage crystal ball toward Voldemort, the whole person stands from the wheelchair, plunges Voldemort, actually loses because of the age falls balanced on the ground. 卡桑德拉在看到自己的亲人后彻底绝望了,她愤怒朝伏地魔砸出水晶球,整个人更是从轮椅上站起来,扑向伏地魔,却因年龄而失去平衡摔在地上。 Holds her to get up.” Voldemort orders to say callously. “扶她起来。”伏地魔冷酷地命令道。 Yaxley the old person will hold to sit on the chair, places her front a new crystal ball. 亚克斯利将老人重新扶坐回椅子上,又将一颗新的水晶球放在她的面前。 Now, tells me, matter that I want to know.” “现在,告诉我,我想知道的事。” What do you want to know?” “你想知道什么?” Cassandra voice shivers, 卡桑德拉声音颤抖, By oneself was not looked as far as possible own family member. Where told me Albert Anderson.” The Voldemort order said, where I must know that mudblood conceals.” 尽可能让自己不去看自己亲人。“告诉我艾伯特·安德森在哪儿。”伏地魔命令道,“我要知道那个泥巴种藏在哪儿。” Cassandra builds the hand on the crystal ball, the eyes stare in a big way, muttered: Was defeated.” 卡桑德拉将手搭在水晶球上,双眼不由瞪大,喃喃道:“失败了。” The prediction failed unexpectedly. 预言居然失败了。 As if to confirm own words, Cassandra made divination again, sees Albert to appear in a stretch of grove. 仿佛为了证实自己的话,卡桑德拉再次做了一次占卜,看到艾伯特出现在一片林子里。 Then, did not have then. 然后,就没然后了。 You know, my patience is limited, perhaps, I should remind a you next present situation.” Voldemort holds up wand to point at a middle-aged woman. “你知道,我的耐心有限,也许,我应该提醒你一下现在的处境。”伏地魔举起魔杖指着一名中年女人。 Stop, I am not really able to find the Albert position.” Cassandra shouts toward Voldemort greatly, I do not absolutely need to deceive......” “住手,我真的无法找到艾伯特的位置。”卡桑德拉朝着伏地魔大喊道,“我根本就没有必要欺骗……” Avada Kedavra!” 阿瓦达索命!” The green light floods the hall together, the middle-aged woman eyes is falling down emptily. 一道绿光充斥着大厅,中年妇女双眼空洞倒在地上。 Concomitantly a terrified scream. 伴随而来的是一阵惶恐的尖叫。 Your this lunatic, from head to tail lunatic.” “你这个疯子,彻头彻尾的疯子。” Cassandra puts out a hand to seize oneself chest, looks granddaughter who were dying. She regretted thoroughly, regretted oneself had not left Britain initially, regretted why oneself do not die earlier, such will not implicate own family member. 卡桑德拉伸手揪住自己的胸口,望着自己死去的孙女。她彻底后悔了,后悔自己当初没离开英国,后悔自己为什么不早点去死,那样就不会连累自己的家人了。 Told me, matter that I want to know, I think that you definitely did not hope......” “告诉我,我想知道的事情,我想你肯定不希望……” You want to kill kill!” “你想杀就杀吧!” Cassandra will move out of the way the vision from oneself granddaughter, is staring at Voldemort with the vision of hatred, you had not planned in any case makes us go on living, do not count on that I helped you predict.” 卡桑德拉将从自己孙女身上挪开目光,用仇恨的目光盯着伏地魔,“反正你也从没打算让我们活下去,你就别指望我帮你预言了。” Cassandra indifferent a little stems from Voldemort's to expect, he equally is dissatisfied within some people of challenge oneself authorities. 卡桑德拉的冷漠有点出乎伏地魔的预料,他同样对有人挑战自己的权威感到不满。 The person who dares to do this, needs to pay the price for this reason. 敢这样做的人,都需要为此付出代价。 Voldemort holds up wand to aim at a wizard, is in front of Cassandra to use cruciatus curse to suffer him, until he suffocates falls down. 伏地魔举起魔杖指向一名男巫,当着卡桑德拉的面使用钻心咒折磨他,直到他奄奄一息地倒在地上。 Why doesn't continue?” “为什么不继续了?” Cassandra indifferently, makes Yaxley somewhat accidental/surprised strongly. 卡桑德拉却对此无动于衷,强硬地让亚克斯利都有些意外。 Avada Kedavra! 阿瓦达索命 The green light flashes through together, opens the eye in Hogwarts and Harry Potter in Gryffindor high tower dormitory suddenly, sits from the bed, his big mouth gasps for breath, is somewhat looking in the dim room confusedly. 一道绿光闪过,远在霍格沃茨格兰芬多高塔宿舍里的哈利·波特猛然睁开眼睛,从床铺上坐起来,他大口喘气,有些迷茫地望着昏暗的房间里。 Voldemort murder. 伏地魔杀人了。 Harry puts out a hand to cover the forehead, recalls itself diligently at the scene that in the dream sees, however, some as if things have become very fuzzy. 哈利伸手捂住额头,努力回忆自己在梦里见到的场景,然而,似乎有些东西已经变得很模糊了。 Really is the Dreadful morning!” “真是糟糕的早晨!” Listens to outside noise of the rain, Harry to lie down on the bed, looks at the jet black ceiling to be in a daze. 听着外头的雨声,哈利重新躺回床上,望着漆黑的天花板发呆。 The thing that the dream arrives , seems to be disappearing from the memory. 梦到的东西,似乎正从记忆里消失。 After he opens the eye, outside weather has put slightly brightly, the rain in crash-bang was still still getting down, his roommate had gotten up, everyone is changing the clothes, prepares to have the breakfast. 在他重新睁开眼睛后,外面的天色已经稍稍放亮,雨仍然还在哗啦啦下着,他的舍友都已经起来了,大家正在换衣服,准备去吃早餐。 On going to the road in hall, Harry mentioned that dream that yesterday evening had with Hermione and Ron. 在前往大厅的路上,哈利赫敏罗恩说起自己昨晚上做的那场梦。 Harry, you should seal up your brain.” Hermione held the Harry's arm anxiously, the whole face worries said, „the Dumbledore affirmation hopes you can seal up your brain, do not make You-Know-Who affect you again!” 哈利,你应该封闭你的大脑。”赫敏紧张地抓住哈利的胳膊,满脸担忧地说,“邓布利多肯定希望你能封闭自己的大脑,不要再让神秘人影响到你!” Hermione, situation you have not thought Dreadful like that Dumbledore also think Voldemort will not try to spy on my brain again.” Harry comforts to say in a soft voice. 赫敏,情况没有你想得那般糟糕,邓布利多也认为伏地魔不会再试图窥探我的大脑了。”哈利轻声安慰道。 Although he does not know that this saying to be whether credible, but Dumbledore such said that definitely has his truth. 尽管他也不知道这话是否可信,但邓布利多那样说肯定有他的道理。 Moreover, Harry did not think actually this matter has multi- Dreadful, at least can know that Voldemort is doing, collecting the information is very important. 而且,哈利倒是不觉得这种事有多糟糕,至少能知道伏地魔在干什么,收集情报很重要。 He killed people probably, is used to warn another person.” “他好像杀人了,用来警告另一个人。” Harry recalls the content that last night dream arrived at diligently, „, but the effect did not seem like very good, I can feel his anger, the fellow...... became angry out of shame probably.” 哈利努力回忆自己昨晚梦到的内容,“但效果似乎不是很好,我能感受到他的愤怒,那家伙好像……恼羞成怒了。” You thought that who can make You-Know-Who become angry out of shame.” Who Ron somewhat is curious that person is. “你觉得谁能让神秘人恼羞成怒。”罗恩有些好奇那个人是谁。 I guess that I know whom You-Know-Who is threatening.” Hermione said suddenly. “我猜我知道神秘人在威胁谁了。”赫敏忽然说。 Who is?” Two people said with one voice. “是谁?”两人异口同声道。 Cassandra Vablatsky base.” 卡桑德拉·瓦布拉斯基。” Hermione took out yesterday's report from the backpack. 赫敏从背包里取出昨天的报。 This predicted Master and her family member probably bewildered missing.” “这位预言大师与她的亲人好像都莫名其妙失踪了。” Cassandra Vablatsky base?” Harry repeats one in the mouth this name, always felt a little familiar-sounding. 卡桑德拉·瓦布拉斯基?”哈利在嘴里重复一遍这个名字,总感觉有点耳熟。 «Unfogging the Future» author.” The Hermione reminder said. 《拨开迷雾看未来》的作者。”赫敏提醒道。 What does Voldemort want to know through the prediction?” 伏地魔想通过预言知道些什么?” Perhaps, I should tell Dumbledore this matter, if Voldemort really has what conspiracy......, leaves such Ron.” “也许,我应该将这件事告诉邓布利多,如果伏地魔真有什么阴谋的话……哦,别这样罗恩。” Harry hears the Voldemort name after Ron produced dreaded feels very reluctantly. 哈利罗恩听到伏地魔名字后产生了畏惧感到十分无奈。 Is sorry Harry, but everyone dreads You-Know-Who to have the reason.” Ron is actually very brave, he now most people hear Voldemort the time responded that wanted to be slightly more, „. Moreover, Anderson will not say the You-Know-Who name, I felt really not......” “抱歉哈利,但大家都畏惧神秘人不是没有原因的。”罗恩其实已经很勇敢了,他现在比多数人听到“伏地魔”的时候反应要小很多了,“而且,就连安德森也不会直呼神秘人的名字,我觉得真的没……” The Ron's words stop suddenly, he looks at the whereabouts to front Owl. 罗恩的话戛然而止,他看着落到面前的猫头鹰 You really think that Anderson will fear Voldemort, no, in the fellow has not taken a broad view at Voldemort from the start.” Harry thought that Albert did not say that name is not the fear, but said was disinclined to change freely spoken. “你真以为安德森会怕伏地魔,不,那家伙压根就没把伏地魔放眼里。”哈利觉得艾伯特不说那名字不是害怕,而是说顺口了懒得改。 Wizard of muggle family birth, has not been afraid Voldemort's truly, has not at least been afraid not to dare to say the name. 麻瓜家庭出生的巫师,就没有真正害怕伏地魔的,至少没害怕到连名字都不敢说。 Hermione is a ready-made example. 赫敏就是个现成的例子。 She did not say that the Voldemort's reason is periphery the person is afraid this name. 她不说伏地魔的原因是周围人都害怕这名字。 Ron pretends that has not heard Harry's that words, takes down the letter from Owl, discovered that unexpectedly is George sends after his letter/believes, then disassembles to read immediately. 罗恩假装没听到哈利的那番话,从猫头鹰那儿取下信件,发现居然是乔治寄给他的信后,便立刻拆开阅读起来。 What issue has?” “有什么问题吗?” After noticing the Ron's expression, Harry inquires immediately, he also thinks in the letter/believes has any bad news. 注意到罗恩的表情后,哈利立刻询问道,他还以为信里有什么坏消息。 Fred and George said that if us DA gets together unbearably busy, can make Cedric help the organized activities.” Ron gives Harry the letter paper, the low voice whisper said, really does not know they are thinking anything.” 弗雷德乔治说,如果我们这边DA聚会忙不过来的话,可以让塞德里克过来帮忙组织活动。”罗恩把信纸交给哈利,小声嘀咕道,“真不知道他们在想什么。” I remember that Cedric is the assistant there Mr. Weasley probably, has he resigned?” Hermione did not understand that very much they want to make anything. “我记得塞德里克好像在韦斯莱先生那儿当助理,难道他已经辞职了?”赫敏也很是不理解他们想做什么。 Does not know, but I want definitely to have the matter that what we do not know to happen.” After Harry looks at letter paper inside content rapidly, gave Hermione to say it: I thought that Albert as if intends to train the Defence Against the Dark Arts skill of Hogwarts' student.” “不知道,但我想肯定有什么我们不知道的事发生了。”哈利迅速看完信纸里面的内容后,把它交给赫敏说:“我觉得艾伯特似乎有意培养霍格沃茨的学生的黑魔法防御技巧。” This action looks like in Harry is very quite unusual, even if by helping him trains the so-called supporter to make the excuse, moreover Cedric has left the school, how should he return to Hogwarts? 这种举动在哈利看来相当很反常,哪怕是以帮他培养所谓的支持者做借口,而且塞德里克已经离开学校,他又该怎么返回霍格沃茨呢? Uses Hogwarts' secret passage? 难道使用霍格沃茨的密道 Fred and George know certainly these secret passage positions, but really has this necessity to achieve this degree? 弗雷德乔治当然知道那些密道的位置,但真的有这个必要做到这种程度吗? Right, in the envelope also had this thing,” Ron gave Harry a metal piece. “对了,信封里还有这东西,”罗恩把一个金属片递给哈利 Communication bookmark.” “通讯书签。” Hermione saw the thing in Ron is anything, there her also had similar thing, can with having the person contact of communication bookmark other half, the magic gold coin was the simplified version of this thing. 赫敏一眼就看出罗恩手里的东西是什么了,她那儿也有类似的东西,可以同拥有通讯书签另一半的人联络,魔法金币就是这玩意的简化版。 I think that their meanings should be able through the communication bookmark contact, to discuss the matter of DA meeting together.” Ron confirmed over and over after the envelope does not have other things, said to Harry, „the person who after all, these gets together time were still many, we are from the start unbearably busy.” “我想他们的意思应该是可以通过通讯书签联络,一起商量DA聚会的事情。”罗恩再三确认信封里没有其他东西后对哈利说,“毕竟,这一次聚会的人仍然很多,我们压根忙不过来。” I also thought that this idea is good, if the Cedric reason helps well, like this I did not need to be the matter of DA meeting worry.” Harry also thought that this is a good idea, he is actually not willing to spend too many thoughts at the DA meeting, now some people help him share the pressure on be also good. “我也觉得这主意不错,如果塞德里克原因来帮忙的话最好,这样我就不用为DA聚会的事情烦恼了。”哈利也觉得这是个不错的主意,他其实并不太愿意在DA聚会上花费太多心思,现在有人帮他分担压力也不错。 Actually wants to make anything as for Albert, Harry does not care. 至于艾伯特究竟想做什么,哈利也不在意。 He truly is in any case unbearably busy. 反正他确实忙不过来。 Without the means that joins the population of DA meeting is quite astonishing, even if there is Ron and Hermione help is still the same. Let alone level of Ron and Hermione on Defence Against the Dark Arts can only be general, they also need to study, cannot make him teach one group of people, that is not realistic, only if restores the beforehand educational model, separates professor the member. 没办法,加入DA聚会的人数相当惊人,就算有罗恩赫敏帮忙也一样。更何况罗恩赫敏黑魔法防御上的水平只能算是一般,他们同样需要学习,总不能让他自己一个人去教一堆人吧,那根本就不现实,除非恢复以前的教学模式,将成员分开教授 How should this thing use?” “这东西该怎么用?” Harry gives Hermione the communication bookmark, inquired its application method. 哈利将通讯书签递给赫敏,询问它的使用方法。 I thought that can let Fred and George also comes together, perhaps I can also study a useful knowledge from them.” “我觉得可以让弗雷德乔治也一起过来,也许我还能从他们那儿学点有用的知识。” Harry......” 哈利……” Hermione sees the Harry plan, reminded well-meaning, I think you should go to the host DA meeting personally.” 赫敏一眼就看出哈利打算,善意地提醒道,“我认为你应该亲自去主持DA聚会。” I will certainly pass personally, but you cannot count on that my first person comes professor everyone.” Harry pulls out the list of that DA meeting from the book bag, „the population that at present the reason participates in has surpassed the 60 person . Moreover the population is still continue increase, you really thought that I can be busy?” “我当然会亲自过去,但你不能指望我第一个人来教授大家。”哈利从书包里掏出那张DA聚会的名单,“目前原因参加的人数已经超过六十人,而且人数还在持续增加,你真觉得我自己一个人忙得过来?” But I thought that Fred and George do this definitely have what goal.” The Hermione reminder said, perhaps said that Albert has what goal.” “但我觉得弗雷德乔治这样做肯定有什么目的。”赫敏提醒道,“或许说,艾伯特有什么目的。” Perhaps, they plan to pull up a resistance to revolt against the You-Know-Who team from the student.” Ron looks all around, after determining no one listens secretly, lowers the sound saying that I heard they plan to form the defense association probably. You think unexpectedly Albert will count on one group of underage children stand to revolt against You-Know-Who.” Hermione thought that the Ron's words quite absurdly, taunted incisively, was difficult to be inadequate the magical world adults dead?” “也许,他们打算从学生中拉起一支对抗反抗神秘人的队伍。”罗恩环顾四周,确定没人偷听后,才压低声音说,“我听说他们好像打算重新组建防御协会。你居然会认为艾伯特会指望一群未成年的孩子站出来反抗神秘人。”赫敏觉得罗恩的话相当荒唐,尖锐地嘲讽道,“难不成魔法界的成年人都死光了吗?” I thought but actually has the possibility very much, many grown Wizard are very timid, on the contrary the student in school is instead braver, so long as they after the appropriate training, do not compare the so-called adult to miss many, even has the advantage, after all their learning capabilities are stronger.” Harry approves the Ron's words actually, the Hogwarts' student is braver than magical world Wizard, dares to be bold in revolting. “我倒觉得很有可能,很多成年巫师很胆小,相反学校里的学生反而更勇敢,只要他们经过适当的训练,并不比所谓的成年人差多少,甚至更有优势,毕竟他们的学习能力更强。”哈利倒是认同罗恩的话,霍格沃茨的学生比魔法界巫师更勇敢,更敢勇于反抗。 cough cough.” 咳咳。” Ron saw Hermione as if also to say anything, changed the topic hastily, right, Neville in this morning said that yesterday saw Cedric in school hospital.” 罗恩赫敏似乎还想说些什么,连忙岔开话题,“对了,纳威今早上说昨天在校医院里看到塞德里克了。” „Wasn't Cedric the graduation? How in school hospital of school.” 塞德里克不是毕业了吗?怎么会在学校的校医院里。” Perhaps we can find time to see him, if he really in school hospital.” Harry thought that this matter was even more strange, perhaps he should go to inquire the Cedric outcome face to face what's the matter. “也许我们可以抽空去看望他,如果他真的在校医院里的话。”哈利觉得这件事越发古怪了,也许他应该去当面询问塞德里克究竟是怎么回事。 After finishing attending the morning transform curriculum, three people then grasp the time to rush to school hospital. 在上完早上的变形课程后,三人便抓紧时光匆匆赶往校医院 We visit Cedric, I heard that he...... Hermione answered probably bad to complexion Madam Pomfrey. “我们来探望塞德里克,我听说他好像……”赫敏向脸色不善地庞弗雷夫人解释道。 Mr. Diggory left yesterday secretly.” 迪戈里先生昨天就偷偷离开了。” Madam Pomfrey mentioned this matter to be discontented, in her opinion Cedric at least must be hospitalized to observe for two days, after all received suffering of cruciatus curse, should keep the thorough examination, result that fellow sneaks off unexpectedly quietly. 庞弗雷夫人说起这件事就更不满了,在她看来塞德里克至少还得住院观察两天,毕竟受到了钻心咒的折磨,应该留下来仔细检查,结果那家伙居然悄悄溜走了。 Cedric how in school?” 塞德里克怎么会在学校呢?” Harry tries to inquire some news, was actually expelled school hospital by mood Dreadful Madam Pomfrey directly. 哈利试图打听一些消息,却被心情糟糕庞弗雷夫人给直接赶出校医院 ( https://) (https://) 1 second records the putting down the pen interest island:. Cell phone version reading website: 一秒记住笔趣岛:。手机版阅读网址:
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