COT :: Volume #4 次级青春泉水

#245: Gods dusk?( Final double monthly ticket)

First here congratulates Perception Becoming first Protector of this book! 首先在这里祝贺【悟性】成为本书的第一个护法! Then! Currently the double monthly tickets unexpectedly have effect! Before zero point! Good, this poor Daoist continues to be thick the facial skin main point monthly ticket! Asked the monthly ticket! 然后!现在双倍月票居然还有效果!零点之前!好吧,贫道继续厚着脸皮要点月票!求月票啦! --------- --------- Wei Xiaobei fishes out together the barbecue from small hundred Treasure Bag, at the same time is eating slowly, on the face is having a happy expression.( hundred degree celsius search gives 卫小北从小百宝袋里摸出一块烤肉,一边缓缓吃着,脸上却带着一丝喜色。(百度搜索给 Strength Article Studying The net renews is most quickly stablest) 网更新最快最稳定) In the instance that oneself let go, on Attribute Panel, oneself and Intimacy between Keith Honey rose 5 points. 就在自己松手的瞬间,属性面板上,自己与凯斯蜜儿之间的亲密度上升了5点。 Good, this, although are not many, but also was a historical breakthrough. 好吧,这虽然不多,但也是一个历史性的突破了。 Saw that these reindeer want by coming, probably by the fragrance of barbecue attracting, Wei Xiaobei cannot help but cold snort|hum one, has frightened to shrink these reindeer. He does not have the thoughts to make these reindeer eat the barbecue, not to mention this is whether cruel, light wastes barbecue this point, will make Wei Xiaobei not choose. 见到那些驯鹿想要靠过来,大概是被烤肉的香味给吸引了,卫小北不由得冷哼一声,将那些驯鹿吓得缩了回去。他可没心思让那些驯鹿吃烤肉,且不说这是否残忍,光是浪费烤肉这一点,就让卫小北不会选择了。 It seems like that Monster in this Dust World also dreads the powerhouse. 看来,这灰界里的怪物也是畏惧强者的。 After Wei Xiaobei has not displayed kills intent, that several reindeer on the contrary become honest, not only does not have self-confident sneaking off, followed on the contrary by Wei Xiaobei. 卫小北没有表现出杀意之后,那几头驯鹿反倒变得老实了起来,非但没有自信溜走,反倒是跟在了卫小北旁边。 Naturally, Wei Xiaobei also knows that this is different from partner contract of Keith Honey, these reindeer are just wants to depend upon powerhouse forget it, perhaps in the event of any accident, these reindeer first Reflex is turns around then to run away. 当然,卫小北也知道,这与凯斯蜜儿的伙伴盟约不同,那些驯鹿只不过是想要依靠强者罢了,一旦出现什么意外,或许这些驯鹿的第一反应就是转身便逃。 Has eaten two barbecues, had supplemented consumes, Wei Xiaobei along with, even if started baking. 吃了两块烤肉,补充了一下消耗,卫小北随即便又开始了烧烤。 Busy, makes the barbecue all raw meat all, only then few parts have smudged the berry, smudges the berry single-handed, somewhat is indeed troublesome. 一番忙碌,将所有生肉尽数制成烤肉,其中只有少部分涂抹了浆果,单手涂抹浆果,的确有些麻烦。 If all barbecues smudge the berry all, then the time needed, may over several hours. 如果所有烤肉尽数涂抹浆果的话,那么所花费的时间,或许会在几个小时以上。 Even if has not smudged the barbecue of berry, reaches the arrived Finest Quality quality, can restore little stamina, but actually cannot perk up. 即便是没有涂抹浆果的烤肉,也达到了精品品质,能够恢复少许体力,但却不能够恢复精神。 Finished the barbecue, Wei Xiaobei has eaten several, later will be small hundred Treasure Bag well-filled, but remained outside barbecue also has many. About 200 jin (0.5 kg), then add on some bush branches to establish into the simple back-basket with tree root, installs the barbecue to place on these fawn back. 忙完了烤肉,卫小北又吃了几块,之后将小百宝袋里塞得满满的,但剩在外面的烤肉还有不少。大约有200来斤,便用树根加上一些灌木枝条编制成为简易的背篓,装上烤肉放在那些小鹿后背上。 Although these fawns young, but also in the grown stags compared with these realities be bigger. Each shoulders 50 jin (0.5 kg), pours is not strenuous. 这些小鹿虽说年幼,但也要比那些现实里的成年雄鹿更为高大。每头背负50来斤,倒也不算吃力。 Later, Wei Xiaobei then rode on that doe, will gnaw also barbecue Little Fairy to work to place the shoulder, the mouth sends out a whistling. Actuates the doe to go forward in great tree direction. 之后,卫小北便骑在了那头母鹿身上,一把将还啃着烤肉的小妖精抓起放在肩头,嘴里发出一声口哨。驱动着母鹿朝着巨树方向前进。 These were chased down the reindeer corpse until death, Wei Xiaobei will not pay attention. 那些被追杀至死的驯鹿尸体,卫小北就不会理会了。 Even if makes the barbecue all, oneself also took motionless, might as well lose there, referred to erratically can also attract some Great Wolf in the past, dispersed oneself here danger. 就算是尽数制成烤肉,自己也拿不动了,不如丢在那里,指不定还能够吸引一些巨狼过去,分散自己这边的危险。 From the Little Fairy mouth, Wei Xiaobei had some understanding to this area. 小妖精口中,卫小北对这一带有了一些了解。 Such that just like imagine, that great tree in fact is in the Norse mythology praised Yggdrasil! 正如自己所想象的那样,那棵巨树实际上就是北欧神话里被传颂的世界树 But that type by the place that grey snow covers, was called the place of abandoning by Little Fairy, um. This point somewhat is actually similar to the wicked earth that the Territory geographical unit of government said. 而那种会被灰雪覆盖的地方,则被小妖精称为废弃之地,嗯。这一点倒是与土地公所说的恶土有些类似。 According to Little Fairy, only then Territory in Yggdrasil area of influence, can grow the plant. 小妖精所述,只有在世界树影响范围内的土地,才能够生长出植物。 Wei Xiaobei has also asked about something, for example Northern European Gods wait / etc. and so on existence. 卫小北也询问过一些事情,譬如北欧诸神等等之类的存在。 Although although a Little Fairy clan then lives starting from 30 years old, but because their life makes them understand long. 小妖精一族虽说虽说从30岁开始便生活,但由于它们寿命的悠长使得它们懂得很多。 It is said here is the place of so-called Gods dusk, Northern European Gods and Giant fights to slaughter at the last minute, the entire world collapsed, is burning the bloodshed submerged the entire world. 据说这里便是所谓的诸神黄昏之地,北欧诸神巨人们战斗厮杀到最后一刻,整个世界崩溃了,燃烧着的血海淹没了整个世界。 Until that is burning the bloodshed vanishes, Yggdrasil just now sprouts the sprout, the life reappears in this world. 直到那燃烧着的血海消失,世界树方才重新萌发出新芽,生命才重新出现这个世界上。 But after that fights. Yggdrasil source by the arrived fatal wound, Yggdrasil along with time, but is unceasingly feeble. 但在那一战之后。世界树的本源受到了致命创伤,以至于世界树随着时间而不断衰弱。 But along with Yggdrasil unceasing feeble, the area of place of abandoning constantly expands toward the Yggdrasil area of influence, making here living environment worsen day by day. 而随着世界树的不断衰弱,废弃之地的面积不断朝着世界树影响范围内扩展,使得这里的生存环境日益恶化。 But in the Monster aspect. Little Fairy sees many are reindeer and goat, next is Elf[elves], the dwarf, Great Wolf, the horse, Wild Boar is as for the crow. 而在怪物方面。小妖精见得最多的就是驯鹿和山羊,其次便是精灵,侏儒,巨狼,马,野猪乃至于乌鸦。 In the entire Yggdrasil range. Probably only then these Monster, perhaps had certainly more formidable Monster, is very difficult to see at the Little Fairy sphere of action. 在整棵世界树范围内。大概就只有这些怪物了,当然或许有更强大的怪物,以小妖精的活动范围很难见到。 reindeer did not say that is most formidable, it is said is here all reindeer kings, a head length the stag of red antler, Wei Xiaobei was guessing that most is also 2-Star Terror. 驯鹿就不说了,最强大的,据说是这里所有驯鹿的王,一头长着红色鹿角的雄鹿,卫小北猜测最多也就是二星恐怖 Here goat is the sweet wine goat Hyde descendant, but Hyde is a god sheep in Odin Valhalla, it is said its every day is eating the leaf of Yggdrasil, thus delivers the fragrant delightful sweet wine. 这里的山羊都是蜜酒山羊海德伦的后代,而海德伦则是奥丁英灵殿里的一头神羊,据说其每日吃着世界树的叶子,从而产出芳香甜美的蜜酒。 Elf[elves] was needless to say. 精灵就不用多说了。 The white skin, is slightly bigger than humanity, the sharp ear, shoots friendly, is of Jarhl Heym's Yggdrasil nine countries residents, but after Gods dusk, their countries also suffered the destruction, thus spreads to this piece of prairie on. 白色皮肤,比人类略微高大,尖耳,善射,原本是世界树九国之一亚尔夫海姆的居民,但在诸神黄昏之后,它们的国家也遭受了毁灭,从而扩散到这片草原上。 The dwarves also lost the majority of civilized inheritance, no longer is the outstanding technologist, smelts the goldsmith, they still live in underground, cannot withstand the sunlight, when they by the sunlight according to at the appointed time, will be changed into a stone carving, is unable to restore again. 侏儒也失去了大部分的文明传承,不再是优秀的工艺师,冶金匠,它们依然住在地下,不能承受阳光,当它们被阳光照到时,就会化为一尊石雕,再也无法恢复。 As for Great Wolf, the horse, Wild Boar, the crow is the formidable demon beast, the descendant of god beast, although their ancestors died in battle in the war of Gods, but they have compared with other Life Form more formidable strengths as before. 至于巨狼,马,野猪,乌鸦都是强大魔兽,神兽的后裔,虽说它们的祖先已经在诸神之战中战死,但它们依旧拥有比其它生物更强大的实力。 Great Wolf is the sea cautious Great Wolf descendant, but sea cautious Great Wolf dusk in has eaten moon in Gods, it is Terror Great Wolf Lear's one of the two sons, but Lear dusk in has eaten advocation of Odin Gods in Gods. 巨狼乃是海惕巨狼的后裔,而海惕巨狼诸神黄昏里吃掉了月亮,它是恐怖巨狼芬里尔的两个儿子之一,而芬里尔在诸神黄昏里吃掉了诸神之主奥丁。 horse is god of productivity a descendant of horse. 马则是丰饶之神费雷的一匹马的后裔。 Wild Boar is god of productivity mount golden color Wild Boar descendant, it is said this golden Wild Boar also runs compared with all horses quickly. 野猪则是丰饶之神费雷的坐骑金色野猪的后裔,据说这头金色野猪比所有的马还跑得快。 The crow is advocation of Odin that two doing an inspection worlds Gods the descendant of crow. 乌鸦是诸神之主奥丁那两头巡查人间的乌鸦的后裔。 In brief, these Life Form ancestors in the legend are the illustrious hosts. 总之,这些生物的祖先在神话传说里都是赫赫有名的主。 But Wei Xiaobei listened to the introduction of Little Fairy, felt that here indeed declined. 卫小北听了小妖精的介绍,不由感觉这里的确是没落了。 To be honest, Wei Xiaobei felt that this Dust World also too can install, unexpectedly dusk the world has installed after Gods, this further made Wei Xiaobei determine the beforehand suspicion. 说实话,卫小北感觉这灰界也太能装了,居然连诸神黄昏之后的世界都装了进来,这进一步让卫小北确定了自己之前的猜想。 However, Northern European Gods at heart is not high in Wei Xiaobei strength, completely is the result of fatalism. 不过话说回来,北欧诸神卫小北心里的实力不算高,完全就是宿命论的结局。 The solemn god, unexpectedly cannot live forever, but also needs to maintain the youth not to be old by the water of spring of any youth. 堂堂神祗,居然不能长生不老,还需要靠什么青春之泉的水来维持青春不老。 And in has predicted at first Gods dusk, no matter how later these gods struggle, finally is also difficult to run away the Gods dusk fate. 并且在最初就预言了诸神黄昏,之后不管那些神祗怎么挣扎,最后也难逃诸神黄昏的下场。 Naturally, even if the god who the spring of dependence youth can live forever, regarding Wei Xiaobei, is formidable incomparable existence. Therefore Wei Xiaobei has to rejoice, fortunately, here is not Gods before dusk the world, in that case, these gods and Giant, oneself felt one were impossible to cope. 当然,即便是依靠青春之泉才能够长生不老的神祗,对于卫小北而言,也是强大无比的存在。因而卫小北不得不庆幸,还好,这里并不是诸神黄昏之前的世界,那样的话,那些神祗和巨人,自己感觉自己怎么也不可能对付得了。 But the Little Fairy following introduction makes Wei Xiaobei somewhat excited. 小妖精接下来的介绍却让卫小北有些心动。 In the place beyond Yggdrasil area of influence, it is said brightly with the Giant corpse, but the environment of these places were too bad, thus Little Fairy has not gone actually. 世界树影响范围之外的地方,据说有神祗与巨人尸体,但那些地方的环境太恶劣了,因而小妖精倒是从没有去过。 Hears here, Wei Xiaobei somewhat is indeed excited, after all these gods, the Giant strength was too formidable, if can find, referred to erratically can find any good thing. 听到这里,卫小北的确有些心动,毕竟那些神祗,巨人的实力太强大了,如果自己能够找到的话,指不定能够找到什么好东西。 Wei Xiaobei is not that arrogant person, regarding searching for the corpse wait / etc. and so on did not have what dangerous matter, he will not reject. 卫小北可不是那种高傲的人,对于搜尸等等之类没有什么危险的事情,他并不会拒绝。 Naturally, may have the danger, but this danger will not be high. 当然,可能会有危险,但这危险不会太高。 Regarding can go to Yggdrasil, Little Fairy is very happy. 对于能够前往世界树,小妖精是很高兴的。 Must know that Yggdrasil is this world the basis of survival, seems for a lifetime has not gone far, if can go to a Capital City, will be very definitely excited. 要知道,世界树就是这个世界的生存之基,就好似一辈子没有出过远门,如果能够去一趟京城的话,肯定会很兴奋。 After all here is Dust World, went to Yggdrasil this distance the danger to be too many from Little Fairy Keith Honey. 毕竟这里是灰界,从小妖精凯斯蜜儿前往世界树这段距离的危险太多了。 If Little Fairy starts off voluntarily, it is estimated that cannot exit five kilometers, by meat Monster that will meet along the way killing. 如果是小妖精自行上路的话,估计出去不了五公里,就会被沿途所遇到的肉食怪物给干掉。 These meat Monster will not go to tube anything to curse, eats the meat of mouth really the good meat! 那些肉食怪物可不会去管什么诅咒,吃到嘴里的肉才是真的好肉! What? Will Little Fairy fly? 什么?小妖精会飞? It will indeed fly, but the speed of crow may too be quickly more than it. 它的确会飞,可乌鸦的速度可要比它快太多了。 Regarding Little Fairy, crow Life Form completely is their natural enemies. 对于小妖精而言,乌鸦这种生物完全就是它们的天敌。 Rides carries on the back in the deer, how in the Wei Xiaobei mind calculates 2100 Evolution Points that is starting newly to use. 骑在鹿背上,卫小北脑海里盘算着新入手的2100进化点应该如何使用。 Invests into the Muscle attribute, lets achieve 30 points Muscle attributes to leap to 40 points sufficiently directly goes, thus obtains a new ability. 投入到肌肉属性里,足以让已经达到30点的肌肉属性直接飞跃到40点去,从而获得一个新能力。 But considered that the Muscle attribute promoted the consequence that many caused, Wei Xiaobei then to give up this idea alone. 但考虑到肌肉属性单独提升过多所带来的后果,卫小北便放弃了这个想法。 Thinks that Wei Xiaobei has consumed finally 2000 Evolution Points, Hand-eye Coordination, Flexibility promotes the arrived 25 points , to promote Reflex and balance to 23 points separately. 想了想,卫小北最终还是消耗了2000进化点,将手眼协调性,灵活度提升到了25点,将反应平衡性分别提升到23点。 But final 100 Evolution Points invest into the Release Electricity electric current upper limit, promotes it to 261 milliamperes. 而最后的100进化点则投入到释放电流的电流上限上,将其提升到261毫安。 This was also the predetermined strategy of Wei Xiaobei. 这也算是卫小北的既定方针了。 Each time after promotion attribute, will invest some surplus Evolution Points to the electric current upper limit, thus promotes the electric current might that releases gradually. 每次提升属性之后,都会将一些剩余的进化点投入到电流上限上,从而逐渐提升释放出来的电流威力。 Currently speaking, voltage upper limit was sufficient temporarily, 1000 volts, can penetrate the air to carry on the ultra-short distance electric discharge. 就目前而言,电压上限已经暂时够用了,1000伏特,能够击穿空气进行超短距离放电。 arrived at this time, the electric current upper limit was higher, the electric current might that then releases is bigger. 到了这个时候,电流上限越高,那么释放出的电流威力就越大。 Simply speaking, the voltage was deciding the distance of puncture air, but the voltage and electric current were deciding the energy of releasing. 简单来说,电压决定着击穿空气的距离,而电压与电流则决定着释放出来的能量。 Same electric current current capacity, UU reads the voltage to be higher, the energy of releasing is bigger. 同样的电流流量,UU看书www.uukanshu.com电压越高,释放出来的能量就越大。 Likewise, the similar voltage, the electric current current capacity is bigger, the energy of then releasing is bigger. 同理,同样的电压,电流流量越大,那么释放出来的能量就越大。 Therefore Wei Xiaobei wants to promote release the might of electric current, besides the booster tension, the electric current upper limit also needs to promote. 因而卫小北想要提升释放的电流的威力,除了提升电压之外,电流上限也需要提升。 Naturally, 90 to 100 milliamperes electric current, humanity contacts for over three seconds, the heart will be lulled, stops beating. 当然,90到100毫安的电流,人类接触三秒以上,心脏就会被麻痹,停止跳动。 Enemy overwhelming majorities that but Wei Xiaobei copes with are not humanity, but is Monster in Dust World, thus the promotion of electric current upper limit is also very necessary. 卫小北对付的敌人绝大多数都不是人类,而是灰界里的怪物,因而电流上限的提升也是很有必要的。 Dust World Monster of Wei Xiaobei beforehand bitter experience, majority not too cope with the electric current suitably, for example the human form wooden stake, the monster wait / etc., Wei Xiaobei has attempted, but basically does not have the effect. 卫小北之前遭遇的灰界怪物,大多数都不太适合用电流去对付,譬如人形木桩,器妖等等,卫小北尝试过,但基本上没有效果。 But arrived here, this Release Electricity should some uses.( To be continued.) WWW.GEILIWX.COM happy reading every day 但到这里,这释放电流应该有些用处了。(未完待续。)WWW.GEILIWX.COM开心阅读每一天
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