CLS :: Volume #26

#2585: According to killing

The opposite party heard Yi Tianyun saying that complexion became gloomy incomparable, their true ideas, but also was really similar to such that Yi Tianyun said that for was oneself. 对方听到易天云这么说,脸色变得阴沉无比,他们的真正想法,还真是如同易天云所说的那样,为的就是自己。 Let one pile of influence resources support them, for is hurries to break through, when the time comes came up, on wanting battlefield. cultivation base is too when the time comes disappointing, that may on the battle dead battleground. 让一堆势力的资源养活他们,为的就是赶紧突破,到时候上去了,又要上战场。到时候修为太差劲,那可就会战死沙场了。 They did not think the dying in battle battleground, does not want dead. But has to come up, after all above everywhere that they are stronger. 他们可不想战死沙场,更不想死。可是不得不上去,毕竟上面比他们强的比比皆是。 In order to has a good reputation, they then with the splendid lie, when the time comes bounded upper boundary investigates, they do not think afraid. 为了能有个好名声,他们便是冠以个富丽堂皇的谎言,到时候就算有界上界的追究下来,他们也不觉得心虚。 Who knows by a Yi Tianyun language is punctured, making them feel that is very angry. 谁知被易天云一语戳破,让他们觉得很是恼怒。 Nonsense!” Mist gate nine they will definitely not admit oneself issue, but blushes the anger to exclaim: What you understand, have you gone to the battlefield? What does not know, but also spoke these words to us, from others' mouth, had not known that a matter, so was rampant?” “胡扯!”岚门九尊他们肯定不会承认自己的问题,而是红着脸怒吼道:“你懂什么,你上过战场吗?什么都不知道,还跟我们说这些话,还不是从别人的口中,得知一点事情,就那么嚣张了?” They become angry out of shame, sends out swift and fierce killing intent, wishes one could to want Yi Tianyun skinning. 他们羞恼成怒,一个个都散发出凌厉的杀意,恨不得想要把易天云给剥皮。 „Sorry, I have gone to the battlefield, moreover contributed to the great merit. The upper boundary, did not say all people, at least most people know my reputation.” The Yi Tianyun expression is indifferent, he has not gone to the battlefield, but depends on this two Quest, the achievement that he attains, does not know many times compared with mist gate nine their stronger on absolutely. “很抱歉,我真的上过战场,而且还立大功了。界上界,不说所有人,至少大部分人都知道我的名头。”易天云表情淡然,他是没有上过战场,但就凭这两次的任务,他所获的成就,绝对比岚门九尊他们要强上不知多少倍。 Ha haha......” “哈哈哈……” They laugh suddenly, thought that this truly is a joke. 他们忽然间大笑起来,觉得这真是一个笑话。 cultivation base is insufficient, you also pulled with me said that has gotten up the upper boundary? Also told me, is very resounding in the upper boundary fame? Boasted, must know that the foundation matter was good? Nine star supreme Intermediate Stage above cultivation base, who can't want you?” Mist gate nine think that sees through the Yi Tianyun's lie, is taunts: cultivation base is too low, cannot achieve the effect to come in battlefield, you above is a cannon fodder!” 修为都不够,你还跟我扯说上过界上界?还跟我说,在界上界名气很响亮?吹牛,也要知道点基础事情好不好?没有九星至尊中期以上修为,谁会要你?”岚门九尊自以为识破易天云的谎言,便是冷嘲热讽道:“修为太低,在战场上根本发挥不出效果来,你在上面不过是炮灰罢了!” Cannon fodder? Said is you?” The Yi Tianyun expression is indifferent. “炮灰?说的就是你们自己么?”易天云表情淡然。 Said unexpectedly we are the cannon fodders!” They were stepped on the cat of tail likely, starts to scream: Also wants to ascertain, behind you anyone, now looks like, even if behind you are ten stars is supreme, nobody saved you!” “竟说我们是炮灰!”他们像是被踩了尾巴的猫,开始尖叫起来:“本来还想问清楚,你背后有谁,现在看来,就算你背后是十星至尊,都没人救得了你!” Has killed them!” “杀了他们!” Mist gate nine they were sufficed, endured patiently to reach the limit, continued such to get down again, their all fig leaf, feared that was by Yi Tianyun taking away. 岚门九尊他们受够了,忍耐到达极限了,再继续这么下去,他们的所有遮羞布,怕是都被易天云给拿走了。 Yi Tianyun has swept their one eyes, sneers saying: Such being the case, you give me dead, is flaunting the upper boundary banner, here deceives the people!” 易天云扫了他们一眼,冷笑道:“既然如此,那你们都给我去死吧,打着界上界的旗号,在这里蒙骗众人!” The next quarter, he erupts full power similarly, toward front plunders to kill to go crazily. These fellows are flaunting the upper boundary banner, making him also feel is not feeling well, simply is to the one insult of upper boundary! 下一刻,他同样爆发出全力,往前面疯狂掠杀而去。这些家伙打着界上界的旗号,让他也是感到十分不爽,简直就是对界上界的一种侮辱! Bang!” “轰!” Yi Tianyun changes into Slaughter God instantaneously, murderous aura soars to the heavens, compared with beforehand murderous aura, does not know on stronger fierce many times! The anger of his heart, is similarly astonishing. 易天云瞬间化为一尊杀神般,杀气冲天,比起之前的杀气,都不知要强烈上多少倍!他心底的怒气,同样惊人。 When nearby Shi Xueyun and the others, see this, thought that these years, actually Yi Tianyun came across any matter. To this matter, is quite probably more sensitive? 旁边的诗雪云等人,看到这一幕时,心想这些年来,易天云究竟遇到什么事情了。对这种事情,好像比较敏感一些? Under full power erupts Yi Tianyun, one breaks in the opponent camp, does not need any Weapon, is a fist pounds. 全力爆发下的易天云,一把冲入对手的阵营之中,不需要任何武器,就是一拳砸过去。 Primal Chaos supreme anger!” 混沌至尊怒!” The fist that Yi Tianyun wields, various Fusion formidable Power, under a fist, as if integrate many terrors killing move, making the opposite party look has absent-minded. 易天云挥出的拳头,融合各种强大的力量,一拳之下,似乎融入不少恐怖的杀招,让对方看得有一阵恍惚。 As if this fist mixes the strength of attracting, can directly enticing, this special Power, making their spirit somewhat absent-minded. This makes their subconscious collects toward the fist on, but does not resist this fist offensive. 仿佛这拳头混有魅惑之力,能直接把诱惑过来似的,这种特殊的力量,让他们精神有些恍惚。这就让他们下意识的往拳头上凑,而不是抵挡这拳头攻势。 When they responded, was too late. 等他们反应过来时,已经太迟了。 Their heart one cool, when recovers, already near gathering fist. Layer on layer a fist pounds, bang, the head direct bang did not have, the soul was shaken the powder. 他们心底一凉,回过神来时,已经凑到拳头边上了。跟着重重一拳砸过来,“轰”的一下,脑袋直接轰没了,灵魂都被震成粉末。 This fist is smuggling attracting Power, making them hear something never heard of before, is unprecedented. 这种拳头夹带着魅惑的力量,让他们闻所未闻,前所未见。 What situation, in the attack is also smuggling attracting Power, what strange ability is this?” “什么情况,攻击中还夹带着魅惑的力量,这是什么诡异能力?” Their heart trembles, has not seen this killing move, will not pay attention to be attracted slightly. Even if only the absent-minded small meeting, has been decapitated. 他们心底一颤,从来没有见过这种杀招,稍不留神就会被魅惑。哪怕只是恍惚一小会,都已经身首异处了。 Also wants to hide?” “还想躲?” Yi Tianyun sneers, Power that this killing move, he Fusion has attracted, before struck in the powerful enemy who killed, had attracting Power. He attempts to integrate in oneself killing move, has not thought that the effect is quite good! 易天云冷笑一声,这杀招,他已经融合魅惑的力量,之前击杀的强敌之中,就有魅惑的力量。他尝试着融入自己的杀招之中,没想到效果还相当不错! opponent is nine stars supreme with a oneself level, was attracted in the same old way with ease. Did not say that attracts to be obedient, at least can let opponent absent-minded one second, was enough. 对手就算是九星至尊跟自己一个层次,照样被轻松魅惑到。不说魅惑得听话起来,至少能让对手恍惚个一秒钟时间,就已经足够了。 If opponent cultivation base is quite low, that was more astonishing. Under a fist, attracts one crowd of person heads to collect toward here directly, will not resist, will not hide. 要是对手修为比较低,那就更加惊人了。一拳之下,直接魅惑一群人脑袋往这边凑,更不会抵挡,更不会躲。 This killing move, thinks to think fearful! 这种杀招,想想都觉得可怕! The next quarter, he displays a fist once more, the might is astonishing. Under this fist, opponent collects once more crazily, the spirit is a little absent-minded, next second, is nine stars is rumbled to explode the head supremely. And the Heavenly Star Supreme level, collects crazily, by Power of this complementary waves, shaking the head becomes the powder. 下一刻,他再次施展出一拳,威力惊人。在这一拳之下,对手再次疯狂凑过来,精神有点恍惚,下一秒,又是九星至尊被轰爆脑袋。其中天星至尊层次,更是疯狂凑过来,被这余波的力量,给震得脑袋变得粉末。 A number of Expert that encircled, is in an instant supreme on the remaining nine stars, and is seriously injured. Although he had not been hit to explode head, but the body was hit to explode actually, now still in the middle of Recovery. 本来围过来的一批强者,转眼间就剩下一位九星至尊,而且还身受重伤。他虽然没有被打爆脑袋,但躯体倒是被打爆了,现在仍是在恢复当中。 In this case, the strength of where also war? 在这种情况下,哪里还有一战之力? You, you dare to kill us, the upper boundary person, will not let off absolutely your. You undermine solidarity, this is strikes to kill the hero!” Mist gate nine yelled, in the eye covered entirely the panic-stricken vision, thoroughly by Yi Tianyun's Power being scared. “你,你竟敢杀我们,界上界的人,绝对不会放过你的。你这是破坏团结,这是击杀功臣!”岚门九尊大叫起来,眼中布满惊恐的目光,彻底被易天云的力量给吓傻了。 Yi Tianyun's cultivation base bad that many, how all-round strength erupts obviously, is actually including them unable to resist. 明明易天云的修为比自己差那么多,怎么综合实力爆发出来,却是连他们都抵挡不住。 Undermines solidarity, strikes to kill the hero?” Yi Tianyun sneers, „, if the theory strikes to kill the hero, you also really died!” “破坏团结,击杀功臣?”易天云冷笑一声,“要是论击杀功臣,你们还真是死定了!” He rendered meritorious service not to dare saying that big, absolutely supremely is at least bigger than the present these nine stars! Really, if according to this punishing, they a executed side. 他立功不敢说有多大,至少绝对比眼前的这些九星至尊要大!真的要是按照这个论处,他们才是被处决的一方。 The next quarter, he wields palm to strike toward this mist gate nine, wants striking to kill mist gate nine. 下一刻,他挥掌就往这岚门九尊拍击过来,想要把岚门九尊给击杀。 Bold!” “大胆!” At this time Power swept across, forcefully shaking to disperse this palm. Follows close on ten stars to be supreme, plunders rapidly from the distant place, murderous aura is steaming. 这时候一股力量席卷而出,硬生生把他这一掌给震散掉了。紧跟着一名十星至尊,从远处迅速掠过来,杀气腾腾。 But he is the master of day opening the door, controls a side Expert! 而他就是天启门的主人,掌控一方的强者 Ten stars supreme in the upper boundary are not anything, but here is very formidable existence, at least in many influence, absolutely does not have ten stars to be supreme. 十星至尊在界上界不算什么,但在这里还是很强大的存在,至少不少势力之中,根本就没有十星至尊。 Naturally, should say that is this piece of region anything ten stars is not supreme, does not represent other influence not to have. 当然,应该说是这片区域没有什么十星至尊,不代表其他势力没有。 No matter how, ten stars are supreme, enough has suppressed a side. 不管如何,有一位十星至尊,已经足够镇压一方了。
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