BC :: Volume #13

#1282: A end of time

Privy council rarely lonely, the young Count looks at the sparse aristocrat, on the face reveals a ridicule the expression. 枢密院难得地冷清了下来,小伯爵看着稀稀拉拉的贵族,脸上流露出一种嘲弄的表情。 They do not unite......”, he turns head to look at Lin Qi, I heard that their many people are busy handling something , they compared with want the soft egg that we imagine!” “他们一点都不团结……”,他扭头看着林奇,“我听说他们很多人都在忙着处理一些事情,他们比我们想象的还要软蛋!” I think that they will hug in the same place then impact the imperial palace......” “我以为他们会抱在一起然后去冲击皇宫……” Regardless of the aristocrats did acknowledge, does not have impediment of big aristocrat, regardless of they make anything, lacked some strengths, included the resistance imperial family. 无论贵族们承不承认,没有大贵族的阻止,无论他们做什么,都缺少了一些力道,包括了对抗皇室。 Big aristocrats few fates, although provided many boosts, but the genuine and actual thing do not seem many. 大贵族们很少下场,虽然提供了不少助力,但真正且实际的东西似乎并不多。 Abolishes the privilege the day to be getting more and more near shortly, most things that these days the aristocrats handle are not unite to discuss how strong draws one game, but is these broken matters in processing. 眼看着废除特权的日子越来越近,这段时间里贵族们做的最多的事情不是团结起来讨论如何强硬的扳回一局,而是处理手里的那些破事。 In the privilege of aristocrat most unique buys off the system, for crime system...... 贵族的特权中最具有特色的就是赎买制度,还有替罪制度…… Bought off the system to happen when the middle ages, battle the aristocrats will let slip frequently are grasped, but they did not worry, because bought off existence of system, aristocrat who even the hostile aristocrat cannot kill these surrenders. 赎买制度多发生在中世纪,交战时贵族们经常会失手被抓,但他们一点也不担心,因为赎买制度的存在,即便是敌对的贵族也不能杀害那些投降的贵族。 They must the delicious tasty entertainment, send the gold coin that buys off until the family member of opposite party, then sends back. 他们还得好吃好喝的招待着,直到对方的家人送来赎买的金币,然后把人送回去。 Dies the aristocrat in battlefield eventually is a few, some people think that this system created the violent temper of medieval aristocrats, because a minor matter must declare war, to them is defeated nothing but pays a gold coin. 死在战场上的贵族终究是少数,有人认为这项制度造成了中世纪贵族们的暴脾气,因为一点小事就要宣战,对他们来说失败无非就是支付一点金币。 But they can have the one breath, this is most important. 但他们能出一口气,这才是最重要的。 But happened for the crime system in the modern and contemporary period. 而替罪制度发生在近现代时期。 Also has the period of fiefdom in the aristocrats, they are in the territory power biggest that they make the law, therefore they will not enter the punishment. 在贵族们还拥有封地的时期,他们就是自己领地上权力最大的那个,他们制定法律,所以他们自己并不会入刑。 But with the development of society, the development of empire, the privilege of aristocrat shrank for the first time, the aristocrats must start to abide by the law, but is the aristocrat statute book, rather than empire statute book. 但随着社会的发展,帝国的发展,贵族的特权第一次出现了收缩,贵族们也要开始遵守法律,不过是贵族法典,而不是帝国法典。 In order to let the aristocrats hands over these privileges honestly, then imperial family added a privilege to the aristocrats, for crime system. 为了让贵族们老老实实的交出那些特权,当时的皇室给贵族们加了一条特权,就是替罪制度。 If they commit a crime they are the makers of law, now turned by the performer. 如果他们犯了罪本来他们是法律的制定者,现在变成了被执行者。 Then the aristocrat has the power to replace itself to subject to a penalty, some people think that this is the buying off system under new times, but in any event, it such strange existence. 那么贵族有权力让人去顶替自己受罚,有人认为这是新时代下的赎买制度,但无论如何,它就这么离奇的存在了。 When the aristocrat court thinks that the aristocrats offended the aristocrat statute book to need to impose certain flogging and so on, will let the person injured penalty, including beheading, they can serve a prison sentence for oneself. 当贵族法庭认为贵族们触犯了贵族法典需要处以某些鞭刑之类,会让人受伤的刑罚,包括斩首等,他们都可以让人替自己服刑。 Imprisons on the contrary, the service, the exile, cannot for the crime. 反倒是囚禁,劳役,流放,则不能替罪。 Listens a little to talk nonsense, the simple point has the trial result of blood light, can for the crime. 听着有点扯淡,简单一点来说就是有血光的审判结果,都可以替罪。 Does not have the blood light however to be the political punishment, cannot for the crime. 没有血光但是属于政治性处罚的,都不能替罪。 Because the aristocrat has the privilege that these two summers offer a sacrifice to eight to pull, making them have no concept to the crime, or did not care about is in itself the crime. 正是因为贵族前后拥有这两种夏祭八扯的特权,让他们对犯罪没有什么概念,或者说根本不在意自己是不是犯罪了。 But now they are doing, before the privilege had not been abandoned, arranges the person before oneself as soon as possible possibly has had criminality for crime...... 而现在他们正在做的,就是在特权还没有被废之前,尽快安排人为自己以前可能有过的犯罪行为替罪…… This is also the young Count ridiculed that their reasons, forever they first think is oneself. 这也是小伯爵嘲笑他们的原因,他们永远首先想到的都是自己。 Lin Qi approves to the view of young Count very much, person are selfish, would first making in special the person to the advantageous action, I had said this behavior with you before......” 林奇对小伯爵的说法很认同,“人都是自私的,在特殊的时候人总会先作出对自己有利的举动,我之前和你说过这种行为……” To the aristocrats, later what situation everyone is not clear, but if really all finished, they now are unclean past matter processing, perhaps quick are hapless. 对贵族们来说,以后什么情况大家谁都不清楚,但万一真的一切都结束了,他们现在不把过去的事情处理干净,说不定很快自己就要倒霉。 Frat may have no innovation long-pending case issue. 盖弗拉可没有什么新法旧案问题。 Lin Qi was saying, several days later I must return to the federation, you best also return to secure beautiful Syria as soon as possible......” 林奇说着顿了顿,“过几天我就要回联邦了,你们最好也尽快的回安美利亚……” Such anxiously?”, The young Count gawked, some do not abandon. “这么急?”,小伯爵愣了一下,有些不舍。 With Lin Qi when together he can always learn the lots, these are Lin Qi not, when he does not have the means to study. 林奇在一起时他总能学到很多东西,这些都是林奇不在的时候他没办法学习到的。 For example Lin Qi told him „the selfish behavior of person, before did not have others so will be simple and insightful the knowledge to teach to him. 比如说林奇告诉他的“人的自私行为”,以前就没有其他人会这么简单又通透的把知识传授给他。 His title in his group of people are highest, even if sometimes he does wrong, or has not completed, others will not say him, how will not tell him to do. 他的爵位在他这群人里又是最高的,有时候即便他做得不对,或者没做好,别人也不会说他,更不会告诉他要怎么做。 Only has Lin Qi, this makes the young Count unable to bear detain, „don't you go back with us?” 只有林奇,这让小伯爵忍不住挽留,“你不和我们一起回去吗?” Lin Qi shakes the head, „, I was very many at federal that side matter, perhaps you do not know, my mother was considered the court by the public prosecutor......” 林奇摇了摇头,“不了,我在联邦那边的事情还挺多的,也许你不知道,我母亲被检察官告上了法庭……” A shock of young Count face, in his eyes Lin Qi simply is existence of God, his mother meeting defendant, this simply is unexpectedly inconceivable. 小伯爵一脸的震惊,在他眼里林奇简直就是天主的存在,他的母亲居然会被告,这简直不可思议。 Looks that his eye stares the dog dull appearance, Lin Qi beckons with the hand with a smile, is very small things, but I must go back......” 看着他那副目瞪狗呆的模样,林奇笑着摆了摆手,“都是很小的事情,但我得回去……” The young Count knows unable to detain, can only sigh, good, hopes that you can smoothly solve these problems.” 小伯爵知道无法挽留,只能叹了一口气,“好吧,希望你能顺利解决这些问题。” How then...... do you feel here situation to be able?” “接下来……你觉得这边的局势会怎样?” Lin Qi shows a faint smile, who knows?” 林奇微微一笑,“谁知道呢?” A day quick on the past, that night, countless people lost sleep. 一天很快就过去了,这一夜,无数的人失眠了。 Included the emperor, included the prime minister, included the big aristocrat as well as...... the frontline ship team leader. 包括了皇帝,包括了首相,包括了大贵族以及……前线的舰队长。 Tomorrow after dawn, the destiny of Frat empire, will move toward the direction that no one knows...... 明天天亮之后,盖弗拉帝国的命运,将会走向谁也不知道的方向…… 7 : 00 am, the day just lightened, the major has started to work. 早上 7 点,天刚刚有点亮,少校就已经起来开始工作了。 Today in the square outside imperial palace are many many police, when he close, two policemen walk to search him on own initiative. 今天皇宫外的广场上多了很多警察,当他靠近时,两名警察主动走过来对他进行搜身。 , On him does not have any contrary thing, whole body only has more than ten dollars without a doubt, as well as two attrition serious keys. 毫无疑问的,他身上没有任何违规的东西,全身上下只有十几块钱,以及两把磨损严重的钥匙。 But this, the police have not made the major go in even, but outside the head in square the imperial palace looks, confirmed the major did after some time here, allows the major to enter. 可即便这样,警察还是没有让少校进去,而是把皇宫外广场的负责人找来,确认少校在这里干了一段时间之后,才允许少校进入。 Today how so many people?”, His asking in a low voice, sounds like, because cold does not want to speak loudly. “今天怎么这么多人?”,他低声的问道,听起来似乎因为寒冷不想大声说话。 This yes damn what ghost logic? 这是他妈的什么鬼逻辑? But is in charge as if not care, he replied that in some sense is also outpouring, a complaint. 但主管似乎不在意,他回答从某种意义上来说也是一种倾诉,一种抱怨。 Ghost knows, you know me today several : 00?” “鬼知道,你知道我今天几点起来的吗?” Several points?” “几点?” Five points!”, The manager is shouting loudly, today's weather seems like also good, yesterday afternoon had snow, got down to the midnight, today should be cloudless day. “五点!”,主管大声的喊着,今天的天气看起来还不错,昨天下午又下了一场雪,下到了半夜,今天应该是一个晴天。 His words, naturally also pass on to be very far, some police looked at him to move out of the way the vision. 他的话,自然也传出去很远,有些警察看了看他就挪开了目光。 Five points......”, the manager sighs, this is since my whole life earliest one time.” “五点……”,主管叹了一口气,“这是我这辈子起的最早的一次。” Listening, my present mood is not a little right, you go to your place to be clean new snow cleaning up, why likes why going, do not put to trouble to me was good, got it?” “听着,我现在的情绪有点不对劲,你去你的地方把新的积雪清理干净,然后爱干什么干什么去,别给我添麻烦就行了,明白了吗?” The major nods, in manager gazed after the broom closet to receive the snow-sweeping tool, started to clean the snow. 少校点了点头,在主管的目送下去杂物室领取了扫雪工具,开始清扫积雪。 After one hour, the square was swept clear thoroughly cleanly, but his such cleaner, can rest slightly. 一个多小时之后,广场被彻底地清扫干净了,而他这样的清洁工,也可以稍微休息休息了。 Because Frat is a country of power standard, the exploitation of capitalist oppresses that wrap/sets is not here serious, when a cleaner wants to rest, he rested on the line although. 由于盖弗拉是一个权本位的国家,资本家的剥削压迫那套在这里并不严重,所以当一名清洁工想要休息的时候,他尽管去休息就行了。 The major chose by a Huanggong Plaza cafe rest, such cold morning one cup of hot coffee, fill the cheese in addition the cake, absolutely is the perfect breakfast. 少校选择了一个皇宫广场旁的咖啡馆休息,这么冷的早上来一杯热咖啡,加上充满芝士的卷饼,绝对是完美的早餐。 Here besides having tasty coffee and delicious cake, here also has a roof. 这里除了有好喝的咖啡和好吃的卷饼之外,这里还有一个屋顶。 Said is the roof, actually it can be said that two buildings, can come up from the vent of restroom, above is an apex structure of triangle, and has to the window of square. 说是屋顶,其实可以说是二楼,从厕所的通风口可以上去,上面是一个三角形的尖顶结构,并有对着广场的窗口。 Usually many sanitation engineers will rest here, therefore many, few person, some people will not discover what issue. 平时很多清洁工都会在这里休息,所以多一个人,少一个人,不会有人发现什么问题。 Moreover everyone puts on is the same, this had very big confidentiality. 而且大家穿着都一样,这就具备了很大的隐蔽性。 The major as well as leaves to own assassination did not worry, only he is worried is that submarine, can appear. 少校对自己的刺杀以及离开并不担心,他唯一担心的就是那艘潜艇,到底会不会出现。 But, no matter can it appear, this/should matter of doing, must do. 但,不管它会不会出现,该做的事情,还是必须做的。 When he such as is ordinary such, said that some being irrelevant, pretends that can integrate in the crowd, then enjoys the coffee and cake, and makes the weekend to fish with several colleagues together, later entered in the coffee shop. 他如平常时那样,和人说些不着边际的话,假装能融入人群中,然后享受完咖啡与卷饼,并且和几名同事约好周末一起钓鱼,随后进入了咖啡店里。 He arrived a restroom compartmented, very relaxed entered in compartmented of two buildings through the exhaust window. 他来到了其中一个厕所隔间,很轻松的通过排气窗进入了二楼的隔间里。 The weapon places in a corner jar, here long time no one had come, in the dust close to the entrance ground has no change, no footprint. 武器就放在墙角处的一个罐子里,这里已经很长时间没什么人来了,靠近门口的地面上灰尘没有任何变化,更没有什么脚印。 He took out the oilcloth package of waterproofing from the jar, after inspecting firearms determined to have no issue, starts for the fire to make the final preparation. 他从罐子里取出了防水的油布包裹,检查了一下枪械确定没有任何问题之后,开始为射击做最后的准备。 10 : 00 am, in the square outside imperial palace had gathered very many aristocrats, they are shouting anything to the imperial palace in unceasingly. 上午 10 点,皇宫外的广场上已经聚集了非常多的贵族,他们不断对着皇宫内喊着什么。 Also at this time, the crowd had the peace of moment, the emperor appeared. 也就在这个时候,人群有了片刻的安静,皇帝出现了。 Make the major feel what accident/surprise is side not so many imperial palace guards of today's emperor, left some spaces to him. 让少校觉得意外的是今天皇帝的身边没有那么多的皇宫护卫,给他留了一些空间。 The emperor to under is saying anything on the wall, people unceasing spreading cheers, but the aristocrats start to be excited. 皇帝在墙壁上对着下面说些什么,民众们不断的传出欢呼声,而贵族们开始激动起来。 Some aristocrats start to push and shove charge into the imperial palace, the emperor stands in the city wall moves has not moved, but indifferent looks at these aristocrats. 一些贵族开始在推搡中冲向皇宫,皇帝站在城墙上动也没有动,只是冷漠的看着那些贵族。 Right, he will indeed become under Frat monarchy system the last emperor, but he will also become the first emperor under new system. 没错,他的确会成为盖弗拉君主制度下最后一任皇帝,但他也将成为新制度下的第一任皇帝。 Although he lost part of powers, may work as the privilege of aristocrat almost to be abolished completely beside, the imperial family instead becomes the biggest beneficiary. 虽然他丧失了一部分权力,可当贵族的特权几乎被全部废除之外,皇室反而成为了最大的受益者。 Because of imperial family, but also has the privilege! 因为皇室,还拥有特权! Perhaps he, as well as after these emperors do not have the means to have the power of this empire personally, but they can through other ways, affect this country! 也许他,以及以后的那些皇帝都没办法亲自掌握着这个帝国的权力,可他们可以通过其他方式,影响这个国家! Even is affects the prime ministers and ministers, cabinet. 甚至是影响首相和大臣们,还有内阁。 We are the cannon fodders of time, but my cannon fodder, obviously and you are not quite same!” “我们都是时代的炮灰,但我这个炮灰,显然和你们不太一样!” The emperor looks the aristocrat who that crowd is impacting the imperial palace, said listens in a soft voice to oneself. 皇帝陛下看着那群冲击着皇宫的贵族,轻声说给自己听。 He looked, first attacked the aristocrat in imperial palace in quietly already has fallen back on the aristocrat community rear area, the aristocrat who has not acted on the contrary from the beginning, under drive of mood, has flushed in the first line. 他看出来了,最先冲击皇宫的贵族在悄然中已经退到了贵族群体的中后方,反倒是一开始没有动作的贵族,在情绪的带动下,已经冲在了第一线。 We are the sacrificial victims of time!” “我们都是时代的牺牲品!” He sighs lightly, near the ear transmitted a gunshot suddenly, inside and outside entire imperial palace time as if in this moment static! 他轻叹了一口气,耳边突然传来了一声枪响,整个皇宫内外的时间仿佛都在这一刻静止了!
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