CLS :: Volume #26

#2583: Kills

When Yi Tianyun just flew shortly, suddenly remembers any matter, turns around to turn around, arrives in front of Shi Xueyun. 易天云刚飞没多久时,忽然间想起些什么事情,转身就掉头回来,来到诗雪云面前。 Original Shi Xueyun has planned to go back, this meets Yi Tianyun to turn back, does not know that has any matter. 本来诗雪云就已经打算回去了,这会易天云又折返回来,不知有什么事情。 You come with me together, I will make you witness in the overall situation, even if not beat, cannot have any timid heart. This you do very well, but I make you experience now, your Great Emperor, actually how handle the matter.” “你们跟我一块来吧,我会让你们见证一下整体的情况下,就算是不敌,也不能有任何胆怯之心。这点你们做得很好,但现在我就让你们见识一下,你们的大帝,究竟是怎么处理事情的。” Original Yi Tianyun planned oneself go, day opens the door is unsafe, if leads them to go, said that does not permit the protection to be ineffective. However he has thought, he has the great god command now, protects them not to have the issue absolutely. 本来易天云打算自己前往,天启门并不安全,要是带她们前往的话,说不准保护不力。不过他想了下,他现在有着巨神令,保护她们绝对没问题。 Naturally can use here, was not very clear. However great god command, can purchase in this Shop in the same old way, the price is not cheap, has enough 1 trillion Star Energy Value, but also really not poor. 当然能不能在这里使用,就不是很清楚了。不过巨神令,照样能在这商城里面购买,价格并不便宜,有着足足1000000000000点星能值,还真是不菲了。 Although he can afford, but generally, he does not want to use the great god command. Mainly with the great god command, cannot bring any income, this really owed. 虽说他买得起,但一般情况下,他也不想用巨神令。主要是用巨神令,并不能带来任何收益,这实在是太亏了。 The great condor that if great god command sends, strikes to kill the enemy to obtain Star Energy Value and so on, he definitely with exploding! This may be ten star supreme cultivation base great condors, then the goon of powerful, will miss how possibly? 要是巨神令派出来的巨神鹰,击杀敌人能获得星能值之类的,那他肯定是会用爆!这可都是十星至尊修为的巨神鹰,那么强力的打手,怎么可能会错过呢? How simply does not have any Star Energy Value to say, if can have Star Energy Value and so on income, before that war in great rock city, he already thorough sudden wealth. 奈何根本没有任何星能值可言,要是能有星能值之类的收入,之前在巨岩城的那一战,他早就彻底暴富了。 In fact is any Star Energy Value does not have, even does not have continually. 事实上是什么星能值都没有,甚至连一点都没有。 Real!” “真的么!” Their heart one happy, saw Yi Tianyun goes, the innermost feelings feel for several points depressed. Now comes such a saying, they excited, can with go finally together. 她们心底一喜,本来看到易天云独自一人前往,内心还是感到几分沮丧的。现在过来这么一说,她们一个个都激动不已,总算能跟着一块前往了。 Naturally real, when the time comes you stood behind me were good, was leads you to experience, in this world, what influence. We were formidable, must move discretely, said that did not permit in some corner, has existences of other Expert influence. Therefore all our want a low key point......” “当然是真的,到时候你们站在我背后就行了,也是带你们见识一下,这个世界上,还有什么样的势力。我们就算强大起来了,也是要谨慎行动,说不准某个角落中,就有着其他强者势力的存在。为此我们一切都要低调一点……” Yi Tianyun had not planned temporarily them told the upper boundary matter, after waiting for the matter to end, again to them says this matter. 易天云暂时没打算跟她们说界上界的事情,等事情结束之后,再跟他们说这件事情了。 After saying, Yi Tianyun waves, gave to take away Heavenly Clouds Empire backbone Elite, took away all of a sudden over a hundred people. Can say all most has the status carried off, the remaining people, can make Heavenly Clouds Empire revolve in the same old way well, will not have any major problem. 在说完之后,易天云一挥手,把天云帝国的骨干精英都给带去了,一下子就带去上百人。可以说所有最有地位的都被带走了,不过剩下的人,照样能让天云帝国好好运转起来,并不会有什么大问题。 This Heavenly Clouds Empire had been trained by them, even if no them to exist, can revolve smoothly. Once who leaves, will immediately have other people to substitute rapidly, for this reason was not worried that can make the mistake in decision-making. 天云帝国已经被她们培养成,就算没有她们存在,都能够顺利运转。一旦有谁离开,就会立即有其他人迅速替补上来,为此并不担心会出现决策上的失误。 Naturally, the quite serious issue, still needs to examine and approve is good, but cannot decide. Although so, this already quite, generally speaking, will not have any backbone to be missing. 当然,相当严重的问题,仍然需要审批才行,而不能自己来决定。虽说如此,这已经相当好了,一般来说,也不会有任何骨干失踪。 However now, but also was really the collective leaves. 不过现在,还真是集体离开了。 Under Yi Tianyun's leads, is quick they to kill the position that the day opens the door to be. Area that this azimuth range they are, is quite far, but they expand influence to be quite crazy, so long as has the Cultivator(s) place, will put out a hand the expansion. 易天云的带领下,很快他们就杀到天启门所在的方位。这个方位距离他们所在的地区,还是比较远的,可他们扩张势力相当疯狂,只要是有修炼者地方,都会伸手过来扩张。 Therefore under this decision-making, even if distance quite far Desolate Dragon Star, will be controlled by them. 为此在这种决策之下,就算距离比较远的荒龙星,都会被他们所掌控。 Front was the day opens the door.” Yi Tianyun is pointing at the giant planet of front distant place, there is influence that the entire day opens the door to be, does not have other influence, is the pure day opens the door. “前面就是天启门了。”易天云指着前面远处的巨大行星,在那里就是整个天启门所在的势力,没有其他势力,就是单纯的天启门。 Not like Desolate Dragon Star, existences of other influence, but is really the day opens the door. 不会像荒龙星这样,还有其他势力的存在,而就真的是天启门。 very powerful big influence......” 好强大的势力……” Their complexion changes, they were to know the day before open the door very strongly, but has not thought that so will be terrifying. The entire planet, is existence of day opening the door! 她们脸色一变,她们之前是知道天启门很强,但没想到会那么恐怖。整个行星,都是天启门的存在! Takes a broad view to sweep, has many Cultivator(s), flies in the, cultivation base casually is Star Monarch, and even Star Venerable cultivation base. As for on cultivation base of level, has similarly much. 放眼一扫过去,就有着不少修炼者,在边上飞行,修为随随便便就是星君,乃至星尊修为。至于更上层次的修为,同样有着不少。 But formidable influence, they not timid, is mainly Yi Tianyun in the side, that does not need to be worried about these matters. 可是再强大的势力,她们都没有胆怯,主要是易天云在身边,那就不必担心这些事情。 Their nearness, rapid on the attention of around bringing in guarding. When looks at them to come, immediately puts on a serious face, said extremely seriously: 他们的靠近,迅速就引来四周守卫的注意。看他们过来时,立即板着脸,极为严肃道: Who you are, excels at rushing dying!” “你们是谁,擅闯者死!” Immediately one crowd of Star Monarch and Star Venerable surround, them in front of surrounding, the quantity is many. Here guard is actually stern, does not make other people come in casually. 顿时一群星君星尊围拢过来,把他们面前给包围起来,数量还是不少的。这里的守卫倒是森严,不是随随便便就让其他人进来。 Go away!” “滚!” Yi Tianyun is disinclined to explain half a word with them, puts out a hand to wield, shaking to fly them, the severe wound faints in abundance. Waves gently, these cultivation base low guards, have no way to resist. 易天云懒得跟他们解释半句,伸手一挥,把他们给震飞出去,纷纷重伤晕厥过去。轻轻一挥手,这些修为低下的守卫,根本没法抵挡。 At once he continues to lead the person to fly toward inside, opens access, does not make any covering up Aura / breath, horizontally pushes. 旋即他继续带着人往里面飞去,畅通无阻,也根本不做任何的遮掩气息,就一路横推过去。 Some guards surround in abundance from four sides Eight Sides, they one block toward here in the same old way, may put out a hand to pat striking by Yi Tianyun to fly. 纷纷有守卫从四面八方围拢过来,他们照样往这边一拦,可都被易天云伸手一拍给击飞出去了。 Simply has not guarded to dare to come to behind to intercept, the strength is so strong, where also dares to intercept? 到后面根本没有守卫敢过来拦截了,实力那么强,哪里还敢拦截? Yi Tianyun has not asked them to vent anger, these guards carry out the responsibility, extremely in feeling embarrassed them, truly under decides the decision-making, is in these people. 易天云没有找他们出气,这些守卫不过是履行职责罢了,并没有太过于为难他们,真正下定决策的,还是里面的那些人。 Who your excellency is, does not know that what meaning rushes to our day to open the door hardly is!?” “阁下是何人,不知硬闯我们天启门是什么意思!?” At this time in a number of Expert killed rapidly, facial colors were pale, cultivation base was quite astonishing. Nine stars have three supremely, 56 are Heavenly Star Supreme, the strength is quite good. 这时候一批强者里面迅速杀出来,一个个面色铁青,修为都相当惊人。九星至尊都有着三名,还有56位是天星至尊,实力还是相当不错的。 Does not have what meaning, you send for usurping my influence, we do not comply, but also wants to destroy completely my influence, do you think?” Yi Tianyun looked at one lightly, then sends out that many people to come quickly, obviously a strength spot. “没有什么意思,你们派人强占我的势力,我们不答应,还想灭掉我的势力,你们觉得呢?”易天云淡淡地看了一眼,那么快就派出那么多人来,可见实力一斑。 Is the demon bird nine complexions of head sinks, cursed angrily several in the heart, had under the hand/subordinate so not to keep eyes open. Properly speaking, so long as opposite party influence has nine stars to be supreme, will not usurp, generally is primarily cultivation base low influence, most is Heavenly Star Supreme that type. 为首的魔雀九尊脸色一沉,在心底怒骂几句,怎么有手下如此不长眼。按理来说,只要对方的势力有着九星至尊,都不会去强占,一般都是以修为较低的势力为主,最多就是天星至尊的那一种。 Now provokes nine stars to be supreme, even if not fear, but no one wants to provoke these Expert, doesn't this put to trouble to oneself? 现在招惹过来一位九星至尊,就算不惧,可谁也不想去招惹这些强者,这不是给自己添麻烦么? Yes, we are this manner! Either pledges allegiance, either dies!” Demon bird nine put out a hand a ball, hints other people to surround, is disinclined to explain with him: Now you excel at rushing to our influence, does not have custom not Cheng Fangyuan, now you now choose to pledge allegiance , was also the dead end!” “是的,我们就是这种态度!要么归顺,要么死!”魔雀九尊伸手一弹,示意其他人包围上去,根本懒得跟他解释:“不过现在你擅闯我们的势力,无规矩不成方圆,现在就算你们现在选择归顺,也是死路一条了!” Kills!” “杀!” The next second, demon bird nine put out a hand a finger/refers, immediately issues to strike to kill the order. At present on Yi Tianyun one person, with other cultivation base quite low Cultivator(s), if cultivation base is nine stars is supreme, or is Heavenly Star Supreme, perhaps he will also dread several points. 下一秒,魔雀九尊伸手一指,立即下达击杀命令。眼前就易天云一人,身后还跟着其他修为比较低的修炼者,如果修为都是九星至尊,或者是天星至尊,或许他还会忌惮几分。 Was a pity very much, is one flock of weak chickens. 很可惜,都是一群弱鸡。 Yi Tianyun vision ice-cold, killing intent rises high, is really one crowd of trash! 易天云目光冰冷,杀意凌然,果然是一群垃圾!
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