BEGD :: Volume #10 古城奥秘 血色祭炼

#507: 1 good news and 4 bad news

( 1 ) (一) Death bog. From dawn, three -and-a-half double-hour, from the world mountains marking a border 200 miles. 死亡沼泽。距离天亮,三个半时辰,距离世界山二百里地。 Close to the road of imaginary butterfly valley, somewhat evil. 靠近幻蝶谷的路,到底有些邪性的。 Buer raised the head to proceed to look, under the bright moonlight shines, distant place the edge of night does not know that any were many light magnificence dizzy/fog. That magnificent faints as if can mix the mind of person, making one to think that the night was getting more and more static, the dim light of night was getting more and more tranquil and happy. Also as if are only the traveler of hurrying along, rather than escaping in a panic. 不二抬头往前看,明月普照下,远处的夜的边缘不知什么多了一层淡淡的华晕。那华晕仿佛可以搅动人的心神,叫人觉得夜越来越静,夜色越来越恬美。又仿佛自己只是赶路的旅人,而非在仓皇逃命。 There,” Gu Yousheng is pointing at the front, is the imaginary butterfly valley? How to feel very weird?” “那儿,”古有生指着前方,“就是幻蝶谷吧?怎么感觉很邪门儿呢?” Buer said with a smile: I thought that you previously turned several map, is here weird, should you be clear compared with me?” 不二笑道:“我看你先前把地图翻了好几遍,这里到底邪不邪门儿,你应该比我清楚吧?” Paper can come up to think finally shallowly, knows this matter to want bow line Gu Yousheng to say certainly: I previously only read the map, now comes this investigation and study, feels very strange, we change the road now also with enough time.” “纸上得来终觉浅,绝知此事要躬行”古有生说道:“我先前只看了地图,现在亲身来此调研,觉得非常不妥,咱们俩现在换路还来得及。” Buer only thought in a heart to be touched somewhere gently. During mind shaking, has become aware suddenly. 不二只觉道心中某处被轻轻触碰了一下。心神摇动之间,恍有所悟。 Long time recovers, said: This poem is really good, ancient does dao friend do?” 半晌回过神来,说道:“这句诗真好,古道友作的?” Gu Yousheng said: Does indecently clumsily, how to ban the Elder Brother Wei discernment.” 古有生道:“拙作不堪入目,怎禁得魏兄法眼。” Buer said: „Since has marched into grand dao, various free verse written in the vernacular old words I have seen much, but this paper can come up to think finally shallowly, knows this matter to want the bow line certainly, although the literary style is simple, but has profound implications, but is in the poem the eminent, is difficult to meet the rival.” 不二道:“步入大道以来,各般新诗旧词我也见过不少,但这一句纸上得来终觉浅,绝知此事要躬行,虽然文风朴实,但寓意深刻,可算是诗中翘楚,难逢敌手。” „? What can Elder Brother Wei look at?” “哦?魏兄可瞧出什么?” Buer said: Although the ancient dao friend these words surface refers, we only depend on this map, but does not go to walk on the spot, then cannot the topography have enough understanding. But if considers carefully, these words may also shine upon our big dao cultivation lines to comprehend from the books and cultivation technique chant are simple after all. If wants to know that the grand dao essence, knows the daoist technique highest good, then must go to grand dao, to go to the bustling place, to go to the society practical exploration, can use for oneself the truth in books. I benefit greatly.” 不二道:“虽然古道友这句话表面指的是,我们只靠这张地图,而不去实地行走,便不能地形地貌有足够的了解。但若细细思量,这句话也可映照我们的大道修行从书本、功法口诀上所能领悟终归浅显。如果要想认识大道本质、认识道法至理,便需亲身去大道中、去红尘里、去人世间实践探索,方能将书卷里的道理为己所用。我真是受益匪浅。” Really can ascertain blindly. This is any eminent beautiful line. Grand Truth World is the place of barbarian, these indigenous is the hick, this words are really good. 真能瞎捉摸啊。这算什么翘楚佳句。宏然界是蛮夷之地,这些土著都是土包子,此话果然不错。 Gu Yousheng curls the lip. Anything has not known the truth about the matter, only the reason to be in this mountain like oneself anything, Zhuzhangmangxie light victory horse, suo misty rain is always, this kind may involve the together eternity beautiful line to take with the big dao cultivation line, the ability that otherwise depending on these indigenous involves carelessly, the cultivation limits have a turning the heaven and earth upside down revolution, but his this learned and talented big poet, said that does not permit also to become sage who opens sect Lipai. 古有生撇了撇嘴。像自己还没有把什么“什么不识庐山真面目、只缘身在此山中”,“竹杖芒鞋轻胜马,一蓑烟雨任平生”,这类可与大道修行牵扯到一起的千古佳句拿出来,否则凭这些土著胡乱牵扯的本领,修道界定有一场天翻地覆的革命,而他这位满腹经纶、才华横溢的大诗人,说不准也要成为开宗立派的圣人。 Indulges in flights of fancy, sobers. Thinks, even if can become an immortal the Saint, to if finally cannot help the corner/horn clansman solve the curse, must die. 胡思乱想一番,又清醒过来。想自己就算能成仙成圣,到最后如果不能帮角族人把诅咒解去,还是要死翘翘。 Ancient dao friend,” listens to Wei Buer saying: I have the incident to consult.” “古道友,”又听魏不二道:“我有一事请教。” But said might as well.” “但讲无妨。” Ancient dao friend not only has such talent, in the past and experiences personally Uncle Master Gu thinking highly, why must revolt Hidden Clouds Sect, revolts human race, will bear the person deceitful eternity infamy?” “古道友既有如此才情,当年又身受顾师叔器重,为什么要叛出云隐宗,叛出人族,背上人奸的千古骂名?” „Do you feel?” “你觉得呢?” „The grand dao eternal life four characters that the person of our cultivation, most cares about,” Buer said: ancient the brother can it be that physique has what hard thing to bring up, must depend on the corner/horn mark of corner/horn clansman, can on grand dao? Or you seek after the corner/horn mark of corner/horn clan, hoping to break through the cultivation base bottleneck “我们修道之人,最在乎的不过大道长生四个字,”不二道:“古兄莫不是自身体质有什么难言之隐,非要靠角族人的角纹,才能在大道上有所进第?或者说,你是贪图角族的角纹,以期突破修为瓶颈” Wei Buer is saying, looked at Gu Yousheng, said: Looks at the ancient dao friend appearance, not like 魏不二说着,看了看古有生,又道:“看古道友的样子,也不像啊” Gu Yousheng listened, the tears almost must get lost/roll, returns said: Knows me, Wei Buer.” 古有生听了,眼泪几乎要滚下来,回道:“知我者,魏不二也。” He possibly for trivial grand dao, but occupies the knee, to be humiliated in the corner/horn clan Dayingli back bow? Depending on his talent cultivation base, wants on grand dao, isn't easy? 他怎么可能为了区区大道,而在角族大营里背弓居膝、受人折辱?凭他的天赋修为,想要在大道上有所进第,还不是手到擒来? Wei Buer also said: I looked, you in also not much, if for cultivation base that side the corner/horn clan mixes, you can also look, the corner/horn clansman could not help you.” 魏不二又道:“我看了下,你在角族那边混的也不怎么样啊要是为了修为,想必你也能瞧得出来,角族人帮不了你的。” Gu Yousheng almost spouts an old blood, said: Depending on the moral behavior, disposition and the strength of spirit my this Gu person, how can be willing to give the corner/horn clansman to work as the lackey?” 古有生差点喷出一口老血,说道:“凭我古某人的人品、心性和骨气,怎会愿意给角族人当奴才?” Buer said with a smile: „ Ancient dao friend has certainly any unknown difficulties. 不二笑道:“古道友一定有什么不为人知的苦衷罢。 Gu Yousheng said: If I said, the this Gu body has cultivation base exceedingly high, to be as deep as a well, despicable existence, suffers me every day, compelling me to help the corner/horn clansman, won't help want my life, Elder Brother Wei to believe?” 古有生道:“若是我说,古某身上有一个修为通天、高深莫测,又下贱之极的存在,每日折磨我,逼我去帮角族人,不帮就会要了我的命,魏兄信不信?” I believe.” “我信。” Takes seriously?” “当真?” Before, on Nan Qiuci hasn't had the Shi Zhuiyue senior to follow?” Buer said: I only need on that ancient dao friend fearsome have, the imagination becomes the stone senior like that but he wants the ancient dao friend life.” “之前,南秋赐身上不是一直有石追月前辈追随么?”不二道:“我只需把古道友身上那个可怖存在,想象成石前辈那般,只不过他想要古道友的命罢了。” Gu Yousheng is looking at Wei Buer, gives birth to the grand dao long road, to act alone ten thousand miles and friends to be difficult to meet the feeling. 古有生瞧着魏不二,不禁生出大道长路、独行万里、知己难逢之感。 He grips the hand of Buer, said: These words, I had once said with many people, the corner/horn clansman, human race cultivator, no one believes me.” 他握住不二的手,说道:“这句话,我曾与很多人讲过,角族人,人族修士,没有一个人相信我。” You look,” “你看,” Buer stops the footsteps suddenly, is pointing at front a hazy piece of light, said: Here imaginary butterfly valley is not far, we change the road now, in the world already without enough time.” 不二忽然停下脚步来,指着前面迷蒙的一片光,说道:“这里幻蝶谷不远了,我们现在换路,世界上已经来不及了。” Sentimental Wei Buer delivered such half-day words, to coax he proceeds. 感情魏不二讲了这么半天的话,全是为了忽悠他往前走。 Gu Yousheng looks at this person dull, heart inside strong winds is talking mindlessly at present. 古有生呆呆望着眼前这人,心里面一阵狂风乱吹。 The repertoire, all especially is the repertoire. 套路,全特么是套路。 He does not dare to look down on these indigenous. 他再也不敢小瞧这些土著了。 ( 2 ) (二) Three double-hour many three quarters. 三个时辰多三刻。 The Buer palm shivered slightly, passes message the seed to find out the head, the sound of ignorant heart made a sound 不二掌心微微颤动,传音种子探出了脑袋,蚩心的声音响起来了 I used one time Insightful eye, A good news, four bad news, which first to listen to?” “我又用了一次【通透之眼】,一个好消息,四个坏消息,先听哪个?” Makes me happy.” “让我高兴高兴。” „The first bad news, you ten miles about, with three birds according to her speed, quick can pursue you behind. The second bad news, two three birds came out from the world mountain, went to there you, another looked for us. The third bad news, you make the clear/pain moon/month open the soul bag, shifts the attention of opposite party,” ignorant heart said: Pitifully, the enemy does not eat this set.” “第一个坏消息,你身后十里地左右,跟着一只三头鸟按照她的速度,很快就能追到你们。第二个坏消息,又两只三头鸟从世界山出来了,一只去了你们那儿,另一只来找我们了。第三个坏消息,你让楚月打开魂袋,转移对方的注意力,”蚩心说道:“可惜,敌人不吃这一套。” „ Haven't they gone to bear Renshan? “他们没去熊人山? „. They from the world Shan-school three birds. The present situation was hundred beast valleys hides three birds, bear Renshan went to three birds, the death bog two three birds, Huo Hu killed three birds to be right, the fourth bad news, Huo Hu was also finished.” “去了。他们从世界山派了一只三头鸟。现在的情况是百兽谷藏了一只三头鸟,熊人山去了一只三头鸟,死亡沼泽两只三头鸟,霍虎杀了一只三头鸟对了,第四个坏消息,霍虎也完蛋了。” In other words,” Buer said: On the world mountain also has three birds?” “也就是说,”不二道:“世界山上还有一只三头鸟?” This was also the good news that I want to say I to observe,” ignorant heart said: Three birds on world mountain, in hundred beast valley, previously the high world mountain embarked to two of death bog, should be the locally born three birds, without the adventurer is intelligent. Therefore, your Disappears Enough kills the world mountain directly? If can pass, this is an opportunity.” “这也是我想说的好消息我观察了一下,”蚩心说道:“世界山上的一只三头鸟,百兽谷里的一只,还有先前从从世界山出发到死亡沼泽的两只,应该都是土生三头鸟,没有冒险者聪明。所以,你的【转瞬即逝】够不够直接杀到世界山?如果能过去,这是个机会啊。” Most can span 100 miles, Buer said: „ Our present leaving the world mountains marking a border are also 180 miles.” “最多能跨越一百里地,不二道:“我们现在离世界山还有一百八十里地。” That was hopeless.” The ignorant heart said. “那没戏了。”蚩心说道。 No,” Buer said: Also hopeful, we mountains marking a border walked with a sense of urgency in the past.” “不,”不二道:“还有希望,我们抓紧往世界山走。” Strives,” ignorant heart big mouth is gasping for breath, said: Two three birds that us pursues will also draw near.” “争取吧,”蚩心大口喘着气,说道:“我们这边追过来的两只三头鸟也快到了。” Had confidence that avoids?” “有把握避开么?” God knows. Looked that old Kui, my method used up in any case.” “天知道。看老魁罢,反正我的手段用光了。” Buer said: Can think the means to direct the black lizard bog them. Gu Yousheng has not said that the south side has a bog, inside poisonous lizard migrated. Looks for an air bubble first to hide.” 不二道:“可以想办法把他们引到黑蜥沼泽。古有生不是说过么,南边有一片沼泽,里面的毒蜥迁移了。找一个气泡先躲起来。” Unfortunately,” ignorant heart said: We walked the south side to roost the road in lake by the crane.” “可惜的是,”蚩心道:“我们走了南边靠鹤栖湖的路。” Why according to not planning to act?” “为什么不按计划行动?” You must ask Master Kui,” ignorant heart said: I follow he to come.” “你得问魁大侠,”蚩心道:“我跟着他过来的。” In the seed broadcast the Kui Mufeng sound: „That only three birds have been compelling us to go to me to guess that in the poisonous Ze direction through the position it definitely has the dark hand.” 种子里又传来了魁木峰的声音:“那只三头鸟一直在通过走位逼我们往毒泽方向去我猜它肯定有暗手。” Spirit crane lake road was too dangerous,” Buer said: Xiuxiu previously sent greetings has said that the spirit crane only depends on the cry to make us lose the battle efficiency.” “灵鹤湖这条路太危险了,”不二道:“秀秀先前传音说过,灵鹤只靠叫声就会让我们丧失战斗力。” Cares about itself “还是关心一下自己吧” Gu Yousheng is pointing at behind a piece of nighttime sky, our pursuing troops must arrive immediately 古有生指着身后一片夜空,“我们的追兵马上也要到了” ( Covers face) (捂脸) I know that front some people must say too the water. 我知道有人要说前面太水了。 However fought was getting more and more near, we alleviated the tension-filled atmosphere 但是大战越来越近了,我们缓解一下紧张的气氛嘛 Talent one second remembers the home station address:. Cell phone version reading website: m. 天才一秒记住本站地址:.手机版阅读网址:m. Dear, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave the perfect score newly finally found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address:, The data and bookmark and computer station synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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