CLS :: Volume #26

#2582: The day opens the door

Remnant wind supreme pupil shrinks, he had not felt that Yi Tianyun's Aura / breath, plunders their front instantaneously. If to his make a move, feared the opportunity of continually resisting does not have. 残风至尊瞳孔一缩,他根本没感觉到易天云的气息,瞬间就掠到他们的面前。要是对他出手的话,怕是连抵挡的机会都没有。 He is sizing up Yi Tianyun rapidly up and down, a moment later, the heart sinks immediately the trough. He has not thought of Yi Tianyun's cultivation base, unexpectedly is nine star supreme levels! 他迅速上下打量着易天云,片刻之后,心顿时沉到低谷。他没想到易天云的修为,竟然是九星至尊层次! „Are you Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor?” Remnant wind supreme not flustered, but fixes the eyes on Yi Tianyun to inquire. “你是天云大帝?”残风至尊没有慌张,而是紧盯着易天云询问起来。 Quick nearby Heavenly Star Supreme in abundance surrounds, they look at Yi Tianyun are any cultivation base, induces slightly, knows that is not simple. Somewhat arrogant they, all of a sudden the heart was tight, is worried about Yi Tianyun disadvantageously to oneself. 很快边上的天星至尊都纷纷围拢过来,他们都看出来易天云是什么修为,稍微感应一下,就知道不简单了。本来有些傲慢的他们,一下子心就紧张起来,担心易天云会对自己不利。 Good, I am Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor. Your what is this, robs the domain?” The Yi Tianyun vision is ice-cold, takes a fast look around all around one, fills killing intent. “不错,我就是天云大帝。你们这是什么意思,抢夺地盘么?”易天云目光冰冷无比,扫视四周一眼,充满杀意 The remnant wind frowns supremely, he also thinks that Yi Tianyun are most is Heavenly Star Supreme cultivation base, has not thought that is nine star supreme levels, right now needs to re-evaluate one. 残风至尊皱着眉头,他还以为易天云最多就是天星至尊修为,没想到是九星至尊层次,这下子就需要重新评估一下了。 Our day opens the door planned that works with you, making you pledge allegiance to us. Your resources are common, in this case, joins us without doubt is the best choice.” The remnant wind supreme manner improved slightly points, particularly when seeing Yi Tianyun's cultivation base, was not slightly rampant, eyeground arrogant had. “我们天启门是打算跟你们合作,让你们归顺我们。你们的资源一般,在这种情况下,加入我们无疑是最佳的选择。”残风至尊的态度稍微变好一点了,尤其是在看到易天云的修为时,稍微没有那么嚣张了,不过眼底的傲慢还是有的。 After all all -round strength of their day opening the door is not weak, nine stars supremely also many, although is insufficient to fear Yi Tianyun, but does not want to provoke nine stars to be supreme. 毕竟他们天启门的综合实力可不弱,九星至尊也不少,虽说不至于怕易天云,但也不想招惹一位九星至尊。 Sincerity?” Yi Tianyun narrows the eyes to focus to say. “诚意呢?”易天云眯着眼说道。 Sincerity?” The remnant wind is startled supremely, at once says with a smile: Sincerity is not very obvious, joins us, is the most sincerity. Our day opens the door will train you, is this insufficient the sincerity?” “诚意?”残风至尊一怔,旋即笑道:“诚意不是很明显么,加入我们,就是最大的诚意。我们天启门会培养你们,这还不够诚意?” If this is your sincerity...... You give me dead!” Yi Tianyun puts out a hand a pressure, bang, the remnant wind was pressed to explode supremely directly! “如果这是你的诚意……那你就给我去死吧!”易天云伸手一压,“轰”的一声,残风至尊直接被压爆了! Said that kills kills, is relentless. He planned to destroy completely this group of fellows, these fellows destroy completely oneself many under the hand/subordinate, moreover threatens own influence, what also remains is making? 说杀就杀,毫不留情。本来他就打算灭掉这群家伙,这些家伙灭掉自己不少手下,而且还威胁自己的势力,还留着做什么? He is only chats several, having a look at them to say anything, who knew is some arrogant impolite words that said. Therefore he was disinclined to listen, at one fell swoop killed directly. 他只是过来聊几句,看看他们想说些什么而已,谁知说的都是一些傲慢无礼的话。为此他都懒得听了,直接就一举杀了。 Naturally, moreover had nine stars to come supremely, ahead of time this remnant wind supreme extinguishing. 当然,再则就是有九星至尊过来了,提前就把这残风至尊给灭了。 Bold, dares to kill our day opening the door under the hand/subordinate!” “大胆,竟敢杀我们天启门的手下!” The quick nine stars fall supremely rapidly, is looking angrily at Yi Tianyun. 很快一名九星至尊迅速落下来,怒视着易天云 You have killed my many people, but also felt all right to speak this words?” Yi Tianyun sneers, does not fear to this nine stars supremely completely. “你们杀了我那么多人,还好意思说这种话?”易天云冷笑起来,对这名九星至尊完全不惧。 Ten stars are supreme he not to fear, let alone this trivial nine stars were more supreme. Although Late Stage cultivation base, but to him, but is the matter that a fist can solve. 十星至尊他都不怕,更别说这区区九星至尊了。虽说是后期修为,但对他来讲,不过是一拳就能解决的事情。 Joke! Their humble status, dares to compare with our people?” Duan Yun nine tone swift and fierce say/way: Now finally gives you an opportunity, or the destruction, either pledges allegiance to!” “笑话!他们低贱的身份,也敢跟我们的人相比?”段云九尊语气凌厉道:“现在最后给你们一次机会,要么毁灭,要么归顺!” Duan Yun nine put out a hand to grasp, the region that all around is stationed, starts to jump projects thunder and lightning, will look like will erupt at any time. 段云九尊伸手一握,四周驻扎的区域,开始迸射出一道道雷电,看起来随时都会爆发而出。 The people complexion changes, Shi Xueyun they can feel, fearfulness of this Power. They send for investigating the beforehand situation, after other influence were shelled by this Great Array , was razed thoroughly! 众人脸色一变,诗雪云她们都能感觉到,这股力量的可怕。她们派人调查过之前的情况,其他势力被这大阵轰击之后,彻底被夷为平地! My entire life most repugnant was threatened......” “我生平最讨厌的就是被人威胁……” Yi Tianyun vision one cold, proceeds layer on layer/heavily to tread, Power erupts instantaneously, thump, the terrifying light halo spreads to go toward all around, endures strikes compared with the Half-Step ten star supreme powerful! 易天云目光一冷,往前重重一踏,力量瞬间爆发而出,“咚”的一声,恐怖的光圈往四周扩散而去,堪比半步十星至尊的强力一击! How can!?” Duan Yun nine by this Power shocking, him have put out a hand to resist rapidly, but shaking again and again retrocedes by this light halo, when stopping, the both arms become covered with blood, full power resists, body by burst. “怎么会!?”段云九尊被这股力量给震撼到了,他迅速伸手抵挡起来,但还是被这光圈给震得连连后退,在停下来时,双臂变得血肉模糊,要不是全力抵挡,躯体都被震爆了。 His was the good luck, but nearby Heavenly Star Supreme and that several bases, were attacked by Yi Tianyun's immediately are rumbled to explode, terrifying Power made one suck in cold air. 他这算是好运了,可边上的天星至尊和那几个驻扎地,顿时被易天云的攻击被轰爆了,恐怖的力量令人倒抽一口凉气。 Almost is all of a sudden, Duan Yun nine turned into polished rod Boss, the person who brought died completely, does not have remaining. 几乎是一下子,段云九尊就变成光杆老大了,带来的人完全死光,没有一个剩下。 This merely is one move, on the instant kill complete section! Terrifying Power, but also is really formidable. 这仅仅是一招,就秒杀完全部!恐怖的力量,还真是令人生畏。 This, actually this is what Power, is nine star supreme Initial Stage cultivation base?” Duan Yun nine feel very inconceivable, he has not paid attention to Yi Tianyun, can suppress by his cultivation base absolutely. “这,这究竟是什么力量,还是九星至尊前期修为?”段云九尊感到很不可思议,他并没有把易天云放在眼里,以他的修为绝对能镇压。 What a pity he has thought mistakenly, moreover is completely mistaken, Yi Tianyun's Power thorough crush he, moreover goes to an inconceivable situation. 可惜他想错了,而且还是大错特错,易天云的力量彻底碾压他,而且达到一个不可思议的地步。 Especially saw Phantom Shadow that behind Yi Tianyun emits, looks like is very strange, as if has several Stars Dharma Idol? But normal doesn't Cultivator(s), only have Stars Dharma Idol? 尤其是看到易天云背后冒出的一道道虚影,看起来很是诡异,仿佛有着好几道星辰法相?可正常修炼者,不是只有一个星辰法相而已么? You dared to kill the person of our day opening the door!” Duan Yun nine violent angers are incomparable, therefore has not dreaded: Our day opens the door, will not let off you absolutely......” “你竟敢杀了我们天启门的人!”段云九尊暴怒无比,并没有因此而畏惧:“我们天启门,绝对不会放过你……” The next second, Yi Tianyun has killed in front of him, holds his head, terrifying Power directly his body shaking blood fog, remaining heads: Idle talk was really too many.” 下一秒,易天云已经杀到他面前,一把抓住他的脑袋,恐怖的力量直接把他的躯体给震成血雾,就剩下个脑袋:“废话实在是太多了。” At once he carries on Soul Searching, stops in a minute vomits, the Duan Yun nine all memories pulled out spatially, allowing him to understand that the day opens the door is any thing. 旋即他进行一阵搜魂,片刻止呕,段云九尊的所有记忆都被掏空,让他了解到天启门是什么玩意。 You, your Soul Searching......” “你,你的搜魂……” Yi Tianyun had not replied that this Duan Yun nine, one pinches to explode his head, delivers him to go to hell thoroughly. 易天云没有回答这段云九尊,一把就捏爆他的脑袋,彻底送他下地狱。 Originally the day opens the door is such a matter......” “原来天启门是这么回事……” Yi Tianyun frowns, the day opens the door is very strong influence, compared with light every territory these stronger big several points. The day opens the door to have ten stars to assume personal command supremely, the strength is quite strong, has treated in another world. 易天云皱着眉头,天启门一直是一个很强的势力,比起光凡之域这些都要强大几分。天启门有着十星至尊坐镇,实力还是比较强的,一直都待在另外一个世界之中。 Recently wanted to seize a big region, recruited the little brother crazily, was actually to make anything, no one knows. These people obey the order, Sect Master of day opening the door, actually revelation ten how think, does not know the circumstances of the matter. 最近想要占领一大片区域,疯狂招收小弟,究竟是想要做什么,谁都不知道。这些人不过是听从命令罢了,天启门的门主,天启十尊究竟怎么想,并不知情。 However any reason, dares to invade own influence, that courts death! 不过无论是什么理由,胆敢侵入自己的势力,那就是找死! Tianyun, what's all this about?” Shi Xueyun flies to be worried, she thought the day opens the door is very formidable influence, actually how, she does not know. 天云,这是怎么回事?”诗雪云飞过来担心起来,她觉得天启门是一个很强大的势力,究竟如何,她也不知道。 Any situation, you have not treated here, the remaining matters give me to be solved. Quick, I these matters solving, you have not needed to be worried about.” Yi Tianyun put out a hand to pinch her cheek, let the latter elegant face one red. “没什么情况,你们就待在这里吧,剩下的事情交给我来解决。很快,我就把这些事情给解决了,你们不必担心。”易天云伸手捏了把她的脸蛋,让后者俏脸一红。 At once he hands over star ring, said with a smile: This is the resources, you assign well, when I come back.” 旋即他把一枚星戒递过去,笑道:“这是资源,你好好分配,等我回来。” Then, Yi Tianyun flying left, has not said anything, whom also has not taken to go. Because opens the door on this day, is not indeed simple, own influence goes, is equal to fighting a hopeless battle simply. 说完,易天云飞身就离开了,并没有多说些什么,也没有带上谁前往。因为这天启门,的确不简单,自己的势力前往,简直等于以卵击石。 Shi Xueyun bites the lip tightly, at once is also deep(ly) sighs, they can only unceasingly become stronger! 诗雪云紧咬嘴唇,旋即又是深深叹了口气,他们只能不断变强了!
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