CSG :: Volume #27

#2627: Of Rain Monarch ( 2 )

Depending on your strengths, wants in front of this King hurriedly, to overreach oneself.” The Rain Monarch whole body is covering rich strength, the form is fuzzy, cannot see clearly the facial features, can only hear the ice-cold sound to spread from her mouth together. “凭你们的实力,也想在本座面前造次,不自量力。”雨上人周身笼罩着浓郁之力,身影模糊,看不清面容,只能听见一道冰冷的声音从她口中传出。 Facing Xu Zhiping, the attack that Huangfu Guiyi and Gongsun Zhi collaborate, Rain Monarch appears calm incomparable, chilly the sound that is full of the chill in the air, is disclosing one regarding at present three people of disdaining. 面对许志平,皇甫归一公孙志联手的攻击,雨上人显得镇定无比,那清冷而充满寒意的声音,透露着一丝对于眼前三人的不屑。 Even is, Sha Yun wants to seize the chance to cut to kill the Martial Soul Branch manner, as if also appears in the Rain Monarch eye ignorant and laughable. 甚至是,就连沙云想要趁机斩杀武魂一脉的举止,在雨上人眼中似乎也显得愚昧而可笑。 crack!” 咔嚓!” Suddenly, a huge thunderous sound from surges Yunhai (sea of clouds) crack, sees only a giant lightning loudly, blooms to shine upon intense rays of light of world, seems angry dragon results, is twisting the body, broke through the limit of space and distance, in an instant then fled from Yunhai (sea of clouds), directly soars Sha Yun to go. 突然间,一道巨大的雷鸣声从翻腾的云海中轰然炸响,只见一道巨大的闪电,绽放出映照天地的强烈光芒,就好似一条怒龙似得,扭曲着身躯,突破了空间与距离的限制,刹那间便是从云海中窜了出来,直奔沙云而去。 On the lightning, there is an inexhaustible tiny electricity silk to walk randomly, as if multiplies thick hair on this lightning to result, each tiny electricity silk terrifying is incomparable, the electricity silk walks randomly, in space has produced a piece of dense and numerous crack. 闪电上,有无穷无尽的细小电丝在游走,就仿佛是滋生在这一道闪电上的浓密毛发似得,每一道细小电丝都恐怖无比,电丝游走间,空间中都产生了一片密密麻麻的裂缝。 In flash that the lightning chops, Sha Yun on complexion big change, expression becomes the unprecedented dignity. 在闪电劈来的一瞬间,沙云面色大变,神色变得前所未有的凝重。 By boundary of 3-layer peak his Highest Beginning, only has one pace powerful cultivation level from 4-layer, the common lightning regarding him, cannot injure including his soft body hair, however this lightning, has one to make him want the strength of fearful and apprehensive extermination at present, contains in inside thunder Principle, in level of Great Principles sensibility, already completely strong his CNC sensibility. 以他太始之境三重天巅峰,距离四重天也仅有一步之遥的绝强修为,寻常的闪电对于他来说,连他一根毫毛都伤不到,然而眼前这道闪电,却是带着一股令他都要心惊胆战的灭绝之力,蕴含在里面的雷霆法则,在大道感悟的层次上,已经完全强过了他对刀道的感悟。 Even can believe that this lightning, is not the world energy condenses becomes that simple, Principle that but is formed by the strength of thunder Principle completely attacks, very formidable. 甚至是可以认为,这一道闪电,已经不是天地能量凝聚而成那么简单了,而是完全由雷霆法则之力形成的一道法则攻击,十分的强大。 Lightning speed was too quick, flashes, but during passing, then arrived in front of Sha Yun, is unable to avoid by the Sha Yun so profound boundary. 闪电的速度太快了,一闪而逝间,便已经抵达了沙云面前,以沙云这般高深的境界都无法躲避。 Among the electric light flint, Sha Yun gave up making a move to Martial Soul Branch decisively, but the broadsword in hand, cut fully to the this one threatening lightning. 电光火石之间,沙云果断的放弃了对武魂一脉出手,而是将手中的大刀,全力斩向这一道来势汹汹的闪电。 This blade, is condensing a Sha Yun intense and overbearing blade will, integrated the Sha Yun vigor, when causes this blade chops, intense blade intent blotting out the sky that erupts divulges, neighbor all rainwater will twist the smashing. 这一刀,凝聚着沙云强烈而霸道之极的刀道意志,更是融入了沙云的精气神,使得他这一刀劈出时,那爆发出的强烈刀意是铺天盖地的宣泄出来,将附近的所有雨水都绞成粉碎。 Sha Yun the blade might is strong, is this lightning, actually compared with this blade even more powerful, the Sha Yun blade and lightning touches when the same place, has not raised the spray to come out unexpectedly slightly, Sha Yun whole person including his blade, completely by this lightning embezzling. 只是,沙云的这一刀威力是强,可是这一道闪电,却是比他这一刀还要强大,沙云的刀与闪电相触在一起时,竟然没有掀起丝毫浪花出来,沙云整个人连同他的刀在内,完全被这一道闪电给吞没。 His blade, the only function was to then make lightning rays of light gloomy little, but also merely was so. 他的这一刀,唯一的作用便是让闪电的光芒变得暗淡了少许,但也仅仅是如此。 ah! 啊! In rays of light radiant and eye-catching electricity glow, transmitted Sha Yun that not to talk clearly is angrily roars or the sound of pitiful yell, the next quarter, his whole person has flown upside down from the lightning, complexion became a darkness, seemed just like is hard coke results. 光芒璀璨而夺目的电芒之中,传来了沙云那说不清是怒吼还是惨叫的声音,下一刻,他整个人就从闪电中倒飞了出去,脸色已经变得一片漆黑,看上去就宛如是一块焦炭似得。 Not is only the face, on him, repeatedly exposes outside flesh, performed turned into paint black, put on not to have the light in his Divine Armor lightly, the whole person sends out a burnt taste of irritating the nose. 不仅仅是面部,就连他身上,反复暴露在外面的肌肤,尽是变成了一片漆黑色,就连穿在他身上的神甲也是淡淡无光,整个人散发出一股刺鼻的焦糊味。 Withstood the lightning to strike, Sha Yun as if lost all strength to result, he was grasping the broadsword, whole person such weak lying down when void, turned into the hard coke in the body often had the electric light twinkle, each twinkle, trembling that his body could not bear several trembled. 承受了闪电一击,沙云就仿佛失去了所有力气似得,他握着大刀,整个人就这么无力的躺在虚空中,已经变成焦炭的身躯上不时的有电光闪烁,每一次闪烁时,他的身躯都忍不住的颤上几颤。 From beginning to end, Rain Monarch has not moved including the finger, Sha Yun then caused heavy losses! 从始至终,雨上人连手指都没有动一下,沙云便已经被重创! At the same time, facing Huangfu Guiyi and attack of Xu Zhiping two people, Rain Monarch also remains unmoved similarly, is only in her left and right, two handles are condensed the long sword that becomes by the rainwater respectively, in condenses quietly, then by if quickly lightning speed shoots at Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi. 同一时间,面对皇甫归一许志平两人的攻击,雨上人同样也不为所动,只是在她的左右两侧,分别有两柄由雨水凝聚而成的长剑,在悄然间凝聚而成,而后以快若闪电的速度射向许志平皇甫归一 Bang! 轰! A thundering loud sound sound transmits, Xu Zhiping changed the big date, the whole body was burning the fire of golden Sun, sent out to burn to extinguish the void high temperature, in facing a Rain Monarch handle was condensed the long sword that became by the rainwater, just like was the tofu frailty, he changed the big date by the body, was cut two halves by this handle rainwater long sword sword unexpectedly. Then is condensed the fire of Sun becomes by Burning Sun Principle, when touches with this rainwater long sword, not only has not given the evaporation the rainwater, finally was extinguished to the pouring by it on the contrary. 一声轰鸣巨响声传来,许志平化作大日,周身燃烧着金色的太阳之火,散发出焚灭虚空的高温,然而在面对雨上人的一柄由雨水凝聚而成的长剑时,就宛如是豆腐般的脆弱,他以身化作大日,竟是被这柄雨水长剑一剑切割成两半。那由烈阳法则凝聚而成的太阳之火,在与这雨水长剑相触时,非但是没有将雨水给蒸发,结果反倒被其给浇灭。 !” “噗!” Xu Zhiping spouts a blood, the complexion disastrous incident, strikes merely, he is then seriously battered. 许志平喷出一口鲜血,脸色惨变,仅仅一击,他便遭受重创。 Meanwhile, Rain Monarch another one and rainwater long sword, collides in Huangfu Guiyi together, slaughter river that strongest secret skill that Huangfu Guiyi displays transforms, in front of long sword that in Rain Monarch this handle rainwater condenses, is appears collapses at the first blow as before, the slaughter river cut off by a sword, vanishes from void in slowly. 与此同时,雨上人的另一并雨水长剑,也是与皇甫归一碰撞在一起,皇甫归一施展的最强秘法幻化出的杀戮长河,在雨上人这一柄雨水凝聚的长剑面前,依旧是显得不堪一击,杀戮长河被一剑斩断,自虚空中缓缓消失。 Whiz!” “嗖!” However the Rain Monarch rainwater long sword is actually remaining power does not reduce , to continue to push directly into, in Huangfu Guiyi that panic-stricken vision, changes into dim sword light to fly from the Huangfu Guiyi nape of the neck place together. 然而雨上人的雨水长剑却是余势不减,继续长驱直入,在皇甫归一那惊骇的目光中,化为一道朦胧剑光皇甫归一的脖颈处飞过。 Boiling hot warm-blooded has sprayed from the Huangfu Guiyi nape of the neck place like the fountain, his head impact high flew. 滚烫的热血如喷泉似地从皇甫归一的脖颈处喷射了出来,将他的头颅冲击的高高的飞了起来。 Huangfu Guiyi, was cut head by a sword! 皇甫归一,被一剑斩头! In the Huangfu Guiyi vision has filled look of shock, although he knows that the Rain Monarch strength is very strong, but has not expected to so the situation unexpectedly formidable, by own this almost can vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered the Desolate Province powerful strength, unexpectedly such not being able to withstand in front of Rain Monarch. 皇甫归一的目光中充满了震惊之色,尽管他知道雨上人的实力很强,但也没有料到竟然强大到这般地步,以自己这几乎能纵横荒州的强大实力,在雨上人面前竟是如此的不堪。 Although before him, has been injured, causing Primordial Spirit to cause heavy losses, basic on no longer peak, even if so, he is also Highest Beginning Realm 4-layer powerhouse, so will not be again able to withstand, put in an appearance to be cut the head unexpectedly. 尽管他之前就受过伤,导致元神重创,根本就不再巅峰时期,可哪怕如此,他好歹也是一位太始境四重天强者啊,再怎么也不会如此不堪啊,竟然一个照面就被斩下了头颅。 Sees the Huangfu Guiyi body first separation, Xu Zhiping also has a big shock unexpectedly, he cannot give a thought to own injury, moves sideways to arrive in front of Huangfu Guiyi, grabs the body, grabs the head to draw back rapidly, joins the head of Huangfu Guiyi. 皇甫归一竟然身首分离,许志平也是大惊失色,他顾不得自己身上的伤势,一个闪身来到皇甫归一面前,一手抓着身躯,一手抓着头颅飞速远退,将皇甫归一的头颅重新接上。 this King heard Radiant Temple to present several handle Guardian Saint Sword recently, this Guardian Saint Sword strength is very indeed strong, was in your hands, has really brought disgrace on this Guardian Saint Sword prestige.” Rain Monarch looked that does not look at Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi two people, she hidden in phoenix in strength of fog flickers on Slaughter God Sword that stares at Gongsun Zhi that to cut, shaking the head of gently, a hand lifted at once slowly, grasps toward Slaughter God Sword. 本座最近听闻光明圣殿出现了几柄守护圣剑,这守护圣剑力量的确很强,可是在你手中,实在是辱没了这守护圣剑的威名。”雨上人看也不看许志平皇甫归一二人一眼,她隐藏在云雾之力中的凤目一瞬不瞬的盯着公孙志斩来的屠神之剑上,轻轻的摇了摇头,旋即一只手缓缓的抬了起来,朝着屠神之剑抓去。 When Slaughter God Sword brings the prestige of destruction is cutting loudly next, lush jade palm of Rain Monarch , has simultaneously been gripping on Slaughter God Sword that sharp sword blade, her five lush jade referred, as if contained to inconceivable strength formidable, became a claw shape, covered the both sides of sword blade merely. 屠神之剑带着毁灭之威轰然斩下时,雨上人的芊芊玉掌,也是在同时握住了屠神之剑那锋利的剑刃上,她的五根芊芊玉指,仿佛蕴藏了强大到不可思议力量,成一个爪状,仅仅的扣住了剑刃的两侧。 Terrifying strength that the Slaughter God Sword embodiment contains erupts suddenly, such as startled big wave rough sea wave violence, however has not actually injured to Rain Monarch is tiny bit. 屠神之剑内蕴含的恐怖力量骤然爆发,如惊涛巨浪般的猛烈,然而却没有伤到雨上人一丝一毫。 Because in the palms of Rain Monarch, is not similarly weak to erupt in Slaughter God Sword strength, between both counter-balances mutually, is contending mutually. 因为在雨上人的手掌间,同样有一股不弱于屠神之剑力量爆发出来,两者间相互抵消,在互相抗衡。 This is two powerful strength is colliding, although is silent, does not have smoke and fire aura, that energy pressure that however forms, is actually earthshaking, Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi that two people made were the heart startled. 这是两股绝强力量在碰撞,尽管无声无息,没有烟火气息,然而形成的那股能量威压,却是惊天动地,令的许志平皇甫归一二人都是心惊不已。 Rain Monarch, the hand has drawn unexpectedly only support from Slaughter God Sword, this......” met Huangfu Guiyi of head to see this, the pupil shrinks immediately. 雨上人,竟然只手借助了屠神之剑,这……”重新接好了头颅的皇甫归一看到这一幕,瞳孔顿时一缩。 The Xu Zhiping vision looked at all around, the sinking sound said: Is formation, this formation is very formidable, Rain Monarch in this, as if can with this perfect integration, with the aid of formation strength that can have one's wish. Her strength formidable incomparable, if adding on helping of formation, that does not dare to imagine seriously.” 许志平目光看了看四周,沉声道:“是阵法,这阵法很强大,雨上人在这阵中,似乎能与此阵完美融合,可以随心所欲的借助阵法力量。她本身实力就强大无比,如果在加上阵法之助,那当真是不敢想象。”
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