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#220: 3 youngster

The old domain name() by the wall, be please remembered the home station newest domain name() 老域名()被墙,请您牢记本站最新域名() Report!” “报!” The messengers come in hurriedly, kneel on the ground, the information in the hand assumes on the mansion district Sir to seat of honor. 信使急匆匆进来,跪在地上,将手中情报呈给主座上的府县大人。 Read directly.” “直接念吧。” Yes! The southeastern direction has the cult activity trail, approximately 30 people, the suspicion scouts the vanguard.” “是!东南方向有邪教活动踪迹,约三十人,怀疑是斥候前锋。” „The southwest direction are more, already discovered more than 50 people, body all has the evil aura, kills, aggressive incomparable.” “西南方向更多,已经发现了五十余人,身上皆有邪气,遇人则杀,凶悍无比。” „Several other have the trail of cults, only has in the north mountainous area, has not transmitted the information of cult activity.” “其他几处也有邪教的踪迹,唯有北边的山区之中,并未传来邪教活动的情报。” The messengers read last, in the room several people relax. 信使念完最后一句,房间内几人都松了口气。 A staff said: It seems like has not formed the potential of encirclement, Sir, was inferior that we select to dispatch troops into battle, first to go out to kill.” 一名幕僚道:“看来还没形成合围之势,大人,不如我们点起兵将,先出去杀一趟。” In the stage, that mansion district Sirs hesitate saying: Cults soldier line of rapid, why the north side has not always arranged the manpower, can cheat?” 高台上,那位府县大人沉吟道:“邪教一向兵行迅速,为何北边没有布置人手,会不会有诈?” Our many nosing, have not discovered the enemy firmly.” The messengers said. “我方多番查探,确未发现敌人。”信使道。 Who is responsible for investigating the north mountainous area?” “是何人负责探查北边山区?” Police station, Liu Ping.” “巡捕房,柳平。” Can once send people to investigate?” “可曾派人核查?” No.” “没有。” Resorting to arms is the life and death important matter, goes to several people, has a look at his investigates passed/lived these places, actually to have the trail of cults.” “用兵乃是生死大事,去几个人,看看他查过的那些地方,究竟有没有邪教的踪迹。” Yes!” “是!” ...... …… North county. 县城北边。 Wooded mountain. 山林。 Liu Ping walks from the ravine main road, changes to a narrow winding path, walked several li (0.5 km), holds the Fist Dao to the front sudden two black clothes men: Invited to lead me to see Sacred Cult Envoy.” 柳平从山间大路走下来,转到一条羊肠小道,又走了数里,冲着前方突然出现的两名黑衣男子抱拳道:“请带俺去见圣教使者。” A person said vigilantly: You are —— 一人警惕道:“你是—— Liu Ping with township sound said: „Am I the messenger in front 50 li (0.5 km) Wang Village, everyone have not issued the ultimatum to our village? Our village wants to be religious, the village head dispatches me to see everyone.” 柳平操着乡音道:“俺乃前方五十里王家村的信使,各位不是给我们村下过最后通牒么?我们全村都想信教,村长遣我来见各位。” Two people look one, shows the happy expression: Comes with me.” 两人对望一眼,露出笑意道:“跟我来。” Before they bring Liu Ping is arriving at the cave, a person is staring at him, another person goes in report/give report. 他们带着柳平一路走到山洞前,一人盯着他,另一人进去禀报。 Before long. 不一会儿。 A figure grandiose man then surrounded by people. 一名身形壮硕的男子便在众人簇拥下走了出来。 The man asked: „Wasn't your Wang Village notifies a government office? How suddenly becomes intelligent, knows that surrendered?” 那男子问道:“你们王家村不是去报官了吗?怎么又突然变聪明,知道来投降了?” Sir, government authorities are basic, no matter the lives of our countrymen, we think it over, turns to the church to result in enjoys the immortal luck, preserves forever the immortal.” Liu Ping said. “大人,官府狗贼根本不管我们乡亲的死活,我们想来想去,还是投靠教会才能得享仙福,永葆长生。”柳平道。 Your village has two pretty little mothers, named Zhao Hui, is coming named what a?” The men narrow the eyes to focus to ask. “你们村有两个俊秀小娘,一个叫赵惠,还有一个叫什么来着?”男子眯着眼问。 Certainly is king four mother —— she names me not to know, I only know everyone called her like this.” Liu Ping said ignorant. “一定是王四娘——她叫啥名俺不知道,俺只知道大家都这样称呼她。”柳平懵懵懂懂说道。 The men nod secretly, said: Good, since your village is willing to initiate, later is to teach the brothers, your going back makes the village head lead that Zhao Hui and king four mothers sees me, today can avoid death tribulation of your village.” 男子暗暗点头,说道:“好,既然你们全村愿意入教,以后就是教中兄弟,你回去让村长带着那赵惠和王四娘来见我,今日便可免除你们村的死劫。” The surroundings teach the numerous to laugh boisterously. 周围教众哄然大笑起来。 Many thanks the Sir...... I have the incident to need Sir report/give clear(ly).” Liu Ping said. “多谢大人……俺还有一事需要禀明大人。”柳平道。 Said.” “说。” Our village heads are an oversuspicious person, a while ago some people pretended to be Sacred Cult to mooch, our village heads fear and meet the swindler, therefore dispatches me to come to screen everyone, looked that to be deceived.” “俺们村长是个多疑的人,前段时间有人冒充圣教招摇撞骗,俺们村长怕又碰见骗子,所以遣俺前来甄别各位,看是不是又上当受骗了。” „Can your teenager, what see? Your village heads are muddleheaded!” “你一个半大小子,能看出个什么?你们村长是昏了头吧!” I can some kungfu skills, previous time expel that two swindlers, actually does not know on everyone to have the Sacred Cult real skill.” “俺会些拳脚功夫,上次打跑了那两个骗子,却不知各位手上是不是有圣教的真本事。” Ha!” “哈!” That grandiose man selected a person conveniently, points at Liu Ping saying: Crosses two with him, do not kill.” 那壮硕男子随手点了一个人,指着柳平道:“跟他过两手,别打死了。” Yes.” “是。” That person walks with a smile, extends the foot then to kick toward the Liu Ping waist on, in the mouth was foul-mouthed: 那人笑着走出来,伸脚便朝柳平腰上踢去,口中骂骂咧咧道: „The boy of being wet behind the ears, Sir told you anything is the skill in Wushu.” “乳臭未干的小子,大爷来告诉你什么是武艺。” Liu Ping kicked out, is angry saying: You sneak attack!” 柳平被一脚踢出去,大怒道:“你偷袭!” The people laugh. 众人大笑。 Ok, that this time you may prepare.” “行,那这次你可准备好。” That person laughs, grips the fist then to hit toward Liu Ping. 那人哈哈一笑,握住拳头便朝柳平打来。 Who knows Liu Ping first to fling has then let the fist, snatched cut a hand blade in the nape of the neck of opposite party. 谁知柳平头一甩便让过拳头,劈手在对方的脖颈砍了一记手刀。 That person puts the ground accordingly, both eyes shuts tightly, falls into the stupor. 那人应声扑在地上,双目紧闭,陷入昏迷。 All around one static. 四周一静。 Liu Ping disdains saying: This? I climb mountains to kill the tiger, your can it be that swindler huddles together.” 柳平不屑道:“就这?俺可是上山杀过虎的,你们莫不是骗子扎堆吧。” That is the first man grins fiendishly one, the nod said: Good, good, good, can kill the tiger to have the real skill, no wonder your village heads dare to send you to come —— to wait me to teach you several, making you know what day high!” 那为首男子狞笑一声,点头道:“好,好,好,能杀虎是有真本事的,难怪你们村长敢派你来——待我教你几手,让你知道什么天有多高!” All around people disperse. 四周众人散开。 The men walk into the field, body leaps together the shining white light suddenly, the entire figure increases suddenly. 男子走入场中,身上猛然腾起一道明晃晃的白光,整个身形骤然变大。 —— he turned into whole body grey defeat skin, five meters high giant! ——他变成了一个全身灰败皮肤、五米多高的巨人! Thump! Thump! Thump! 咚!咚!咚! The giants tread the step to charge into Liu Ping, raises the rush-leaf fan big palm of the hand to pat toward Liu Ping. 巨人踏着步子冲向柳平,扬起蒲扇大的巴掌朝柳平拍去。 Murder!” “杀人啦!” Liu Ping shouted, hurries to grasp the ground stupor that person to keep off in the front. 柳平嚷了一声,慌忙抓起地上昏迷的那人挡在面前。 Only listens to a dull thumping sound. 只听一声闷响。 The calling card of giant entered that person of chest, that head/number of people one crooked, died at the scene. 巨人的手刺入了那人胸膛,那人头一歪,当场就死了。 The giants tarry. 巨人呆住。 Liu Ping also stayed, beckons with the hand to say hastily: This does not blame me, the person is you kills.” 柳平也呆了呆,连忙摆手道:“这可不怪我,人是你杀的。” He throws down the corpse, holds the Fist Dao toward the giant: My this goes back Master report/give report, said that you indeed are in Sacred Cult the person, immediately tied up Zhao Hui and Wang Family/prince wife comes.” 他丢下尸体,朝着巨人抱拳道:“我这就回去禀报村长,说你们的确是圣教中人,马上绑了赵惠和王家娘子过来。” Giant raised the hand referred to him, for a while does not know said what good. 巨人抬手指了指他,一时不知道说什么好。 This person indeed is oneself receives not stopping manslaughter. 这人的确是自己收不住手误杀的。 How —— but does oneself confiscate to stop? ——自己怎么没收住手呢? everyone, I come back immediately!” 各位,我马上回来!” Liu Ping also said that hurried runs toward outside, quick is missing. 柳平又说了一句,匆匆忙忙的朝外面跑去,很快就不见了踪影。 The people fall into silent. 众人陷入沉默。 The giant retracting figure, kicked the corpse foot of ground slowly, scolded: „A move could not withstand, died getting what one deserves.” 那巨人慢慢缩回身形,踢了地上的尸体一脚,骂道:“一招都顶不住,死了活该。” He stared all around people one eyes, said: Buried him, a while the people in Wang Village arrived, called me again.” 他瞪了四周众人一眼,又道:“把他埋了,等会儿王家村的人到了,再来叫我。” Yes.” The people receive an order to say. “是。”众人领命道。 If a double-hour no one comes, we went to the slaughter Wang Village.” “如果一个时辰没人来,我们就去屠了王家村。” Yes!” The people should say again. “是!”众人再次应道。 The grandiose man nods, turns around that cavern rest. 壮硕男子点点头,转身回了那处洞窟休息。 After half quarter . 半刻钟后。 Two Confucian code numerous rush again, reported the report: Sir, some people came.” 两名教众再次闯进来,禀报道:“大人,有人来了。” The grandiose man was closing eyes the rest, listening to this saying to open eyes saying: Was the people in Wang Village comes? Actually very quick.” 壮硕男子原本正在闭目休息,听了这话睁眼道:“是王家村的人来了?倒是挺快的嘛。” Not, Sir.” “不是啊,大人。” Un? Who is that? Did the government authorities dispatch troops?” “嗯?那是什么人?官府发兵来了?” „It is not, heard that was neighbor another village —— Li Village sends.” “也不是,听说是附近的另一个村子——李家村派人来了。” „Haven't we gone to...... them to send for with enough time?” “我们还没来得及去……他们就派人来了?” Yes, must initiate it is said.” “是的,据说是要入教。” Ha, it seems like our here progress are actually quick.” “哈哈哈,看来我们这边的进度倒是很快嘛。” The grandiose man shows the happy expression, joyful stands, along with two subordinates goes out of the cavern together. 壮硕男子露出笑意,心情愉悦的站起来,随两位手下一起走出洞窟。 Then he saw a person. 然后他就看到了一个人。 —— that youngster. ——还是那个少年。 Only listens to that youngster to open the mouth to say cockily: Some is the messenger who Li Village village head sends.” 只听那少年神气活现的开口道:“某乃是李家村村长派来的信使。” Bastard! You are not Wang Village? How to turn into a native of Li Village?” The grandiose man gets angry shouts. “混蛋!你不是王家村的么?怎么变成李家村人了?”壮硕男子怒喝道。 The youngster stare, toward grandiose male two humanity: „Hadn't you told him?” 少年一愣,朝壮硕男子身边两人道:“你们没跟他说?” One of them suddenly, opens the mouth to say immediately: Sir, he was a moment ago the full brothers of that youngster, lives since childhood in Li Village, because is skilled in the skill in Wushu similarly, therefore was sent.” 其中一人顿时恍然,开口道:“大人,他是刚才那少年的同胞兄弟,从小就生活在李家村,因为同样精通武艺,所以被派过来的。” The grandiose male mouth opened, suddenly reveals the vicious color: 壮硕男子嘴巴张了张,突然露出凶狠之色道: „Does boy, you play us?” “小子,你耍我们?” The youngster beckon with the hand to say hastily: Misunderstanding, I really am not my younger brother, his strength is too smelly, how dare to place on a par with me?” 少年连忙摆手道:“误会,我真不是我那弟弟,他实力太臭,岂敢跟我相提并论?” Saying, he pulls out the long blade to cut toward the roadside big tree along. 说着,他抽出随身长刀朝路边大树一斩。 The big tree falls to the ground loudly. 大树轰然倒地。 A people peace. 众人一阵安静。 Without ten years of blade last time, how to cut a blade such? 没有十年的刀上功夫,怎么斩得出来这样一刀? Also yes...... 也是…… The boy only had/left a hand a moment ago, cut to faint oneself here person with the hand blade. 刚才那小子只出了一次手,用手刀斩昏了自己这边一人。 Moreover that boy had not worn a sword a moment ago! 而且刚才那小子没有佩刀啊! Also in this years, can result in a book of illustrations dealing with boxing to study are the huge good fortune. 再说这年月里,能得一本拳谱修习就是天大的造化了。 Does a countryside youngster in his Wang Village, which on make the blade spectrum? 他一个王家村的乡下少年,上哪儿去弄刀谱? Saw only the youngster to receive the blade, the facial expression said proudly: My that younger brother studies the kungfu skill, but I am skilled in sword and spear —— my to hit his five.” 只见少年收了刀,神情傲然道:“我那弟弟修习拳脚功夫,而我精通刀枪——我一个能打他五个。” „Aren't you really he?” The grandiose man asked. “你果真不是他?”壮硕男子问。 Here has a mole, he does not have.” The youngster point at the own face to say. “我这里有颗痣,他没有。”少年指着自己的脸道。 The people look. 众人望去。 He really has a mole! The boy did not have a moment ago!” A person called out. “他真的有颗痣!刚才那小子没有!”一人叫道。 The grandiose man endured enduring, asked: You come here, what matter had to say?” 壮硕男子忍了忍,问道:“你来我们这里,有何事要说?” Our Li Village prepares to invest Sacred Cult.” The youngster said. “我们李家村准备全部投入圣教。”少年道。 Your village heads?” The grandiose man asked. “你们村长呢?”壮硕男子问。 He old with dim eyes, does not know formidably, supported the government authorities wholeheartedly, already is killed by me!” The youngster said. “他老眼昏花,不识利害,一心拥戴官府,已经被我杀了!”少年道。 A head/number of people throws. 一颗人头抛过来。 Really is an old person's head. 果然是一个老人的头颅。 The teaching numerous who just initiated looked at the head, said suddenly: Is he! Village head in Li Village! I know him!” 有一名刚入教的教众看了看头颅,忽道:“是他!李家村的村长!我认识他!” Then some people letter/believed. 这下更有人信了。 The grandiose man looked at that youngster looked, sees only his body to pass killing aura, appearance that really had just killed people. 壮硕男子又把那少年望了一望,只见他身上透着一股杀气,果然是刚杀过人的模样。 This boy. 这小子。 Actually compared with his younger brother. 倒是比他那个弟弟强多了。 Just thinking, to be seeing only that youngster to throw a thing. 正想着,只见那少年抛过来一物。 The grandiose man met looked. 壮硕男子接了一看。 Actually is a heavy gold ingot. 却是一枚沉甸甸的金锭。 „After this is filial piety the gift on first meeting of Sir also to look at the Sir, leads by the hand much.” The youngster said. “这是孝敬大人的见面礼还望大人以后多多提携。”少年道。 The grandiose man shows the happy expression. 壮硕男子露出笑意。 You on said very much, not bad —— I select several people to go to your Li Village, in advance completes the initiation ceremony.” He said. “你很上道,不错——我点几个人去你李家村,先行完成入教仪式。”他说道。 Does not have the issue.” The youngster happy say/way. “没问题。”少年痛快的道。 The grandiose man selects 78 people, making them prepare the thing of various initiations to be assorted, waving made their following youngster start off. 壮硕男子点起七八人,令他们准备好各种入教的物什,挥手让他们跟着少年上路。 „Doesn't Sir come?” The youngster asked. “大人不过来?”少年问。 I wait for the person in Wang Village here, a while goes to converge with you.” The grandiose man said. “我在这里等王家村的人,一会儿就去跟你们汇合。”壮硕男子道。 Is good to force.” The youngster said. “好勒。”少年道。 He has that 78 people, then walked quickly. 他带着那七八人,很快便走了。 The grandiose man recalled, feels no issue, returns to the cavern to rest again. 壮硕男子来回想了一遍,觉得没什么问题,再次回到洞窟中休息。 After the quarter of an hour . 一刻钟后。 Outside is even more peaceful. 外面愈发安静。 The grandiose man thought suddenly some are not right. 壮硕男子忽然觉得有些不对劲。 He sets out to go out of the cavern, sees only a youngster to stand outside, the hand grasps a lance, all around teaches the numerous corpses. 他起身走出洞窟,只见一名少年站在外面,手握一柄长矛,四周都是教众的尸体。 On —— this youngster face does not have the mole. ——这少年脸上没有痣。 Damn boy, your Wang Village must die today!” “该死的小子,你们王家村今天都要死!” The grandiose man exclaimed. 壮硕男子吼道。 His body gushes out a white light, gradually turns into five meters high giant. 身上涌出一道白光,渐渐变成五米高的巨人。 Slow!” “慢!” The youngster beckon with the hand to say. 少年摆手道。 What last words do you have?” The giants asked. “你还有什么遗言?”巨人问。 Food can eat randomly, the words cannot speak irresponsibly, I am not the person in Wang Village.” “饭可以乱吃,话不能乱说,我可不是王家村的人。” The youngster said: I am the messenger in Zhao Village, our family/home village heads heard that Li Village village head prepares to throw on own initiative teaches, assigns/life me to kill off you, in order to avoid he poisons people's minds, cruelly harms the countrymen.” 少年道:“我乃是赵家村的信使,我们家村长听说李家村村长准备主动投教,命我来杀光你们,以免他蛊惑人心,残害乡亲。” Sees only him to insert the lance in the ground, said with a smile: Looked that you are so angry, certainly has seen my two younger brothers.” 只见他将长矛插在地上,笑道:“看你这么愤怒,一定是见过我那两个弟弟了。” Bastard! You obviously are the same people!” “混蛋!你们明明是同一个人!” The giants are roaring rushing. 巨人咆哮着冲了上去。 Artist Purgatory()” searches the latest chapter! 炼狱艺术家()”查找最新章节!
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