CCG :: Volume #1

#1: True Monarch Yellow Mountain and Nine Provinces (1) Group

On Monday , May 20 , 2019. 2019年5月20日,星期一。 Spring completely summer solstice. 春尽夏至。 This season, the Jiangnan area's day and night temperature difference changes is very big. During the daytime also puts on underpants hot to become dog ; In the evening actually must shrink the frozen to become Hanhao bird in the bedding. 这个季节,江南地区的昼夜温差变的很大。白天还穿裤衩热成狗;晚上却得缩在被窝里冻成寒号鸟。 Jiangnan University Campus. 江南大学城 Time that 2 : 13 pm, this point students attend class. Song Shuhang actually stays in the dormitory alone, the computer table by drawing to the bedside, facilitates him to use various postures to observe watching movie. 下午 2 点13分,这个点正是学生们上课的时间。宋书航却独自呆在宿舍,电脑桌被拉到床边,方便他用各种姿势观看电影 Hobby-- that Song Shuhang has not skipped classes the midnight weather was sultry yesterday evening, he in sleep put forth one move Twin Dragon Emerging From The Seas tread to fly the quilt. After midnight, the temperature play falls. from top to bottom only then Song Shuhang of small underpants compelled immediately painstakingly, his both hands in sleep try to find out on the bed with hardship, search, actually cannot trace the quilt. Finally only then shrinks shrimp shape, shivering under the despotic power of midnight cold wind. 宋书航并没有逃课的爱好——昨晚上半夜天气闷热,睡梦中的他使出一招‘双龙出海’蹬飞了被子。下半夜,气温剧降。浑身上下只有一条小裤衩的宋书航顿时苦逼了,睡梦中的他双手在床上苦苦摸索,寻寻觅觅,却摸不到被子。最后只有缩成皮皮虾状,在午夜寒风的淫威下瑟瑟发抖 When morning sun raises, Song Shuhang has become one of the seasonal cold army. 朝阳升起时,宋书航已成为季节性感冒大军的一员。 The roommates had asked for leave today's class for him. 室友已经替他请假了今天的课。 Then, he ate medicine for colds, a sleep/felt rests now. 然后,他吃了感冒药,一觉睡到现在。 The high fever removes, the body somewhat feels weak, such status basic unable attended class. Therefore, he can only stay in dormitory bored watching movie. 高烧褪去,身体还是有些发虚,这样的状态根本无法去上课。所以,他只能独自一人呆在宿舍无聊的看电影 On the screen, the broadcast progress bar of movie advances slowly. But the content of movie, Song Shuhang has not actually looked. 屏幕上,电影的播放进度条缓缓推进。但电影的内容,宋书航却一点都没看进去。 Drug efficacy has not passed, is quite sleepy.” He had a yawn, felt that the eye hides somewhat heavily. “药效还没过去吗,好困。”他打了个哈欠,感觉眼皮子有些沉重。 dī dī dī ~ at this time, the computer right bottom chat software beat. 滴滴滴~’这时,电脑右下角的聊天软件跳动。 Some this people add him for the good friend, or join the prompt of group. 这是有人将他加为好友、或是加入群组的提示。 Who adds me?” Song Shuhang muttered, he put out a hand at a computer touch-screen right bottom lightly point, prompted the news to spring. “谁加我?”宋书航喃喃道,他伸手在电脑触屏的右下角轻轻一点,提示消息弹出。 [ True Monarch Yellow Mountain( ******) has requested to add you as a 『friend』.] Additional Information: None. [黄山真君(******)请求添加你为好友。]附加消息:无 True Monarch Yellow Mountain? who ah, this strange nickname? 黄山真君谁啊,这种奇怪的昵称? Is the class schoolmate?” Song Shuhang secretly thought, in the mind remembered in the class that several obviously already the fellow who goes to college actually is also in the youth fantasy period. If they, can indeed have this strange nickname. “是班级里的同学吗?”宋书航暗道,脑海中不由想起了班级中那几个明明已经上大学却还处于青春幻想期的家伙。如果是他们的话,的确会起这种奇怪的昵称。 Thinks of here, he selected 『Accept』. 想到这里,他点了‘同意’ immediately afterwards, system message springs. 紧接着,又有一条系统消息弹出。 [ True Monarch Yellow Mountain has invited you to join the chat group 'Nine Provinces (1) Group', 『Accept』『Deny』?] [黄山真君邀请你加入群‘九洲一号群’,是否同意?] Song Shuhang continued according to the agreement. 宋书航继续按了同意。 'Mountain of Books' Huge Pressure' agrees to join 'Nine Provinces (1) Group'. ‘书山压力大’同意加入‘九洲一号群’ [ You have agreed to join group, greeted with group friends!] Also forwards as an enclosure has the system smile. [您已同意加入群组,和群友们打个招呼吧!]还附送有个系统笑脸。 The nowadays chat tool does more and more user-friendly. 这年头聊天工具做的越来越人性化。 After a series of prompts spring, Song Shuhang brings to a conclusion switched off the prompt and group chat window-- his present sleepiness upwells, where had the energy to manage itself to add what group? 一连串的提示弹出后,宋书航谈定的关掉了提示和群聊天窗口——他现在睡意上涌,哪有精力管自己加了什么群? In any case, his group chat settings is do not notify new posts, only show numbers unread, group will chat not to spring to disturb him, will only demonstrate the chat number after the group. 反正,他的群设置一直是‘不提示消息只显示数目’,群里聊天不会弹出打扰到他,只会在群组后显示聊天数目。 After he is more sober, can flip chat log, then can know what oneself join was what group, in the crowd chat log of member will not lose. 等他清醒些后,可以去翻翻聊天记录,便能知道自己加入的是什么群了,还有群里成员的聊天记录也不会丢失。 The eye is getting more and more heavy...... 眼睛越来越沉重...... The movie progress bar tenacious advance, Song Shuhang's consciousness is still fuzzier. 电影进度条依旧顽强的前进,宋书航的意识却越加模糊。 ********** ********** In Nine Provinces (1) Group, saw that after having newbie joins, in the group has the lurker member to crop up. 九洲一号群中,见到有新人加入后,群里有潜水成员冒头。 Loose Practitioner North River: „Did True Monarch Yellow Mountain add position new fellow daoist to come in? More than one year haven't added newbie?” 北河散人:“黄山真君加了位新道友进来吗?已经有一年多没加新人了吧?” Also some ID are Su Clan's The Seventh rapid reply: Has new fellow daoist? Which area is fellow daoist China? In which immortal residence cultivation? Dao name? cultivation base several stages?” 又有ID为‘苏氏阿七’迅速回复:“有新道友道友华夏哪个区的?在哪个洞府修行道号呢?修为几品了?” This series of question, always feel something is wrong? 这一连串问题,总感觉有什么地方不对劲 Almost meanwhile, ID is Mad Sabre Three Waves' springs the news: New fellow daoist sex? Is the fairy maiden otherwise? Is words report measurements and bright photo!” 几乎同时,ID为狂刀三浪的弹出消息:“新道友性别?是仙子否?是的话报三围、亮个照呗!” Sees Su Clan's The Seventh and Mad Sabre Three Waves' news, in the group has several people of corner of the mouth to twitch. 看到苏氏阿七狂刀三浪的消息,群里有好几人嘴角抽搐。 Brother Three Waves, you are really the goldfish?” Loose Practitioner North River sighed: You don't seeking death, what to do if True Monarch Yellow Mountain did add the big senior to come in?” 三浪兄,你果然是属金鱼的吗?”北河散人叹道:“你可别又作死,万一黄山真君又加了位大前辈进来怎么办?” Three Waves this fellow anything is good, affectionate and true and helpful, therefore personal connection not bad-- usually likes a flower, done peaceful death. 三浪这家伙什么都好,有情有义、乐于助人,所以人缘不错——就是平时喜欢口花花,作的一手好死。 When this fellow lucky value low make the blood boil, each time between intent seeking death, offended always big senior. These idle the egg sore big senior to worry not to have the pleasure, naturally very happy tosses about Mad Sabre Three Waves this delivering pleasure. 偏偏这家伙幸运值又低的让人发指,每次不禁意间作死时,得罪的总是大前辈。这些闲着蛋疼的大前辈正愁没乐子,自然很开心的折腾起狂刀三浪这个送上门的乐子。 Kneels to ask do not raise big senior several characters, this throne has the shadow at heart.” Mad Sabre Three Waves sent one row having tears streaming down the face expression. “跪求不要提‘大前辈’几字,本座心里有阴影。”狂刀三浪发了一排‘泪流满面’的表情。 Four years ago his broken mouth offended one attractively big senior, was tossed about...... that big senior to toss about his entire one year miserably continually 4 months. You have not misunderstood, is entire one year 4 months! Remembers that inhuman eventful years, his eye socket was moist. 四年前他这张破嘴得罪了一位漂亮的‘大前辈’,被折腾惨了......那大前辈一连折腾了他整整一年零四个月。您没听错,是整整一年零四个月啊!想起那段非人的峥嵘岁月,他的眼眶都湿润了。 Three Waves this saying just now says, in group one after another springs naughty smile emoji-- to not mince matter, straightforward taking pleasure in others' misfortunes. 三浪才这话才刚说完,群里就接二连三的弹出坏笑表情——毫不掩饰、直白的幸灾乐祸。 In the group demonstrated online status has eight people, including six people of simultaneously sprang brushed a row of smile. 群里显示在线状态的有八人,其中有六人齐齐弹出刷了一排的笑脸。 Your this group of mean fellows, this throne remembered each of you, do not make this throne meet you, otherwise must make you taste the this throne Seventy Two Paths of the Rapid Sabre experience evil!” Mad Sabre Three Waves said bitterly. He has the self-confidence to oneself sharp knife very much, a moment ago the bad smile six fellows, duel words one has not been his opponent. “你们这群幸灾乐祸的家伙,本座记住你们每一个人了,不要让本座遇上你们,否则一定要让你们尝尝本座七十二路快刀的历害!”狂刀三浪恨恨道。他对自己的快刀很有自信,刚才坏笑的六个家伙,单挑的话没有一个是他的对手。 Mad Sabre Three Waves just now says. 狂刀三浪才刚说完。 In group Riima played naughty smile emoji, is Su Clan's The Seventh's. 群里马上又弹上了一个坏笑表情,是苏氏阿七的 Then Su Clan's The Seventh very excitedly said: When duel?” 接着苏氏阿七兴奋道:“什么时候单挑?” Obviously, meaning-- that Su Clan's The Seventh has not taken pleasure in others'misfortunes he wants to look for dried man one. 显然,苏氏阿七并没有幸灾乐祸的意思——他就是想找人干一架。 „......” Mad Sabre Three Waves withered immediately. “......”狂刀三浪顿时萎了。 Because he cannot be victorious The Seventh! 因为他打不过阿七 His cultivation base is profound, has achieved 5 Spirit Sovereign late stage realm, to 6 Spirit Monarch also only then two distances, but he cannot be victorious The Seventh. 修为精深,已达到五品灵皇后期境界,离六品灵君也只有两步之距,但是他打不过阿七 His 72 groups of sabre technique are quick and ruthless, as fast as lightning movement technique, but cannot be victorious The Seventh. 他一手七十二路刀法又快又狠,还有快如闪电身法,但是打不过阿七 He is known as Mad Sabre, when is crazy feared including oneself, but cannot be victorious The Seventh! 他号称狂刀,狂起来时连自己都怕,但就是打不过阿七 After the person in group sees Three Waves withered, is one skewer of unscrupulous smiling faces. 群里的人看到三浪萎了后,又是一串肆无忌惮的笑脸。 „......” This time, Mad Sabre Three Waves can only depressed sends one skewer of colons. “......”这次,狂刀三浪只能郁闷的发一串冒号。 In group person restless half of the day, has not actually seen newbie to make noise, has some doubts. 群里人闹腾了半天,却没看到新人出声,有些疑惑 New doesn't fellow daoist make noise?” Loose Practitioner North River quietly asked. “新道友不出声?”北河散人出声问道 What a pity, because of the medicine for colds drug efficacy, Song Shuhang has entered half-asleep status again. 可惜,因为感冒药的药效,宋书航已经再次进入半睡状态 At this time, Su Clan's The Seventh reported a news very much happily: I looked, new fellow daoist called 'Mountain of Books' Huge Pressure'. Listens to call this Dao name's expert? This does Dao name sound somewhat seems like Ru Gate's ascetic? Really makes one anticipate! These years, Ru Gate's ascetic lives in seclusion was very deep, looks could not find. I have about hundred years not to hit them! Recalls, Ru Gate's ascetic compared with the crispness that Buddhism must hit, not only the glib lips experience evil, the fist is also hard enough. Moreover when projects on the interest will also read poems to add to the fun heroically, is crisp! Most liked hitting them.” 这时,苏氏阿七又很开心的发了条消息:“我看了下,新道友‘书山压力大’。有听过叫这道号的高手吗?这道号听起来有些像是儒门的行者?真让人期待啊!这些年,儒门的行者隐居的很深,找都找不到。我已经有近百年没打过了他们了!回想起来,儒门的行者佛门还要打的爽,不仅嘴皮子历害,拳头也够硬。而且打到兴致时还会豪迈吟诗助兴,倍爽!最喜欢打他们了。” The Seventh, I said that you to the new fellow daoist's anticipation forever is easy to hit, as well as hits crisp uncomfortable?” Mad Sabre Three Waves sent crying emoji to say. This is simply the feudal bully behavior is good?! 阿七,我说,你对新道友的期待永远只有好不好打,以及打的爽不爽吗?”狂刀三浪发了个泪流满面的表情道。这简直是恶霸行为好不好?! “Eh.” Su Clan's The Seventh is somewhat embarrassed. “呃。”苏氏阿七有些不好意思。 Loose Practitioner North River bad smile said: Can be will not use the chat tool big senior?” 北河散人坏笑道:“会不会又是个不会用聊天工具的‘大前辈’?” His such saying, the people felt that this scene does have much regards the feeling? 他这么一说,众人都感觉这场面很有即视感呢? Right, about the same four years ago as if also closed up for more than hundred years later the senior who goes out, got up the chat software similarly with great difficulty, was joined the group by True Monarch Yellow Mountain. Because actually will not type, without speech. 对啊,差不多四年前似乎也有一位闭关了百多年后出关的前辈,同样好不容易上了聊天软件,被黄山真君加入了群。却因为不会打字,没有发言。 Then, named Mad Sabre Three Waves' fellow a happy before this senior flower, wants this senior to report the measurements, wants her to send the picture, wants the voice to chat anything. 然后,一位叫狂刀三浪的家伙很开心的在这位前辈面前口花花,又要这位前辈报三围,又要她发照片,又要语音聊天啥的。 Then...... less than several days, Mad Sabre Three Waves saw with one's own eyes this senior. That is very attractive senior, in the bright moonlight like nighttime sky equally is beautifully dazzling. 然后......没过几天,狂刀三浪就亲眼看到了这位前辈。那是位很漂亮的前辈,如同夜空中的明月一样耀眼美丽。 Again then, this beautiful senior tossed about Mad Sabre Three Waves entire one year 4 months, well satisfied departure. 再接着,这位美丽的前辈折腾了狂刀三浪整整一年零四个月,才心满意足的离开。 Mad Sabre Three Waves knelt immediately. 狂刀三浪顿时跪了。 Yellow Mountain?” At this time, named Medicine Master ID speech. 黄山?”这时,一个叫‘药师’的ID发言。 unfathomable mystery brief news, quite baffling. 莫名其妙的简短消息,没头没尾。 Was good the person in group is used to Medicine Master brief chat to be familiar with-- he to ask where early the group admin True Monarch Yellow Mountain person was at? 好在群里的人早习惯了药师简短的聊天习惯——他是在问群主黄山真君人在哪? Speaking briefly is not Medicine Master character noble cold and proud, what because he types to use is two fingers of Zen adds writing by hand, the speed thief is slow. The number of words many time also easy mistakes, deleting to write the pain to be incomparable. Therefore the Medicine Master custom speech can short short. Gradually, turned into the present this a man of few words exchange way. 发言简短并不是药师性格高贵冷傲,而因为他打字用的是二指禅加手写,速度贼慢。字数多的时候还容易错,删删写写痛苦无比。所以药师习惯发言能短则短。久而久之,就变成了如今这种惜字如金的交流方式。 „After he added the person, offline, heard that immediately his family/home that treasure great monster dog piqued and headstrong running away from home, True Monarch Yellow Mountain pursued. Dealing with that treasure great monster dog is not easy, now True Monarch affirmed busy, can get online natives of Canada is finds time rarely.” Loose Practitioner North River replied. “他加了人后就马上下线了,听说他家那只宝贝大妖犬又负气离家出走了,黄山真君又去追了。应付那宝贝大妖犬可不容易,现在真君肯定忙的很,能上线加人都是难得抽空。”北河散人回道 „......” Medicine Master. “......”药师 That can only wait for the new fellow daoist learned after the chat tool chatted.” Su Clan's The Seventh said after a sigh. They are indelib, thinks newly joined is also in the person of same belief the person. “那只能等新道友学会用聊天工具后再聊了。”苏氏阿七感叹道。他们都先入为主,认为新加入的也是同道中人。 Sees new fellow daoist not to respond, online several see not to have the pleasure, in abundance lurker. 见新道友没有反应,在线的几位见没乐子,也都纷纷潜水了。 ********** ********** About after one hour, Song Shuhang sobers slightly. 大约一个小时后,宋书航稍稍清醒过来。 Remembers that some people added my group a moment ago, probably called Nine Provinces (1) Group to come?” He muttered in a low voice, selected the right bottom chat tool conveniently, pulled out the Nine Provinces (1) Group's chat window. “记得刚才有人加我群了吧,好像叫九洲一号群来着?”他低声喃喃,随手点开右下角的聊天工具,拉出九洲一号群的聊天窗口。 What group is? 到底是个什么群? Quick, one hour ago chat log appears before him. 很快,一个小时前的聊天记录出现在他面前。 Song Shuhang toured probably. 宋书航大概游览了一遍。 fellow daoist? immortal residence? cultivation base several stages? 道友洞府修为几品 Senior? True Monarch? this throne? Captures great monster dog? 还有前辈?真君本座?追捕大妖犬 Special-purpose glossaries in various Xianxia novel. 各种仙侠小说里的专用词汇。 In group chat speech way also very interesting-- of personnel half ancient, is half white. Feeling is the modern people tries to exchange in archaism, because of Classics foundation of basic skills fail, causing the exchange way to be very irritable. 群里人员的聊天说话方式也很有趣——半古不古,半白不白的。给人的感觉就是现代人试图用古语交流,偏偏又因为古文的功底不及格,导致交流方式很别扭。 chī~ ~ Song Shuhang smiles to make noise. 哧~~宋书航笑出声来。 Evidently is this group that Xianxia fan constructs? 看样子这是个仙侠爱好者建的群? oh no, this absolutely is not the ordinary Xianxia fan group! 哦不,这绝对不是普通的仙侠爱好者群! In the group everyone had Dao name to oneself, living place must call immortal residence, the pet dog that group admin was lost must describe that in got married great monster dog running away from home. Also some people said that what over a hundred years have not hit Ru Gate ascetic, in other words that person said that had lived several hundred years old? 群里每个人都给自己起了个道号,住的地方要称洞府,群主走失的宠物犬都要形容成家里大妖犬离家出走。还有人自称上百年没打过儒门行者啥的,也就是说那人自称已经活了好几百岁了? Only is looks at these chat log has a good ashamed feeling. 光是看着这些聊天记录就有种好羞耻之感。 This infatuated degree, has reached the Chuunibyou degree, and has China characteristics Xianxia Chuunibyou very much.” Song Shuhang secret nod. “这种痴迷程度,已经达到了中二病的程度吧,而且是很有华夏特色的仙侠中二。”宋书航暗暗点头。 Evidently, this is the concentration camp of Xianxia Chuunibyou patient! 看样子,这是个仙侠中二病患者的集中营! This is he in the first impression of member to 'Nine Provinces (1) Group' and group. 这便是他对‘九洲一号群’和群里成员的第一印象。 Why however will add him to enter the group? 不过为什么会加他入群? He read under the group admin True Monarch Yellow Mountain's material, not own schoolmate, oneself definitely does not know him. 他看了下群主黄山真君的资料,并不是自己的同学,自己也肯定不认识他。 Adds by mistake? 是误加吗?
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