CLS :: Volume #26

#2584: Rumor

Demon bird nine have not acknowledged any mistake, in this world, the weak one is the biggest mistake! When not to your any opportunity of argument, demon bird nine sees Yi Tianyun their cultivation base is not very high, has produced must kill the heart. 魔雀九尊没有承认什么错误,在这个世界上,弱者就是最大的错误!不会给你任何辩解的机会,魔雀九尊看到易天云他们修为不是很高时,就已经产生必杀之心了。 Perhaps if a number of Expert, will say several, was a pity very much now Yi Tianyun they do not have such qualifications. 要是一批强者,或许还会多说几句,很可惜现在易天云他们没有这样的资格。 Really, you are one crowd of trash. Since you like so the law of the jungle, I show to you looked, anything is called the law of the jungle!” “果然,你们都是一群垃圾。既然你们喜欢这般弱肉强食,那我就展现给你们看,什么叫做弱肉强食!” The Yi Tianyun eyeground deep place fills killing intent, puts out a hand to make a fist fiercely, the back instantaneously presents five Stars Dharma Idol Phantom Shadow, seems like the dragon, likely is the tiger, carefully looks, likely is Weapon, as if carefully looks at several again, turns into other Stars Dharma Idol. 易天云眼底深处充满杀意,伸手猛地一握拳,背后瞬间呈现出五道星辰法相虚影,看似龙,又像是虎,仔细一看,又像是一把武器,似乎再仔细多看几眼,又变成其他星辰法相 Star Power strengthens Five Sides! 星力增强五方 Star Power strengthens ten sides! 星力增强十方! Increases 50 Times Power! 增加五十倍力量 Increases 30 Times range Damage! 增加三十倍范围伤害 ...... …… The major Stars Dharma Idol effects differ from, what is more terrifying covers entirely Star Power of entire region, the above Stars Dharma Idol region, shivers! What Evildoer(genius) birth as if has, is shocking the entire world! 各大星辰法相的效果均有所不同,更恐怖的还是布满整个区域的星力,上空的星辰法相区域,都为之而颤抖!仿佛有着什么样的妖孽诞生似的,震动着整个世界! How can!?” “怎么会!?” Demon bird nine screamed one, shouted: Quick, prevents him quickly!” 魔雀九尊尖叫一声,大喊起来:“快,快阻止他!” He can feel that terrifying Power, bursts out from the Yi Tianyun fist, toward all around spreads crazily, momentarily can them embezzling! 他能感觉到一股恐怖的力量,从易天云拳头中迸发而出,往四周疯狂扩散出去,随时能把他们给吞没掉! Power that obviously Yi Tianyun only then nine star supreme Initial Stage cultivation base, on the fist burst out, quickly was ten star supreme levels, that was their Boss Power. 明明易天云只有九星至尊前期修为,拳头上迸发的力量,都快达到十星至尊层次了,那可是他们老大力量 But all were too late, Yi Tianyun's does Power, how possibly make other people prevent? 可一切都太迟了,易天云的力量,怎么可能让其他人阻挡呢? Bang!” “轰!” Terrifying Power, toward all around crazy proliferation, all around guard, is Heavenly Star Supreme, under this terrifying Power, direct burst! Only nine star supreme situation slightly good a little, but severe wounds, some directly explode the body, becomes blood fog. 恐怖的力量,往四周疯狂扩散,无论是四周的守卫,还是天星至尊,在这股恐怖的力量之下,直接震爆!唯独九星至尊情况稍微好那么一点,但一个个都重伤,有的直接爆体,变为一片血雾。 Dies has not died actually, quick comes on Recovery, but the wound of soul is very serious, training several hundred years, even millennium, do not have no way Recovery. 死倒是没死,很快就恢复过来,但灵魂的创伤十分严重,不修养个几百年,甚至千年时间,根本没法恢复 This condition with half did not have what difference remnantly, did not have including a battle efficiency. This is under merely one move of condition, gave to rout them. 这种状态跟半残没有什么区别了,连一点战斗力都没了。这还是仅仅一招的状态下,就把他们给击溃了。 Terrifying Power, after letting Shi Xueyun they saw, sucks in cold air. They have not seen the so terrifying fight, knows Heavenly Star Supreme is very strong, but has not experienced over nine star supreme Power. 恐怖的力量,让诗雪云她们见到之后,都倒抽一口凉气。她们没有见过如此恐怖的战斗,本来知道天星至尊很强,但没有见识过九星至尊的力量 Now nine star supreme Power eruptions, making them feel that oneself are how tiny. This Power comes compared with them, was on strong are too really many. 现在九星至尊的力量爆发,让她们觉得自己是多么的渺小。这力量比起她们来,实在是强上太多了。 The key is better than nine star supreme opponent, resists more than one move in the same old way! The caused heavy losses nine stars are supreme, even if they, can cope easily. 关键是强如九星至尊的对手,照样抵挡不下一招!被重创的九星至尊,就算是她们,都能够轻易对付了。 This half remnant condition, cultivation base feared that dropped to Star Venerable has continued, looked like quite miserable. 这种半残状态,修为怕是跌落到星尊都不止了,看起来相当惨。 Rescues, help!!” “救,救命!!” Demon bird nine called out pitifully, crumb Token prayed for rescue crazily, used only to remain Power that escaped to go toward behind. But all were too late, does Yi Tianyun possibly make them escape? 魔雀九尊惨叫一声,捏碎令牌疯狂求救起来,用着仅剩的力量,往后面逃跑而去。可一切都太迟了,易天云怎么可能让他们逃跑? He only need put out a hand gently a ball, their bodies change into the flying ash immediately, vanishes in this world. 他仅需伸手轻轻一弹,他们的躯体立即化为飞灰,消失在这个世界上。 In a big Star Energy Value relaxed income pouch, but compares to ten star supreme Star Energy Value, throughout was in the difference are too many. 跟着就是一大笔星能值轻松收入囊中,不过比起十星至尊的星能值,始终是差上太多了。 A moment later, has Expert to support rapidly toward here, is cultivation base of nine star supreme levels, has four on the whole. Has to say the strength of day opening the door, but also is really abundant enough, at least in this region, was the considerable abundant type. 片刻之后,又是迅速有着强者往这边支援过来,均是九星至尊层次的修为,大体上有着四位。不得不说天启门的实力,还真是够雄厚,至少是在这片区域之中,属于相当雄厚的类型了。 Bold, dares to kill the person of our day opening the door!” Clash/To several nine stars fill killing intent supremely, their killing intent differ from, that several nine stars have the difference very much before obviously supremely greatly, has stronger killing intent. “大胆,竟敢杀我们天启门的人!”冲上来的几位九星至尊充满杀意,他们的杀意有所不同,很明显跟着之前的那几位九星至尊大有不同,有着更浓烈的杀意 This killing intent, went to that type of foreign country battle obviously. Naturally their cultivation base are nine star supreme Late Stage levels, this level was to go to the upper boundary basically, now getting down training type. 这种杀意,明显是去过外域战斗的那一种。当然他们的修为都是九星至尊后期层次,这个层次基本是去过界上界了,现在又下来修养的类型。 Nine stars is supreme regarding has fought with the foreign country, he somewhat respects actually, words that but does not respect to oneself, that other said. 对于跟外域战斗过的九星至尊,他倒是有几分尊重,不过对自己不尊重的话,那就另外说了。 Your people kill my person, haven't I been able to kill?” The Yi Tianyun expression is indifferent, I read you to come up the upper boundary, my make a move did not kill you. However, I hope that you give me one to have the answer of sincerity!” “你们的人杀我的人,难道我还不能杀回来?”易天云表情淡然,“我念你们上去过界上界,我不出手杀你们。不过,我希望你们给我一个有诚意的答复!” They are startled immediately, high and low looks that the Yi Tianyun complexion is somewhat strange. 他们顿时一怔,上下看着易天云脸色有几分怪异。 They did not think that Yi Tianyun has gotten up the upper boundary, is cultivation base is not mainly high. Generally speaking, is nine star supreme Intermediate Stage Rank, will look for the upper boundary upper boundary, Yi Tianyun's cultivation base is nine star supreme Initial Stage cultivation base, should not come up. 他们并不觉得易天云上过界上界,主要是修为并不高。一般来说,都是九星至尊中期级别,才会被找上界上界,易天云的修为才不过是九星至尊前期修为,应该是没有上去过。 You also know the upper boundary, it seems like should be your friend and so on told you. Good, we have gone to upper boundary, but knows that we have gone to the upper boundary, but also dares to our influence make a move?” “你还知道界上界,看来应该是你的朋友之类的告诉你。不错,我们去过界上界,但知道我们去过界上界,还敢对我们的势力出手?” Right, our day opens the door the Expert relations with upper boundary to be very good, you choose the revolt, that no wonder we to your make a move!” “没错,我们天启门跟界上界的强者关系很不错,你们选择反抗,那就怪不得我们对你们出手!” Our all, for upper boundary!” “我们一切,都是为了界上界!” They said the righteousness words, likely for the protection world for own duty. 他们说得义正言辞,像是为保护世界为己任似的。 You meant, unceasing expansion influence, for is the help upper boundary?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. “你们意思是说,不断扩张势力,为的就是帮助界上界?”易天云淡然道 Good! Thinks that you also know some matters of upper boundary, my many in addition details.” Mist gate nine coldly said: Only then expansion influence, then collects the resources, continuously trains Expert to get up, can help the upper boundary!” “不错!想必你也知道界上界的一些事情,我也不多加赘述。”岚门九尊冷声道:“只有扩张势力,然后收集资源,不断培养强者起来,才能够对界上界有所帮助!” You affect us to expand, was equal to that disrespects to the upper boundary!” “你影响我们扩张,就等于对界上界不敬!” Mist gate nine words, but also really gave him to fasten a crest elevation hat ruthlessly. Said must do with the upper boundary probably. 岚门九尊的话,还真是给他狠狠扣上一顶高帽了。说得好像是要跟界上界做对似的。 Shi Xueyun they somewhat have doubts, does not know what said is what meaning, what upper boundary, where has heard? 诗雪云她们有些疑惑,都不知说的是什么意思,什么界上界,哪里听说过? Really is the joke, if I do not know a situation, but also was really is deceived by you.” Yi Tianyun looks that their vision gradually becomes ice-cold: In the final analysis, not for oneself? Said of pleasant to hear, but also for the upper boundary, talks nonsense purely!” “真是笑话,如果我不是知道一点情况,还真是被你们所骗了。”易天云看着他们目光逐渐变得冰冷:“说到底,还不是为了自己?说得那么好听,还为了界上界,纯粹就是放屁!” You fear death, want to collect the resources to promote itself crazily. An upper boundary Advance Level battlefield, you have no way, the low level income is also too low, can only shift the vision to Lower World comes, but also is really the good plans!” Yi Tianyun jokes: Now also by that great excuse for the upper boundary, really says of pleasant to hear that compares to sing!” “你们就是怕死,想要疯狂搜集资源来提升自己。界上界高级点的战场,你们没法去,低级的收益又太低,只能把目光转移到下界来,还真是好心机啊!”易天云讥笑道:“现在还以那么伟大的借口来说为了界上界,真是说得比唱的好听!” Yi Tianyun obtained in the memory from before, can know on the whole the situation. These fellow where are for upper boundary, does not want dead purely. 易天云从之前所获得记忆中,就能知道大体上情况了。这些家伙哪里是为了界上界,纯粹就是不想死。 The above resources are hard to collect, although they have gotten down, but after a period of time, results. cultivation base is too when the time comes low, must make Quest, the mortality rate was very high. 上面资源难以搜集,虽然他们下来了,但过一段时间,还是得上去的。到时候修为太低,又要去做任务,死亡率就很高了。 Therefore they can only seek for resources crazily, when the time comes promotes itself, goes to the upper boundary again! 为此他们只能疯狂寻找资源,到时候提升自己,再前往界上界! All are they aim are selfish, where is for the upper boundary. 一切都是他们以自私为目的,哪里是为了界上界。
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