CSG :: Volume #34

#3391: Saint Monarch blood essence

One hear of Wind Venerable purposes in coming, the brow of Ancient Principle Supreme the slightly wrinkle, said immediately: „Can you refine Purple Azure Dual Swords?” 一听风尊者来意,古道太尊的眉头顿时微皱,道:“你是要炼制紫青双剑?” Good!” Wind Venerable decisive acknowledgment. Now entire Saint Realm, thinks that Purple Azure Dual Swords Sword Spirit has fallen into his hand, therefore regarding Ancient Principle can the intention of guessing own, Wind Venerable does not feel the accident/surprise. “不错!”风尊者果断承认。如今整个圣界,都认为紫青双剑剑灵已经落入他手中,因此对于古道能一眼猜中自己的用意,风尊者是一点也不觉得意外。 The brow of Ancient Principle Supreme twists all of a sudden in the same place, reveals the embarrassment: If wants to refine Purple Azure Dual Swords, this difficulty perhaps is not general big, because many materials could not have sought, because some rare materials are only between world, is the non-renewable thing, if you want to refine Purple Azure Dual Swords, old man perhaps also helpless.” 古道太尊的眉头一下子就拧在一起,露出难色:“要想将紫青双剑炼制出来,这难度恐怕不是一般的大,因为许多材料都已经寻不到了,因为当中的一些罕见材料是天地间的唯一,是不可再生之物,你如果想炼制紫青双剑,那老夫恐怕也无能为力。” After all Purple Azure Dual Swords is extremely special, needs the thing of many extreme yin extreme yang, moreover Rank is quite high, was too difficult to seek.” “毕竟紫青双剑极其特殊,需要许多至阴至阳之物,而且等阶颇高,太难寻了。” Ancient Principle Supreme helpless shaking the head. 古道太尊无奈的摇了摇头。 I do not need to refine the past peak Purple Azure Dual Swords, most only needs to achieve high-grade Divine Item then.” Wind Venerable said. “我并不需要将紫青双剑炼制成当年的巅峰,最多只需要达到上品神器即可。”风尊者说道。 „If only high-grade Divine Item, the issue of that material is actually not big, is only high-grade Divine Item Rank Purple Azure Dual Swords to you, is no different than the weak.” Ancient Principle Supreme tone, then face serious stares at the body of Wind Venerable this World Fetal Membrane to size up, said: Is only, you have been equal to a utensil now, are you also capable of controlling other Divine Item?” “如果只是上品神器的话,那材料的问题倒是不大,只是上品神器等阶紫青双剑对你来说,无异于鸡肋。”古道太尊语气顿了顿,然后一脸严肃的盯着风尊者世界胎膜之躯打量,道:“只是,你现在就已经等同于一件器物,你还有能力驾驭其他神器吗?” Actually Wind Venerable is anything exists now, is very difficult to talk clearly, but he , if a utensil, that utensil control utensil, this actually unprecedented action, has not had any precedent. 风尊者现在究竟是个什么存在,真的很难说清,可他如果是一件器物的话,那器物驾驭器物,这倒是前无古人之举,没有过任何的先例。 Wind Venerable shows a faint smile, said: Therefore, the old man wants first to refine high-grade Divine Item to come out then, then brings to study carefully.” 风尊者微微一笑,道:“所以,老夫才想就先炼制出一件上品神器出来即可,然后拿来细细研究。” Un, actually the old man hopes actually you really can control Purple Azure Dual Swords, if you have this ability, even if we are the strength of collection entire Saint Realm, must make Purple Azure Dual Swords re-enter the past peak. Because Purple Azure Dual Swords combination backlash is too big, even if Supreme is unbearable, but you are different.” “嗯,其实老夫倒是希望你真的能驾驭紫青双剑,若是你有这个能力,那我们纵然是汇集整个圣界之力,也要让紫青双剑重回当年的巅峰。因为紫青双剑合璧反噬太大,纵然是太尊都难以承受,可你不一样。” You use World Fetal Membrane as the body, the protection capability was too strong, working order Purple Azure Dual Swords, the strength of that backlash perhaps also only then you can withstand.” “你以世界胎膜为躯体,防护能力太强了,完整状态的紫青双剑,那种反噬之力或许也只有你能承受的了。” Ancient Principle Supreme long sighing, said: At present our Saint Realm situation is less optimistic, that side World of Immortals published a book suddenly, this book is above the imagination powerful, its might has not displayed completely, therefore we can keep off reluctantly.” 古道太尊长长的叹了口气,道:“目前我们圣界的形势不容乐观,仙界那边突然多出了一本书,此书的强大超乎想象,它的威力还未完全发挥出来,因此我们可以勉强挡一挡。” „When may work as that book the might shows completely, perhaps Huan Zhen (really) cannot suppress.” “可当那本书的威力完全展现出来时,恐怕就连还真都压不住了。” On the face of Ancient Principle Supreme reveals one to worry, said: If the thing of old man refines, that book because of this/should can also keep off. But as far as I know, besides that book, that side World of Immortals also had/left a pen. According to the description of Dong Lai Saint Monarch and Dao Tian Saint Monarch, that practicing trickery ability that as well as this pen displays now, the old man even suspected that the true might of this pen, feared that is not the inferior that book.” 古道太尊的脸上露出一丝担忧,道:“如果老夫的这件东西炼制出来,那本书因该还能挡一挡。可据我所知,除了那本书之外,仙界那边还多出了一支笔。根据东来圣君道天圣君的描述,以及此笔现在展现出的那种瞒天过海的能力,老夫甚至都怀疑此笔的真正威力,怕是并不逊色那本书。” „The good present has person merely Highest Beginning Realm 9-layer cultivation level of this pen, is not Supreme, otherwise......, wind fellow daoist, the old man really hopes control Purple Azure Dual Swords that you can succeed, then, even if World of Immortals had that book and that pen, we do not fear.” “不过还好现在持有这支笔的人仅仅太始境九重天修为,并不是太尊,否则的话......,风道友,老夫是真的希望你能成功的驾驭紫青双剑,如此一来,纵然仙界有了那本书和那支笔,我们也不怕了。” That pen now in Saint Realm, you, if under seizing this pen, broke a World of Immortals arm.” Wind Venerable said. “那支笔现在就在圣界,你们若是夺下这支笔,岂不是就断了仙界一臂。”风尊者说道。 Easier said than done.” Ancient Principle Supreme helpless shaking the head, said: These years, Luo Tian has supervised entire Saint Realm, but Weeping Blood also once used secret skill to search for repeatedly in secret, but until now not slightly trail. That pen shielded all, at this moment, the old man had accepted a brutal fact, only if has the person of that pen to appear on own initiative, otherwise, our anybody could not find her.” “谈何容易啊。”古道太尊无奈的摇了摇头,道:“这些年,罗天一直监察整个圣界,而泣血也曾多次使用秘法暗中进行搜寻,可至今都没有丝毫踪迹。那支笔屏蔽了一切,事到如今,老夫已经接受了一个残酷的事实,除非是持有那支笔的人主动出现,否则,我们任何人都找不到她。” Even, actually the old men suspect her now also in Saint Realm.” “甚至,老夫都怀疑她现在究竟还在不在圣界。” Oh, did not raise these, wind fellow daoist, which materials you refined Purple Azure Dual Swords to need, so long as old man here had, was not parsimonious. Also let alone borrows, directly delivered you.” Ancient Principle Supreme spoke, was Item Refining Supreme, his Item Refining material naturally cannot be few. “唉,不提这些了,风道友,你炼制紫青双剑需要哪些材料,只要老夫这里有,就绝不吝啬。也别说借不借的了,直接送你。”古道太尊说到,身为一位炼器至尊,他身上的炼器材料自然不会少。 Wind Venerable wields, immediately the bill of materials appears in front of Ancient Principle, above listed numerous type materials. 风尊者手一挥,立即有一个材料清单出现在古道面前,上面列出了众多种类的材料。 Is looking at these bills of materials, a Ancient Principle brow wrinkle, by him the attainments on Item Refining, his only one eyes can see these materials that Wind Venerable uses, what Divine Item finally will bring forth . 望着这些材料清单,古道眉头一皱,以他在炼器上的造诣,他只一眼就能看出风尊者用的这些材料,最终会练出一柄什么样的神器 Wind fellow daoist, you determined that refines high-grade Divine Item? But the old man looked these materials that you use, even if the old man acts personally, perhaps also can only refine most inferior high-grade Divine Item to come out at most, because of these materials, Rank lowered.” Ancient Principle knits the brows to say. “风道友,你确定是炼制一件上品神器?可老夫看你所用的这些材料,纵然是老夫亲自出手,恐怕顶多也只能炼制出最下等的上品神器出来,因为这些材料,等阶太低了些。”古道皱眉道。 Rank is not truly high, but Purple Azure Dual Swords is very special, Rank of sword body is higher, the strength of that backlash is also more terrorist, since the old man experiments with it, that Rank naturally cannot high be too many, then, even if the old man has more than enough, can give in the clan the powerhouse use.” 等阶确实不高,但紫青双剑很特殊,剑体的等阶越高,那反噬之力也就越恐怖,老夫既然只是拿它实验,那等阶自然不能高太多,如此一来,纵然老夫用不了,也可以给族中强者使用。” Dual Swords Rank that if refines is too high, I do not dare to use to them on the contrary, because this was equal to killing them directly.” Wind Venerable said calmly. “如果炼制出的双剑等阶太高,那我反倒不敢给他们用了,因为这等于是直接杀了他们。”风尊者从容说道。 Un, this but actually is also.” Nod of Ancient Principle deep is so, the hand wields at once, immediately the bulk materials appear in the starry sky. “嗯,这倒也是。”古道深以为然的点了点头,旋即手一挥,立即有一大批材料出现在星空中。 Old man here elsewhere only then these, remaining several you must go to collect.” Ancient Principle said. “老夫这里就只有这些了,剩下的几种你还得去别处收集。”古道说道。 many thanks!” Wind Venerable wields, received the material that Ancient Principle puts out completely. 多谢!”风尊者手一挥,将古道拿出的材料全部收了起来。 Jian Chen in Wind Venerable within the body, present Wind Venerable looks now from outside is an old man, however in the Jian Chen world, he is standing now, in only has in three zhang (3.33 m) surrounding area space, front World Fetal Membrane in his eye middle accomplishment to be transparent, he can clear seeing outside all. 剑尘现在就在风尊者体内,眼下的风尊者从外面看去是一名老者,然而在剑尘的世界里,他现在正站在一个仅有三丈方圆的空间中,前方的世界胎膜在他眼中成为了透明,他能清晰的看到外面发生的一切。 Purity that conversation between Wind Venerable and Ancient Principle Supreme, he listens. 就连风尊者古道太尊之间的交谈,他都听的一清二楚。 Naturally, all these are Wind Venerable tacitly consented that treats Jian Chen, what Wind Venerable shows is a true selflessness, does not have tiny bit concealment, without doping any utility is one of them, did not seek any return. 当然,这一切都是风尊者默许的,对待剑尘,风尊者展现出的是一种真正的无私,没有一丝一毫的隐瞒,没有掺杂任何功利在其中,不求任何回报。 However at this moment, Ancient Principle Supreme expression moves, the vision looks all of a sudden to Wind Venerable within the body. 然而就在这时,古道太尊神色一动,目光一下子看向风尊者体内 The next quarter, the Jian Chen present line of sight became blurred instantaneously, World Fetal Membrane exhibited a Chaos condition, anything could not see clearly. 下一刻,剑尘眼前的视线瞬间变得模糊了起来,世界胎膜呈现出一种混沌状态,什么也看不清。 You peep at Ancient Principle in secret, he has the induction, such as his incarnation is Heavenly Law powerhouse, cannot look.” The Wind Venerable sound spreads to the Jian Chen ear, then he held holding the fist in the other hand to Ancient Principle, an expression of gratitude, then the form disappears instantaneously. “你暗中窥视古道,他已经心生感应,如他这种化身为天道强者,不可多看。”风尊者的声音传入剑尘耳中,然后他对古道抱了抱拳,一番道谢,然后身影瞬间消失。 This World Fetal Membrane, Huan Zhen (really) is hard to completely understand.” After Wind Venerable walks, the Ancient Principle Supreme stay is exuding twittering the sound same place, later his Primordial Spirit incarnation also vanishes without the trace. “这世界胎膜,还真是难以看透啊。”风尊者走后,古道太尊逗留在原地发出呢喃之声,之后他的这道元神化身也消失无踪。 After Ancient Principle said goodbye, Wind Venerable arrived at one of the Antiquity Family, Purple Myrtle Family supreme headquarters. 古道告别之后,风尊者又来到了远古家族之一,紫薇家族的大本营。 This time, Wind Venerable to not placing Ancient Principle is like that low-key, just appeared when the side starry sky that in Purple Myrtle Family is , a huge imposing manner fills the air immediately, regained consciousness just like Heavenly Law, causes the void strenuous vibration, Grand Dao had the disorder. 这一次,风尊者不向摆放古道那般低调,刚出现在紫薇家族所在的这方星空时,一股庞大的气势顿时弥漫而出,就宛若天道苏醒,引得虚空剧烈震动,大道都出现了紊乱。 Originally is Wind Supreme your excellency visits, I and others had to lose welcomes, but also looks at Wind Supreme to forgive!” The next quarter, Purple Myrtle Family protection great formation opens wide greatly, is headed by Dong Lai Saint Monarch, all powerhouse in Purple Myrtle Family all go out from inside, is the manner is all respectful, sees to the Wind Venerable good every other Sunday off. “原来是风至尊尊驾光临,我等有失远迎,还望风至尊恕罪!”下一刻,紫薇家族的守护大阵大大敞开,以东来圣君为首,紫薇家族内的所有强者全部从里面走出,皆是神态恭敬无比,对风尊者行大礼拜见。 Old man needs your one drop of source blood essence that brings the auspicious sign, uses as Item Refining.” Wind Venerable was saying to Dong Lai Saint Monarch. “老夫需要你的一滴带着紫气的本源精血,作为炼器所用。”风尊者对着东来圣君说道。 Can work for Wind Supreme, is the Junior glory, only drop of source blood essence, Wind Supreme will only need a few words, Junior will deliver to Spirit Immortal Clan surely personally, why must Wind Supreme will run personally.” Dong Lai Saint Monarch put out own drop of source blood essence without hesitation, respectful delivers to the Wind Venerable hand. “能为风至尊效劳,是晚辈的荣耀,区区一滴本源精血,风至尊只需一句话,晚辈定会亲自送到灵仙一族,何须风至尊亲自跑一趟。”东来圣君毫不犹豫的拿出了自己的一滴本源精血,恭恭敬敬的送到风尊者手中。 This is drop of blood that sends out purple rays of light, very dazzling, rays of light is eye-catching and radiant, resembles to result in just like a round of purple Sun. 这是一滴散发出紫色光芒的血液,非常的耀眼,光芒夺目而璀璨,就宛如一轮紫色的太阳似得。 This is Highest Beginning Realm 9-layer blood essence, inside contains the terrifying strength, therefore, when this drop of blood essence appears in the starry sky, that powerful energy pressure seems makes this void collapse. 这是一位太始境九重天精血,里面蕴含着恐怖的力量,因此,当这一滴精血出现在星空中时,那强大的能量威压就显得令这片虚空崩溃。 Jian Chen saw this in Wind Venerable within the body clearly, when he sees this drop of blood essence, expression immediately changes. 剑尘风尊者体内清楚的看到了这一幕,当他看见这一滴精血时,神色顿时一变。 Because he does not doubt, merely is this drop of blood essence strength, can let own body and soul completely eliminated. 因为他毫不怀疑,仅仅是这一滴精血的力量,就能让自己形神俱灭 Solely is the strength of this drop of blood, almost can cut completely any Great Primal Beginning Realm, even if some low-level Highest Beginning Realm, feared that must experience personally the heavy losses. 单单是这一滴血的力量,几乎就能斩尽任何混元始境,纵然是一些低阶太始境,怕也得身受重创。 After all, this is Saint Monarch source blood essence! 毕竟,这是一位圣君本源精血 Although the auspicious sign is impure, is far from auspicious sign in the true sense, that Divine Item that but refines to the old man, was enough.” Wind Venerable accepts the auspicious sign, the form disappears instantaneously. “虽然紫气不纯,谈不上真正意义上的紫气,但对老夫炼制的那神器来说,也足够了。”风尊者收下紫气,身影瞬间消失。 Then, Wind Venerable twists transfers many, went to top influences, personally acts to collect to refine the other materials that Purple Azure Dual Swords needs. 接下来,风尊者捻转多地,去往了一个又一个顶尖势力,亲自出面去收集炼制紫青双剑所需的余下材料。 In short less than one double-hour time, refines all materials that Purple Azure Dual Swords needs, the complete collection is then uneven. 在短短一个时辰不到的时间内,炼制紫青双剑所需的一切材料,便全部集齐。 Then the Wind Venerable thought moves, spans the endless starry sky instantaneously, such as flickered move to returned to Spirit Immortal Clan. 然后风尊者意念一动,瞬间跨越无尽星空,如瞬移般回到了灵仙一族 Ling Tong, then you refine Purple Azure Dual Swords in the fetal membrane world of old man, Dual Swords Rank must press, does not want high-grade, results in the middle-grade level.” 灵通,接下来你就在老夫的胎膜世界中将紫青双剑炼制出来,不过双剑品阶得压一压,不要上品,得中品层次。” Wind Venerable takes in Spirit Immortal Clan Patriarch World Fetal Membrane immediately, expression serious ding. 风尊者立即将灵仙一族族长摄入到世界胎膜中,神色郑重的叮属。
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