CF :: Volume #23

#2249: Come, come, come, comes again, this must hit ten

In the Heaven's Chosen War field, many Heaven's Proud desire something greatly actually the unavailable place. 天骄战场中部,一个许多天骄都心向往之却不可得的地方。 Because they do not dare to visit easily, although they have astonishing talent, inferiorly is also the titled as King physique, can say, is through the ages strongest, most outstanding talented people here. 因为连他们也不敢轻易踏足,虽然他们有着惊人的天赋,最次也都是封王体质,可以说,古往今来最强,最杰出的人才都在这里。 However in the Heaven's Chosen War field does not have talent to go on living, even can say, only then has above culmination position realm to dare to enter in the Heaven's Chosen War field, has the ability of self-preservation reluctantly. 但是天骄战场中部却不是有天赋就可以活下去的,甚至可以说,只有有着中天位以上的境界才敢进入天骄战场中部,勉强有着自保的能力。 Because in the Heaven's Chosen War field, does not have the scale the large-scale city, the place that simply cannot avoid, in addition, in the Heaven's Chosen War field, the gloom in the curtain of night filling is more astonishing, in the Ancient Era Heaven's Proud hero soul of recovery is more fearful, outside far exceed Heaven's Chosen War field. 因为在天骄战场中部,不存在成规模的大型城池,根本没有可以躲避的地方,再加上,在天骄战场中部,夜幕之中所弥漫出来的阴气更加惊人,在其中复苏的古代天骄英灵更加可怕,远远超过天骄战场外部。 It can be said that here simply does not have the weak one survival leeway, even if they are Heaven's Proud are no exception, only if they grow, strides in culmination position realm, otherwise does not dare to visit. 可以说,在这里根本没有弱者生存的余地,哪怕他们是天骄也不例外,除非他们成长起来,跨入中天位境界,否则也不敢踏足。 Let alone culmination position in the Heaven's Chosen War field, reluctantly has the strength of self-preservation. 何况中天位在天骄战场中部,也不过只是勉强拥有自保之力而已。 Obviously, by the strength that Chu Yunfan shows, everyone did not suspect that he has to enter the Heaven's Chosen War field central strength, however many people actually do not favor him to be able there survival, after all is completely different. 显然,以楚云凡表现出来的实力,众人并不怀疑他拥有进入天骄战场中部的实力,然而许多人却不看好他能够在那里生存,毕竟是完全不同的。 He does not leave the Heaven's Chosen War field at this time, instead has stepped into the Heaven's Chosen War field, I thought that this definitely is a incomparable gigantic mistake, that is in the Heaven's Chosen War field, at all is not he can the dissolute place!” “他此时不离开天骄战场,反而踏入了天骄战场中部,我觉得这肯定是一个巨大无比的错误,那可是天骄战场中部,根本不是他能够放肆的地方!” Good, expert in the Heaven's Chosen War field middle were too many, with the surrounding completely different fight rules, he is not outstanding there, can kill his person to be too many are too many!” “不错,在天骄战场中部之中高手太多了,也和外围完全不同的战斗规则,他在那里并不出众,可以杀他的人太多太多了!” I heard, this matter has alarmed Monarch bestowed by heaven, even/including Monarch bestowed by heaven personally left the Heaven's Chosen War field core area to go to the middle area, for kills him!” “我听说,此事已经惊动了君天赐,连君天赐都亲自离开天骄战场核心地区前往中部地区,为的就是杀他!” Far more than was Monarch bestowed by heaven, his behavior was extremely arrogant, many Heaven's Proud of becoming famous expressed that if he appeared in the Heaven's Chosen War field, will then make a move to execute him!” “何止是君天赐,他的行为太过高傲,许多出了名的天骄都表示如果他出现在天骄战场中部,便会出手毙了他!” everyone discuss spiritedly, but Chu Yunfan does not know these, he strided in the Heaven's Chosen War field, at this time the night falls. 众人议论纷纷,而楚云凡并不知道这些,他已经跨入了天骄战场中部,此时夜幕降临。 During the infinite dark night is filling the Endless gloom, these gloom changed into the terrifying Heaven's Proud hero soul, blots out the sky, vast and limitless has killed. 无穷的黑夜之中弥漫着无尽的阴气,这些阴气化为了恐怖天骄英灵,铺天盖地,无穷无尽的杀了过来。 These hero souls, have small day position Peak Cultivation Base inferiorly, among this is also mixing with many culmination position realm Heaven's Proud hero souls, can submerge all terrifying lineups. 这些英灵,最次也都拥有小天位巅峰修为,这中间还夹杂着许多中天位境界天骄英灵,能够淹没一切的恐怖阵容。 But in a piece of mountain range, a incomparable gigantic black scale alone crested eagle face upwards the long and loud cry, unceasing displays astonishing Divine Ability, the infinite storm blows, destruction Heaven's Proud hero soul one after another. 而在一片山脉之中,一头巨大无比的黑鳞独角鹰仰天长啸,不断的施展出惊人的神通,无穷的风暴刮起,毁灭一群一群的天骄英灵。 But in his not far away, looks at the present all these that Chu Yunfan unemotionally. 而在他的身边不远处,楚云凡面无表情的看着眼前的这一切。 Although black scale alone crested eagle fights blood in the ebullition, but actually very pitiful, although his can swallow one crowd of Heaven's Proud hero souls, but will have many Heaven's Proud hero soul killing but. 黑鳞独角鹰虽然战血在沸腾,但是却十分的凄惨,虽然他一口能够吞掉一群的天骄英灵,但是却会有更多的天骄英灵扑杀而至。 Even if strided in the realm hit whole body of culmination position by him is the blood, pitiful incomparable, but he does not dare to retrocede. 即便是以他跨入了中天位的境界都被打的浑身是血,凄惨无比,但是他不敢后退。 Over six months time, Divine Fruit under Chu Yunfan the direction and efficacy stimulation of movement of Nirvana , the black scale alone crested eagle strided in culmination position Middle Stage smoothly, compared with initially just Breakthrough time, at least formidable double. 半年多的时间,在楚云凡的指点之下和梵天神果的药力催动之下,黑鳞独角鹰顺利跨入了中天位中期,比起当初刚刚突破的时候,起码强大了一倍 Even if so, intense such fight lets his hit whole body is the wound. 但是即便如此,这样激烈的战斗还是让他被打的浑身是伤。 But Chu Yunfan is no matter these, making the black scale alone crested eagle whet oneself body during the fight of Endless, only if the middle appeared has surmounted expert that the black scale alone crested eagle can cope with, his only then will made a move personally. 楚云凡则是不管这些,让黑鳞独角鹰在无尽的战斗之中磨砺己身,除非中间出现了超越黑鳞独角鹰能够对付的高手,他才会亲自出手。 His making a move number of times are not many, but each time, can the accurate hit strategic point, even if hid in the infinite Heaven's Proud hero soul has been surmounting culmination position Middle Stage above existence, is unable to pose the slight threat to the black scale alone crested eagle. 他出手次数不多,但是每一次,都能够精准命中要害,即便在无穷的天骄英灵之中隐藏着超越了中天位中期以上的存在,也无法对黑鳞独角鹰造成丝毫的威胁。 After entering the Heaven's Chosen War field middle truly, Chu Yunfan discovered that here and surrounding biggest different was here fight is really too frequent. 真正进入了天骄战场中部之后,楚云凡才发现,这里和外围最大的不同便是这里的战斗实在是太频繁了。 Even does not have a city, a foothold can make you obtain cultivate until fully recovered! 甚至都没有一个城市,一个落脚点能够让你得到修整 Only then fights, fight of Endless, until dawn, if were rubbed by these Heaven's Proud hero souls, even if that has big talent, does not have any use. 只有战斗,无尽的战斗,直到天亮,如果被这些天骄英灵磨死,那么即便有再大的天赋,也是没有任何用处的。 Aren't these Heaven's Proud hero souls before death members in these Heaven's Proud? 这些天骄英灵生前不也是这些天骄之中的一份子么? Come, come, come, comes again, this must hit ten!” “来,来,来,再来,本座要打十个!” Black scale alone crested eagle roaring, he has fought at this time really demented, has Chu Yunfan in side bodyguard, he has no scruples radically, even if by the Heaven's Proud hero soul bang , were almost compelled the dead end frequently. 黑鳞独角鹰大吼一声,此时他真的已经战到了癫狂,有楚云凡在旁边护卫,他根本毫无顾忌,哪怕经常被天骄英灵轰中,几乎被逼到绝路。 However in such dead end he transforms oneself body unceasingly, bit by bit felt that own bloodlines were activated, more and more terrifying. 但是就是在这样的绝路之中他不断的蜕变己身,一点一点感觉到自身血脉被激活,越来越恐怖 Even in his has covered entirely in the wing of scale, had the little golden feather to grow faintly. 甚至在他的布满了鳞片的翅膀之中,隐隐有一点点的金色羽毛长了出来。 This is his own bloodlines in the ironclad proof of unceasing transformation, the growth of Monster Race, is the jump of life level, but the Heavenly Monster big method is such one method, making these Houtian Monster Race also be able to return to Innate, obtains extremely the terrifying strength. 这正是他自身血脉在不断蜕变的铁证,妖族的成长,就是生命层次的跃迁,而天妖大法便是这样的一种法门,让这些后天妖族也能够返回先天,获得极为恐怖的力量。 This black scale alone crested eagle after having Chu Yunfan has escorted, thorough was demented, an appearance of peerless person of high skill, but one is the blood, completely is his, looks like somewhat laughable. 这一头黑鳞独角鹰在有了楚云凡保驾护航之后,彻底癫狂了,一副绝世高人的样子,但是一身都是鲜血,全部都是他自己的,看起来有几分可笑。 But at the same time, Chu Yunfan could not halt, similarly has joined the regiment, he similarly all round was also surrounded by these Heaven's Proud hero souls, but is different from fighting a bloody battle of black scale alone crested eagle, his fight is more relaxed. 而与此同时,楚云凡也站不住了,同样加入了战团,他也同样被这些天骄英灵团团包围住了,不过和黑鳞独角鹰的浴血奋战不同,他的战斗就轻松多了。 A fist can rumble in the past broken one crowd of Heaven's Proud hero souls, their gloomy absorptions, changes into oneself to use. 一拳过去就可以轰碎一群的天骄英灵,将他们身上的阴气吸收,化为己用。 Chu Yunfan even can feel, own Magic Power bit by bit is stiffening, although this are not many, but regarding from Movement Technique strength boundless Chu Yunfan, such strengthen speed is precious. 楚云凡甚至能够感觉到,自身的法力一点一点的在变强,虽然这并不算多,但是对于自身法力无边的楚云凡来说,这样的变强速度可谓是弥足珍贵。 At this time Chu Yunfan really understands, the surrounding of Heaven's Chosen War field and middle radically is two matters, in the middle of Heaven's Chosen War field, without any genuine escape route, only has the bloody battle to dying. 此时楚云凡才真正明白,天骄战场的外围和中部根本就是两回事,在天骄战场的中部,没有任何真正的退路,唯有血战到死。 But the tempering of such vast and limitless, can make these Heaven's Proud have the astonishing Breakthrough only means in the shortest time. 而这样无穷无尽的磨炼,才是能够让这些天骄在最短的时间内有惊人突破的唯一办法。 No wonder Monarch bestowed by heaven within the short several years, Cultivation Base progressed by leaps and bounds, such place, regarding small and weak, was Hell, but regarding Chu Yunfan, was actually cultivation Sacred Place. 难怪君天赐在短短数年之内,修为突飞猛进,这样的地方,对于弱小者来说,是地狱,但是对于楚云凡来说,却是修行圣地 The Chu Yunfan match may want to be too more than match of black scale alone crested eagle formidable, inferiorly is also culmination position Late Stage, and even culmination position Peak above existence. 楚云凡的对手可比黑鳞独角鹰的对手要强大太多了,最次也都是中天位后期,乃至中天位巅峰以上的存在。 However Chu Yunfan slightly fearless, unceasing explodes its dozen, graces, performing is a school of grandmaster style. 不过楚云凡丝毫无惧,不断的将其打爆,举手投足之间,尽是一派宗师风范。 He must draw support from the tempering in this battlefield, is one game will thrust culmination position realm from Body Cultivation. 他要借助这一片战场上的磨炼,将自身修为一局推入中天位境界 At that time, his realm leap, but his strength so, will go directly to the big day position similarly. 到那个时候,他的境界又将有一个飞跃,而他的实力同样如此,将直达大天位。
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