CSG :: Volume #24

#2390: Divine Emperor abdicates

Listened to Tong Family Old Ancestor Tong Wuming and Universe Sect Old Ancestor Zhou Zhidao words, nod of Luo Mantian understands clearly, in the heart had has decided the idea. 听了嗵家老祖嗵无名乾坤宗老祖周之道的话,落满天了然的点了点头,心中已经有了定计。 In fact, after knowing Tianyuan Clan that Great Primal powerhouse of unknown origin is Magnificent Heavenly Palace God General, Luo Mantian has then thought because of should treat Xi Clan with the what kind manner. 实际上,在得知天元家族内那名来历不明的混元强者彼盛天宫神将之后,落满天便已经想到了因该以何种态度来对待惜氏家族 Aperture inquiry that reason that moves unnecessarily, wants to ravel several other ideas. 之所以多此一举的开口询问,也只是想弄明白其他几位的想法而已。 Now, the ideas of almost all people, were consistent with him. 如今,几乎所有人的想法,都已经与他一致。 We also go to Tianyuan Clan to visit.” Tongtian Peak Peak Lord spoke, his crane sends the young face, the features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, suspended in the upper air, the body white robe moves with the wind, seems, quite somewhat dwelling place of celestial beings tone. “我们也去天元家族拜访拜访吧。”通天峰峰主说话了,他鹤发童颜,仙风道骨,悬浮在高空中,身上白袍随风而动,看上去,颇有几分仙家气韵。 At once, he flies high unique, one step takes, the personal appearance vanishes in an instant in an instant does not see. 旋即,他凌空独步,一步迈出,身形刹那间刹那间消失不见。 Merely one step, then surmounted very remote distance. 仅仅一步,便跨越了十分遥远的距离。 Afterward, collects in Tongtian Peak other Justice Alliance top powerhouse, tags along after Tongtian Peak Peak Lord to go in abundance. 随后,汇集在通天峰正义联盟其余顶尖强者,纷纷尾随着通天峰峰主而去。 Justice Alliance all top powerhouse all arrive at Southern Territory, this makes Four-Divisions Alliance be critical situation immediately, proliferates entire Southern Territory formidable killing formation, has the potential of revolution faintly. 正义联盟的所有顶尖强者全部降临南域,这顿时让四象联盟如临大敌,遍布整个南域的强大杀阵,也隐隐有运转之势。 Does not need to be anxious, we come this, not for with your battle.” Tongtian Peak Peak Lord spoke, the expression is gentle. “不必紧张,我们来此,不是为了与你们争斗。”通天峰峰主说话了,语气平缓。 In his body side, Justice Alliance several other top powerhouse, are the vision is all cold, unemotionally is staring at Zheng Hu and the others. 在他身侧,正义联盟的余下几名顶尖强者,皆是目光冷冽,面无表情的盯着郑虎等人。 hearing that, Four-Divisions Alliance five top powerhouse, became peaceful, but still does not dare to have treats it lightly slightly, has been full of the alert, proliferated entire Southern Territory formidable killing formation, is at momentarily the condition of start. 闻言,四象联盟的五名顶尖强者,一个个变得安静了下来,但依然不敢有丝毫掉以轻心,充满了戒备,遍布整个南域的强大杀阵,也是处于随时启动的状态。 Tongtian Peak Peak Lord and the others, then no longer pays attention to Justice Alliance, arrives at outside Peaceful Heaven Dynasty barrier together, wants to visit Tianyuan Clan. 通天峰峰主等人,则是不再理会正义联盟,一同来到平天皇朝结界外,想要拜访天元家族 Ming Dong does not give them the face, in has not made them enter. 只是,鸣东根本就不给他们面子,并没有让他们入内。 Visiting does not need, your Justice Alliance and Four-Divisions Alliance graciousness hostility complains about me to be disinclined to pay attention, so long as does not implicate Tianyuan Clan, you like noisily how being how noisy.” The Ming Dong sound spreads from Tianyuan Clan, flutters directly Peaceful Heaven Dynasty, falls on Tongtian Peak Peak Lord and the others in the ear. “拜访就不必了,你们正义联盟四象联盟的恩恩怨怨我懒得理会,只要不牵连天元家族,你们爱怎么闹就怎么闹。”鸣东的声音从天元家族内传出,直接飘荡出平天皇朝,落在通天峰峰主等人耳中。 By keeping them out, Justice Alliance these were built on summit of continent top powerhouse, has not actually lost one's temper, instead in the heart was more definite the Ming Dong background astonishing fact. 被拒之门外,正义联盟的这几名立于一洲之巅的顶尖强者,却是没有丝毫动怒,反而心中更加确定了鸣东背景惊人的事实。 Because of Magnificent Heavenly Palace that Great Primal Realm God General, has not spoken. Such manner, did not clarify has been primarily Ming Dong completely. 因为彼盛天宫的那位混元境神将,并没有发话。如此的态度,不是摆明了完全以鸣东为主吗。 At this moment, in Peaceful Heaven Dynasty Imperial Palace, already stepped into Beginning Realm, as Everlasting Beginning Realm powerhouse Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor, the imperial robe adds the body, stands on a roof of palace, is looking at Peaceful Heaven Dynasty boundary distantly. 此时此刻,在平天皇朝皇宫内,早已踏入始境,身为一名无极始境强者平天神皇,正龙袍加身,站在一处宫殿的屋顶上,遥遥望着平天皇朝的边界处。 In his behind, is one wears the (Bai Yi) white clothes old man, Peaceful Heaven Dynasty Imperial Great Protector Bo Wen. 在他身后,则是一名身穿白衣的老者,平天皇朝护国大国师博闻 The Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor body is straight, just likes sharp sword general tall and straight, is faint, seemed to be that swift and fierce sword qi sends out from him on, is having a Sword Immortal ideal condition. 平天神皇身躯笔直,犹如利剑一般的挺拔,隐隐间,似有一股凌厉的剑气自他身上散发而出,带着一股剑仙意境。 His static standing there, is looking at the horizon, long time, just now exudes one to sigh lightly, sends out twittering talks to oneself the sound: Has not thought that really has not thought that initially Tianyuan Clan that was founded by Jian Chen, now really has such power and influence, the name that made moved Cloud Province numerous top powerhouse, was simultaneously visits. These characters, even if in my eyes, keeps aloof, unattainable great person.” 他静静的站在那里,望着天边,良久之后,方才发出一声轻叹,发出呢喃自语之声:“没想到啊,真是没想到啊,当初由剑尘所创建的天元家族,如今竟然有如此威势,令的名动云州的众多顶尖强者,都是齐齐来拜访。这些人物,即便是在我眼中,都是高高在上,高不可攀的大人物啊。” Your Majesty, this is being popular of Dynasty. Now, our Peaceful Heaven Dynasty because of existence of Tianyuan Clan, reputation, but the penetrating makes a sound Cloud Province, looks at present the situation, so long as Tianyuan Clan still, our Peaceful Heaven Dynasty, dares to provoke nobody in Cloud Province, by eight side respect/honorable......” Imperial Great Protector Bo Wen impassioned saying. 陛下,此乃皇朝之兴。如今,我们平天皇朝天元家族的存在,名声可是彻响云州啊,看眼下局势,只要天元家族还在,那我们平天皇朝,在云州将无人敢招惹,受八方尊敬……”护国大国师博闻语气激昂的说道。 Being popular of Dynasty? Indeed, because of existence of Tianyuan Clan, the reputation and status of Peaceful Heaven Dynasty on Cloud Province, increased to the peak that links me unable to imagine, can avoid many hostility disputes, made eight side awes. But this, is actually not I wants.” Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor said slowly that the vision is profound. 皇朝之兴?的确,因为天元家族的存在,平天皇朝云州上的名声和地位,都已经攀升至一个连我也无法想象的巅峰,可以避免诸多恩怨纠葛,令八方敬畏。可是这,却并非我所想要的。”平天神皇缓缓说道,目光深邃无比。 Your Majesty, why is this?” Imperial Great Protector Bo Wen is puzzled. 陛下,这是为何?”护国大国师博闻一脸不解。 Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor silent moment, just now said: Its one, the extremely easy and comfortable day, will cause person gradual degeneration, has frightening of Tianyuan Clan, my Peaceful Heaven Dynasty in future a long time, will be impossible to have the battle to produce.” 平天神皇沉默了片刻,方才说道:“其一,太过安逸的日子,会使人逐渐的堕落,有天元家族的震慑在,我平天皇朝在将来很长一段时间里,都不可能有争斗产生。” Does not experience the battle, does not experience the baptism of blood, that Peaceful Heaven Dynasty is the greenhouse middle accomplishment long flowers, encounters the wind and rain to be then on the wane, is very difficult to be true is powerful.” “不经历争斗,不经历鲜血的洗礼,那平天皇朝就是温室中成长的花朵,一遇风雨便凋零,很难真正的强盛起来。” Here, Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor expression, among expression revealed wipes the complex, slow sound track: Its two, I am Peaceful Heaven Dynasty Divine Emperor, the control of Peaceful Heaven Dynasty, but actually lives now under Tianyuan Clan rays of light, as Divine Emperor, I feels aggrieved.” 说到这里,平天神皇语气一顿,神色间露出一抹复杂,缓声道:“其二,我是平天皇朝神皇,平天皇朝的掌控着,可如今却活在天元家族光芒之下,作为一个神皇,我感到憋屈。” hearing that, Imperial Great Protector Bo Wen complexion changes, immediately was flurried, anxious sound track: Your Majesty, takes a broad view at entire Saint Realm, some innumerable influences do everything possible must seek a side big influence asylum, with the aim of inheriting for a long time. Now our Peaceful Heaven Dynasty opportunity, but made the Saint Realm innumerable influences probably be jealous sufficiently.” 闻言,护国大国师博闻脸色微变,顿时慌乱了起来,急声道:“陛下,放眼整个圣界,都是有无数势力想方设法的也要寻求一方大势力庇护,以便长久传承。如今我们平天皇朝的机遇,可是足以令圣界无数势力都要为之眼红啊。” I sense Way of Sword. Sword, then must maintain its point, otherwise, will be finally decayed, the peaceful day, does not favor my say|way.” Here, Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor expression, at this moment, in his heart has as if made a significant resolution, revealed wipes meaning decidedly. “我感悟剑道。剑,则必须要保持它的锋芒,否则,终会腐朽,安乐的日子,不利于我的道。”说到这里,平天神皇语气一顿,这一刻,他心中似乎下了一个重大的决心,露出一抹决然之意。 Bo Wen, this sovereign prepares to abdicate, passes on the throne with other people.” 博闻,本皇准备退位,将皇位传与他人。” Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor stuns the world, the Imperial Great Protector mind big quake that made, on the face revealed bitterly and astringently, he silent, said with the dry sound: Does not know Your Majesty, which prince had a liking for?” 平天神皇语出惊人,令的护国大国师心神大震,脸上露出苦涩,他沉默了一阵,才用干涩的声音说道:“不知陛下,看上了哪位皇子?” Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor shook the head, said: Now Peaceful Heaven Dynasty, the entire job under the wing of Tianyuan Clan, under my knee that several prince, is not suitable to inherit the throne. This throne, hands over by the Tianyuan Clan person holds the post.” 平天神皇摇了摇头,道:“当今的平天皇朝,全活在天元家族的羽翼之下,我膝下那几位皇子,不适合继承皇位。这皇位,还是交由天元家族的人来担任吧。” However the Tianyuan Clan predecessor, is one small influence that called Mo Mansion, Mo Mansion Palace Master Mo Xingfeng, had the graciousness with Jian Chen long ago, female of Mo Yan Mo Xingfeng, was loved by Jian Chen deeply, and adopted daughter who he received long ago, was Northern Territory Xi Clan Empire Princess. Entire Tianyuan Clan, I can think most suits the person who inherits the throne, had Mo Xingfeng.” “而天元家族的前身,是一个叫墨府的小势力,墨府府主墨邢风,早年与剑尘有恩,墨邢风之女墨颜,又深受剑尘疼爱,并且他早年所收的义女,又是北域惜氏皇朝公主。整个天元家族,我所能想到的最适合继承皇位的人,也只有墨邢风了。” Next day, Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor then personally rushes to Dong An County Tianyuan Clan, in a secret room, has launched a private talk with past Mo Mansion Palace Master Mo Xingfeng, after 3rd, just now departs. 第二天,平天神皇便亲自赶往东安郡天元家族,在一处密室中,与当年的墨府府主墨邢风展开了一场密谈,直到三日后,方才离去。 Soon, Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor then formally announced abdicates, Mo Xingfeng, held the post of Peaceful Heaven Dynasty new Divine Emperor, Imperial Great Protector Bo Wen ascends the throne auxiliary. 不久之后,平天神皇便正式宣布退位,墨邢风,担任平天皇朝新的神皇,护国大国师博闻辅助登基。 After resigning, Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor then thoroughly faded out in the line of sight of people, departure that he has been quietly, left Cloud Province, in the vast Saint Realm wanderer, disciplines the own say|way. 卸任之后,平天神皇便彻底淡出了人们的视线中,他已经独自一人悄无声息的离去,离开了云州,在浩瀚的圣界闯荡,磨练自己的道。
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