CF :: Volume #20

#1910: Extinguishes the world to strike

By coming out that his vision looks certainly, this Magic Artifact regarding Martial Dao expert single-handedly, is not anything, army but who regarding gathering, had the lethality. 以他的眼光当然看的出来,这种法器对于单枪匹马的武道高手来说,不算什么,但是对于聚集起来的大军来说,太有杀伤力了。 Especially that type of crack troops, Disciplinary is astonishing, the battlefield retreats, according to law, when cuts! 尤其是那种精锐部队,纪律惊人,战场溃逃,按律当斩! The Army Squad military discipline of big summer dynasty was stern, however the Monster Race military discipline was not bad, although the Monster Race fondness of countryside was difficult to tame, what were many were gathers the tribal group of eating delicacies wooded mountain, but these many year and the big summer dynasty resisted. 大夏皇朝的军队军规森严,但是妖族的军规也不差,虽然妖族野性难驯,多的是聚啸山林的族群,但是这么多年和大夏皇朝对抗下来。 Naturally impossible to look but not see the big summer dynasty strict military system, many years ago has formed Monster Race own crack troops on Army Squad of copy big summer dynasty. 自然不可能对于大夏皇朝严密的军事体系视而不见,很多年前就仿造大夏皇朝的军队组建了妖族自己的精锐部队。 This can be at with the basic reasons of big summer dynasty many resistances. 这才是能够和大夏皇朝多番对抗的根本原因所在。 However is the crack troops, facing this attack, more does not have the means that these crack troops, badly are Golden Core Realm Level Martial Dao expert, the sensation naturally are very keen, naturally can sensation easily arrive at the danger, however the severe discipline and training for long make them not dare to run all over the place, can only by the strength resistance of collective. 但是越是精锐部队,面对这种攻击,就越是没办法,这些精锐部队,最差都是金丹境级别武道高手,感知自然是十分敏锐的,自然能够轻易的感知到危险,但是严苛的军纪和长久以来的训练让他们不敢乱跑,只能以集体的力量对抗。 This is this Magic Artifact most dangerous place! 这才是这种法器最为危险的地方! Thinks of here, in his look flashes through several points of indifferent facial expression, which no matter the military officer of that big summer dynasty came, cannot stay for a long time surely. 想到这里,他的眼神之中闪过几分冷漠的神情,不管是那个大夏皇朝的军官哪儿来的,必定不能久留。 In other one side, muddy day marquis Li Qianyuan led several thousand armies to knock out a giant gap from the Monster Race elite army, swept away all. 在另外一边,浑天侯李乾元率领数万大军生生从妖族精锐大军之中凿出了一个巨大的缺口,横扫一切。 He stands above car(riage) carriage, keeps aloof, is similar to the God is ordinary. 他站在车辇之上,高高在上,如同天帝一般。 He once for a while gets rid to process some universe boundary Level the threats of Monster Race expert, for him, these matters were also considered as to have a familiar task and handle it with ease, at all was not anything. 他只是时不时出手处理掉一些乾坤境级别妖族高手的威胁,对他来说,这些事情也算得上是驾轻就熟了,根本不算什么。 Unexpectedly, he noted west the army, mushroom cloud ascension, even if the great distance were remote, can easily the sensation. 蓦地,他注意到了在大军西侧,一朵朵蘑菇云升腾而起,即便相隔遥远,都能够轻易感知到。 Immediately his vision penetrated the battlefield, saw commands troops Chu Yunfan that advances freely and quickly. 随即他的目光就穿透了战场,看到了领兵纵横驰骋的楚云凡 He has not died unexpectedly!” “他居然还没死!” Li Qianyuan brow tight wrinkle, he thought Chu Yunfan should already the destruction under the attack of Monster Race, who knows that he is living unexpectedly, unexpectedly can also advance freely and quickly. 李乾元眉头紧皱,他本以为楚云凡应该早就覆灭在了妖族的进攻之下,但是谁知道,他居然还活着,居然还能够纵横驰骋。 Thinks of here, he almost not mince has revealed killing intent on face, at this time he has not known that too Wei has made the punishment of punishing by reduction in pay to him, words that but knows, he will not care. 想到这里,他几乎毫不掩饰的露出了脸上的杀意,此时他还不知道太尉已经对他做出了罚俸的处罚,不过就算知道的话,他也不会在意。 At his sale price, the salary improves on perfection, is nothing radically. 以他的身价,俸禄不过只是锦上添花罢了,根本算不了什么。 This child so is unexpectedly tenacious, must think the means to eradicate him, otherwise must have the future trouble!” “此子居然如此顽强,必须要想办法将他铲除,否则必有后患!” But at this time, Chu Yunfan does not know, relations that because the nuclear bomb erupts, he attracted in the big summer and Monster Race the attention of two great people. 而此时,楚云凡并不知道,因为核弹爆发的关系,他已经吸引到了大夏和妖族之中两个大人物的关注。 At this time just after the nuclear bomb several thousand Monster Race elite put down, Chu Yunfan immediately pushes to the front to lead several hundred valuable peaceful city very much garrison troops in army direction to go. 此时刚刚以核弹将数万妖族精锐扫平之后,楚云凡当即一马当先率领数百宝泰城很守军朝着大军本阵的方向而去。 After the nucleus has put down several thousand armies, in their road aheads, naturally also nobody can prevent, should say that Army Squad of tenth organization system cannot prevent in their front. 在核平了数万大军之后,在他们的前路,自然也就没有人能够阻挡了,应该说没有成建制的军队能够阻挡在他们的面前。 In Chu Yunfan and the others the front, formed battle formation Army Squad to separate a gap directly, seems welcome them to return is the same. 楚云凡等人的面前,原本形成了阵势的军队直接分开了一个缺口,似乎在欢迎他们回归一样。 Valuable peaceful Cities Garrison troops high and low also look the happy expression immediately, flutters outside, at all times the crisis that possibly faces the destruction, finally is separated now dangerously. 宝泰城镇守军上下顿时也是面露喜色,在外面飘荡,随时都可能面临覆灭的危机,现在终于脱离危险了。 Unexpectedly, at this time, Chu Yunfan suddenly felt that a fierce sense of crisis arrives instantaneously, this feeling from the sole board direct impact brain, lets him such as the falling ice hole. 蓦地,就在这个时候,楚云凡突然感觉到一种剧烈的危机感瞬间降临,这种感觉从脚底板一路直冲大脑,让他如坠冰窟。 „It is not good!” “不好!” The Chu Yunfan secret passage is not good, looks up, actually sees, when does not know, above Sky, left one to reach over a hundred kilometers gasified big hand unexpectedly, this gasified the big hand is similar to hangs a day of cloud, the racket fell fiercely all of a sudden. 楚云凡暗道不好,抬头一看,却见,不知道什么时候,天穹之上,居然多出了一只多达上百公里的气化大手,这一只气化大手如同垂天之云,猛地一下子拍落了下来。 Over a hundred kilometers gasifies big hand that is the fearful matter, seemed a mountain range maliciously racket fell, almost must World pressing avalanche. 上百公里的一只气化大手那是何等可怕的事情,就仿佛是一座山脉狠狠拍落了下来,几乎要将天地给压的崩塌了。 The surrounding area over a hundred kilometers, all people felt that an unprecedented terrifying pressure, having made them unable to move, let alone has revolted, even runs away continually is the wishful thinking. 方圆上百公里内,所有的人都感觉到了一种前所未有的恐怖威压,让他们动弹不得,别说是反抗了,甚至连逃走都是痴心妄想。 Only can be the little darling waits for death! 只能是乖乖等死! This feeling, making them feel desperately, that flash, as if passed by a century to be the same. 这种感觉,让他们感觉到绝望,那一瞬间,就仿佛是过去了一个世纪一样。 Not is only the valuable peaceful Cities Garrison troops, the crack troops of peripheral many big summer dynasty also directly at the scene knelt under have drawn, simultaneously in the armed forces fearful aura ebullition rose, must resist with it, but simply was useless. 不仅仅是宝泰城镇守军,还有周边诸多大夏皇朝的精锐部队也都是直接当场跪了下拉,同时军中一道道可怕的气息沸腾崛起,要与之对抗,但是都根本没有用。 This surrounding area over a hundred kilometers, must be ground, the human and animals do not save. 这方圆上百公里之内,统统都要被碾碎,人畜不存。 At this time, Chu Yunfan rose spiritedly a long and loud cry, this feeling was extremely fearful, as if the calamity was the same, certainly generation of fearful expert. 就在这个时候,楚云凡奋起一声长啸,这种感觉太过可怕,仿佛天塌地陷一样,一个绝代可怕的高手 Chu Yunfan has not bumped into this fearful existence truly, that is true invincible. 楚云凡从来没有真正碰到过这种可怕的存在,那是真正的所向无敌。 Compared with existence that this gasified big hand represents, Li Qianyuan's existence, has felt dwarfed simply, may not place on a par. 和这个气化大手所代表的存在相比,李乾元的存在,简直是小巫见大巫了,根本不可相提并论。 By the Chu Yunfan present strength, to Li Qianyuan, does not beat may also run away, but this gasified the big hand to be simply fearful, can like be the crush ants is run over and dies him easily. 楚云凡现在的实力,对上李乾元,不敌也可逃走,但是这一只气化大手简直可怕极了,能轻易像是碾压蝼蚁一样将他碾死。 He is first time bumps into this scale expert! 他还是第一次碰到这种档次的高手 He cried loud and long again and again, the strength of body innumerable Thunder turned into the sword air/Qi, turned into together the terrifying sword air/Qi in his top of the head, simultaneously in his hand, the sword was mad Talisman simultaneously to reappear, prepared to cut to strike fully. 他连连长啸,身上无数的雷霆之力化成剑气,在他的头顶上化成一道恐怖的剑气,同时他的手上,剑气符箓同时浮现了出来,准备以全力斩出一击。 To make him be without a fight, is impossible! 想让他束手就擒,根本不可能! Unexpectedly, plans to stake everything on a single throw of the dice in Chu Yunfan, exposes the complete card in a hand must get rid to resist the time, actually sees, does not know when roughly the finger thick or thin god glow is dropping from the clouds together, covered a surrounding area over a hundred li (0.5km) terrifying big hand to pierce this directly all of a sudden. 蓦地,就在楚云凡打算孤注一掷,暴露全部底牌也要出手抵抗的时候,却见,不知道什么时候一道约莫着手指粗细的神芒从天而降,直接将这一只覆盖了方圆上百里的恐怖大手一下子洞穿。 Bang!” “轰!” This terrifying gasified big hand flew high to explode, changed to the fearful air current crazy volume at the scene, has almost formed the Tornado wind. 这一只恐怖的气化大手凌空爆炸了开来,当场化作可怕的气流狂卷而出,几乎形成了龙卷风。 The people almost felt instantaneously the suppression of heart vanishes all of a sudden, immediately the great happiness, used the hoisting jack hastily, resists Gale that this swept across. 众人几乎瞬间就感觉到心头的压制一下子消失,顿时大喜,连忙用出了千斤顶,抵挡住这席卷过来的狂风 In the hurricane, the Chu Yunfan clothes flap flap make noise, his back sent coolly, a moment ago that terror struck, almost must put in the deathtrap him, although he can also run into Mountains and Rivers Diagram. 飓风之中,楚云凡衣服猎猎作响,他的后背都发凉了,刚才那恐怖的一击,几乎要将他置于死地,虽然他还可以逃入山河图之中。 However even if thinking of his instinct is runs into Mountains and Rivers Diagram Void Space not to be safe, after all initially had the means to get rid to Mountains and Rivers Diagram Void Space including Li Qianyuan, let alone is that fearful existence. 但是他本能的觉得即便是逃入山河图空间之中也不稳妥,毕竟当初连李乾元都有办法对山河图空间出手,何况是那个可怕的存在呢。 Moreover he felt that a fearful matter, that is this big hand comes to him, although has covered surrounding area over a hundred li (0.5km), can say, in the range of surrounding several thousand armies attacked, but he has such feeling. 而且他更感觉到了一个可怕的事情,那就是这一只大手就是冲着他来的,虽然是覆盖了方圆上百里,可以说,周围数万大军都在打击的范围之内,但是他还是有这样的感觉。 He is assured, this strikes definitely comes to him, but other people, but was affected. 他敢笃定,这一击肯定是冲着他来的,而其他人,不过是受到波及罢了。
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