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#8176: Then called the true strength

Chapter 8176 第8176章 Then called the true strength 这才叫真正的力量 dragon God! 龙神! Hears here time, hundred wing god nods slightly. 听到这里的时候,百翅神主微微的点头。 ! 嗷! dragon cry appears together, in time sky, a huge form appears, enough several thousand zhang (3.33 m). 一道龙吟出现,时候天空之中,一道巨大的身影出现,足足数千丈。 Dragon! 龙! Really the dragon, pattern on each scale is clearly discernible, and dragon prestige is full: Boils to me!!!” 是真的龙,每一片鳞片上的花纹都是清晰可见,而且龙威十足:“都给我滚开!!!” Hears this sound time, the people of these attack ghostdom nine dogs all diverge to the two sides. 听到这个声音的时候,那些攻击冥界九头犬的人全都向两边散去。 The nine heads of ghostdom nine dogs also at the same time stared at front big dragon. 冥界九头犬的九个头颅也都是在同一时间盯上了面前的这头巨龙。 The body of big dragon is very big, moreover his scale under ray, sparkling, each scale above gloss seems is telling everybody, nobody can break open these scales. 巨龙的身体真的很大,而且他身上的鳞片在光芒下,闪闪发光,每一处鳞片上面的光泽都仿佛是在告诉大家,没有人可以破开这些鳞片。 The dragon god of dragon god Great Emperor made a move. 龙神大帝的龙神出手了。 Royal family territory, dragon gods two big top influences. 王族领地,两大顶尖势力之一的龙神。 Also is one of the spirit world four kings. 也是灵界四王之一。 Can see that one of the spirit world four kings make a move, but also grew in experience.” The tomb owner face of god grave anticipates looks own head big dragon. “能够看到灵界四王之一出手,还真的是长见识了。”神墓的墓主一脸期待的看着自己头上的巨龙。 It can be said. 可以说。 Even if he, sees this big dragon time, is the very heart startled. 就算是他,看到这头巨龙的时候,也是非常的心惊啊。 This big dragon was too big, moreover looks from top to bottom, the little flaw does not have, these giant dragon scales, cannot break, what weapon cannot break such defense. 这个巨龙的个头太大了,而且浑身上下看去,一点点的破绽都没有,这些巨大的龙鳞,根本就破不开啊,什么样的武器都破不开这样的防御啊。 Dragon god, this is the dragon god in legend, this simply is invincible existence, what person can contend with dragon God? This definitely is unable to imagine.” “龙神,这就是传说中的龙神啊,这简直就是无敌的存在啊,什么人能够和龙神抗衡啊?这完全无法想象。” Yes, the dragon god such big body, blew the tone us to blow casually, moreover his body did not have the flaw, we could not break his defense.” “是啊,龙神这么大的身体,随便吹口气就可以将我们吹死了,而且他的身上没有破绽,我们根本就破不开他的防御。” Said that reverse scale is the Dragon Clan flaw, but his reverse scale is the triangle, moreover that big, the surroundings all are the powerful scale armor, this radically impossible wound to the slightest, this is invincible existence.” “都说逆鳞是龙族的破绽,可他的逆鳞是三角形的,而且那么大个,周围全都是更加强力鳞片护甲,这根本就不可能伤到分毫啊,这已经是无敌的存在了。” The surrounding these people are also the feeling extremely, they were experience figure in legend to make a move finally, moreover this strength, was the top strength of this world. 周围的那些人一个个也都是感慨万分,他们终于算是见识到了传说中的人物出手了,而且这种力量,也是这个世界的顶尖力量了。 In this world. 这个世界上。 Strongest strength. 最强的力量。 They also want to take a look, they in strength with this legend, some big disparities. 他们也想要看看,他们和这个传说中的力量,到底有多大的差距。 At this time. 此时。 Their vision all stubbornly is staring at head big dragon. 他们的目光全都死死的盯着头上的巨龙。 Dragon? Hateful, my most repugnant dragon.” Ghostdom nine dogs have as if thought not the good matter, present it also as if directly enters the condition that the violent walked. “龙?可恶,我最讨厌龙了。”冥界九头犬仿佛是想到了非常不好的事情,现在的它也是仿佛直接进入到了暴走的状态。 This moment it. 这一刻的它。 No matter periphery any person, vision stubbornly is staring at front big dragon. 不管周围任何的人,目光死死的盯着面前的巨龙。 Low organism.” In dragon God the voice has been full of the ridicule. “低等生物而已。”龙神的声音里面充满了讥讽。 Angry! 愤怒! Heard dragon God the words, the ghostdom nine dog also angers. 听到龙神的话,冥界九头犬也就更加的愤怒了。 It has charged into front dragon god directly. 它直接冲向了面前的龙神。 dragon God the attack also pounded to the bodies of ghostdom nine dogs. 龙神的攻击也是砸向了冥界九头犬的身上。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The things of two such big heads fight, the scene incomparably shocks absolutely, their bodies contact casually, will produce very fearful air current. 两个这么大个头的东西交手,场面绝对是无比震撼的,他们两个身体随便接触一下,都会产生非常可怕的气流。 But their attacks in this moment are also thorough has hit. 而他们两个的攻击在这一刻也是彻底的打了出来。 Bang! 轰! Two people attacks collide in together. 两人的攻击碰撞在一起的时候。 dragon God the claw also directly grasped above the head of nine dogs. 龙神的爪子也是直接抓在了九头犬的一个头颅之上。 ! 噗! Flesh and blood flying in all directions. 血肉横飞。 His that sharp claw, this forcefully the head of ghostdom nine dogs ripping. 他那锋利的爪子,就这样硬生生的将冥界九头犬的一个头颅给撕下来了。 formidable! 强悍 This is dragon God. 这就是龙神啊。 This is the top influence, strengths spirit world four kings. 这就是顶尖势力,灵界四王之一的实力啊。 formidable to is unable to imagine. 强悍到无法想象。 Before the masters of these medium influences, their attacks already very formidable, even started to create to injure to the ghostdom nine dogs, but their attack and dragon god compared, completely insufficiently looked. 之前那些中等势力的主人,他们一个个攻击都已经很强悍了,甚至已经开始对冥界九头犬造成伤害了,可他们的攻击和龙神的比起来,就完全不够看了。 dragon God attack, incomparable terrifying. 龙神的攻击,无比的恐怖。 Very powerful.” When Xia Tian sees dragon God the attack, he understands finally why the ankylosaurus went crazy to want to become the dragon god at that time same. “好强啊。”夏天看到龙神的攻击时,他终于明白为什么甲龙当时发了疯一样都想要成为龙神了。 Before this really, completely is not same Realm. 这果然和之前完全不是同一个境界啊。 No matter the lethality or the defensive power, are impeccable. 不管是杀伤力还是防御力,都是无可挑剔的。 Even Xia Tian does not know, if facing on such existence, actually should from where start. 甚至就连夏天都不知道如果自己面对上这样的存在,那自己究竟该从什么地方下手。 Ka ka! 咔咔! The attacks of ghostdom nine dogs hit on the body of dragon god, but the god has not actually caused any damage to the dragon, even cannot break open including the defense, like this was blocked. 冥界九头犬的攻击打在龙神的身上,可是却并没有给龙神造成任何的伤害,甚至连防御都没能破开,就这样被挡住了。 But dragon God the attack is different, although dragon God the claw has not continued to attack the heads of nine dogs, but similarly was the attack on the bodies of nine dogs. 但龙神的攻击就不一样了,龙神的爪子虽然没有继续去攻击九头犬的头颅,但同样是攻击在九头犬的身上了。 It can be said. 可以说。 The dragon god simply is the natural enemies of nine dogs. 龙神简直就是九头犬的天敌。 The defensive powers of ghostdom nine dogs are terrifying, may in the front of dragon god, actually resemble anything not to consider as finished, dragon God the claw, has torn down it bulk flesh directly. 冥界九头犬的防御力非常恐怖,可在龙神的面前,却好像什么都不算了,龙神的爪子,直接撕下了它一大块的血肉。 That lets the defensive power of royal family territory Expert element non- plan, like this had been ripped by the dragon god. 那个让王族领地高手素手无策的防御力,就这样被龙神撕了下来。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The attacks of ghostdom nine dogs like this bomb on the body of dragon god. 冥界九头犬的攻击就这样轰炸在龙神的身上。 Although the attacks of many powerful also gave the dragon the body of god to leave the trace, but a piece of dragon scale has not damaged. 虽然很多强力的攻击也给龙神的身上留下了痕迹,但一片龙鳞都没有损坏的。 At this time! 此时! Their two were also the thorough entanglement, both sides do not want to expose weaknesses. 他们两个也是彻底的纠缠起来了,双方都不想露出破绽。 Although dragon God strength formidable, but if he exposes weaknesses, will be hit to fly by nine dogs . Moreover the following attack hits, similarly will be troublesome. 龙神虽然实力强悍,但如果他露出破绽的话,也会被九头犬撞飞出去,而且下面的攻击打过来,同样会非常麻烦。 But if nine dogs expose weaknesses, dragon God certainly will also seize the opportunity, extinguishes directly kills it. 而九头犬如果露出破绽的话,龙神也一定会抓住机会,直接灭杀它。 Looked like cast off its head to be the same a moment ago. 就像是刚才摘掉它一个头颅一样。 Is because it exposed weaknesses, will therefore cast off a head by the dragon god. 就是因为它露出了破绽,所以才会被龙神摘掉一个头颅。 Damn dragon, you damn.” Ghostdom nine dog angry shouting, at this time his attack is also more and more. “该死的龙,你该死。”冥界九头犬愤怒的喊道,此时他的攻击也是越来越多。 Surrounding these Expert unceasing retreat, the angry attacks of nine dogs, they are not daring to meet. 周围的那些高手不断的后退着,九头犬的愤怒攻击,他们可不敢去接啊。 Everywhere is the attacks of nine dogs. 到处都是九头犬的攻击。 You only everywhere will do the destruction, low organism.” Saying that dragon God disdains. “你就只会到处搞破坏,低等生物。”龙神非常不屑的说道。 Low organism. 低等生物。 These four characters are the most exciting ghostdom nine dogs. 这四个字是最刺激冥界九头犬的。 Bang! 轰! Ghostdom nine dogs angry to/clashes, but had been hit still by the dragon god. 冥界九头犬愤怒的冲上来,但依然被龙神打了下去。 Suppression. 压制。 This time dragon god, suppressed the attacks of ghostdom nine dogs completely. 此时的龙神,完全压制了冥界九头犬的攻击。 Even it can be said that hangs to hit. 甚至可以说是吊打。 Hundred wings, won't you plan to see a play? Although dragon God had superiority now, but wants to decide the victory and defeat not to be perhaps easy in a short time, moreover this domestic animal everywhere is doing the destruction now, if makes it continue such to get down, perhaps the royal family territory really could not insist.” The Shang Jieao vision looked to hundred wing gods. “百翅,你不会打算一直看戏吧?虽然现在龙神已经占据优势了,但想要短时间内分出胜负恐怕不容易吧,而且这头畜生现在正在到处搞破坏,如果让它继续这么下去的话,王族领地恐怕就真的坚持不住了。”商桀骜的目光看向了百翅神主。 Hundred wing gods looked at Shang Jieao: On your most wily old fox, lets on the dragon god, weren't oneself on, then one's turn me?” 百翅神主看了一眼商桀骜:“就你最老奸巨猾,让龙神上,自己不上,然后就轮到我了是吧?” Otherwise? Words that you do not make a move, everybody will look down upon your.” Shang Jieao shows a faint smile. “不然呢?你不出手的话,大家会看不起你的。”商桀骜微微一笑。 ---------- —————————— Ps: I need to accompany in the hospital every day, can only find time to write, therefore the following several days of renewal, has not safeguarded, possibly will not be quite stable, I can only, everybody excuse me as far as possible unceasingly. Ps:我需要每天在医院陪着,只能抽出一点时间来写,所以后面几天的更新,没有保障,可能都会不太稳定,我只能尽量不断更,大家见谅。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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