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#2570: Dao Theory, the traveller far from home must turn over to the township

Chapter 2443 第2443章 Dao Theory, the traveller far from home must turn over to the township 论道,游子需归乡 Now the bystanders are passing on, your I relate badly, has not actually thought that your my two people can tea Dao Theory in this!” “现在外人都在传,你我关系恶劣,却没想过,你我二人可以在此饮茶论道!” Person king raised the present Human Race disputes between two big factions frankly. 人王直言不讳的提起了现在人族内部的两大派系之间的纷争。 Is outside the ignorant person's speculation!” Chu Yunfan slightly smiled, „. Moreover, making their some disputes also good, having the competition can have progressive, the so-called natural selection is mediocre!” “不过是外面无知之人的猜测而已!”楚云凡微微一笑,“况且,让他们有些纷争也好,有竞争才能有进步,所谓物竞天择不过如此!” Natural selection? Is reasonable, interesting!” Person king nods with a smile. „Others think that both of us have the contradiction, was their visions was too small, various day of the world were extremely broad, Sovereign was not, must be busy internal fight, was really laughable!” “物竞天择?有道理,有意思!”人王含笑点了点头。“他人都以为我们俩有矛盾,实在是他们的眼界太小了,诸天世界太过宽广,连皇者都不是,就要忙着内斗,实在是太可笑了!” Chu Yunfan nods, to him, reason that is not big regarding the hegemony interest of Sino-Turkey divine land , because his goal broad. 楚云凡点了点头,对于他来说,之所以对于中土神州的霸权兴趣不大,是因为他的目标更加的远大。 to become Huang are not his finally goal, he must achieve the ultimate objective that all previous various Huang cannot achieve, for become a God. 成皇都不是他的最终目标,他要完成历代诸皇都没有能够完成的终极目标,为了成神 But immortals looking for a long time! 长生而久视! He has the advantage that others do not have, in his mind has true Divine Spark, in the future become a God will not be the wishful thinking. 他有别人所没有的优势,他的脑海之中有真正的神格,未来成神也不是痴心妄想。 Because of this, he is not big to the matter interests of these bits and pieces! 正因为如此,他才对这些鸡零狗碎的事情兴趣不大! So long as the entire Sino-Turkey divine land can continuous provides the resources that cultivation uses for him then, dominates is not meaningful. 只要整个中土神州能够源源不断的为他提供修行用的资源即可,称霸不称霸都没有任何意义。 But seemed like came under the influence of Chu Yunfan, the person the king must be able to let loose compared with the imagination in regarding this. 而似乎是受到了楚云凡的影响,人王对此也比想象中要放得开。 Especially after Breakthrough to would-be sovereign, to become Huang is only one step, the person the king does not want to let go truly to become Huang the opportunity, but pesters with Chu Yunfan at the matter of bits and pieces. 尤其是突破到了准皇之后,成皇也只是一步之遥,人王也不想放弃真正成皇的机会,而与楚云凡纠缠于鸡零狗碎之事。 Two people were clear, the so-called two big factions are carry the flag of two people to compete for the respective benefit. 况且两人都清楚,所谓两大派系不过是扛着两人的旗子在争夺各自的利益而已。 Besides some direct descendant, the ownerships of other King are only the quite loose alliances. 除了一些嫡系之外,其他的王者的归属只是比较松散的联盟。 Because of this, two talents have no interest in the things of these bits and pieces. 正因为如此,两人才更加对这些鸡零狗碎的事情没什么兴趣。 Now I just Breakthrough, became certainly the sovereign, but has the place that many do not understand regarding this realm as before, does not know whether to conduct Dao Theory with Chu King!” “现在我才刚刚突破,成为了准皇,不过对于这个境界依旧有许多不懂的地方,不知道能否与楚王进行一场论道!” Person king Kaikou said. 人王开口说道。 Ok!” “可以!” Chu Yunfan nods. 楚云凡点了点头。 The person king must with Chu King sit, but Dao Theory, and invited News that the world outstanding heroes one and went to broadly, overnight spread over the world. 人王要与楚王坐而论道,并且广邀天下群雄一并前往的消息,一夜之间就传遍了天下。 Suddenly, among world, as long as Cultivation Base, so long as achieved the domain boundary rushes to Im­pe­r­ial Capital in abundance. 一时间,天下之间,但凡修为只要达到了领域境的都纷纷赶往帝都 Although two would-be sovereign Dao Theory, possibly to them, listen unable to understand radically. 虽然两个准皇论道,可能对于他们来说,根本听都听不懂。 Such realm is extremely profound, but this is also an once in a thousand years good opportunity, is the rare grand occasion cannot miss. 那样的境界太过高深,不过这也是一个千载难逢的好机会,是难得的盛事千万不能错过。 Do not say these King, even during is closing up, still after hearing News to come. 更不要说那些王者,就算是在闭关之中,也都在听闻了消息之后纷纷前来。 Dozens powerful King come, gets together in Im­pe­r­ial Capital. 几十尊强大的王者纷纷前来,齐聚帝都 Suddenly, wind and cloud border meeting. 一时间,风云际会。 In the Im­pe­r­ial Capital deep place, in -and-a-half plane, innumerable expert are assemble, throne even shop/spread in this half plane midair. 帝都深处内,一处半位面内,无数高手齐聚一堂,一张张王座平铺在这个半位面的半空之中。 everyone simultaneously takes a seat. 众人齐齐落座。 But in this half plane, is a stage, above stage, then has two rush cushions. 而在这个半位面中间的,则是一座高台,高台之上,则是有两个蒲团。 everyone on the scene according to the respective different camp and ties of relationship, is situated one group. 在场众人按照各自不同的阵营和亲属关系,坐落一团。 Next split second, Chu Yunfan and person king then appeared above the rush cushion. 一瞬间,楚云凡与人王便出现在了蒲团之上。 The everyone eye looks shines, concentrates on. 众人眼睛看的发亮,全神贯注。 Two people have not said anything, direct starting Dao Theory. 两人也没有多说什么,直接开始论道 Great Dao that starting, two people said is not the say/way of would-be sovereign, what are more is the domain boundary to the say/way of king boundary, an audience expert hear of are deluded. 开始,两人所说的大道并不是准皇之道,更多的是领域境到王境的道,一众高手听的那是如痴如醉。 Say/Way that two would-be sovereign Level expert told, even if were very ordinary thing, penetrating that can say, often a few words can select essential was. 两个准皇级别高手讲述的道,哪怕是很普通的东西,都能说的鞭辟入里,往往一句话就能点出关键的所在。 Suddenly, give an exaggerated account of things, chinese dwarf banana. 一时间,天花乱坠,地涌金莲。 The say/way that gradually, two people spoke was getting deeper and deeper, expert of domain boundary took the lead to be eliminated, slowly could not have understood completely, was would-be king realm, even to afterward, even/including Wangjing could not have understood. 逐渐的,两人所讲的道就越来越深,领域境的高手率先出局,慢慢的已经完全听不懂了,紧接着就是准王境界,甚至到后来,连王境都已经听不懂了。 But all these complete, is ten days later. 而这一切做完,就已经是十天之后了。 These ten natural feets to make audience expert feel the harvest to be giant, even if could not understand afterward, but they have not left, but is the choice remains. 这十天足以让一众高手们都觉得收获巨大,哪怕是后来都听不懂了,但是他们都没有离开,而是选择留下来。 The thing that even if cannot understand, everyone also attempts to record forcefully, this explaining religious doctrine is not one-to-one saying, but told by the sound. 哪怕是根本听不懂的东西,众人也尝试强行记录下来,这种讲道不是一对一的讲道,而是以道音讲述出来。 Is can understand, been able to understand even did not know to say anything that can understand completely, writing down was very difficult. 就是听得懂的就听得懂,听不懂的甚至完全不知道说什么,记下来都很困难。 That is the matter of complete yet another level, has involved to be the domain that the sovereign said. 那是完完全全另外一个层次的事情,已经涉及到了一些属于皇道的领域。 Moreover is saying the sound of same Great Dao even if, but in fact, everyone hears is completely different. 而且哪怕说着同样的大道之音,但是实际上,每个人听到的都完全不同。 Again to afterward, both sides on true starting Dao Theory, discussion is the cultivation comprehensions of would-be sovereign. 再到后来,双方就真正开始论道,讨论的都是准皇的修行领悟。 Arrived this one step, was present everyone unable to understand completely. 到了这一步,在场所有人都已经完完全全听不懂了。 But everyone soon also discovered, starting time, the person the king can also conduct Dao Theory with Chu Yunfan, but over time, the person the king absolutely does not have that and Chu Yunfan Dao Theory. 众人很快也发现了,一开始的时候,人王还能和楚云凡进行论道,但是随着时间的推移,人王已经完全没有把那和楚云凡论道了。 Accurate, should be Chu Yunfan unilateral explaining religious doctrine. 准确的来说,应该是楚云凡单方面的讲道。 Said the say/way of would-be sovereign, in everyone heart amazed, properly speaking, both sides are almost existences of realm, even if Chu Yunfan compared with on person king powerful some, but Cultivation road that is completely different. 说的还是准皇之道,众人心中惊诧,照理说,双方都是差不多境界的存在,哪怕楚云凡比人王强大上一些,但是所修炼的路那是完全不同的。 Chu Yunfan how possibly regarding the say/way complete understanding of person king cultivation. 楚云凡怎么可能对于人王修行的道完完全全的了解呢。 However the fact is actually the Chu Yunfan as if regarding this complete understanding! 然而事实却是楚云凡似乎对此完完全全的了解! Person Wang Yue listens more to be shocked, because Chu Yunfan many comprehensions and opinions are operate from a strategically advantageous position completely, as if has come to the end point of this road, has turned head all these give thoroughly looks at to understand. 人王越听越是觉得震惊,因为楚云凡许多领悟和见解是完完全全高屋建瓴的,就仿佛已经走到了这一条路的终点,回过头将这一切都给彻彻底底的的看了个明白。 Even if the different roads, in what in the process does not see clearly the different roads is, when came to the end point, glance audience mountain little time, all paths look clear. 哪怕是不同的路,在走的过程之中是看不清楚不同的路是什么样的,但是当走到了终点,一览众山小的时候,一切的道路都看的明明白白的。 Now Chu Yunfan the feeling of king, as if has come to the end point of this road, all looks is too clear, was too insightful. 现在楚云凡给人王的感觉,就仿佛是已经走到了这一条路的终点,所有的一切都看的太明白,太通透了。 Also was enough Dao Theory ten days, this Dao Theory was finished, everyone only felt the harvest to be huge, even the person king still gained the enormous advantage from this Dao Theory. 又是足足论道了十天的时间,这一场论道才算是结束,众人只觉得收获巨大,就算是人王也从这一次论道之中获得了极大的好处。 Chu Yunfan then sets out saying: Now had a person of king to assume personal command, I can also feel at ease, later the Sino-Turkey divine land must ask you!” 楚云凡这才起身说道:“现在有了人王坐镇,我也可以安心了,之后中土神州就要拜托你们了!” „Is Chu King this what intent?” Person king facial color first transformation, does not know that Chu Yunfan this is your anything meaning. “楚王这是何意?”人王面色一变,不知道楚云凡这是你什么意思。 Chu Yunfan then said: „The following some time, I will lead my wife to leave some time, the traveller far from home travels, now should also be time returning to home village has a look!” 楚云凡这才说道:“接下来的一段时间,我将带我妻子离开一段时间,游子出游,现在也该是时候回乡看看了!” everyone looked to? Tang Siyu, as we all know, Tang Siyu was the Chu Yunfan wife, but does not know the turning over to township that Chu Yunfan said where was, was purple Leizhou 众人都看向了场中的唐思雨,所有人都知道,唐思雨楚云凡的妻子,只是不知道楚云凡所说的归乡又是哪里,难道是紫雷州? ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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