CF :: Volume #23

#2250: One the fist bang kills culmination position Peak

Once strided in the big day position Level strength, above the entire Heaven's Chosen War field, can be considered as on is side an big shot, sweeps away all obstacles. 一旦跨入了大天位级别的战力,在整个天骄战场之上,都可以算得上是一方大佬,所向披靡。 At that time, he can be fearless to Monarch bestowed by heaven freely! 到那个时候,他尽管可以对上君天赐而无所畏惧! But he now, needs the fight of this Endless, comes to be deepened regarding Great Dao comprehension by oneself. 而他现在,也需要这无尽的战斗,来让自己对于大道感悟加深。 But why the Heaven's Chosen War field makes that many Heaven's Proud go after like ducks, even continually after the night falls Heaven's Proud hero soul that presents, looks like in many people, is not the threat. 天骄战场为什么让那么多的天骄趋之若鹜,甚至连在夜幕降临之后出现的天骄英灵,在许多人看起来,都不是什么威胁。 Opposite this whets they best hone. 相反的这是磨砺他们最好的磨刀石。 Except that above the Heaven's Chosen War field, normally, which you to looks for these many same ranks expert the disciplining oneself body? 除了在天骄战场之上,正常情况下,你到哪儿找这么多的同等级的高手来磨练己身? Must know, Heaven's Proud is not vast and limitless, was killed is killed, where can the life and death war of prop up this almost vast and limitless scale. 要知道,天骄也不是无穷无尽的,被打死就是被打死了,哪里能够支撑得起这样几乎无穷无尽规模的生死大战。 Only has above the Heaven's Chosen War field, just now can achieve such matter, everyone can be similar to the experience innumerable field astonishing wars is ordinary. 唯有在天骄战场之上,方才能够做到这样的事情,每一个人都可以如同经历无数场惊人的大战一般。 These Heaven's Proud hero souls died in any case have also been able to resurrect, vast and limitless, meanwhile can absorb their gloom, Refining uses for oneself, it can be said that unprecedented good opportunity. 反正这些天骄英灵死了还可以复活,无穷无尽,同时还可以吸收他们的阴气,炼化为己用,可以说是前所未有的好机会。 Whenever Heaven's Chosen War field opening time, will have innumerable Heaven's Proud to brave the fallen danger to enter in the Heaven's Chosen War field. 所以每当天骄战场开启的时候,就会有无数的天骄冒着陨落的危险进入天骄战场之中。 All people are very clear, this is once in a thousand years opportunity, has missed, was completely misses. 所有人都很清楚,这是千载难逢的机会,错过了,就是完完全全错过了。 When Chu Yunfan with these Endless Heaven's Proud hero soul wars, unexpectedly, the distant place flowing light breaks open the expansive sky together, but , is almost is similar to one group of flame is ordinary, the place visited, these Heaven's Proud hero souls blast open, changes into the boundless gloom, was absorbed by that group of flame. 就在楚云凡与这些无尽天骄英灵大战的时候,蓦地,远处一道流光破开长空而至,几乎是如同一团火焰一般,所过之处,那些天骄英灵纷纷炸裂开来,化为无边的阴气,被那一团火焰所吸收。 In a minute, that group of flame then arrived at the Chu Yunfan front, changed to a incomparable gigantic flame lion. 片刻间,那一团火焰便已经来到了楚云凡的面前,化作了一头巨大无比的火焰雄狮。 On this flame lion all hair just like are flame one after another, looks like shining, the power and influence that the body sends out is similar to a mountain is ordinary. 这一头火焰雄狮身上所有的毛发都犹如是一团一团的火焰,看起来流光溢彩,身上散发的威势如同一座山岳一般。 That copper bell giant eye has observed closely Chu Yunfan generally stubbornly, opens the mouth to spit the criticism, said: „Are you then that rash Sword Dustless?” 那铜铃一般巨大的眼睛死死的盯住了楚云凡,开口吐人言,道:“你便是那个胆大妄为的剑无尘么?” Good, I then am!” “不错,我便是!” Chu Yunfan desolate looks at present flame lion, existence of culmination position Peak, aura by far compared with before Chu Yunfan wants tyrannical several times in culmination position Peak expert that the outside bitter experience arrives. 楚云凡冷淡的看着眼前的这一头火焰雄狮,中天位巅峰的存在,身上的气息远远比楚云凡之前在外界遭遇到的中天位巅峰高手要强横好几倍。 Same realm, on strength strong several times of this flame lion, this is the fearfulness of titled as King physique. 同样的境界,这一头火焰雄狮的实力就强上好几倍,这就是封王体质的可怕。 Not is only in Human Race has the titled as King physique, in Monster Race has the titled as King physique and Sovereign physique view similarly. 不仅仅是人族之中有封王体质,妖族之中同样有封王体质和封皇体质的说法。 This flame lion similarly is the titled as King physique in Monster Race. 这一头火焰雄狮同样是妖族之中的封王体质。 What's wrong, do you also kill me for that several alliances?” Chu Yunfan looks at this flame lion, said. “怎么,你也是为了那几个联盟来杀我?”楚云凡看着这一头火焰雄狮,说道。 Their what virtue what can, be able to move me!” “他们何德何能,能够请的动我!” This flame lion coldly said. 这一头火焰雄狮冷冷的说道 I heard that you are very strong, kills you to prove to say specially!” “我听说你很强,特意来杀你证道!” In this flame lion facial expression is having several points proudly, several big alliances do not have this ability to be able to move him. 这一头火焰雄狮神情之中带着几分傲然,几大联盟并没有这个本事能够请动他。 He chases down Chu Yunfan, only then a goal, by cutting to kill the Chu Yunfan pressure to let own Breakthrough to the big day position. 他来追杀楚云凡只有一个目的,借由斩杀楚云凡的压力来让自己突破到大天位。 He is away from the big day position also only then remote of one step, tempering of Ordinary to his function already big weakened, if normal Breakthrough, he has not known that must spend how much time. 他距离大天位也只有一步之遥,寻常的磨炼对他的作用已经大大的减弱了,如果正常突破,他还不知道要花费多少时间。 Only is only this reason, was enough! 光只是这一个理由,就已经足够了! In fact, above the entire battlefield, looks for the Chu Yunfan person to be many, not only his. 事实上,在整个战场之上,寻找楚云凡的人还很多,远不只是他一个而已。 My luck is really good! 我运气真好! In his mind, appeared this kind of thought! 他的脑海之中,浮现出了这样一个念头! Chu Yunfan unemotionally, the corners of the mouth pulled to wipe to sneer, from the mouth of this flame lion, Chu Yunfan thoroughly understood in the Heaven's Chosen War field middle and Heaven's Chosen War field surrounding, complete was the difference. 楚云凡面无表情,嘴角扯出了一抹冷笑,从这一头火焰雄狮的口中,楚云凡就已经彻底明白了在天骄战场中部和天骄战场外围,完完全全是两样。 In the surrounding of Heaven's Chosen War field, the major influences distinguish right from wrong, has the competition, has the hostility, but the commonplace will not fight easily. 天骄战场的外围,各大势力泾渭分明,彼此之间有竞争,有敌对,但是等闲并不会轻易交手。 Only if has been certain degree hostilely, otherwise, even if were the flying immortal pledge and destiny pledge has struggled like this in the outside the influence of certain extent were maintaining living in peace with each other, in secret situation of competition. 除非敌对达到了一定的程度,否则的话,即便是飞仙盟和天命盟这样在外界已经明争暗斗到了一定程度的势力都会保持着相安无事,暗中竞争的局势。 Because the surrounding of Heaven's Chosen War field regarding many Heaven's Proud, is the acquired place of resources, is many Heaven's Proud obtains to stabilize the cultivation resources place. 因为天骄战场的外围对于诸多天骄来说,是资源的获得地,是诸多天骄获得稳定修行资源的地方。 Also is their logistics supreme headquarters. 也是他们后勤的大本营。 There environment compared to the Heaven's Chosen War field middle and core area, can be considered as on is quite peaceful, there battle and Heaven's Chosen War field compare, radically is pale into insignificance by comparison. 那里的环境相对于天骄战场中部和核心地区来说,可以算得上是相当和平了,那里的争斗与天骄战场中部相比,根本就是小巫见大巫 The absolute benefit connection, easily will not have begun generally. 没有绝对的利益瓜葛,一般都不会轻易动手。 However in the Heaven's Chosen War field, this flame lion for Breakthrough, then seeking by any means possible arrives at him, must kill him. 然而在天骄战场中部,这一头火焰雄狮只是为了突破,便千方百计的寻到他,要杀他。 This is scarlet fruits a world of law of the jungle! 这是一个赤果果的弱肉强食的世界! All Heaven's Proud make an effort forwards, only to be promoted by own strength, to win the final card to say the become a God opportunity. 所有的天骄戮力向前,只为了让自己的实力提升起来,以赢得最后的证道成神的机会。 Kills me to prove to say? The idea is good, but looked at you to have this strength!” Chu Yunfan sneered said. “杀我证道?想法不错,不过就看你有没有这个实力了!”楚云凡冷笑一声说道。 Roar!” “吼!” This flame lion face upwards long and loud cry, the flame of whole body erupts instantaneously, seems the magmatic explosion is ordinary, in an instant, gives to turn into a sea of fire entire World, the innumerable Heaven's Proud hero souls were fired the nihility in an instant. 这一头火焰雄狮仰天长啸,全身的火焰瞬间爆发,好似岩浆爆发一般,刹那间,将整个天地都给化成一片火海,无数的天骄英灵在刹那间被烧成虚无。 „, Hurt the idle capital place!” “啊,疼死本座了!” Black scale alone crested eagle called out pitifully is retroceding again and again, his scale feather was burnt down the larger part,