CSG :: Volume #32

#3129: Two flower stalk

Well, here really has two flower stalk!” Mo Tianyun eye suddenly one bright, the body falls immediately rapidly, bringing Jian Chen to descend in a mountain valley. “咦,这里竟然有一株并蒂莲!”莫天云眼睛突然一亮,身躯立即急速下坠,带着剑尘降落在一处山谷中。 In most central of mountain valley, a lotus flower wound around by light Black and Yellow Energy, sends out dazzling and radiant rays of light, and has the intense fluctuation of energy. 在山谷的最中央,一株莲花被一层淡淡的玄黄之气缭绕,散发出耀眼而璀璨的光芒,并有强烈的能量波动。 Not only this is a contamination has Black and Yellow Energy two flower stalk, and is one already completely mature high-grade God level heavenly material treasure. 这不仅是一株沾染有玄黄之气的并蒂莲,并且更是一株已经完全成熟的上品神级天材地宝 If goes to Saint Realm this two flower stalk belt/bring, that causes one crowd of Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse to attack brutally sufficiently. 若是将这一株并蒂莲带到圣界去,那足以引起一群太始境强者为之大打出手。 Because two flower stalk are effect very heaven defying healing wonder drug, it can conduct an all-around restoration to any Martial Artist injury, not only including flesh body, source, vigor, even if Primordial Spirit is wounded, two flower stalk can also one and restore, has to seize the heaven defying wonderful effectiveness of good fortune of the world seriously. 因为并蒂莲是一株功效非常逆天疗伤神药,它能对任何武者身上的伤势进行一种全方位恢复,不仅包括肉身,本源,精气神,纵然是元神受创,并蒂莲也能一并恢复,当真具备夺天地之造化的逆天神效。 Suddenly, in mountain valley everything may become vulnerable, terrifying aura that reaches to Highest Beginning Realm, filled the entire mountain valley dreadfully in an instant, Black and Yellow Energy in sky experienced the violent fluctuation. 突然,山谷内地动山摇,一股臻至太始境的恐怖气息滔天而起,刹那间弥漫整个山谷,天空中的玄黄之气都出现了剧烈的波动。 So precious two flower stalk, how also not to have powerful Black and Yellow Beast to seize. Sees only one to have the centipede, drilled from the place bottom like the centipede snake, a pair of muddy vision locked Jian Chen and Mo Tianyun in an instant. 一株如此珍贵的并蒂莲,又岂会没有强大的玄黄兽占领。只见一只拥有百足,如同蜈蚣般的长虫从地底钻了出来,一双浑浊的目光刹那间锁定了剑尘莫天云 Jian Chen immediately in heart one cold, by Black and Yellow Beast locking of Highest Beginning Realm, he was felt a huge oppression strength immediately. 剑尘顿时心中一凛,被一只太始境玄黄兽锁定,他立即感受到了一股庞大的压迫力。 Highest Beginning Realm 1-layer!” He judges this only Black and Yellow Beast strength instantaneously! 太始境一重天!”他瞬间判断出这只玄黄兽的实力! Without Mo Tianyun in side, he facing this only Black and Yellow Beast fate that also only then flees in panic. 若是没有莫天云在身边,他面对这只玄黄兽也只有仓皇逃窜的下场。 Highest Beginning Realm level, even if weakest Highest Beginning, is not he can contend. 太始境层次,哪怕是最弱的太始,都远不是他所能抗衡的。 Let alone in this Black and Yellow Small Heaven, his Space Principle and Sword Dao Principle is unable to use, strength suppressed too many were too many. 更何况在这玄黄小天界内,他的空间法则剑道法则都无法动用,实力被压制的太多太多了。 The most important thing is, he now or the body of severe wound. 最重要的是,他现在还是重伤之躯。 Before in Magnificent Province rushed to the life and death bridge, source of loss has not restored, afterward displayed Dual Sword Combination. 之前在盛州闯生死桥时,损耗的本源就没有恢复,后来又施展双剑合璧 His condition at this moment, it may be said that is as weak as the extreme. 他此刻的状况,可谓是虚弱到极点。 This two flower stalk, because of this/should can make you fully restore.” Mo Tianyun has not paid attention to Black and Yellow Beast that drills from the place bottom, his vision is staring at the front two flower stalk, tone light saying. “这一株并蒂莲,因该能让你完全恢复了。”莫天云没有理会从地底中钻出的玄黄兽,他目光盯着前方的并蒂莲,语气平淡的说道。 The next quarter, his whole person disappears suddenly, in an instant appears in front of that only Highest Beginning Realm Black and Yellow Beast, is a boxing leaves directly. 下一刻,他整个人骤然消失,刹那间出现在那只太始境玄黄兽面前,直接就是一拳击出。 Mo Tianyun this fist does not contain any Principle strength, some are only strength of the pure cultivation level, and strength of that powerful flesh body. 莫天云这一拳并不含任何法则力量,有的只是一股纯粹的修为之力,以及那强大的肉身之力。 As of Sacred Feather Tiger Emperor Monster World four big royalty, Mo Tianyun the strength of flesh body exceptionally is also powerful. 作为妖界四大皇族之一的圣羽虎皇,莫天云肉身之力同样异常强大。 Immediately, the strength of dreadful cultivation level erupts, Highest Beginning Realm Black and Yellow Beast that this just cropped up, the entire head made into the smashing instantaneously. 顿时,滔天的修为之力爆发,这一只刚刚才冒出头的太始境玄黄兽,整颗脑袋被瞬间打成粉碎。 Not is only the head, its entire body, under Mo Tianyun that terrifying the strength of impact of cultivation level, explodes thoroughly, dies not entire corpse. 不仅仅是头颅,就连它的整个身躯,也是在莫天云那恐怖的修为之力冲击下,彻底爆裂开来,死无全尸。 Merely one fist, cut to kill Black and Yellow Beast that thoroughly was equivalent to Highest Beginning Realm 1-layer, this made Jian Chen personally experience the great strength of Mo Tianyun again. 仅仅一拳,就彻底斩杀了一只相当于太始境一重天玄黄兽,这让剑尘再一次亲身感受到了莫天云的强大。 Strikes to cut to kill Highest Beginning, does not know when I can have the so strong strength.” This makes Jian Chen envy, the so fearful strength, even if takes a broad view at entire Saint Realm, how many people also there are able to let its dread? “一击斩杀太始,不知我什么时候才能够拥有如此强大的实力。”这让剑尘心生羡慕,如此可怕的实力,纵然是放眼整个圣界,又有几人能让其忌惮? The most important thing is, Mo Tianyun this fist, has not used the strength of Principle. 最重要的是,莫天云这一拳,并没有动用法则之力。 If there is world Principle blessing, the might of this fist will be inconceivable! 若是有天地法则加持,这一拳的威力将更加难以想象! Jian Chen, swallows this two flower stalk, it because of this/should can make you fully restore.” At this time, Mo Tianyun has taken off two flower stalk to arrive in front of Jian Chen. 剑尘,将这一株并蒂莲吞服下去,它因该能够让你完全恢复。”此时,莫天云已经摘下并蒂莲来到剑尘面前。 Two flower stalk wound around by light Black and Yellow Energy, send out the dazzling dense light static float in front of Jian Chen. 并蒂莲被一股淡淡的玄黄之气缭绕,散发出炫目的氤氲之光静静的漂浮在剑尘面前。 The vision is gazing at present this two flower stalk, in the Jian Chen heart is not tranquil, two flower stalk the probability in the world presenting was small, let alone present two flower stalk, is not only contaminating Black and Yellow Energy, and grade has grown to the high-grade God level heavenly material treasure level. 目光注视着眼前这一朵并蒂莲,剑尘心中并不平静,并蒂莲在天地间出现的概率本来就非常小,更何况眼前的并蒂莲,不仅沾染着玄黄之气,并且品级已经成长到上品神级天材地宝的层次了。 Its value can be imagined! 它的价值可想而知! If not has Mo Tianyun in the side, this two flower stalk he does not have the ability to attain decisively. 若非是有莫天云在身边,这一株并蒂莲他是断然没有能力拿到的。 Jian Chen is not artificial, swallowed two flower stalk, then sits cross-legged to sit, starts to restore injury. 剑尘也不矫情,一口就将并蒂莲吞服了下去,然后就地盘膝而坐,开始恢复身上的伤势。 In an instant, his dense light soars to the heavens, two flower stalk the boundless efficacy covers him, the Jian Chen within the body injury rapidly is restoring. 刹那间,他身上氤氲之光冲天,并蒂莲所化的磅礴药力将他笼罩,剑尘体内的伤势在快速恢复。 Mo Tianyun has not departed, but stands at the back of both hands in the mountain valley stands one's ground steadfastly, his body tall and straight like mountain, invisible, as if brings potential of the suppression mountains and rivers. 莫天云没有离去,而是背着双手站在山谷中岿然不动,他的身躯挺拔如山,无形之间,似乎自带一股镇压山河之势。 In Black and Yellow Small Heaven, Black and Yellow Beast of saliva two flower stalk also has many, because before here was occupied by stronger Black and Yellow Beast, therefore makes nearby Black and Yellow Beast not dare to act rashly. 玄黄小天界内,垂涎并蒂莲的玄黄兽也有不少,之前这里因为被一只更强的玄黄兽占据了,因此才让附近的玄黄兽不敢妄动。 At present, guards this place Highest Beginning Realm Black and Yellow Beast aura to vanish, this lets occupy immediately in nearby Black and Yellow Beast is ready to make trouble. 眼下,镇守此地的太始境玄黄兽气息消失,这顿时让盘踞在附近的玄黄兽蠢蠢欲动。 Quick, outside the mountain valley spread the depressed running sound, the entire land the strenuous vibration, was having build huge Black and Yellow Beast to be close toward here. 很快,山谷外就传出了沉闷的奔跑声,整个大地都在剧烈震动了起来,有体型庞大的玄黄兽正朝着这里接近。 And quantity also incessantly. 并且数量还不止一只。 Not is only the ground, the horizon of distant place also presented the shadow, some numerous birds wind spreading electricity hold up is close toward here. 不仅仅是地面,就连远处的天边也是出现了大片大片的阴影,有众多飞禽风驰电擎的朝着这里接近。 Here is the deep place, any Black and Yellow Beast that can separate place in this range, its strength nature is weak not. Therefore, these Black and Yellow Beast that from catches up in all directions, strength weakest was the Great Primal Realm late-stage level. 这里已经是在内界深处,凡是能在这个范围割据一地的玄黄兽,其实力自然弱不到哪里去。因此,这些从四面八方赶来的玄黄兽,实力最弱的都达到了混元境后期层次。 Middle even also Black and Yellow Beast in the Highest Beginning Realm level. 当中甚至还有一只玄黄兽处于太始境层次。 Black and Yellow Beast of this Highest Beginning Realm level, obviously compared with before Mo Tianyun cuts to kill that wanted on weakly some. 只是这一只太始境层次的玄黄兽,明显要比莫天云之前斩杀的那一只要弱上了些许。 All Black and Yellow Beast, as if by Jian Chen on that aura that is two flower stalk to the attraction, from wells up in all directions toward Jian Chen. 所有玄黄兽,似乎都被剑尘身上那一股属于并蒂莲的气息给吸引,从四面八方朝着剑尘涌去。 They do not have the spirit wisdom, will not ponder, all behaviors with instinct, therefore naturally does not know the great strength of Mo Tianyun. 它们没有灵智,不会进行思考,一切行为都凭着本能,因此自然也不知道莫天云的强大。 Mo Tianyun acted, he brandishes the fist to separate makes spatially, each fist is earth-shaking, hit world look changes, day Yue Wuguang, fills in Black and Yellow Energy in the world the drastic fluctuation. 莫天云出手了,他挥舞着拳头隔空打出,每一拳都石破天惊,打的天地变色,日月无光,弥漫在天地间的玄黄之气都在剧烈波动。 In the world had blood rain, all Black and Yellow Beast were all brutally cut to kill, ends up a meeting a cruel death fate. 天地间下起了一阵血雨,所有玄黄兽全都被无情斩杀,落得个粉身碎骨的下场。 The Mo Tianyun strength was too strong, even if not depend upon Principle, he cuts to kill these Black and Yellow Beast also effortlessly, coming many dead many. 莫天云的实力太强了,纵然是不依靠法则,他斩杀这些玄黄兽也是毫不费力,来多少死多少。 He does not even need to move, only need stand side Jian Chen separates acts spatially, can strike to kill all invading enemies. 他甚至都无需移动,只需站在剑尘身边隔空出手,就能击杀一切来犯之敌。 Shortly, world suddenly one static, cleanness that all Black and Yellow Beast shouting sounds all vanish. 顷刻间,天地戛然一静,所有玄黄兽的嘶吼声全都消失的干干净净。 Jian Chen sits cross-legged to sit in same place healing as before, in his surroundings, by Mo Tianyun energy barrier of strength of arrangement cultivation level, making him be exempt from the external interference. 剑尘依旧盘膝坐在原地疗伤,在他的周围,有一层以莫天云修为之力布置的能量结界,让他免受外界干扰。 Mo Tianyun is crosses the hands behind the back to stand, what proximal is Jian Chen Custodian, as if must wait for the Jian Chen injury fully to restore to depart. 莫天云则是负手而立,寸步不离的为剑尘护法,似乎要等剑尘的伤势完全恢复才会离去。 At this time, his hand wielded, the Shangguan Mu'er form suddenly appeared. 这时,他手一挥,上官幕儿的身影突然出现。 This nearby Black and Yellow Beast had been cut to kill by me completely, grows there some heavenly material treasure, you can collect.” Mo Tianyun said to Shangguan Mu'er. “这附近的玄黄兽已经全部被我斩杀,生长在那里的一些天材地宝,你可以去采集起来。”莫天云上官幕儿说道。 many thanks Senior!” Shangguan Mu'er raises slightly to Mo Tianyun slightly, pair of beautiful eyes stationed in the moment on Jian Chen, white teeth opened lightly: Mo Tianyun Senior, how did not know the Jian Chen situation.” 多谢前辈!”上官幕儿莫天云微微欠身,一双美目剑尘身上驻留了片刻,贝齿轻启:“莫天云前辈,不知剑尘的情况怎么样了。” This point you do not need to worry, Jian Chen will regain consciousness quickly, that moment when he regains consciousness, then when is his injury completely healed.” Mo Tianyun said. “这一点你无需担心,剑尘很快就会苏醒,当他苏醒的那一刻,便是他伤势痊愈之时。”莫天云说道。
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