CSG :: Volume #34

#3385: Sword Immortal great perfection ( 1 )

Because regarding any cultivator, cannot resist the strength to strengthen, advances to the seduction of higher boundary. 因为对于任何修炼者来说,都抵挡不住实力增强,迈向更高境界的诱惑。 Wood Spirit Clan this crowd of powerhouse, similarly are so, Great Primal Realm middle-stage, late-stage, even is the seduction of Highest Beginning Realm, to all of them has the fatal attraction. 木灵族这群强者,同样是如此,混元境中期,后期,甚至是太始境的诱惑,对于他们所有人来说都有着致命的吸引力。 But we have left Spirit Immortal Clan is too long, moreover... and has also had some not happy matter in that age of one generation of ancestors, there are these experiences before, will Wood Spirit Clan admit us?” Rotten Wood Heavenly King asked worry in own heart. “可是我们已经离开灵仙一族太久,况且...况且在一代先祖的那个年代还发生过一些不愉快的事,有这些经历在前,木灵族会接纳我们吗?”朽木天王问出了自己心中的担忧。 You can count on that Spirit Immortal Clan is not mean-spirited, you eventually is a Spirit Immortal World member, they will admit your.” Saying that Jian Chen vows solemnly. “你们放心,灵仙一族没有那么小气,你们终究都是灵仙界的一份子,他们会接纳你们的。”剑尘信誓旦旦的说道。 After several double-hour, collection several powerhouse here had the complex mood to leave Peaceful Divine Palace, then they also big pile of things of must be done, not only need this news circular entire Wood Spirit World, and various industries that they left behind in this world need to deal with. 数个时辰之后,汇集在这里的几名强者带着复杂的心情离开了和平神宫,接下来他们还有一大堆的事情要做,不仅要将这个消息通告整个木灵界,并且就连他们在这个天地内留下的各种产业都需要进行处理。 Under the arrangement of Jian Chen, Blue Sky Ruler also official receives Bai Yurou for the disciple, had her asylum, these influences at least in Wood Spirit World, dares to offend Bai Yurou or a White Emperor lineage/vein clansman no one. 剑尘的安排下,碧落主宰也正式的收白雨柔为徒,有了她的庇护,至少在木灵界内的这些势力,将没有人敢去得罪白雨柔或是白帝一脉的族人。 Bai Yurou and Bell Cauldron, or with Ancestor Zong their hostility, Jian Chen prepare to make Bai Yurou process voluntarily. 白雨柔钟鼎,亦或者是与宗祖他们的恩怨,剑尘都准备让白雨柔自行去处理。 He can do, but before Bai Yurou grows thoroughly, for her seeks a asylum. 他能做的,只是在白雨柔彻底成长起来之前,为她寻求一个庇护。 Blue Sky Ruler, Heavens Fighting Ruler and the others also leave in abundance, finally only then Eternal Prosperous Family Old Ancestor Yongxi Lantian was kept by Jian Chen. 碧落主宰,斗天主宰等人也是纷纷离开,最后就只有永熙家族老祖永熙蓝天剑尘留了下来。 Yongxi Lantian, in your heart is very probably unwilling.” Jian Chen arrives in front of Yongxi Lantian, that swift and fierce vision looks at Yongxi Lantian subconscious lowering the head, does not dare to look at each other with it. 永熙蓝天,你心中好像十分不甘。”剑尘来到永熙蓝天面前,那凌厉的目光看得永熙蓝天下意识的低下了头,不敢与之对视。 Peaceful Ruler, you, although helps step into Great Primal Beginning Realm obsolete, to has the obligation obsolete, but this graciousness, cannot place on a par with First Ancestor Divine Item, that First Ancestor Divine Item should belong obsolete, is an obsolete big good fortune, finally was actually won by you, in the old punky heart naturally has resentful.” Yongxi Lantian lowers the head to say. 和平主宰,你虽然帮助老朽踏入混元始境,对老朽有大恩,但此恩,决不能与始祖神器相提并论,那始祖神器本该属于老朽,是属于老朽的一桩大造化,结果却被你夺走,老朽心中自然有怨。”永熙蓝天低着头说道。 It seems like you are besotted, has not clearly recognized own.” Jian Chen shakes the head, such as Yongxi Lantian this old stick-in-the-mud, he is also disinclined spending many argument, called Source of Life Item Spirit directly. “看来你还是执迷不悟,没有认清自己。”剑尘摇了摇头,如永熙蓝天这种老顽固,他也懒得多费口舌,直接将生命之源器灵叫了出来。 Bang! 轰! However, Source of Life Item Spirit just a appearance, was a powerful energy burst, its rashly Yongxi Lantian to the suppression, condensed an illusory mountain at the energy directly, Yongxi Lantian pressure stubbornly in land. 然而,生命之源器灵刚一出现,便是一股强大的能量爆发出来,它不由分说的直接就将永熙蓝天给镇压,以能量凝聚成一座虚幻大山,将永熙蓝天死死的压在大地上。 Yongxi Lantian opens mouth to spout a blood, the whole person assumes the large character to lie down in the hard ground, the suppressed finger even cannot move. 永熙蓝天张嘴喷出一口鲜血,整个人呈大字躺在坚硬的地面上,被镇压的连手指头都动弹不得。 Man old before his time, your not popular low-grade natural talent , does the delusion become my master?” Source of Life Item Spirit transforms is about 20 -year-old young women, outstandingly beautiful woman, in the foreheads has the arrogant air/Qi of not mincing matter. “小老头,就你这不入流的低等资质,也妄想成为我的主人?”生命之源器灵幻化为二十岁左右的年轻女子,天姿国色,眉宇间有着毫不掩饰的倨傲之气。 Sees only her both hands fork waist, condescending overlooking Yongxi Lantian, during the spoken languages completely has the taunt: I, you not well actually has a look at own is what to touch the type, you, wants to become my master?” 只见她双手叉腰,居高临下的俯视永熙蓝天,言语间尽是带着嘲讽:“我呸,你也不好好的看看自己究竟是一副什么摸样,就你,也想成为我的主人?” Let alone is your not popular natural talent, various aspects blue sky that small girl who you are stronger, I same cannot take a liking.” “别说是你这不入流的天赋,就连各方面都比你强的碧落那小丫头,我一样也瞧不上。” The face of Yongxi Lantian has turned into the liver colored completely, saying that still did not lose heart: But... in that Small World, you... you... you chose me in the final moment obviously.” 永熙蓝天的脸已经完全变成猪肝色,仍然不死心的说道:“可是...可是在那个小世界内,你...你...你明明在最后关头选择了我。” Fool, aren't you now clear? My that was forced, to preserve Wood Spirit Clan bloodlines, this has to bring Wood Spirit Clan to leave with the aid of your strengths. After all I am only a utensil, a lot, are unable to complete depending on my own. Even if I recognize you for the lord at that time, after waiting to be out of the danger, I still am capable of going out independently.” “傻瓜,你现在还不明白吗?我那是被逼无奈,为了保住木灵族血脉,这才不得不借助你们的力量带着木灵族离开。毕竟我只是一个器物,很多事情,凭我自己是无法完成的。就算我在那个时候认你们为主,等脱离危险之后,我依然有能力独立出去。” After all your strengths are too weak, Cultivation Technique needs I to teach to you, if I want to go out independently, you could not prevent.” “毕竟你们的实力太弱,就连功法都需要我来传授给你们,我要想独立出去,你们根本阻挡不了。” Let alone is you, Jian Chen, his also restraint I, I , to leave, he still could not prevent me.” Mentioned this matter, Source of Life Item Spirit was proudly of face. “别说是你们,就连剑尘,他也束缚不了我,我如果想离开,他依然阻挡不了我。”一说起此事,生命之源器灵就是一脸的傲然 However at once she as if thinks of anything, reveals a grievance appearance anxiously immediately, honk the mouth was saying: Behind him has a sage to support, and I have had the agreement with that sage, the time has not arrived, I cannot leave.” 不过旋即她似乎想到了什么,又立即露出一副委屈巴巴的样子,嘟着嘴说道:“不过他后面有一位圣人撑腰,并且我与那位圣人有过约定,时间未到,我也不能离开。” ...... ...... Jian Chen has not paid attention to matter between Source of Life and Yongxi Lantian, but arrives at the Peaceful Divine Palace construction directly in the secret room in place bottom deep place. 剑尘没有去关注生命之源永熙蓝天之间的事,而是直接来到和平神宫修建在地底深处的密室中。 In the dim secret room, Jian Chen sits cross-legged to sit, but in his palms, then floats one only to have the finger size sword-shaped jade pendant, above is filling thick years aura. 昏暗的密室内,剑尘盘膝而坐,而在他手掌间,则是漂浮着一个仅有手指大小剑型玉佩,上面弥漫着一股浓厚的岁月气息 This sword-shaped jade pendant, was initially he comes out after Dark Star, from Dark Green Wolf Clan Old Ancestor there obtains, is a Sword Dao mark that contained a Sword Dao powerhouse Grand Dao sensibility. 剑型玉佩,是当初他从暗星界出来之后,从苍狼族老祖那里获得,是一个蕴含了一位剑道强者大道感悟的剑道印记。 Now, his Sword Dao boundary has reached to Sword Immortal Realm big accomplishment, and has come to the end of current path, only has the one pace from Sword Immortal great perfection. 如今,他的剑道境界已经臻至剑仙境大成,并且已经走到了当前道路的尽头,距离剑仙大圆满仅有一步之遥。 Will soon leave Wood Spirit World. But Saint Realm to me, is not the long-term place, after all my real status has exposed......” “即将离开木灵界了。而圣界对于我来说,已经不是久留之地,毕竟我的真实身份已经暴露......” Although in everyone's memory, I am not in the world, but once I crop up in Saint Realm again, I will suffer encircling and hunting of a group of Highest Beginning Realm late-stage powerhouse immediately. Therefore, after leaving here, I must go to World of Immortals as soon as possible.” “尽管在所有人的记忆中,我早已不在世上,可一旦我再次在圣界冒头,我将立马遭受一大群太始境后期强者的围猎。所以,离开这里之后,我得尽快前往仙界。” Before going to World of Immortals, I need to enhance the own strength as far as possible.” Jian Chen twittering, is planning the own following road in a low voice ahead of time. May say is saying, in his brain can not help appears the Huan Zhen Supreme form, the whole person is out of sorts immediately. “在前往仙界之前,我需要尽可能的提升自己的实力。”剑尘低声呢喃,在提前规划自己后面的路。可说着说着,他脑中又情不自禁的浮现出还真太尊的身影,整个人顿时一阵失神。 At the same time, is that indifferent Saint Realm Supreme. 一面,是那冷漠的圣界至尊 Also other aspect, is in that hundred years of dreamland sends couple with the knot that he is constantly together really. 另一面,又是那百年梦境中与他朝夕相处的结发夫妻“真”。 These two entirely different forms interlock in his brain, the Jian Chen mood of instantaneously making became extremely complex. 这两道性格截然不同的身影在他脑中交错,瞬间令的剑尘的心情变得极其复杂。 Really, when you see me again, will you also continue to intend to kill me for the second time?” Jian Chen twittering, the heart feels a heartrending stabbing pain in a low voice. “真,当你再次见到我时,你还会继续出手杀我第二次吗?”剑尘低声呢喃,心脏感觉一阵钻心刺痛。 He sat in meditation in the dim secret room was very long, finally depressed the distracting thoughts in own brain, was then calm, starts to sense the Sword Dao mark. 他在昏暗的密室中静坐了很久,才终于压下自己脑中的杂念,而后凝神静气,开始感悟剑道印记。 Immediately, sword-shaped jade pendant rays of light rises, powerful Sword Dao Principle fills the air from inside, floods the entire secret room. 顿时,剑型玉佩光芒大盛,有一股强大的剑道法则自里面弥漫而出,充斥整个密室。 This Sword Dao Principle not only powerful, but also the level is extremely high, at least is also a boundary reaches to Highest Beginning Realm middle-stage powerhouse remains. 这股剑道法则不仅强大,而且层次极高,至少也是一位境界臻至太始境中期强者所留。 Naturally, the time that because it has extremely in remote, causing inside Sword Dao Principle to pass, but surplus these, had very huge help regarding Jian Chen as before. 当然,由于它存在的时间太过于久远,导致里面的剑道法则已经流逝了很多,但剩余的这些,对于剑尘来说依旧有非常巨大的帮助。 The Jian Chen spirit had entered in the sword-shaped jade pendant, immerses in the Sword Dao sensibility completely. 剑尘的精神已经进入了剑型玉佩中,完全沉醉在剑道感悟中。
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