CSG :: Volume #32

#3124: Cold Wind Sect fate

Entire Snow Sect instantaneously became peaceful, the previous quarter also with innumerable Snow Sect disciple that Heaven Sect battled, all was a face shocking looked at the opponent who changed to the ice sculpture, the mind has been vibrating. 整个雪宗瞬间变得安静了起来,前一刻还在与天宗交战的无数雪宗弟子,皆是一脸震惊的望着已经化作冰雕的对手,心神震动。 Heaven Sect innumerable God Realm disciple, completed in the flash completely moved toward the transformation of ice sculpture by the living person, did not have the tiny bit response time. Snow Sect disciple receives the hand less, sent out attack solid hitting in these human form ice sculptures. 天宗的无数神境界弟子,完全是在一瞬间就完成了由活人走向冰雕的转化,没有一丝一毫反应的时间。雪宗弟子收手不及,发出的攻击结结实实的打在了这些人形冰雕上。 Immediately, by flesh and blood the human form ice sculpture, became is split up instantaneously, changes to the innumerable ice pieces to blast open. 顿时,一名名由血肉之躯所化的人形冰雕,瞬间变得四分五裂,化作了无数的冰块炸裂开来。 This is true tearing to shreds! 这是真正的碎尸万段! God King Realm, Human God is so, as if after being frozen the solid ice, their flesh body also become the incomparable frailty, strikes breaks to pieces. 无论是神王境,还是人神皆是如此,似乎被冻成了坚冰之后,他们的肉身也变得无比的脆弱,一击就碎。 And this disruption is not only their flesh body, has their Primordial Spirit! 并且这碎裂的不仅仅是他们的肉身,更是有他们的元神 The ice sculpture was shattered, means body and soul completely eliminated! 冰雕破碎,同时也意味着形神俱灭 Heaven Sect Yuan Law Old Ancestor, as well as came from all Beginning Realm powerhouse on Vast Star, although had changed to the ice sculpture, but they do not have falls/dies, but was equivalent to flesh body to be imprisoned, but Primordial Spirit was still very active. 天宗元法老祖,以及来自于苍茫星上的所有始境强者,尽管已经化作了冰雕,但是他们却并没有陨落,只是相当于肉身被禁锢住了,可元神依旧还十分活跃。 But at this moment, including Yuan Law Old Ancestor, in the hearts of all Beginning Realm powerhouse is only left over to fear and despair, because all of them understand, at this moment, own and the others life and death completely in Snow God a thought. 但此刻,包括元法老祖在内,所有始境强者的心中都只剩下恐惧和绝望,因为他们所有人都明白,此时此刻,自己等人的生死完全在雪神一念之间。 As for Yuan Law Old Ancestor, is the surface, if dying embers. Before then, in his heart indeed did not awe like the past regarding Snow God like that because Snow God first did not say can return, even returned must be under the threat from Flame Venerable. 至于元法老祖,更是面若死灰。在这之前,他心中对于雪神的确不像从前那般敬畏,因为雪神先不说能不能归来,即便是归来也要面临来自炎尊的威胁。 After all after the reincarnation, to restore to the past peak strength, is not an easy matter. 毕竟转世之后,要想重新恢复到当年的巅峰实力,绝不是一件容易的事。 But at this moment, after he experiences to the strength that Snow God shows with own eyes, Yuan Law Old Ancestor awakens suddenly, discovered that the idea of own is really naive, was too laughable, by strength that Snow God shows at this moment, even if really to Flame Venerable, who wins who lost/carrying has not said certainly. 但此时此刻,当他亲眼见识到雪神所展现出的实力之后,元法老祖才猛然醒悟过来,发现自己的想法实在是太天真,太可笑了,以雪神此刻展现出的实力,纵然是真的对上炎尊,那谁胜谁负还说不准呢。 Ended, this feared that really ended in the Yuan Law Old Ancestor heart is the regret intestines is blue. “完了,这回怕是真的完了”元法老祖心中是悔的肠子都青了。 He stepped into with great difficulty made the innumerable person long-awaited 7-layer boundary, finally when has not waited for him to enjoy the 7-layer boundary to bring completely that glorious and honored, by sudden return Snow God frozen here, this made him very unwilling. 他好不容易才踏入了令无数人都梦寐以求的七重天境界,结果还没等他完全享受到七重天境界所带来的那股荣耀与尊贵时,就被突然回归的雪神给冰封在这里,这让他非常不甘。 Now, his whole person is similar to by the seal, the mouth cannot say, although Primordial Spirit is complete, but was also imprisoned in the body, even to discard flesh body to escape Primordial Spirit, is unable to achieve. 现在,他整个人就如同被封印,口不能言,尽管元神还完好,但也同样被禁锢在躯壳之中,即便是想要舍弃肉身遁出元神,都是无法做到。 At this time, in that everywhere wind and snow, by the cold ice throne that on innumerable Flying Snow surround, is Snow God that ice-cold sound to spread: Dares to collaborate with Flame Venerable, Cold Wind Sect, your big courage!” 此时,在那漫天风雪之中,被无数的飞雪所环绕的寒冰王座上,属于雪神那冰冷的声音传出:“竟敢与炎尊同流合污,寒风门,你们好大的胆子!” Hears this word, originally in trembling Cold Wind Sect three big Old Ancestor that the one side displays, complexion instantaneously becomes incomparably pale, in both eyes is passing desperately. 听闻此言,原本就在一旁表现的战战兢兢的寒风门三大老祖,脸色瞬间变得无比苍白,双目中透着绝望。 Actually their very clear own these years did anything, compare with the own three people of these years actions, Yuan Law Old Ancestor offends Ice Pole Province, even offends Snow God, can only be counted is the insignificant minor matter. 他们三人十分清楚自己这些年究竟干了些什么,与自己三人这些年的所作所为相比起来,元法老祖冒犯冰极州,甚至是冒犯雪神,都只能算作是微不足道的小事。 Although their three people handle affairs the secret, extremely be careful, but here after all is Ice Pole Province, is the domains of snow and ice two gods, if therefore wants to hide the truth from Snow God snow and ice two gods, is really difficult such as to ascend to heaven. 虽然他们三人行事隐秘,极为小心,但这里毕竟是冰极州,是冰雪二神的地盘,因此要想瞒过冰雪二神之一的雪神,实在是难如登天。 So long as on Ice Pole Province, all can be called in their eyes is the secret secret, quite therefore transparent existence before snow and ice two gods. 只要是在冰极州上,一切在他们眼中都称得上是秘密的秘密,在冰雪二神面前都相当于是透明的存在。 Cold Wind Sect, the crime does not have to be possible!” The Snow God opens the mouth, this saying spreads from her mouth, without doubt sentenced the Cold Wind Sect death penalty. 寒风门,罪无可恕!”雪神开口,这话从她口中传出,无疑是宣判了寒风门的死刑。 But, if so readily made you die, instead was too cheap you.” In the eye of Snow God is glittering the cold glow that absorbs the person heart and soul, sees only her to count on the fingers, the next quarter, Cold Wind Sect three big Old Ancestor, together with these Great Primal Beginning Realm Supreme Elder that their three people bring, changed to the lifelike ice sculpture completely. “不过,若就这般轻易的让你们死去,反而太便宜你们了。”雪神的眼中闪烁着摄人心魄的寒芒,只见她屈指一点,下一刻,寒风门的三大老祖,连同他们三人带来的那些混元始境太上长老,全部都化作了栩栩如生的冰雕。 Completes these, Snow God as if did insignificant minor matter to result , the next quarter, the snow and ice throne vanished suddenly, Snow God form quiet departure. She has not alarmed anybody, without causing anybody's detection, in Snow Sect protection formation does not have in the situation of least bit sound, then had left Snow Sect. 做完这些,雪神就仿佛是干了一件微不足道的小事似得,下一刻,冰雪王座突然消失,雪神的身影已经悄无声息的离去。她没有惊动任何人,也没有引起任何人的察觉,在雪宗的守护阵法都毫无半点动静的情况下,便已经神不知鬼不觉的离开了雪宗 On Ice Pole Province, the Snow God form just like the white spirit, silent various places on Ice Pole Province flashes before. And, she is the god melts the world, in the eye has the glow of divination to flash before unceasingly, her aura, as if also integrated Ice Pole Province this mainland completely, the unexpectedly one type seems like the whole person, already completely with the feeling that Ice Pole Province fuses together. 冰极州上,雪神的身影犹如白色幽灵,无声无息的在冰极州上各处地方闪现。并且,她更是神融天地,眼中不断有推衍之芒闪现,就连她的气息,似乎也完全融入了冰极州这块大陆,竟然有一种似乎整个人,已经完全与冰极州融为一体的感觉。 She seems to be searching for anything, launched a rug search to entire Ice Pole Province, finally, her form disappears in Ice Temple directly. 她似乎在搜寻着什么,对整个冰极州都展开了一场地毯式搜查,最后,她的身影直接消失在冰神殿中。 From beginning to end, no one discovers her. 从始至终,都没有任何人发现她。 After the half day, the Snow God form appears in the Ice Temple palace withstand/top, the look ice-cold letting person is scared, contains, intense killing intent. 半日后,雪神的身影出现在冰神殿的殿顶上,眼神冰冷的让人感到害怕,蕴藏在其中的,还有一股强烈的杀意 Flame Venerable unexpectedly not in Ice Pole Province, snort/hum, you best not let me find forever, otherwise, I will make you die without the burial ground.” In the Snow God mouth, spread the ice cold piercing sound, but her vision, is looking slowly to the Snow Country direction, becomes incomparably swift and fierce. 炎尊竟然不在冰极州,哼,你最好永远也别让我找到,否则,我会让你死无葬身之地。”雪神的口中,传出了冰寒刺骨的声音,而她的目光,则是缓缓的望向雪国的方向,变得无比凌厉。 Suddenly, her form disappears again! 骤然,她的身影再次消失! At this moment, Imperial City situated in Snow Country, a pair of youth men and women erect body in a manor, they could not have attended to playing chess, all in the change of close attention Snow Sect. 此时此刻,位于雪国皇城中,一对青年男女正立身于一处庄园之中,他们二人已经顾不得下棋了,皆是在密切的关注雪宗的变化。 My Spiritual Consciousness could not have investigated the situation in Snow Sect, in Snow Sect protection formation, has a very powerful strength.” That youth opens the mouth slowly, his vision stares at the Snow Sect direction, the ordinary eyes, are to also become Divine Light are bright in this moment, the pupil deep place, seems inexhaustible Grand Dao to interweave, contains a stretch of vast world. “我的神识已经探查不到雪宗内的情况了,在雪宗的守护阵法之内,存在着一股非常强大的力量。”那名青年缓缓开口,他目光凝望雪宗的方向,原本平淡无奇的双眼,在这一刻也是变得神光熠熠,瞳孔深处,似有无穷无尽的大道交织,蕴藏着一片浩瀚天地。 Junior Sister, it seems like, we must walk.” youth seems to have guessed correctly anything, exudes one to sigh lightly. However finishes speaking, his complexion then suddenly changes, immediately holds the shoulder of female by quickest speed, vanishes instantaneously does not see. 师妹,看来,我们得走了。”青年似乎已经猜到了什么,发出一声轻叹。然而话音刚落,他的脸色便是骤然一变,立即以最快的速度抓住身旁女子的肩膀,瞬间消失不见。 In their two people just vanished, the manor, turned into a piece of white boundless snow and ice world in an instant, all sceneries have vanished do not see. 就在他们两人刚刚消失时,他们之前所处的庄园,刹那间变成了一片白茫茫的冰雪世界,所有的景物已经消失不见。 Manor piece of space, had been changed an independent domain by the technique of big divine ability instantaneously. 庄园所处的这片空间,已经被大神通之术给瞬间改变成了一个独立的领域。 It is not only a domain, simultaneously is a world, world that snow and ice have! 它不仅是一个领域,同时更是一个世界,一个只有冰雪存在的世界! At this moment, in void outside Ice Pole Province, that youth vision dignified is staring at the Snow Country direction, the sinking sound said: Close call, almost fell into the Snow God domain. Snow God not only returned ahead of time, and restores the peak strength, it seems like before her , that hid located in Small World, had Ice God for world rare objects that she prepared mostly.” 此刻,在冰极州之外的虚空中,那名青年目光凝重的盯着雪国的方向,沉声道:“好险,差一点就陷入雪神的领域了。雪神不仅提前归来了,并且更是恢复到了巅峰实力,看来她之前藏身的那处小世界中,多半有冰神为她准备的天地奇物。” Suddenly, void becomes incomparably ices coldly, floods source strength in starry sky, instantaneously by one as fearful as the peak cold air frozen to turn into ice frost, form quiet appearance of Snow God in void, her a few words did not say, separates the spatial palm to pat directly toward youth. 突然,虚空变得无比冰寒,充斥在星空中的本源之力,瞬间被一股可怕到极致的寒气冻成冰霜,雪神的身影悄无声息的出现在虚空中,她一句话不说,直接隔空一掌朝着青年拍去。 Immediately, incomparably powerful Cold Ice Principle spout in void, such as the fierce ocean waves go toward the youth volume seat, the place visited, the myriad things are on the wane, was frozen snow white void. 顿时,一股无比强大的寒冰法则在虚空中喷涌,如凶猛的海浪般朝着青年卷席而去,所过之处,万物凋零,就连虚空都被冻成了一片雪白。 youth complexion becomes incomparably dignified, the world frozen, void freeze, facing so the condition, he only meets head-on. 青年脸色变得无比凝重,天地冰封,虚空冻结,面对如此境况,他唯有迎战。 Handle fiery red Divine Sword appears all over the body in his hands, sends out prestige of the high-grade Divine Item. 一柄通体火红的神剑浮现在他手中,散发出一股上品神器之威。
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