CSG :: Volume #24

#2390: Shock of Azure Peng King

Peaceful Heaven Dynasty, exchanges ownerships officially! 平天皇朝,正式易主! Beforehand Mo Mansion Palace Master Mo Xingfeng, became the Peaceful Heaven Dynasty highest policy-maker. 以前的墨府府主墨邢风,成为了平天皇朝的最高决策者。 However has saying that Peaceful Heaven Divine Emperor inherits Mo Xingfeng the throne, is an extremely wise strategy. 不过不得不说,平天神皇将皇位传承墨邢风,是一个极为高明的策略。 Although the Mo Xingfeng strength is not considered as that very strong, but because he earliest contacts the Jian Chen person, therefore in Tianyuan Clan, he is also the senior statesman first-level character, has the status. 墨邢风的实力虽然不算是很强,但由于他是最早接触剑尘的人,因此在天元家族内,他也是属于元老一级的人物,颇有地位。 Now, he becomes Peaceful Heaven Dynasty Divine Emperor, instead causes relations between Peaceful Heaven Dynasty and Tianyuan Clan, was closer. 如今,他成为平天皇朝神皇,反而使平天皇朝天元家族之间的关系,更加的紧密了。 Naturally, this series of changes, are the status exposure of Magnificent Heavenly Palace God General cause by Ming Xie. 当然,这一系列的变动,都是由冥邪彼盛天宫神将的身份曝光所引起的。 Status exposure of Ming Xie, not only lets Peaceful Heaven Dynasty and Tianyuan Clan status when production costs rise , prices rise too, Northern Territory Xi Clan, benefits greatly. 冥邪的身份曝光,不仅让平天皇朝天元家族的地位水涨船高,就连北域惜氏家族,也是受益匪浅。 Formerly lorded over Northern Territory Xi Clan Empire, was controlled by Wu Tian Great Demon Senior in Xi Lianxue, after the treachery looked like Tian Clan Dynasty, Xi Clan Empire then in the volume seat entire Cloud Province flames of war, gradual being disillusioned, afterward was because encircling of top influence Splitting Heavens Sect and Four-Pole Sword Sect in Xi Clan Empire, caused the fate that the Xi Clan emperor's clan nearly ended up to turn out thoroughly exterminate, Imperial Palace exchanged ownerships, was occupied by the enemy. 从前独霸北域惜氏皇朝,在惜连血无天大魔尊所控,倒戈像天氏皇朝之后,惜氏皇朝便在卷席整个云州的战火之中,逐渐的破灭,后来更是因为惜氏皇朝内的顶尖势力裂天宗四极剑宗的围剿,使得惜氏皇族险些落得被彻底剿灭的下场,就连皇宫都易主,被敌人所占。 Afterward, along with Xi Emperor and other Great Primal Realm, got out of trouble with the help of Ming Xie, just now made Xi Clan be out of danger, truly had with Splitting Heavens Sect and capital of Four-Pole Sword Sect resistance. 后来,随着惜帝等三名混元境,在冥邪的帮助下脱困而出,方才使得惜氏家族脱离了险境,真正拥有与裂天宗四极剑宗对抗的资本。 These years, Xi Clan Empire under the leadership of current dynasty Great Emperor Xi Ziyun, gradual consolidates, starts regaining slowly to lose. 这些年,惜氏皇朝在当朝大帝惜子云的带领之下,逐渐的稳固下来,开始慢慢的收复失地。 But at this time, had already torn to pieces Splitting Heavens Sect and Four-Pole Sword Sect of facial skin with the Xi Clan emperor's clan, actually united Northern Territory numerous every large or small influences, makes an issue by the Xi Lianxue matter, forms a formidable union, resists with the Xi Clan emperor's clan, vigorously prevents the unification of Xi Clan. 可是这时候,早已与惜氏皇族撕破了脸皮的裂天宗四极剑宗,却是联合了北域众多大大小小的势力,以惜连血的事情做文章,形成一个强大的同盟,与惜氏皇族进行抗争,极力的阻止惜氏的统一。 Even is, Splitting Heavens Sect and Old Ancestor of Four-Pole Sword Sect these two big influences, once several times visited to be situated in Northern Territory Luoshen Clan, hopes that Luoshen Clan sends out Expert, exterminates Xi Clan thoroughly. 甚至是,裂天宗四极剑宗这两大势力的老祖,都曾数次拜访坐落在北域落神家族,希望洛神家族派出强者,彻底剿灭惜氏家族 But now, along with Ming Xie is the status exposure of Magnificent Heavenly Palace God General, Luoshen Clan that made, even was entire Justice Alliance top Expert, all changed has treated the Xi Clan Empire manner. 可如今,随着冥邪彼盛天宫神将的身份曝光,令的落神家族,甚至是整个正义联盟的顶尖强者,皆是改变了对待惜氏皇朝的态度。 On this day, while Xi Clan Empire high level, to regain to lose, ends to become king/emperor toward a series when anxious badly battered, has opposed with them, hinders the Xi Clan development Splitting Heavens Sect and Four-Pole Sword Sect two big Great Primal Realm Old Ancestor, leads a leader of audiences every large or small influence, simultaneously to arrive at outside the Xi Clan Empire boundary, comes to carry a rod and ask for punishment, and takes an oath to give loyalty to Xi Clan Empire. 这一天,正当惜氏皇朝的高层,为了收复失地,完成皇朝一统而急的焦头烂额时,一直与他们作对,阻碍惜氏发展的裂天宗四极剑宗两大混元境老祖,却是带着一众大大小小势力的领头人,齐齐来到惜氏皇朝的边界外,前来负荆请罪,并宣誓效忠惜氏皇朝 From now on, Xi Clan Empire, regains to lose thoroughly, completes a series, becomes the Northern Territory overlord level exists. 自此,惜氏皇朝,彻底收复失地,完成一统,成为北域的霸主级存在。 As for Luoshen Clan, although is built on a top influence of summit of continent, similarly is situated in Northern Territory, but they are acting more often actually the status of recluse family, almost never meddles the earthliness. 至于落神家族,虽然是立于一洲之巅的顶尖势力,同样坐落在北域,但他们更多的时候却是扮演着隐士家族的身份,几乎从不插手俗世。 ... Solitary Heaven Continent, suspended on Azure Flash Mountain in upper air, Azure Flash Heavenly King returned here, transformed the human form, stood in the summit of Azure Flash Mountain, complexion gloomy was incomparable. 天寂洲,悬浮在高空中的青耀山上,青耀天王重新回到了这里,幻化人形,站在青耀山之巅,脸色阴沉无比。 The dreadful angers, already fermented in his chest for a long time, causes present him, appointed who takes a quick look around, felt that likely is * the barrel that momentarily can explode. 有一股滔天的愤怒,早已在他胸中酝酿已久,使得如今的他,任谁一眼看去,都感觉像是一个随时都会爆炸的*桶。 Jian Chen, this King already deep remembered you, this King forever will not forget you...” Azure Flash Heavenly King makes the sound that clenches jaws, in heart feels the incomparable aggrievedness. 剑尘,本王已经深深的记住你了,本王永远也不会忘记你…”青耀天王发出咬牙切齿的声音,心中感到无比的憋屈。 Extinguishes Tianyuan Clan to be unsuccessful, finally actually dirtily returns, was narrow and small on the heart, Azure Flash Heavenly King that Zi Ya must report, gave credit to all these Jian Chen. 天元家族未果,最终却灰头土脸而回,本来就心胸狭小,眦睚必报的青耀天王,更是将这一切都归功到剑尘身上了。 Causes in his heart to the hate of Jian Chen, even more intense. 使得他心中对剑尘的怨恨,愈加的强烈。 Especially thinks that his hall hall name shakes Saint Realm Azure Flash Heavenly King, where arrives at not to be awed by the common people? Since meeting Jian Chen, then unlucky year, not only chased down Jian Chen to be unsuccessful several times, instead causes own one after another being damaged, this causes in his heart to Jian Chen the depth of hatred, almost must annihilate World. 特别是想到他堂堂名震圣界青耀天王,走到哪里不是受世人敬畏?自从在遇到剑尘之后,便流年不利,不仅数次追杀剑尘未果,反而使得自己接二连三的受创,这使得他心中对剑尘的恨意之深,几乎是要湮灭天地 Jian Chen, soon became a Azure Flash Heavenly King heart demon. 剑尘,已经快要成为青耀天王的一个心魔。 Perhaps Jian Chen, you can never think that as Huan Zhen Tower actual master Huan Zhen Highest Beginning, such as falls in rumor, you have not dared to bribe Huan Zhen Tower, and also acts recklessly builds up, you will sooner or later die in the hand of Supreme.” At this time, Azure Peng King has as if thought of anything, on the face showed the callous smiling face immediately. 剑尘,你恐怕永远也想不到吧,作为还真塔真正的主人还真太始,并没有如传言中的陨落,你胆敢染指还真塔,并且还不知死活的炼化,你迟早会死在太尊之手。”这时,青鹏王似乎想到了什么,脸上顿时露出冷酷的笑容。 „It is not right!” “不对!” But merely this smiling face continues instant, the Azure Flash Heavenly King facial expression is suddenly one stiff, the vision becomes and with amazement, is low and deep: Huan Zhen Highest Beginning is Saint Realm Supreme, divine ability are general, so long as she is also living, where regardless of Huan Zhen Tower were hidden, even if hides in Lower Realm that many space, by the energy of Supreme, can, in read to seek, why may this Huan Zhen Tower, but can also have by Jian Chen now?” 但这笑容仅仅持续的刹那,青耀天王的面部表情便是骤然一僵,目光变得及其骇然,低沉道:“还真太始圣界太尊,神通广大,只要她还活着,那无论还真塔被隐藏在什么地方,哪怕是隐藏在下界那诸多空间之中,以太尊之能,也能在一念间寻到,可为何这还真塔,还能被剑尘持有到现在?” If Huan Zhen Highest Beginning falls, Jian Chen had Huan Zhen Tower to be passable, but Huan Zhen Highest Beginning is living obviously, and accepted the ninth apprentice, he because of this already knows that the Huan Zhen Tower trail is right, why has not taken back...” “倘若还真太始已经陨落,剑尘持有还真塔还说得过去,可还真太始明明还活着,并且收下了第九位徒弟,他因该早就知道还真塔的踪迹才对,为何迟迟没有收回…” „, Huan Zhen Tower had by Jian Chen, is Huan Zhen Highest Beginning tacitly consents to?” Thinks of here, Azure Peng King complexion big change, in the heart has raised the difficult situation immediately. “难道说,还真塔剑尘持有,是还真太始默许的?”一想到这里,青鹏王顿时面色大变,心中掀起了惊涛骇浪。 At this moment, he can not help chases down the experience of Jian Chen own, 11 recollections in brain, when he thinks that own chases down Jian Chen in the void crack, finally does not have the reason when numerous time eddy currents are stranded, he resembles to understand anything, immediately mind big quake. 这一刻,他情不自禁的将自己追杀剑尘的经历,在脑中11回忆,当他想到自己在虚空裂缝中追杀剑尘,最终却毫无缘由的被众多时间漩涡所困时,他似明白了什么,顿时心神大震。 Is Huan Zhen Highest Beginning, is Huan Zhen Highest Beginning, he is controlling all these in secret...” Azure Flash Heavenly King calls out in alarm in the heart, is unassuageable. “是还真太始,是还真太始,他在暗中操控这一切…”青耀天王在心中惊呼,难以平静。 But how he wants not to think clearly, Huan Zhen Highest Beginning such does, actually to have what intention. 可他怎么想也想不明白,还真太始这么做,究竟有何用意。 At this moment, in Saint Realm is far away from the Desolate Province huge land, in an exceptionally lively city, several large-scale Transmission Formation are standing erect here, several Transmission Formation, the non- time then have the rays of light twinkle, under the strength of transmission surges, carries on the telematics Martial Artist. 此刻,在圣界一处远离荒州的庞大陆地之中,一座异常繁华的城池内,数座大型传送阵正屹立在这里,其中几座传送阵,不时间便有光芒闪烁,传送之力涌动之下,将一名名武者进行远距离传送。 But in these Transmission Formation center, seems obviously is huger, more complex Transmission Formation, actually after constant moon/month, even is the several years does not have the sound. 而在这几座传送阵的中央,还有一座看上去明显更加庞大,更加复杂的传送阵,却是经常数月,甚至是数年都毫无动静。 Comes human appearance with the peripheral several people, appears compared with exceptionally busy Transmission Formation, this bigger 1st Transmission Formation, appears quite special. 与周边几座人来人样,显得异常忙碌的传送阵相比起来,这座更大一号的传送阵,显得颇为的特殊。 Because of this Transmission Formation, can carry on between Big Province and Big Province ultra telematics Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation. 因为这座传送阵,是可以进行大洲大洲之间超远距离传送的跨洲级传送阵 Such Transmission Formation, takes a broad view at any place on Saint Realm 49 Big Province 81 Big Stars, is few, only has the powerful big influence, just now has the ability construction. 这样的传送阵,放眼圣界四十九大洲八十一大星上的任何一处地方,都是为数不多,唯有实力雄厚的大势力,方才有能力建造。 At this moment, this several years did not have sound Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation, suddenly under blooms dazzling rays of light, the strength of transmission surges crazily, sees only a man and a woman two youth, quietly appears on Transmission Formation. 就在这时,这座已经数年没有动静的跨洲级传送阵,突然绽放出耀眼的光芒,传送之力疯狂涌动之下,只见一男一女两名青年,悄然出现在传送阵上。 That man, the tall and powerfully built, robust, exposed upper part outside, the muscle blows up high, is containing explosion strength. 那名男子,身材魁梧,虎背熊腰,裸露在外的上半身,肌肉高高鼓起,蕴含着爆炸般的力量 But that female, the look is average, does not seem slightly the strange place, is that type to throw in the crowd, type that will not attract attention. 而那名女子,相貌平平,看上去没有丝毫奇异之处,属于那种扔在人堆里,都不会引人关注的类型。 These two people, naturally are Jian Chen and Kai Ya. 这二人,自然就是剑尘凯亚
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