AT :: Volume #38

#3738: Should not the thing of eating

Leaves from the heaven, earth, profound and yellow tower, Hua Tianming somewhat is dumbstruck. 天地玄黄塔内离开时,华天命还有些发懵。 Reached with great difficulty, as Pagoda Lord should not to the congratulation, or appoints some duties to give me? 好不容易登顶了,身为塔主不是该给点祝贺,或者指派一些任务给我吗? At least should untie the truth that the heaven, earth, profound and yellow tower has, or turns over to the significance that the ruins cemetery has? 至少应该解开天地玄黄塔存在的真相,或者归墟坟场存在的意义? Some other advantage also good...... 一些其他的好处也行…… But that old man what had not said, gives Luo Xiao belt/bring a few words, what's all this about? 可那位老者什么都没说,就让给罗霄带一句话,这是怎么回事? Hua Tianming opened the eye under that bell. 华天命在那口大钟下睁开了眼睛。 The god bell city people will focus in him. 神钟城的众人们都将目光集中在他身上。 Although Hua Tianming in god bell city making brilliant achievements, is almost never disappointing, but Hua Tianming these reaches time after all, in the people heart has to anticipate that also worried. 虽说华天命在神钟城的成绩斐然,几乎从未让人失望过,但华天命这一次毕竟是登顶,众人心中既有期待也有一丝担忧。 „Can destiny, succeed?” Not far away the color of Gu Bei face concern. “天命,可成功了?”不远处的顾北一脸关切之色。 In Hua Tianming regarded Internal Body World one, nods saying that that sword already in my Internal Body World.” 华天命内视了体内世界一眼,点点头道,“那把剑已在我体内世界。” Whish......” “哗……” Although they already early some expectations, but in the crowd is in a tumult at this moment. 虽然他们已早有预料,但这一刻人群中还是骚动起来。 Finally some people of reaching topmost levels!” “终于有人登顶最高层了!” Brother Tianming, do you have the attempt to crawl outside the tower to have a look?” 天命兄,你有没有尝试爬出塔外看看?” „......” “……” Under talked at once, Hua Tianming does not know how suddenly should respond. 七嘴八舌下,华天命一时间不知该如何回应。 Gu Bei waves to hint the people peaceful, first closes up, said the sword carrying/sustaining its again!” 顾北挥挥手示意众人安静下来,“先去闭关,将其那把剑承载了再说!” The other shore faith token carrying/sustaining in Internal Body World, after establishing the true link, that other shore faith token is itself. 将彼岸信物承载在体内世界,建立真正的链接后,那件彼岸信物才算属于自己。 Hua Tianming nods, after standing up , the vision is to actually go to Luo Xiao in team. 华天命点点头,站起身后目光却是投向队伍中的罗霄 Even if Luo Xiao converges Saint in god territory, but must line up to strike a gong in the god bell city. 即便罗霄神域内归为圣人,但在神钟城还是要排队敲钟。 Cloud Saint,” Hua Tianming cups one hand in the other across the chest toward Luo Xiao. 霄圣,”华天命罗霄拱拱手。 Luo Xiao returns a courtesy to Hua Tianming said that what matter?” 罗霄华天命回礼道,“何事?” Cloud Saint these does need to challenge the yellow and black tower's ninth step time?” Hua Tianming asked. 霄圣这一次可是要挑战玄黄塔第九阶?”华天命问道。 Ashamed,” Luo Xiao nods, I indeed want on the ninth step.” “惭愧,”罗霄点点头,“我的确要上第九阶。” Hua Tianming is lifeform that Luo Xiao Internal Body World is born, afterward was rebirth one time, in the short time repaired True God Great Perfection, after entering turned over to the ruins cemetery, was to directly soar 30 third-order. 华天命罗霄体内世界诞生的一名生灵,后来更是重生一次,短短时间内重修成真神大圆满,进入归墟坟场后更是直奔三十三阶。 Reviews Luo Xiao, now also stays in the yellow and black tower eight steps, is equivalent to Paramita Realm Eighth Layer day that's all, once was god territory Saint, now has fallen on by far behind. 反观罗霄,如今还停留在玄黄塔八阶,也就相当于彼岸境八重而已,曾经身为神域圣人,现在已远远落在了后面。 Naturally, this issue emerges on Luo Xiao incessantly, other Saint besides Gu Bei very many, the situation even was also worse. 当然,这种问题不止出现在罗霄身上,除了顾北之外其他的圣人也好不了多少,情况甚至更糟糕。 Moreover Hua Tianming can on 30 third-order, reason that because space old Monarch with really boosts in behind, but this matter does not know the circumstances of the matter Hua Tianming, the bystander is more impossible to know, only said that the Hua Tianming talent goes against heaven's will. 而且华天命能够上三十三阶,还是因为天上老君与度真在后面助力的缘故,不过这种事连华天命都不知情,外人更是不可能知晓,只道华天命天赋逆天。 „After I mount 30 third-order, the old man came,” Hua Tianming sincere said. “我登上三十三阶后,有一名老者现身了,”华天命正色说道。 Nearby Gu Bei, Dove (Jiu) Saint, on many human race faces reveals the unusual look immediately. 旁边的顾北,鸠圣,还有诸多人族脸上顿时显露出异色。 In the Luo Xiao eye is also the different light flashes, „, but the master in heaven, earth, profound and yellow tower?” 罗霄眼中也是异光一闪,“可是天地玄黄塔的主人?” Luo Xiao had understood from the wife Li Luoshui mouth about other shore many information, he knows, even if in Mother world, wants to build Paramita Realm expert is not the simple matter, nine Li people also only had Chi You once to go to the other shore 33 days. 罗霄从妻子黎洛水口中了解过关于彼岸更多的信息,他知道即使在母世界内,想要修成彼岸境强者也不是简单的事,一个九黎族也只有蚩尤曾去过彼岸三十三天。 This heaven, earth, profound and yellow tower is equivalent to other shore that delimits alone in people's eyes, should his master be what kind of great energy? 天地玄黄塔在众人眼中相当于单独划出的一个彼岸,其主人该是何等大能 He says is,” Hua Tianming nods. “他自称是,”华天命点点头。 Luo Xiao, Gu Bei, Dove (Jiu) Saint and the others the facial color again slightly changes, Gu Bei is pursues asks, what did that old man say?” 罗霄,顾北,鸠圣等人面色再度微微一变,顾北更是追问道,“那位老者说了什么?” Gu Bei turns over to one in ruins cemetery high level now, but he turning over to the understanding of ruins cemetery understands very little as before, is not only Gu Bei, even turns over to the indigenous people in ruins cemetery also not to know about this colossus. 顾北现在算是归墟坟场高层中的一员,可他对归墟坟场的了解依旧知之甚少,不仅是顾北,即便是归墟坟场的原住民对这个庞然大物同样不甚了解。 He makes Cloud Saint go to the yellow and black tower eight steps, a carrying/sustaining resembles butterfly other shore faith token,” Hua Tianming replied. “他让霄圣去玄黄塔八阶,承载一枚像蝴蝶般的彼岸信物,”华天命回答道。 Hears this answer, Gu Bei, Luo Xiao and Dove (Jiu) Saint is confused. 听到这个答案,顾北,罗霄鸠圣都是一头雾水。 Yellow and black tower eight steps......” Luo Xiao is frowning, I remember that in yellow and black tower eight step more than 400 kinds of other shore faith tokens, does not have the butterfly same other shore faith token.” “玄黄塔八阶……”罗霄皱着眉头,“我记得玄黄塔八阶四百多种彼岸信物中,并没有蝴蝶一样的彼岸信物。” Was that old man just put,” Hua Tianming reply. “是那位老者刚刚放进去的,”华天命回答。 Luo Xiao the eye shone immediately. 罗霄顿时眼睛亮了起来。 That is the other shore faith token that the heaven, earth, profound and yellow Pagoda Lord person puts, this thing decides however extraordinarily! 那是天地玄黄塔主人放进去的彼岸信物,此物定然非凡! God bell Chengnei still gave Luo Xiao to give away a road in lining up Paramita Realm, making Luo Xiao strike a gong ahead of time. 神钟城内原本还在排队的彼岸境都给罗霄让出一条路,让罗霄提前敲钟。 Strikes a gong, enters the yellow and black tower, found that butterfly...... 敲钟,进玄黄塔,找到那枚蝴蝶…… After this butterfly belt/bring gets back one's composure the bell city, Luo Xiao almost impatient its carrying/sustaining. 将这枚蝴蝶带回神钟城后,罗霄几乎迫不及待的将其承载。 This is the fresh incomparable other shore faith token. 这可是新鲜无比的彼岸信物。 However after the carrying/sustaining , when tries to stimulate the ability of butterfly, discovered that this butterfly weak pity, this other shore faith token only has more than ten god honored strength merely, and without other special abilities! 然而承载后试图激发蝴蝶的能力时,才发现这枚蝴蝶弱的可怜,这件彼岸信物仅仅只有十多神钧之力,且没有其他特殊的能力! „Is this other shore faith token useful?” Saying that Luo Xiao is depressed. “这件彼岸信物有什么用?”罗霄闷闷的说道。 This butterfly sky over Luo Xiao Space of Grand Expanse lonely is fluttering, is very nimble and resourceful, what a pity the ability is unfair to its outward appearance. 这蝴蝶在罗霄大衍之宇上空孤单单的飘荡着,十分灵动,可惜能力对不起它的外观。 Dove (Jiu) Saint, Gu Bei and Hua Tianming look at each other in blank dismay, this butterfly are too weakly more than other yellow and black tower eight step other shore faith tokens. 鸠圣,顾北华天命面面相觑,这枚蝴蝶比玄黄塔八阶其他彼岸信物弱太多。 What is strange, why wants the Luo Xiao brother carrying/sustaining other shore faith token,” Dove (Jiu) Saint feels the beard to say. “奇怪的是,为什么一定要罗霄兄承载彼岸信物,”鸠圣摸着胡须说道。 Since is the master request of heaven, earth, profound and yellow tower, the clouds brother carrying/sustaining other shore faith token, likely has other intentions for the time being,” Gu Bei said. “既然是天地玄黄塔的主人要求,霄兄还是暂且承载这件彼岸信物,很可能有其他用意,”顾北说道。 Luo Xiao nods. 罗霄点点头。 Even carrying/sustaining other shore faith token does not hinder his cultivation, in the future after waiting for him to climb higher-order , the replacement will not be late. 即使承载这件彼岸信物也不妨碍他修炼,日后等他攀到更高阶后再更换不迟。 ...... …… After some time acceleration, the Mount Li present speed was faster than previously did not know several hundred times. 经过一段时间的加速,黎山现在的速度比此前快了不知几百倍。 When this colossus across the primordial chaos cloud cluster, can the tumbling that the giant cloud cluster mixes. 这个庞然大物穿过混沌云团时,能将巨大的云团都搅动的翻滚起来。 The Mount Li first destination is the place of Luo Zheng's beginning living, the second destination turns over to the ruins cemetery. 黎山的第一个目的地是罗征的始生之地,第二目的地则是归墟坟场。 Through the first child butterfly, Luo Zheng can detect that the position of place of beginning living, but the second child butterfly was really led into the jade clear day, the position has been very strange, he can only feel a fuzzy position. 通过第一枚子蝶,罗征能察觉到始生之地的方位,而第二枚子蝶被被度真带入玉清天,方位一直十分诡异,他只能感受到一个模模糊糊的位置。 When Luo Xiao gets back one's composure bell city this child butterfly belt/bring flickers, a clear position jumps onto the Luo Zheng heart. 罗霄将这枚子蝶带回神钟城的一瞬,一个清晰的位置跃上罗征心头。 Still Luo Zheng in cultivation opened the eyes suddenly, looks to a direction, due west......” 原本还在修炼中的罗征忽然睁开了双眼,望向一个方向,“正西方……” ...... …… In vacuole. 空泡中。 The laozis saw after Cloud Saint carries off the child butterfly, relaxes slightly. 太上老君看到霄圣带走子蝶后微微松了一口气。 This one sword is in the heaven, earth, profound and yellow tower strongest strength legacy, that child butterfly let out can also guide Luo Zheng to find to turn over to the ruins cemetery smoothly. “孤剑”是天地玄黄塔内最强的力量传承,那枚子蝶放出去也能顺利引导罗征找到归墟坟场。 Can do, the laozis make arrived. 能够做的,太上老君都做到了 Does not know that the war of snake spirit gate and bird spirit gate projected on any degree,” really said. “不知蛇灵门与鸟灵门的战争打到什么程度了,”度真说道。 Because the previous vacuole has exposed the position, the laozi does not make them observe secretly, after all even the slightest misstep will spy on by the snake spirit king. 因为此前空泡暴露过方位,太上老君也不让他们偷偷观察,毕竟稍有不慎就会被蛇灵王窥探到。 Bird spirit king has not awakened, deciding however is not the opponent of snake spirit king,” laozi does not want to draw a conclusion. “鸟灵王没有觉醒,定然不是蛇灵王的对手,”太上老君没有多想就下了结论。 I am hope that the bird spirit gate can support, supports...... rumble!” “我是希望鸟灵门能撑,撑住……咕噜咕噜!” Real shape is saying while traces the giant belly, in the belly exudes a series of cries. 真形一边说着一边摸了摸自己巨大的肚子,肚子里发出一连串叫声。 Ate the wrong thing?” Really strange asking. “吃错东西了?”度真奇怪的问道。 Big Senior Brother chatted, do I have the unedible thing?” The real shape shrugs. 大师哥说笑了,我有不能吃的东西?”真形耸耸肩。 Suddenly the complexion of real shape had the radical change, the eye pupil vanished, what replaces it is a white of the eye, said with the strange sound immediately, „, but a short time ago, he indeed ate should not the thing of eating, that dug gold/metal beast, Hahaha......” 忽然之间真形的脸色发生剧烈变化,眼瞳消失了,取而代之的是一层眼白,随即用诡异的声音说道,“但前不久,他的确吃了不该吃的东西,那条掘金兽,哈哈哈哈……”
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