DLAT :: Volume #6 Volume 6

#1183: Imminent Voldemort's conspiracy

Good afternoon, professor.” “下午好,教授。” Albert knocks the gate of Headmaster office, after smiling the old person with desk to greet. His actually a little surprised Dumbledore knows unexpectedly oneself came Hogwarts. 艾伯特敲开校长办公室的门,微笑着跟办公桌后的老人打招呼。他其实有点惊讶邓布利多居然知道自己来霍格沃茨了。 However, thinks carefully is not strange, here is the opposite party operates many years of den after all, previously also had the Sirius' intrusion event, arranges anything to defend the security method, is true is very normal. 不过,仔细想想也不奇怪,这里终归是对方经营多年的老巢,先前又有小天狼星的入侵事件,布置什么防御警戒手段,也属实很正常。 If changes into is he himself, definitely will have similar defensive measure, avoids some people in the situation that he knows nothing about, invades the Hogwarts school quietly. 如果换成是他自己的话,肯定也会有类似的防御措施,避免有人在他毫不知情的情况下,悄悄入侵霍格沃茨学校。 Good afternoon, Mr. Anderson. Is the situation of Mr. Diggory good?” “下午好,安德森先生。迪戈里先生的情况还好吗?” Dumbledore puts down «Daily Prophet» on hand, looks up to knock on a door to enter Albert of office, reveals to see the modest smile of old friend toward the opposite party. 邓布利多放下手上的《预言家日报》,抬起头看着敲门走进办公室的艾伯特,朝对方露出见到老朋友的温和微笑。 Had awaked, Madam Pomfrey said that Cedric rested for several days to be all right well.” Albert arrives by the desk chair to sit down, I hope that you can allow him to recuperate here for several days, now St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries may not be the security.” “已经醒了,庞弗雷夫人塞德里克好好休息几天就没事了。”艾伯特走到办公桌旁的椅子边坐下,“我希望你能允许他在这里休养几天,现在圣芒戈魔法伤病医院可算不上安全。” Naturally does not have the issue.” The Dumbledore's vision has swept nearby newspaper headline, smiles to inquire: What wants?” “当然没问题。”邓布利多的目光扫过旁边的报纸头条,微笑着询问道:“想要点什么?” Tea with milk.” “奶茶。” I only heard from Scrimgeour that matter, you do very right, now is also not to You-Know-Who time.” “我刚从斯克林杰那儿听说了那件事,你做得很对,现在还不是对上神秘人的时候。” The tea with milk that one cup braves the steam wields with wand gently, emerges out of thin air in front of Albert, Headmaster gives Albert the newspaper that just read, in the newspaper latest front-page news: 一杯冒着热气的奶茶随着魔杖轻轻一挥,凭空出现在艾伯特面前,校长又将自己刚阅读完的报纸递给艾伯特,报纸上最新的头条新闻: The «Unfogging the Future» author, predicted that the Master Cassandra Vablatsky base is missing in St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries inexplicably. 《拨开迷雾看未来》的作者,预言大师卡桑德拉·瓦布拉斯基在圣芒戈魔法伤病医院莫名失踪。 I suspected Ms. Wabra Skkie seizing by Voldemort.” Dumbledore put big spoon of honey toward oneself that cup of tea with milk, stirred with the ladle gently, after carrying to sip one, said in a soft voice. “我怀疑瓦布拉斯基女士被伏地魔给抓走了。”邓布利多往自己那杯奶茶里放了一大勺蜂蜜,用勺子轻轻搅拌,端起来抿了一口后轻声说道。 Did not need to suspect, Ms. Wabra Skkie was You-Know-Who grasps.” Albert also drank a tea with milk, vision that after welcoming Dumbledore inquires about, he explained calmly: He attempts through Cassandra Vablatsky divination my position, has saying that You-Know-Who became compares was intelligent before, this may not be any good news.” “不用怀疑了,瓦布拉斯基女士就是神秘人抓的。”艾伯特也喝了口奶茶,在迎上邓布利多探寻的目光后,他平静地解释道:“他试图通过卡桑德拉·瓦布拉斯占卜我的位置,不得不说神秘人变得比以前聪明了,这可算不上什么好消息。” This truly is a bad news.” Dumbledore is staring at front man, has not been worried for the opposite party, he knows that Voldemort has no means with Albert, but does not forget to urge, you best recently carefully.” “这确实是个坏消息。”邓布利多盯着面前的男人,并没有替对方感到担忧,他知道伏地魔艾伯特没什么办法,但还是不忘叮嘱道,“你最近最好还是小心点。” So long as does not leave the extent of protection of Fidelius incantation, he may not have with my means.” Albert after the Dumbledore's reminder expressed gratitude, then directly the topic goes back the subject: Good professor, I think that you ask me should not for this matter!” “只要不离开赤胆忠心咒的保护范围,他可拿我一点办法都没有。”艾伯特邓布利多的提醒表示感谢后,便直接把话题拉回正题:“好了教授,我想你找我应该也不是为了这件事吧!” Dumbledore also seemed happy that finally can enter the subject, he lifts the burned black palm, said in a soft voice: Me has a very important plan.” 邓布利多似乎也很高兴终于可以进入正题了,他抬起自己焦黑的手掌,轻声说:“我这边有个很重要的计划。” Albert had guessed correctly that the Dumbledore's plan was anything, but he has not met the words of opposite party, making Dumbledore continue. 艾伯特已经猜到邓布利多的计划是什么了,但他没接对方的话,让邓布利多继续说下去。 Snape is our people.” 斯内普是我们的人。” He comes on such a few words suddenly quite baffling. 他忽然没头没尾地来上这样一句话。 Albert still had not spoken, I am listening, appearance that you continue. 艾伯特仍然没说话,一副我在听,你继续的模样。 I think that you divination to me in the near future, may have been killed by Snape.” In the Dumbledore's eye is glittering the ray of difference, looks at no expression Albert, continued, that was part of plan, I made him kill intentionally my, I am also dying in any case, display the final afterheat simply well.” “我想你可能已经占卜到我在不久的将来,会被斯内普杀死。”邓布利多的眼睛里闪烁着异样的光芒,看着没什么表情的艾伯特,继续说,“那是计划的一部分,我故意让他杀死我的,反正我也快死了,干脆就好好发挥一下最后的余热。” Really astonishing.” Albert does intentionally the doubts to ask, „, but, why do you want to tell me these things?” “真让人吃惊。”艾伯特故作疑惑地问,“不过,你为什么要告诉我这些事情呢?” Because this plan is very important, will die after me launches.” “因为这个计划很重要,将围绕我死后展开。” Dumbledore mentioned own death superficially, did not know also thinks that he was saying later prepared to eat anything! 邓布利多轻描淡写地说起自己的死亡,不知道的还以为他在说待会准备吃什么呢! This plan is very important, I know that you do not believe Severus, but he is worth believing, at least......” “这个计划很重要,我知道你不相信西弗勒斯,但他是值得相信,至少……” To be honest, I do not think Snape credibly, but I think that you look for me, “老实说,我并不认为斯内普有多可信,但我想你找我, Does not hope that I disrupt your plan. ” Albert expressed oneself can understand, if possible, said your plan.” „Have I the good work, Voldemort just sent people to assassinate me shortly after?” Dumbledore mentioned this matter time, the expression was quite interesting. 就是不希望我打乱你的计划。”艾伯特表示自己能够理解,“如果可以的话,就说说你的计划吧。”“我已经没多久好活了,刚好伏地魔派人来刺杀我?”邓布利多说起这件事的时候,表情相当有趣。 Mr. Malfoy?” Albert said suddenly. 马尔福先生吗?”艾伯特忽然说。 It seems like, you know something.” “看来,你知道一些事。” No, from the start does not need to know, this is actually not difficult to speculate, Lucius Malfoy caused so many Death Eater dead, You-Know-Who definitely wished one could to kill him, but he chose to kill his son to punish the failure of Lucius. Naturally, I never suspected that You-Know-Who will kill Malfoy in the near future.” After Albert drinks the tea with milk in light cup, looks at Dumbledore to ask: Therefore, you want to save while convenient that Malfoy, using the assassination of opposite party, completes your important plan while convenient?” “不,压根就不需要知道,这其实不难推测,卢修斯·马尔福导致那么多食死徒死亡,神秘人肯定恨不得弄死他,而他选择弄死他的儿子来惩罚卢修斯的失败。当然,我从不怀疑神秘人会在不久的将来弄死马尔福。”艾伯特喝光杯里的奶茶后,看着邓布利多问:“所以,你想顺便拯救一下那位马尔福,顺便利用对方的刺杀,完成你的重要计划?” Yes.” The Dumbledore smile said: „The assassination plan of Mr. Malfoy, is conducted in my control completely, Severus will be responsible for guiding him.” “是的。”邓布利多微笑道:“马尔福先生的刺杀计划,完全在我的控制中进行,西弗勒斯会负责引导他。” Most people can want to try to prove itself.” The Albert reminder said, child is so, they will not easily give up.” “大部分的人都会想试一试证明自己。”艾伯特提醒道,“小孩子更是如此,他们不会轻易放弃。” To be honest, I do not favor Snape to convince Mr. Malfoy very much, perhaps Mr. Malfoy is willing to try own new idea, but this likely causes some Hogwarts student therefore injured, even loses the life.” “老实说,我很不看好斯内普能说服马尔福先生,也许马尔福先生会更愿意试一试自己的新点子,而这很可能导致霍格沃茨某位学生因此受到伤害,甚至丢掉性命。” Reminder thank you, I will urge Severus to pay attention to this.” Dumbledore narrows the eye, thinks that possibility that Albert said that thought needs to chat this matter with Severus very much again. “谢谢你的提醒,我会叮嘱西弗勒斯注意这点。”邓布利多不由眯起眼睛,想到了艾伯特说的那种可能,觉得很有必要再跟西弗勒斯聊聊这件事。 As scheduled, Mr. Malfoy will find a group of people to run Hogwarts to kill me.” “按照原定计划,马尔福先生会找一批人跑来霍格沃茨杀死我。” This plan is quite stupid. If did not say from your mouth, I must suspect that his brain was given the avenue by the gate.” Albert ridiculed unrestrained/no trace of politeness, ran up to the leader who others' supreme headquarters assassinated the opposite party, simply with bringing death not to have the difference/two kinds, Hogwarts this place, Apparition did not even have the means let alone, organized to bring death ready ready.” “这个计划相当愚蠢。如果不是从你嘴里说出来,我都得怀疑他的脑子被门给夹道过。”艾伯特毫不客气地讥讽道,“跑到别人的大本营去刺杀对方的首领,简直就跟送死没两样,更何况还是霍格沃茨这种地方,连幻影显形都没办法,妥妥组团送死。” „Isn't this very?” Dumbledore said calmly, just can attack Death Eater.” “这不是很好吗?”邓布利多平静地说,“刚好可以借此打击食死徒。” You determined that they to be deceived?” The Albert doubt asked. “你确定他们会上当受骗?”艾伯特狐疑地问道。 Their meeting.” Dumbledore said assuredly. “他们会的。”邓布利多笃定地说。 It seems like, you also discovered the Death Eater weakness.” Albert said suddenly. “看来,你也发现食死徒的弱点了。”艾伯特忽然说。 Weakness?” Dumbledore seems to be interested very much. “弱点?”邓布利多似乎对此很感兴趣。 Stupid, but also the arrogant arrogant, many close relatives marry the drawback that presents to appear on them.” Albert displays dislike and evil intention to the Death Eater outspokenly, you planned that cause of death, is falls into besieges is killed by one crowd of Death Eater? The plan makes Snape give you to perform one to be punctured, lets him, when you with the Death Eater duel, sneak attacks you from the back?” “愚蠢,还傲慢自大,很多近亲结婚出现的弊端都出现在他们身上。”艾伯特毫无保留地表现出自己对食死徒的厌恶与恶意,“你打算怎么个死法,是陷入围攻被一群食死徒杀死?还是打算让斯内普给你上演一场被刺,让他在你跟食死徒决斗的时候,从背后偷袭你?” To be honest, I do not believe You-Know-Who to believe that this nonsense, most understood that your is your enemy, these words says forever is reasonable, I believe that You-Know-Who definitely does not think you stupidly be only this level, does not believe that you will be killed by one crowd of not popular Death Eater.” “老实说,我可不信神秘人会相信这种鬼话,最了解你的永远是你的敌人,这句话说得很有道理,我相信神秘人肯定不会愚蠢地认为你就只有这种水平,更不会相信你会被一群不入流的食死徒杀死。” No, you thought highly of Voldemort, he actually and did not care about these matters, he wanted killed me, no matter used any method, I want compared with killing me, other matters am not worth mentioning, because that means that his hindrance vanished, he was far inferior I to your vigilance.” “不,你太看得起伏地魔了,他其实并不在意这些事,他要的只是杀死我,不管使用任何手段,我想比起杀死我,其他事都不值一提,因为那意味着他的阻碍消失了,他对你的警惕远不及我。” He does not dare facing on you, actually dares to chase down me.” Albert did not deny this actually, he did not feel oneself had anything to make Voldemort vigilant. “他不敢正面对上你,却敢来追杀我。”艾伯特倒是不否认这点,他也不觉得自己有什么能让伏地魔警惕的。 He believes that Voldemort definitely also such thinks, good news of this matter to Albert, that to mean the contempt actually, nothing despising the enemy was fatal. 他相信伏地魔肯定也会那样想,这件事对艾伯特来说倒是个好消息,那意味着轻视,没什么比轻视敌人更致命了。 I found a cavern, un, likely is Voldemort hidden the Horcrux cavern.” Dumbledore mentioned the script that he gave himself to arrange. “我找到了一个洞穴,嗯,很可能是伏地魔隐藏魂器的洞穴。”邓布利多说起了他给自己安排的剧本。 „Did you find last Horcrux?” Albert narrows the eye to ask slightly. “你找到最后一件魂器了?”艾伯特微微眯起眼睛问道。 Does not know, in brief I can bring Harry to go, when decodes that cavern to meet some troublesome, becomes very weak, when the time comes Snape then can kill weak me, wins the Voldemort's trust by this.” “不知道,总之我会带哈利去一趟,在破解那个洞穴的时候会遇到一些麻烦,变得非常虚弱,到时候斯内普便能杀死虚弱的我,以此得到伏地魔的信任。” You determined that kills your is not Mr. Malfoy?” Albert asked that that wished one could to kill you, obtained forgiving of You-Know-Who by this.” “你确定杀你的不是马尔福先生?”艾伯特反问道,“那位可是恨不得杀死你,以此来获得神秘人的原谅。” I believe that he has not degenerated like that.” Dumbledore said calmly. “我相信他还没那般堕落。”邓布利多平静地说。 What am I really very that curious the standard you appraise to degenerate am? Claims a life of person?” Albert asked curiously, to be honest, I think that the death was not fearful, what was most fearful was lives to might as well die, for example once Azkaban prison.” “我着实很好奇你评价堕落的标准是什么?夺走一个人的生命吗?”艾伯特好奇问道,“老实说,我认为死亡并不可怕,最可怕的是生不如死,例如曾经的阿兹卡班监狱。” Dumbledore was silent, did not plan that has excessively the discussion in this issue. 邓布利多沉默了,并不打算在这个问题上有过多探讨。 I think that you should be clear about my with the wand secret!” He changed the topic. “我想你应该清楚我这跟魔杖的秘密吧!”他岔开了话题。 Three brothers eldest children's that Elder Wand?” “三兄弟老大的那根老魔杖?” Right, is it, this has the extraordinary strength with wand, because has it, magic power feeble I have with the strength that Voldemort contends with.” Dumbledore said assuredly: Voldemort of pursue eternal life and strength, will definitely start to seek for this wand.” “对,就是它,这跟魔杖拥有非凡的力量,也正是因为拥有它,魔力衰弱的我才拥有跟伏地魔抗衡的力量。”邓布利多笃定地说:“追求永生与力量的伏地魔,肯定会开始寻找这根魔杖。” Actually, you can directly this wand destroying, such You-Know-Who are unable to obtain it forever, will not have any risk.” Albert smilingly reminded, you do not need to spend so many thoughts to plan this wand, said that you planned gave Harry it, making him take this to defeat You-Know-Who wand.” “其实,你可以直接把这根魔杖给毁了,那样神秘人就永远无法获得它了,而且不会有任何的风险。”艾伯特笑眯眯地提醒道,“你也不需要费那么多心思去谋划这把魔杖,还是说你打算把它交给哈利,让他拿着这把魔杖去战胜神秘人。” I planned that makes You-Know-Who obtain this wand.” Dumbledore stuns the world, „, but it is unable to achieve this forever the wand effect, I think that you should know wand also has the master, once some wand masters were defeated, its ownership will be shifted, but characteristics of Elder Wand in this aspect is very obvious.” “我打算让神秘人获得这把魔杖。”邓布利多语出惊人,“但它永远都无法发挥出这把魔杖的效果,我想你应该知道魔杖也是有主人的,有些魔杖的主人一旦被击败,它的拥有权就会被转移,而老魔杖在这方面的特征就十分明显。” Therefore, you planned that makes Malfoy defeat you, makes Snape kill you again.” The Albert expression looks at Dumbledore strangely: Even if You-Know-Who attained this wand, after discovering wand is not right kills Snape, is unable to obtain the wand ownership, because he doesn't know that the wand ownership there Malfoy?” “所以,你打算让马尔福打败你,再让斯内普杀死你。”艾伯特表情古怪地看着邓布利多:“哪怕神秘人拿到了这把魔杖,在发现魔杖不对劲后杀死斯内普,也无法得到魔杖的拥有权,因为他根本就不知道那把魔杖的拥有权在马尔福那儿?” Dumbledore had not replied, but tacitly approved this matter obviously. 邓布利多没有回答,但显然默认了这件事。 If Snape knows that will be very definitely sad!” “如果斯内普知道肯定会很伤心吧!” Some things are worth paying, even if the life.” Dumbledore said calmly. “有些东西是值得为之付出,哪怕是生命。”邓布利多平静地说。 You had lived a century, even if dies now did not owe, but do not count on that I pay.” Albert shrugs saying that I am young, but also wants to continue to live for several years.” “你已经活了一个世纪,就算现在死了也不亏,但你别指望我去付出。”艾伯特耸了耸肩道,“我还年轻,还想继续多活几年。” I know, you actually do not believe anybody, no matter Harry, is I, you never trust others.” Dumbledore lifts the hand, hinted Albert hear of him saying that I know you have your backup plan, if Harry were defeated unfortunately, I hope that you can kill Voldemort.” “我知道,你其实并不相信任何人,不管是哈利,还是我,你从来不信任其他人。”邓布利多抬起手,示意艾伯特听他说下去,“我知道你有着自己的后备计划,如果哈利不幸失败了,我希望你能杀死伏地魔。” „Don't you have the confidence to your successor unexpectedly?” Albert selects the brow tip, obviously is somewhat surprised. “你居然对自己的继承人没信心?”艾伯特微挑眉梢,显然有些意外。 I leave behind a subsequent hand, prevents to have the accident/surprise, so as to avoid Voldemort stirs thoroughly earth-shakingly entire magical world.” Dumbledore said in a soft voice, this isn't you the matter that likes handling?” “我只是留下一个后手,防止出现意外,免得伏地魔彻底将整个魔法界搅得天翻地覆。”邓布利多轻声说,“这不是你很喜欢做的事情吗?” You did not fear that I do turn into another You-Know-Who?” Albert asked that „, many Dark Wizard because, but my reason discarded the poor life.” “你就不怕我变成另外一个神秘人吗?”艾伯特反问道,“要知道,很多黑巫师可是因为我的缘故丢掉小命。” They obtained the fair trial, although I also thought that your approach is somewhat radical, but I am unable to achieve to attend to every detail even, something always need to make some choices, if not you, Ministry of Magic estimated that can become a confusion.” Dumbledore was actually not worried Albert will turn into next Dark Lord, because Albert is not cruel, can look from his conduct attitude. “他们得到了公正的审判,虽然我也觉得你的做法有些激进,但就算是我也无法做到面面俱到,有些事总是需要做出一些取舍,如果不是你的话,魔法部估计会变得一片混乱吧。”邓布利多其实并不担心艾伯特会变成下一任黑魔王,因为艾伯特并不残暴,从他的行事作风就可以看出来了。 Albert somewhat looks at Dumbledore surprisedly, but had not said that but nods saying that I also think You-Know-Who vanishes thoroughly is quite good, best while convenient one and cleans up cleanly Death Eater.” 艾伯特有些惊讶地看着邓布利多,但也没多说,只是点了点头道,“我也认为神秘人还是彻底消失比较好,最好顺便把食死徒给一并清理干净。” „Is cleaning up clean?” Dumbledore repeats in the mouth. “清理干净?”邓布利多在嘴里重复一遍。 What issue has?” Albert said, I think, so long as uses Veritaserum to interrogate, most Death Eater crimes cannot escape condemn the destiny of death penalty repeatedly. After all, when the time comes the Azkaban prison will definitely not have Dementor, after this world Hell does not exist, true Hell obviously more suitable Death Eater.” “有什么问题?”艾伯特自顾自地说,“我想只要使用吐真剂审问,大多数食死徒的罪行都逃不过反复判处死刑的命运。毕竟,到时候阿兹卡班监狱肯定不会有摄魂怪,这处人间地狱不存在后,真正的地狱显然更适合食死徒。” Dumbledore also no longer cares this matter, after he dies, most things had nothing to do with him. 邓布利多也不再把这件事放在心上,等他死后,大部分的事情都跟他无关了。 I think that I should walk, so as to avoid Izabel was worried.” Albert set out to be about to leave. “我想我该走了,免得伊泽贝尔担心。”艾伯特起身准备离开了。 Mr. Anderson, I thinks that you definitely know how should sneak Hogwarts quietly.” Dumbledore stopped by calling out Albert suddenly, inquired this matter. 安德森先生,我想你肯定知道该怎么悄无声息地潜入霍格沃茨吧。”邓布利多忽然叫住艾伯特,询问起这件事。 He actually knows has several means that perhaps but Albert can know more means. 他其实知道有几种办法,但也许艾伯特能知晓更多的办法。 „Do you refer to helping Death Eater enter Hogwarts?” Albert selects the eyebrow slightly. “你是指帮助食死徒进入霍格沃茨?”艾伯特微微挑眉。 Right.” “对。” Can through secret passage, Hogwarts have several to enter secret passage of school.” Albert side looked at fireplace to continue, used floo powder to come out from Snape's fireplace to be good, House-elf can also disregard Hogwarts' to forbid the Apparition custom. The gate key actually does not have the issue, is the sound is a little big, but if Death Eater is not seemingly strange. If these you are unsatisfied, can try the disappearance cabinet, I remember that Hogwarts once had the disappearance cabinet, can connect Borgin · Burke the disappearance cabinet in store. However, that thing went bad probably, so long as fixes it should also to continue to use.” “可以通过密道,霍格沃茨有数条可以进入学校的密道。”艾伯特侧头看了眼壁炉继续说,“使用飞路粉斯内普的壁炉出来就行了,家养小精灵也可以无视霍格沃茨的禁止幻影显形的规矩。门钥匙其实也没问题,就是动静有点大,但如果是食死徒貌似就不奇怪。如果这些你都不满意的话,可以尝试消失柜,我记得霍格沃茨曾有个消失柜,可以连通博金·博克的商店里的消失柜。不过,那玩意好像坏了,只要重新修好它应该还能继续使用。” ( https://) (https://) 1 second records the putting down the pen interest island:. Cell phone version reading website: 一秒记住笔趣岛:。手机版阅读网址:
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