BCA :: Volume #11

#1068: New divine ability

Time that second wave of Demon Burdening Water constructs, Lu Kun actually closed the mouth, the pore of body actually opens thoroughly, whatever the liquid enters the body. 第二波坠魔水浇筑下来的时候,陆坤却闭上了嘴巴,不过身体的毛孔却彻底打开,任由液体进入身体。 Although True Demon Aura is abating rapidly, but its within the body actually sends out a terrifying pressure gradually, Demon Burdening Ring spirit light that four surround the body, tremble slightly. 虽然真魔气息迅速消退着,但其体内却渐渐散发出一股恐怖的威压,那四道困住躯体的坠魔环灵光,都轻微颤动起来。 Xue Tianyou felt that some are not right, the opposite party as if borrows Demon Burdening Water to display divine ability. 薛天佑感到有些不对劲,对方似乎借用坠魔水施展神通 Demon Burdening Liquid is refining up by True Demon Water comes, this fellow has not achieved Deity Transformation Stage, how can also use this flooding the Brutal Thought energy.” 坠魔液是由真魔之水炼化而来,这家伙没达到化神期,又怎么能利用到这种充斥着残暴意念的能量。” Careful!” “诸位小心!” During the thinking, his magic arts receives, Demon Burdening Ring not in blowout liquid, but sends out richer purple-colored halo, reinforces that several purple-colored halo that surrounds Lu Kun, coordinates Demon Restraining Great Formation, fetters the opposite party. 思索间,他法决一收,坠魔环不在喷出液体,而是散发出更加浓郁的紫色光晕,加固那几道困住陆坤紫色光环,配合锢魔大阵,束缚住对方。 These people are the Nascent Soul old strange powerhouses, had discovered that the change of Lu Kun, hears the reminder of Xue Tianyou, without hesitation, reinforced rapidly protected the body law shield. 这几人都是元婴老怪中的强者,早已发现陆坤的变化,听到薛天佑的提醒,一个个毫不犹豫,迅速加固了护体法盾。 cultivation base lowest Chen Mingzhu, even also summoned Eight Trigrams (gossip) plate magic treasure, kept off before the body. 修为最低的陈明珠,甚至还召出了一件八卦盘法宝,挡在了身前。 Everyone just completed the defensive move, Lu Kun presented a huge illusion behind, that is a both arms incomparably sturdy black giant ape, its posture and Lu Kun are exactly the same, lower the head, bends the waist slightly, the chest is fluctuating fiercely. 所有人刚做完防御动作,陆坤身后就出现了一个巨大的幻象,那是一个双臂无比粗壮的黑色巨猿,其姿势和陆坤一模一样,低着头,微微弯腰,胸口剧烈起伏着。 The next quarter, Lu Kun opened the eyes fiercely, in the eye was flooding purple black Brutal Intent, the chest muscles retraction that stuck out went back fiercely, with behind black ape illusion, opened the mouth simultaneously. 下一刻,陆坤猛地睁开了双眼,眼中充斥着紫黑色的残暴之意,那隆起的胸口肌肉猛地回缩回去,和身后的黑猿幻象,同时张开了嘴巴。 Roar!!!” “吼!!!” The clearly discernible spiral ripple, has a rich purple-colored halo together, spews out from its, like the dreadful monstrous waves, pats ruthlessly forward! 一道清晰可见的螺旋波纹,带着一层浓郁的紫色光晕,从其口中喷涌而出,如同滔天巨浪,狠狠向前拍去! Lu Kun with the aid of True Demon Intent that the opposite party sends, displayed Heaven Connecting Roar directly! 陆坤借助对方送来的真魔之意,直接施展出了通天吼 This howling ripple, hits on the surrounding Demon Restraining Great Formation light screen, the purple white halo is interweaving fiercely, the strength of terrifying origin qi surges in Demon Restraining Great Formation crazily. 这股吼叫波纹,撞击在周围的锢魔大阵光幕上,紫白色光晕剧烈交织着,恐怖的元气之力在锢魔大阵中疯狂激荡。 Meanwhile, deafening sound waves, across restriction strength, toward surge in all directions, the protecting body spirit light fierce tremor of surroundings Nascent Soul Stage powerhouse. 与此同时,还有一道道震耳欲聋的音波,穿过禁制之力,向着四面八方涌动,周围元婴期强者的护体灵光一阵剧烈颤动。 Solely this terrifying volume, has a big lethality, if not Xue Tianyou had understood body cultivator divine ability, in addition on protective shield held sound-insulated restriction, perhaps these has enough receives. 单单这道恐怖的音量,就有不小的杀伤力,如果不是薛天佑了解过体修神通,在护盾上加持了隔音禁制,恐怕这一下就有够受的。 Under the sufficient True Demon Intent support, Lu Kun Heaven Connecting Roar is continuous, the spiral sound wave just like great waves river water, non-stop the bang to Demon Restraining Great Formation. 在充足真魔之意的支撑下,陆坤通天吼连绵不绝,螺旋音波宛若涛涛江水,不停轰向锢魔大阵 But with putting forth of Heaven Connecting Roar, his True Demon Aura is getting more and more weak, Demon Restraining Great Formation is also abating slowly. 而随着通天吼的使出,他身上的真魔气息越来越弱,锢魔大阵也在缓缓消退着。 Under is in inverse proportion, small Demon Restraining Formation that the following several people stimulate to movement bore the enormous pressure, Solitary Dao True Person magical power of their within the body passed is quicker. 此消彼长之下,下面几人催动的小锢魔阵承受了极大的压力,道一真人他们体内的法力流逝地更快了。 The Xue Tianyou complexion is gloomy, in the hand non-stop pinching Spirit Art, is controlling Demon Burdening Ring of Lu Kun top of the head full power, holds the limit strength of in addition its fetter, his voice hoarse say/way: Demon Burdening Ring fundamental demon opposite party, now only then strikes to kill it, again from Lane Body Refining Pavilion cultivation technique!” 薛天佑脸色阴沉,手中不停掐动着灵决,全力操控着陆坤头顶的坠魔环,将其束缚之力加持到极限,他声音嘶哑道:“坠魔环根本魔化不了对方,现在只有将其击杀,再从炼体阁功法!” Peng Yuanhua nods dignifiedly, in the hand presented dark green cyan-colored magic ruler suddenly, above is densely covered the mysterious trace, at first sight, has a having a dizzy spell feeling. 彭元化凝重地点了点头,手中忽然出现了一把墨绿色的青色法尺,上面密布着玄奥的纹路,乍看之下,有种头晕目眩之感。 His facial expression with deep veneration, vigorous magical power rapid revolution of Nascent Soul late stage, together just like the sword qi azure fiercely shoots of glow from magic ruler, besides is winding around a rich origin qi halo. 他神情肃然,元婴后期的浑厚法力飞速运转,紧接着一道宛若剑气的青芒从法尺激射而出,其外就缭绕着一层浓郁的元气光晕。 Although this azure glow can see, but probably invisible does not have general, imitates , if no thing across Demon Restraining Great Formation spirit light, charged into the Lu Kun heart position directly. 这青芒虽然能看见,但好像无形无相一般,仿若无物地穿过锢魔大阵灵光,直接冲向了陆坤的心脏位置。 When this azure glow appears, Lu Kun feels fearful and apprehensive, his mouth revolution, Heaven Connecting Roar that wild spiral sound wave, the bang approached this azure light. 在这道青芒出现的时候,陆坤就感到一阵心惊肉跳,他嘴巴一转,通天吼那狂暴的螺旋音波,轰向了这道青光。 Buzz......” “嗡……” Purple cyan-colored ray greatly hold, Demon Origin Qi and strength of cyan-colored origin qi is interweaving mutually, although Heaven Connecting Roar divine ability the terrifying, can surge the Demon Origin Qi prestige energy, but is not the defense is a lord, moreover this azure glow also has the extremely strong penetrability. 青色光芒大盛,魔元气青色元气之力相互交织着,通天吼神通虽然恐怖,能够激荡出魔元气的威能,但不是防御为主,而且这道青芒还拥有极强的穿透性。 After consuming many spirit light, the azure glow passed through the pale purple-colored spiral sound wave, the blood of Lu Kun within the body rapid welled up toward the chest, the left chest muscles as if hill stuck out, changed to a fierce muscles lump. 在耗费了不少灵光后,青芒还是穿过了淡紫色的螺旋音波,陆坤体内的血液飞速往胸膛涌去,左胸肌肉仿佛小山般隆起,化作了一块狰狞的肌肉疙瘩。 Titter! 噗嗤! The azure burr entered in the muscles block, moves to facing set crazily, but this pectoralis major muscle, in the blood non-stop under the circulation, is supplementing continuously, but also without arriving at the rib, its prestige can dissipate. 青芒刺进了肌肉块中,疯狂向里面钻动,可这块胸大肌在血液不停流转下,源源不断的补充着,还没到肋骨,其威能就消散一空。 Lu Kun expression is dignified, this is the first time that he was under the so fearful attack, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi that inside contains is above the imagination, was equivalent to transform magic technique origin qi. 陆坤神色凝重起来,这还是他第一次遇到如此可怕的攻击,里面蕴含的天地元气超乎想象,相当于将元气转化成了术法 This compared with absorbs Heaven and Earth Origin Qi in the attack, is much more terrorist. 这比在攻击上吸附天地元气,恐怖得多。 Although has not injured Lu Kun, but broke Heaven Connecting Roar, that deafening howling, dissipates in mountain range gradually. 虽然没有伤害到陆坤,但打断了通天吼,那震耳欲聋的吼叫声,渐渐在山脉中消散。 Front white restriction is still opening, Demon Restraining Great Formation restriction strength, because could not find True Demon Aura, has not continued to hold. 前方的白色禁制依然打开着,不过锢魔大阵禁制之力,由于找不到真魔气息,没有继续加持过来。 The strength of Lu Kun surrounding imprisonment reduces greatly, the body has been able to move slightly, strength of the maximum fetter, instead bundles in Demon Burdening Ring spirit light. 陆坤周围的禁锢之力大减,身躯已经能够轻微动弹,最大的束缚之力,反而是捆在身上的坠魔环灵光 Lu Kun looks at the cyan-colored jade ruler in Peng Yuanhua hand seriously, the sinking sound said: Terrifying is so prestige energy, heaven connecting spirit treasure in legend?” 陆坤郑重地看着彭元化手中的青色玉尺,沉声道:“如此恐怖的威能,难道是传说中的通天灵宝?” Peng Yuanhua looks at Lu Kun that returns safe and sound, without the reply , to continue to stimulate to movement magic ruler in hand, together astonishing azure glow turbulently. 彭元化看着毫发无损的陆坤,没有回答,继续催动手中的法尺,又一道惊人的青芒汹涌而出。 Lu Kun cold snort/hum, he stimulates to movement under demon energy at this time full power, has been able in four chi (0.33 m) range revolution source force field, four silver whirlpools to appear before the body one after another, inside gushes out the intermittent terrifying the suction and twists the strength. 陆坤冷哼一声,他此时全力催动魔能之下,已然能在四尺范围运转源力场,接连四个银色旋涡出现在身前,里面涌出阵阵恐怖的吸力和绞动之力。 The azure glow cut through the source power vortex directly, but this grade of combat skill does not have the Heaven and Earth Origin Qi in addition to hold, missed with Heaven Connecting Roar planned incessantly, consumed some azure glow prestige energies merely, was penetrated by it, hit on pectoralis major muscle that in stuck out high. 青芒直接穿进了源力旋涡,可这等战技并没有天地元气加持,和通天吼差了不止一筹,仅仅消耗了些许青芒的威能,还是被其穿透进来,撞在了高高隆起的胸大肌上。 Afterward the Lu Kun body trembles slightly, that say/way azure glow puts from the heart position, a not far away dozens zhang (3.33 m) mountain top, rumbled directly the smashing. 随后陆坤身子轻微一颤,那道青芒就从心脏位置一穿而过,直接将不远处数十丈的山头,轰成了粉碎。 Was put on the chest, but Lu Kun, does not seem to receive any injury, source force field wind around in outside the body, revolves in the Interception Fist combat skill revolution way. 被穿胸而过的陆坤,似乎没有受到任何伤害,一道道源力场在体外缭绕,以截拳战技的运转方式旋转起来。 But at this moment, demon ring of its top of the head trembles slightly, bundles in several purple-colored halo spirit light hold, Lu Kun can induce greatly clearly, surrounding Heaven and Earth Origin Qi was excluded directly, is unable to absorb. 可就在这时,其头顶的魔环微微一颤,捆在身上的几道紫色光环灵光大盛,陆坤能够清晰感应到,周围的天地元气直接被排斥在外,根本无法吸附过来。 Xue Tianyou stares slightly, later laughs saying: Is I overestimated Pavilion Lord Lu, Demon Burdening Ring demon divine ability, although was eradicated by you, but it after all is the heaven connecting spirit treasure replica, after being surrounded, the general Nascent Soul late stage peak, is hard to inspire Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.” 薛天佑微微一愣,随后哈哈大笑道:“是我高估了陆阁主,坠魔环的化魔神通虽然被你破除,但它毕竟是通天灵宝的仿制品,被困住后,一般的元婴后期巅峰,都难以引动天地元气。” Since is unable your demon, only then under killer.” “既然无法将你魔化,那只有下杀手了。” Lu Kun hearing this, the corners of the mouth show the smile that ridiculed suddenly: Without Monster Demon Island Demon Restraining Great Formation helps one another, your Demon Burdening Ring, how can also imprison Lu.” 陆坤闻言,嘴角忽然露出了一丝讥讽的笑容:“没有妖魔岛锢魔大阵相助,你这件坠魔环,又怎能禁锢住陆某。” In his eye gushed out the frantic color gradually: How under imitation spirit treasure, makes you experience, fleshly body divine ability that Lu grasped some time ago.” 他眼中渐渐涌出了狂热之色:“仿制灵宝又如何,就让你们见识下,陆某不久前掌握的肉身神通。” Dharma Idol of Heaven and Earth!” 法相天地!” With shouting of Lu Kun, muscles of his whole body all inflates crazily, changed to an abnormal meatball instantaneously, within the body demon energy surges, the surfaces of all skeletons, shine a unique magic treasure trace, puts on behalf of the Silver Dragon Meteoric Iron silver ray greatly. 随着陆坤的嘶吼,他全身的肌肉全都疯狂膨胀起来,瞬间化作了一个畸形肉球,紧接着体内魔能翻腾不已,所有骨骼的表面,都亮起一层独特的法宝纹路,代表银龙陨铁的银色光芒大放。 More than 200 bones creak to make noise, probably mushroom growth is ordinary, inflates crazily. 两百余块骨头嘎吱作响,像是雨后春笋一般,疯狂膨胀起来起来。 Lu Kun original six chi (0.33 m) high bodies, upward raising successively. 陆坤原先六尺高的身躯,一节节的向上拔高。 Eight chi (0.33 m), nine chi (0.33 m)...... 八尺,九尺…… Demon Burdening Ring fetter spirit light facing the huge body, shivers strenuously, formation spirit light also keeps glittering. 坠魔环的束缚灵光面对庞大的身躯,吃力地颤抖起来,法阵灵光也不停地闪烁。 One zhang (3.33 m), one zhang (3.33 m) five, two zhang (3.33 m)...... the small Demon Restraining Formation method reached the limit thoroughly, the disintegration came. 一丈,一丈五,两丈……小锢魔阵法彻底达到了极限,崩碎开来。 But the Lu Kun body continues to inflate, to three zhang (3.33 m) high, stopped the change, pressed together muscles lump, after elongating several times, restored the normal appearance. 陆坤的身躯继续膨胀着,足足到了三丈高,才停止了变化,原先挤在一起的肌肉疙瘩,在拉长数倍后,恢复了正常模样。 Demon Burdening Ring fetter spirit light, cannot support again, changes to point spirit light to dissipate. 坠魔环的束缚灵光,再也支撑不住,化作点点灵光消散掉。 This moment time, Lu Kun that ordinary Human Race body, changed to a three zhang (3.33 m) high giant, a suffocating pressure, sends out from its body...... 这片刻功夫,陆坤那普通的人族身躯,就化作了一个三丈高的巨人,一股令人窒息的压力,从其身躯上散发开来……
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