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#7880: New first Expert

Chapter 7880 第7880章 New first Expert 新的第一高手 Their two pursue, the goal is very simple, that comes to king heart, king Xinzhan has killed Ding moon/month, their knot sworn brother younger brother, where no matter king heart runs up to goes, they must kill king Xinzhan here, so long as can kill king Xinzhan here, they also calculate to having own brothers. 他们两个一路追过来,目的很简单,那就是冲着王心过来的,王心斩杀了丁月,他们的结义兄弟,那不管王心跑到什么地方去,他们都要将王心斩杀在这里,只要能够将王心斩杀在这里,那他们也算的对起自己的兄弟了。 Xia Tian naturally also understands their moods. 夏天自然也明白他们的心情。 Ding Yuezhen is a very good person. 丁月真的是一个非常不错的人。 If he does not die, that he certainly will have a very good development in the future. 如果他不死的话,那未来他也一定会有一个很不错的发展的。 Your movements had brought to inside attention a moment ago, we cannot begin temporarily, I dig a hole first, then you rest well, three days later we coming up quietly.” Xia Tian understands, present king heart and Dillon definitely are the frightened people, if makes them know that some people hit. “刚才你们的动作已经引起了里面的注意,我们暂时不能动手了,我先挖洞,然后你们好好的休息一下,三天之后我们再悄悄的上去。”夏天明白,现在的王心和狄龙肯定是惊弓之鸟,如果让他们两个知道有人打过来的。 They definitely are the earliest possible time believe, comes to them. 他们肯定是第一时间认为,是冲着他们来的。 Xia Tian pursued. 是不是夏天追上来了。 Wait/Etc.. 等等。 This will make them very vigilant, is not the best opportunity of beginning, although is three days later, two people will be also same will be vigilant, but their two the spirit will not tie tight like the present absolutely. 这样就会让他们非常警惕,不是动手的最佳时机,虽然就算是三天后,两人也一样会非常警惕,但他们两个绝对不会像现在这样精神紧绷。 Three days of quick on past, Xia Tian has also dug out a giant mausoleum chamber channel. 三天的时间很快就过去了,夏天也是挖出了一条巨大的地宫通道。 Sees the channel that Xia Tian digs, several people were also completely speechless. 看到夏天挖的这个通道,几人也是完全无语了。 Xia Tian this has dug out a channel below of half Dragon Mountain simply. 夏天这简直就是在半龙山的下面挖出了一条通道啊。 These half Dragon Clan on half Dragon Mountain have a dream cannot think, sacred place that they live, below unexpectedly was given to excavate. 半龙山上的那些半龙族做梦也想不到,他们居住的圣地,下面居然被人给挖穿了。 If after the fight ended, must escape, must flee following the fire escape that I draw, do not run all over the place, the fire escape all leads to outside.” Xia Tian spends the channel that very long time has arranged to escape, moreover did has referred to the index, after all under this lets extending in all directions that he dug now, if did not defer to refer to the index running, might very much oneself running corona, the person who finally was pursued besieging and pursuing to block off on. “如果战斗结束之后要逃跑的话,一定要顺着我画的安全出口逃离,不要乱跑,安全出口全都是通往外面的。”夏天花了很长的时间去布置逃跑的通道,而且还做了指示标,毕竟这下面现在让他挖的四通八达,如果不按照指示标跑的话,很有可能会把自己跑晕的,最后被追上来的人给围追堵截上。 A crafty person has several ways out. 狡兔三窟。 Although has not started to fight, but Xia Tian has prepared all escape routes for oneself. 虽然还没有开始战斗,但夏天已经替自己准备好了一切退路。 Actually Xia Tian can live, all does not depend on the luck, although he each time holds the faith that must die to fight, but he does not hold the faith of bringing death to go absolutely, he fights, must go all out absolutely, so long as but if also has a slim chance of survival, he prepares ahead of time, can be the method that he maintains life. 其实夏天能活下来,也并不是全都靠运气的,他每次虽然都抱着必死的信念去战斗的,但他绝对不是抱着送死的信念去的,他去战斗,绝对是要拼命的,但如果只要还有一线生机,那他提前准备好的,也都能是他保命的手段。 Worthily is Mr. Xia.” The cold war says with emotion. “不愧是夏先生啊。”冷战感慨道。 He absolutely will usually not go casually commended anyone, but regarding Xia Tian, he was really the admiration of the heart. 他这个人平时绝对不会去随随便便的就称赞谁,但对于夏天,他真的是发自内心的敬佩啊。 Xia Tian formidable, is not 1-2 words can talk clearly. 夏天强悍,已经不是一两句话就可以说清楚的了。 No matter in any aspect, Xia Tian is strongest. 不管是在任何方面,夏天都是最强的啊。 Most makes him admire. 最让他敬佩的。 Is versatile of Xia Tian. 就是夏天的全能。 The war of past compete, what that although outside blew had, but they said was not correct. 当年的逐鹿之战,虽然外面吹的什么样都有,不过他们说的都不正确。 The cold war personally experiences there in has been how terrifying. 冷战可是在那里亲身体验过里面是多么恐怖的。 Said the proper business, we went , the cold war and bright moon, you two seized the best opportunity to cut to kill king heart, was certainly quick, most, only then three minutes, if did not handle, do not spell hardly retreats immediately, has remembered, I can understand that your moods, I can also understand you wanted to strengthen confidence for that Ding moon/month revenged, but only lived is having the opportunity \; When the time comes I will attack Dillon, similarly, if cannot cut to kill fast, directly runs away, Village head, you move freely.” Xia Tian watched a cold war their two. “说正事了,我们进去的时候,冷战和皓月,你们两个抓住最佳的时机斩杀王心,一定要快,最多只有三分钟的时间,如果搞不定,不要硬拼立刻撤退,记住了,我能明白你们的心情,我也能明白你们想要替丁月报仇的那种坚定信心,但只有活着才有机会\;到时候我会去攻击狄龙,同样,如果不能快速斩杀,就直接逃走,村长,你自由活动。”夏天看了一眼冷战他们两个。 He most fears is these two people goes in to risk one's life. 他最怕的就是这两个人进去就玩命。 Then almost must go to symphysis dead, in that case, half Dragon Clan on half Dragon Mountain will be alarmed, wrong step by step made a mistake. 然后差一点就非要去拼生死,那样的话,半龙山上的半龙族都会被惊动,一步错就步步错了。 As for the village head, Xia Tian knows that he has certainly the special sentiment to here, therefore Xia Tian makes him move freely, to let him handles the matter that he likes: I have dug another escaping channel to you, after we expose, here channel is unsafe, you cannot walk, but another channel actually yes.” 至于村长,夏天知道他对这里一定有特殊的感情,所以夏天让他自由活动,就是为了让他去做他自己喜欢的事情:“我给你挖了另外一条逃跑通道,我们暴露之后,这里的通道也就不安全了,你也不能走了,但另外一条通道却是可以的。” Many thanks.” The village head has not spoken too many idle talk. “多谢了。”村长没有说太多的废话。 So long as can find him, that has more than enough for three minutes.” Bright moon light saying. “只要能找到他,那就用不了三分钟。”皓月淡淡的说道。 Xia Tian looked at a bright moon, the slight nod, he has not said anything, in the past can let existence that Wang Lin looks, is not absolutely ordinary. 夏天重新看了一眼皓月,微微点头,他也没有多说什么,当年能让王林仰望的存在,绝对不一般的。 ! 咻! When Xia Tian wants to prepare to go, passed on a message the symbol to fall in his hand together suddenly, luckily was the big pass on message symbol, otherwise might expose their positions very much. 就在夏天想要准备进去的时候,一道传讯符突然落在了他的手中,幸亏是大传讯符,否则很有可能会暴露他们的位置啊。 Subpoenaed rune/symbol Feiguo the place ordinary, will have a light line. 普通传讯符飞过的地方,会有一条淡淡的线。 These top Expert can induce. 那些顶尖高手都可以感应到的。 Xia Tian saw, is information that black market passes on. 夏天看到,是黑市传过来的信息。 Xia Tianlong, Yin Nie two people, hide in ten thousand old cities, some people to chase down them, have slaughtered ten thousand old city several million people, afterward two people erupted, cut to kill seven to cross tribulation Expert, 30 emperor level 20 Expert, on the person by Heavenly Formation Continent were called, on Heavenly Formation Continent new first Expert.” 夏天龙,尹聂两人,躲在万古城,有人为了追杀他们,屠杀了万古城数百万人,随后两人爆发,斩杀了七名渡劫高手,30名帝级20品的高手,被天阵大陆上的人称之为,天阵大陆上新的第一高手。” é! 额! Sees this news time. 看到这个消息的时候。 Xia Tian also stares. 夏天也是一愣。 He heard that before oneself father had been chased down, but he does not know is who chases down his father. 他之前就听说自己的父亲被人追杀了,只不过他一直不知道是谁追杀他的父亲。 Before he knows that oneself father crossed tribulation, but he has not thought, oneself father unexpectedly was so fierce, cuts to kill that many Expert. 之前他就知道自己的父亲渡劫了,只不过他没想到,自己的父亲居然这么厉害,斩杀了那么多的高手 Moreover became Heavenly Formation Continent first Expert. 而且还成为了天阵大陆第一高手 Snatched his first Expert reputation. 抢了他第一高手的名头。 Naturally, Xia Tian has been possible not to care about this, he just a little worried that own father, he does not think chases down his father's influence is the ordinary influence, he believes, this possibly is not the influence on Heavenly Formation Continent, because on Heavenly Formation Continent impossible silent appearance these many Expert. 当然了,夏天可不在意这个,他只不过有点担心自己的父亲了,他绝不认为追杀他父亲的势力是普通的势力,他认为,这可能不是天阵大陆上的势力,因为天阵大陆上不可能无声无息的出现这么多的高手 „After it seems like that this time matter, must look for the father, he should give me one to explain.” Before Xia Tianlong, does not make Xia Tian cross tribulation, will say to a Xia Tian explanation, but to the present, he has not given a Xia Tian true explanation. “看来这次的事情之后,要去找父亲了,他应该给我一个解释了。”夏天龙之前不让夏天渡劫,说会给夏天一个解释,但到现在,他还是没有给夏天一个真正的解释。 Has the matter?” The village head asked. “有事吗?”村长问道。 All right, we prepare.” Xia Tian said. “没事,我们准备一下吧。”夏天说道。 Since king heart and Dillon arrive at half Dragon Mountain, king heart is also very depressed, because the person of here half Dragon Clan does not like him, if not Dillon, perhaps these half Dragon Clan people have gotten rid to him, if to not escape, he will be will not hide absolutely here. 自从王心和狄龙来到半龙山之后,王心也是非常郁闷的,因为这里的半龙族之人不喜欢他,如果不是狄龙的话,恐怕这些半龙族的人就已经对他出手了,如果不是为了逃命的话,他是绝对不会躲在这里的。 Was good, left depressed, wait/etc., was quick, my mother will send for meeting our, the news has given her, when the time comes, we can go to Dragon Clan, but was not treating this half Dragon Clan domain.” Dillon very self-confident saying. “好了,别郁闷了,等等吧,快了,我母亲会派人来接我们的,消息已经给她了,到时候,我们就可以去龙族里面了,而不是待着这种半龙族的地盘了。”狄龙非常自信的说道。 Dragon Clan! 龙族 That is the place that he must go. 那才是他要去的地方。 Truly speaking, although he is also half Dragon Clan person, but he also somewhat looks down upon half Dragon Clan. 说实在的,虽然他自己也是半龙族的人,但他自己也是有些看不起半龙族的。 Was right, before outside had the sound probably, wasn't Xia Tian will pursue?” “对了,之前外面好像有动静,不会是夏天追上来了吧?” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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