CCG :: Volume #20

#1933: I underestimated you, Thousand Years’ First Sage

Cannot let demon bear absolutely, internal parasite demon god summoned. 绝对不能让邪魔熊,将体内寄生的‘魔神’召唤出来。 Otherwise, its battle efficiency will jump to Eternal Life Being directly close level...... by that time hits to be troublesome, is not careful will cause the huge destruction to the Ruism center. 否则,它的战斗力将直接跃升至接近‘长生者’的层次……到时候打起来会非常伤脑筋,不小心会对儒家腹地造成巨大的破坏。 Evidently, needs take action, stops this demon bear. 看样子,必须要出手,制止这邪魔熊 At this time, the exposition unable has avoided. 这个时候,暴露已经无法避免。 Oh Hǒu hǒu hǒu hǒu, ?” demon bear after oh hǒu hǒu called for quite a while, has discovered a major problem. “喔吼吼吼吼,?”邪魔熊在‘喔吼吼’叫了半天后,发现了个大问题。 In the past so long as the thought moved, will coordinate it to appear, parasites in the within its body’s demon gal strength, this time actually jammed. Simply has not responded to it, no longer coordinates it. 以往只要念头一动,就会配合着它出现,寄生于它体内的魔伽力量,这次却卡壳了。根本没有回应它,也不再配合它。 What happened?” demon bear a confused face this matter, it is also first meet. “发生什么事了?”邪魔熊一脸懵逼这种事情,它也是第一次遇上。 The opposite is also a confused face. 对面也是一脸懵逼 After all demon bear has shown bear Pu the posture, looked like looks like must send incurs greatly was the same. Everybody prepared the defensive measure, but this demon bear has only cried loudly without tears for quite a while, the least bit responded that did not have...... 毕竟邪魔熊摆出了熊扑的姿势,看起来就像是要发大招了一样。大家都准备好防御手段了,但这只邪魔熊干嚎了半天,半点反应都没有…… Both sides a little are both awkward. 双方都有点尴尬。 Was skill use is defeated?” Song Shuhang said. “是技能使用失败了吗?”宋书航道。 Possibly comes under the influence of Ruism defensive spell array?” Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword after all here is the Ruism’s center, the Holy Man’s domain. No one knows that in the past the suppression present age, beat All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ Holy Man, can leave behind anything to restrain the high-grade demon the method. “可能是受到儒家防御阵法的影响?”心魔赤霄剑道毕竟这里是儒家的腹地,圣人的地盘。谁也不知道当年镇压当世、吊打诸天万界的圣人,会不会留下什么克制高等级邪魔的手段。 Perhaps even was Ruism in secret has person of high skill take action. 甚至说不定是儒家暗中有高人出手了。 It and White Dragon, indistinctly induce in crowd to a formidable aura. 它和白龙,都在人群中隐约感应到一个强大的气息。 Oh Hǒu hǒu hǒu demon bear has bellowed, crazy summon within the body demon gal strength. “喔吼吼吼邪魔熊又大吼了一遍,疯狂的召唤体内的‘魔伽’力量。 Can give it the opportunity? hēi hēi hēi.” Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword said: It looks like very appearance diligently cracks a joke, we take the opportunity to resentment it to death.” “要给它机会吗?嘿嘿嘿。”心魔赤霄剑道:“它看起来很努力的样子开个玩笑,我们趁机怼死它吧。” As Heart Demon of pure blood, its one line naturally can conform to own status at one fell swoop. Looting a burning house and throwing stones at somebody who fell down a well this kind of thing, is the matter that Heart Demon must do. 身为纯血的心魔,它的一举一行自然会符合自己的身份。趁火打劫、落井下石这种事情,才是心魔要干的事情。 Wait/Etc....... After all has worked as my some time companion, therefore give it a chance to show off itself.” Pavilion Lord Chu two said: I can guarantee that cannot make it annoy great trouble, how regardless of it erupts, I can guarantee that the first hammer explodes it.” “等等……毕竟当过我一段时间的同伴,所以给它一个展现自我的机会吧。”楚阁主two道:“我可以保证不会让它惹出大麻烦的,无论它怎么爆发,我都能保证第一时间锤爆它。” Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword: „......” 心魔赤霄剑:“……” You feared that isn't only false Heart Demon? 你怕不是只假的心魔 fellow daoist, since said that we certainly have no reason to object. That again waits.” Elder Sister White Dragon said. 道友既然这么说了,我们当然也没有反对的理由。那就再等等吧。”白龙姐姐道。 Song Shuhang raise head Heavens Above. 宋书航抬头望天 Always feels this only demon bear, unexpectedly a bit pitiful. 总感觉这只邪魔熊,意外的有点可怜 Therefore , choice real very important of teammate. 所以说,队友的选择真的非常重要 ...... …… ...... …… Because there is an enough time to catch up, pulls the throat was calling after for quite a while, the demon gal strength of demon bear within the body finally responded to its summon. 因为有足够的时间发力,又扯着嗓子叫了半天后,邪魔熊体内的魔伽力量终于回应了它的呼唤。 However, demon gal responded to its strength at this time, looked like squeezes out moisture content from the withered branch hardly, the dry pity, made in the will of the people the pantothenic acid. 但是,魔伽此时回应它的力量,就像是从干枯的树枝中硬挤出一丝水分,干涩的可怜,令人心里泛酸。 demon bear: Demon gal, what’s wrong with you?】 邪魔熊:【魔伽,你这是怎么了?】 I do not know, my strength was mysteriously hollowed out, suddenly completely hollowed out, I never experience like present.】 Parasitism in demon god weakly said of demon bear within the body. 【我不知道,我的力量莫名其妙被抽空了,一下子全部抽空了,我从来没有像现在这样的经历。】寄生在邪魔熊体内的魔神虚弱道 This feeling...... Looked like it by killing one time, the feeling of then resurrecting. 这种感觉……就像是它被‘杀’了一次,然后重新复活的感觉。 As special parasitic-type demon, so long as parasited creature had not died, demon gal can through the user strength resurrecting. 身为特殊‘寄生型’的魔物,只要被寄生的生物还没有死去,‘魔伽’就能通过宿主的力量‘复活’。 This existence way, approaches in Karmic Virtue light weakened version. 这种存在方式,接近于功德光的弱化版 Can like this?】 In the demon bear heart wells up the feeling that one type must end. 【怎么会这样?】邪魔熊心中涌上一种要完的感觉。 It lowers the head slightly, is looking at Song Shuhang. 它微微低头,望着宋书航 Suddenly, it has thought of a possibility: Is you!” 突然,它想到了一个可能:“是你!” Song Shuhang: „???” 宋书航:“???” so that’s how it is, has not thought that you already fudged in my body unexpectedly. I underestimated you, Thousand Years’ First Sage, Profound Sage Tyrant Song.” demon bear is pointing at Song Shuhang, said solemnly. 原来如此,没想到你竟然早就在我身上动了手脚。我小看你了,千年第一圣,霸宋玄圣。”邪魔熊指着宋书航,沉声道 Song Shuhang restored from confused, his corner of the mouth rises, reveals one type everything is in my grasp although the smile does not know that what demon bear said is anything, but he knows, oneself at this time, so long as smiled is OK. 宋书航已经从懵逼中恢复过来,他嘴角上扬,露出一种‘一切尽在我掌握中’的微笑虽然不知道邪魔熊说的是什么,但他知道,自己这个时候,只要微笑就可以了。 So long as charming showing a faint smile, everything is understood without uttering a word. 只要帅气的微微一笑,一切尽在不言中 Remaining, demon bear looks at his smiling face, can make up the plot brain. 剩下的,邪魔熊看着他的笑脸,就能将剧情脑补完毕。 This first round, I acknowledge defeat.” demon bear said: But when I come again, that’s when you’ll be destroyed!” 这第一局,我认载。”邪魔熊道:“但等我再来之时,就是你们毁灭之际!” Then, its fierce flees backward, opens Gate of Space to run away. 说罢,它猛的向后一窜,打开空间之门逃窜。 Demon of the Nine Serenities never flaunts the foolhardiness. 九幽邪魔从不逞匹夫之勇。 It must immediately the Ruism’s movement, report to ruler by that time, so long as tows a ruler’s wisp of strength to come, can milling broken Profound Sage Tyrant Song. 它必须马上将儒家的动作,报告给主宰到时候,只要牵引主宰的一缕力量过来,都能够辗碎霸宋玄圣 Blocks its space!” Song Shuhang voice transmission gives several seniors. “封锁它空间!”宋书航传音给几位前辈。 Did not need, to run away happen to...... A while hits, opening that I put.” Pavilion Lord Chu two slowly replied: My Clear Water Pavilion is waiting for it in another end of space channel.” “不用,逃走了正好……一会儿打起来,我更放的开。”楚阁主two缓缓回道:“我的‘碧水阁’在空间通道的另一端等着它。” Song Shuhang: This operation?” 宋书航:“还有这操作?” During the speeches, demon bear has drilled into the space channel, vanishes does not see. 说话间,邪魔熊已经钻入空间通道,消失不见。 I go to hammer to explode it, bring it back again.” Pavilion Lord Chu two was also saying to antenna hair of Song Shuhang top of the head: My head, lends me your strength.” “我去将它锤爆,再带回来。”楚阁主two又对着宋书航头顶的呆毛道:“我的脑袋,将你的力量借给我吧。” Before she had mentioned, demon bear is Demon of the Nine Serenities was discussing with several came Ruism to carry out the plan of matter, therefore, demon bear also had other companions. 之前她就提起过,邪魔熊是在和数只‘九幽邪魔’商量着来儒家搞事的计划,所以,邪魔熊还有其他同伴。 She needs the help of Pavilion Lord Chu main body. 她需要楚阁主本体的帮忙。 My present energy storage are not many, most three strike.” Pavilion Lord Chu replied. “我现在的能量存储不多,最多三击。”楚阁主回道 Was enough.” Pavilion Lord Chu two said that she and strength and Pavilion Lord Chu’s strength, combined together is their true strengths: Strength leave it to me ba.” “足够了。”楚阁主two道她和力量和楚阁主的力量,结合在一起才是她们真正的实力:“将力量交给我吧。” Therefore, on the Song Shuhang’s head left two seven meters antenna hair. 于是,宋书航的脑袋上又多出了两根七米长的呆毛 Altogether three long antenna hair, from the sky drag. 一共三根长长的呆毛,在空中摇曳。 Pavilion Lord Chu two puts out a hand, these three antenna hair fall in her hands. 楚阁主two一伸手,这三根呆毛落在她手中。 Her grabbed these three seven meters hair, insert toward oneself head on, then she and Song Shuhang waved, opens the space channel, similarly vanishes does not see. 抓起这三根七米长的头发,往自己脑袋上一插,然后她和宋书航挥了挥手,打开空间通道,同样消失不见。 Pavilion Lord Chu two and demon bear come also in a hurry, goes also in a hurry. 楚阁主two和邪魔熊来也匆匆,去也匆匆。 Senior White puts out a hand, Scarlet Firmament Sword will hand over to Song Shuhang, unfathomable mystery said: almost there.” 白前辈伸手,将‘赤霄剑’递回给宋书航,又莫名其妙道:“差不多了。” What thing almost there?” Song Shuhang asked. “什么东西差不多了?”宋书航问道。 My energy, remains are not many.” Senior White Doppelgänger has referred to itself: Then, I must save consumption.” “我的能量,所剩不多了。”白前辈分身指了指自己:“接下来,我要节省消耗。” Senior White was laborious, following matter on leave it to us ba.” Song Shuhang said. 白前辈辛苦了,接下来的事就交给我们吧。”宋书航道。 Even if no Senior White of energy, can play the charm amulet the effect. So long as he does not dissipate, even if he is only stands is in a daze same place, can play stability morale of troops function. 就算是没有能量的白前辈,也能起到护身符的效果。只要他不消散,哪怕他仅是站在原地发呆,都能起到‘稳定军心’的作用。 ×××××××× ×××××××× Heavenly Court fragment Heart Demon Cave. 天庭碎片心魔洞’。 Song Shuhang several people, enter. 宋书航几人,进入其中。 Before was broken by demon bear, several people have not come and explored this Heart Demon Cave. 之前被邪魔熊打断,几人都没来的及探索这心魔洞 this place, gives me a very uncomfortable feeling.” Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword hangs after the Song Shuhang waist, said out loud. 这地方,给我一种非常不舒服的感觉。”心魔赤霄剑挂在宋书航腰后,出声道 That moment in manhole, it gushes out the intermittent chill in the air from heart. 进入洞中的那一刻,它从心底涌出阵阵寒意。 This place, has been full of the evil intention to Heart Demon. 这个地方,对‘心魔’充满了恶意。 The Elder Sister White Dragon’s vision inspected in Heart Demon Cave, has not discovered the valuable thing. 白龙姐姐的目光在‘心魔洞’中巡视了一圈,没有发现有价值的东西。 True Monarch Eternal Fire: Fellow Daoist White, did you find anything wrong there?” 恒火真君:“白道友,你那边有什么发现不?” Senior White Doppelgänger shook the head: Has been a pity, if at this time main body because of were good.” 白前辈分身摇了摇头:“可惜了,这个时候要是本体在就好了。” Such, he can grab the main body to fling, which flings to toward which digs, can definitely dig to wanting thing. 那样,他可以抓着本体甩一圈,甩到哪就往哪挖,肯定能挖到想要的东西。
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