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#7879: Big Brother

Chapter 7879 第7879章 Big Brother 大哥 Revenge! 报仇! Hears this glossary time, Xia Tian knows that their goals, is the same with oneself, definitely is looks for king heart. 听到这个词汇的时候,夏天就已经知道他们两个的目的了,和自己是一样的,肯定是来找王心的。 How do you know king heart here?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, oneself to look for king heart, but has used the fog movie fan trace, but these two person unexpectedly directly look now, this made Xia Tian somewhat surprised, king heart also recently rushed to here, therefore absolutely possibly was not because disclosed the news. “你们怎么知道王心在这里的?”夏天不解的问道,自己为了找王心,可是使用了雾影迷踪的,可是现在这两个人居然直接就找过来了,这就让夏天有些惊讶了,王心也是最近才跑到这里来的,所以绝对不可能是因为走漏消息。 Is Big Brother’s skill, was right, Mr. Xia, this is my Big Brother.” The cold war saw an own Big Brother, then said: Big Brother, he is Heavenly Formation Continent first Expert Xia Tian.” “是大哥的本事,对了,夏先生,这是我大哥。”冷战看了一眼自己的大哥,然后说道:“大哥,他就是天阵大陆第一高手夏天。” Em! 恩! The Big Brother of cold war forwarded two steps, afterward put out a hand: I for my two younger brothers many thanks you, I know that they received your many kindness.” 冷战的大哥向前走了两步,随后伸出了手:“我替我的两个弟弟多谢你,我知道他们受了你很多的恩惠。” Xia Tian also extended own hand: Where, they also helped me be many.” 夏天也伸出了自己的手:“哪里,他们也帮了我很多。” Bright moon war-god?” The village head has stood there a moment ago, high and low is taking a look at the cold war and his Big Brother. “皓月战神?”村长刚才一直站在那里,上下打量着冷战和他的大哥。 At this time he also suddenly opens the mouth. 此时他也是突然开口。 Em? 恩? Xia Tian puzzled looked to him. 夏天不解的看向了他。 „Do you know me?” The Big Brother of cold war looked to village head. “你认识我?”冷战的大哥看向了村长。 Really is you, did you still remember past Mt. Duanlong lineage/vein that war? At that time I also.” The village head mood obviously is somewhat excited, seemed fans saw the person who oneself most worshipped was the same. “真的是您啊,您还记得当年的断龙山脉那一战吗?当时我也在的。”村长情绪显然是有些激动,就仿佛是粉丝看到了自己最崇拜的人一样。 „, I thought that at that time you and were Wang Lin's together that person, did you turn into this? Past you were wheat flour small Scholar.” The bright moon has remembered obviously also this village head. “哦,我想起来了,当时你和是王林一起的那个人,你怎么变成这样了?当年的你可是白面小书生啊。”皓月显然也是想起了这个村长。 Has not thought that the bright moon war-god still remembers me.” The village head somewhat feels extremely flattered obviously. “没想到皓月战神还记得我。”村长显然是有些受宠若惊。 The bright moon nodded: Naturally remembers, I remember your then physical body was strong, with Wang Lin together, therefore had the impression to you.” 皓月点了点头:“当然记得,我记得你当时的肉体非常强,和王林一起,所以对你有印象。” It seems like you know.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. “看来你们都认识啊。”夏天微微一笑。 Naturally, Mr. Xia, this, but the past earthshaking bright moon war-god, he was on Heavenly Formation Continent, in person who there is a record, first can with the person who the strength broke out the Mt. Duanlong lineage/vein.” The voice of village head somewhat is excited, seems the young fan younger brother saw really the feeling of big figure is the same. “当然了,夏先生,这位可是当年叱咤风云的皓月战神,他是天阵大陆上,有记载的人里面,第一个可以用力量劈开断龙山脉的人。”村长的声音还是有些激动,真的仿佛是小迷弟看到大人物的感觉一样。 Present he. 现在的他。 The mood has the characteristics. 情绪非常有特点。 Treading. 踏。 We changed a place saying that here was unsafe.” The Xia Tian knowledge sea induces, Divine Soul that several arrive at has explored, moreover their two are the frontal attack, this has alerted the enemy. “我们换个地方说吧,这里不安全。”夏天的识海感应到,有好几道强到的神魂已经探索过来了,而且他们两个是正面攻击过来的,这就已经打草惊蛇了。 king heart and Dillon know quickly some people hit. 王心和狄龙很快就会知道有人打过来了。 Moreover they also think that was Xia Tian pursues. 而且他们也会认为是夏天追上来了。 After a while. 过了一会儿。 They arrive in cave that Xia Tian has dug. 他们来到了夏天挖的山洞里面。 Mr. Xia, you are also cope with king heart?” The cold war looked to Xia Tian, he has not thought that can bump into Xia Tian here. 夏先生,您也是来对付王心的吗?”冷战看向了夏天,他也没想到能够在这里碰到夏天 Em! 恩! Xia Tian slight nod: king heart and Dillon here, I have chased down them to be very long, king heart the mortal body had also been destroyed by me, but he and Dillon cultivation the powder has cultivated, before also mixed up with other Expert, but was scattered by me, now their two to avoid my chasing down, went to half Dragon Mountain.” 夏天微微点头:“王心和狄龙都在这里,我已经追杀他们两个很久了,王心的肉身也被我毁了,不过他和狄龙两人都修炼了散修,之前还和其他的高手混在一起,不过都被我打散了,现在他们两个为了躲避我的追杀,跑到了半龙山上。” Originally is Dillon, no wonder they can go to this place.” Cold war slight nod. “原来是狄龙,难怪他们可以来到这种地方。”冷战微微点头。 He is also the comparison understands Dillon. 他也是比较了解狄龙的。 Half -and-a-half people of dragons. 半人半龙。 Before was known as hundred first person of existences. 之前号称百家第一人的存在。 I was preparing to dig a hole before, then solves them quietly, fights a battle to force a quick decision, has not thought that can bump into you, heard a moment ago outside has the sound, but also induction to your Divine Soul, therefore went to have a look.” Xia Tian has not thought really, unexpectedly can bump into these two people in this place. “我之前正准备挖洞上去,然后悄悄的解决他们两个,速战速决的,没想到能够碰到你,刚才听到外面有动静,还感应到你的神魂,所以就出去看看了。”夏天也是真的没想到,居然能够在这种地方碰到这两个人。 It seems like we were impulsive.” The cold war said. “看来我们是冲动了啊。”冷战说道。 Em, the war-god mister, here is half Dragon Mountain, the half Dragon Clan quantity on mountain are many, moreover each is strength formidable is incomparable, such directly rushes does not have the opportunity, even if half Dragon Clan on half Dragon Mountain does not have with that two person relations, they also think that this is human to their provocation.” The village head reminded hurriedly. “恩,战神先生,这里是半龙山,山上的半龙族数量不少的,而且每一头都是实力强悍无比的,这么直接冲上去是没有机会的,半龙山上的半龙族哪怕和那两个人一点关系都没有,他们也会认为这是人类对他们的挑衅。”村长急忙提醒道。 This matter may unable to impulse absolutely. 这种事情可绝对不能冲动啊。 Once has impulsed, that life also lost. 一旦冲动了,那命也就丢了。 Em.” The bright moon slight nod, said afterward: Kills my brother, where no matter he went, I will chase down, even if my body dies, brothers' enmity must report.” “恩。”皓月微微点头,随后说道:“杀我兄弟,不管他去了什么地方,我都会追杀过去的,哪怕我身死,兄弟的仇必须报。” His manner is also very explicit, that must revenge, no matter who, dares to move his brothers, that must die. 他的态度也是非常明确,那就是一定要报仇,不管是谁,敢动他的兄弟,那就是要死的。 Xia Tian remembers. 夏天记得。 Before Ding moon/month had said with him, they had three sworn brothers. 之前丁月就和他说过,他们有三个结拜兄弟。 And one is the cold war, in addition has a Big Brother. 其中一个是冷战,另外还有一个大哥。 Now Xia Tian also saw their Big Brother. 现在夏天也算是见到了他们的这个大哥。 Coming out that can look, their three brothers' relations are very good. 可以看的出来,他们三兄弟的关系还是非常好的。 Was right, you such leave, is Leng all right?” Xia Tian asked. “对了,你这么离开,冷家没事吧?”夏天问道。 All right, the Leng that side I have arranged, moreover there is your frightening, Xiang Jiuming they do not dare to act unreasonably, at that time the black ink chess ran over with me personally discussed that after Xiang Family, no longer exists by the big influence, but turns over to after the below of business empire, although is not feeling well, but this truly is the win-win aspect, moreover they also truly on the person for Heavenly Formation Continent strove for most good life environment, I had no reason to reject.” Although the cold war is known as existence of murder king. “没事,冷家那边我已经安排好了,而且有你的震慑,向久明他们不敢乱来的,当时墨棋亲自跑过来和我谈的,向家以后不再以大势力存在,而是归在后商帝国的下面,虽然非常不爽,不过这确实是双赢的局面,而且他们也确确实实的替天阵大陆上的人争取到了最好的生活环境,我没有理由拒绝。”冷战虽然是号称杀人王的存在。 But he is grievances is also distinct. 但他也是恩怨分明。 Since he knows after the black ink chess and Xiang Jiuming are , the after leaders in business empire, he is also unusual not being feeling well. 自从他知道墨棋和向久明就是后商帝国的领导者之后,他也是非常的不爽。 Although this middle had many accidents/surprises, had many important matters, but finally, the black ink chess they succeeded. 虽然这中间发生了很多的意外,也发生了很多的大事,但最后,还是墨棋他们成功了。 They won. 他们赢了。 This world is this, everybody will not go to manage among you to experience anything, does not remember this middle had many war, some people have had many superiority, everybody only remembers that stands the final person. 这个世界就是这样,大家不会去管你们中间经历了什么,更不会记得这中间发生了多少的大战,有人占了多少优势,大家只记得站到最后的人。 All people only will also notice that stands the final person. 所有人也只会看到那个站到最后的人。 Em, I must kill the black ink chess before, but all the way, all people live is very good, if I have killed the black ink chess and Xiang Jiuming, perhaps that Heavenly Formation Continent also will have the war, in that case, the aspect again could not control.” Xia Tian does not want because, occasionally some people once more to fall into the abyss of suffering. “恩,我之前是要杀墨棋的,但一路上,所有人生活的都很好,如果我真的杀了墨棋和向久明,那天阵大陆说不定还会发生大战,那样的话,局面也就再一次的控制不住了。”夏天也不想因为自己,偶有人再次陷入水深火热。 Therefore he has not begun. 所以他没有动手。 You like considering the feeling of all people.” The cold war shook the head, afterward said again: Mr. Xia, is this time plan must put together?” “你还是喜欢考虑所有人的感受啊。”冷战摇了摇头,随后再次说道:“夏先生,这次是打算要拼一下吗?” Em, spelling must spell, but must fight a battle to force a quick decision, a time does not go well, must walk, finds the opportunity again, here after all is half Dragon Mountain, the formidable half Dragon Clan quantity were too many, moreover their two dispersed the immortal, behind also has Dragon Clan to support.” Although Xia Tian must kill that two people, but he will not lose oneself life absolutely. “恩,拼是一定要拼的,不过也必须是速战速决,一次不得手,就一定要走,再找机会,这里毕竟是半龙山,强大的半龙族数量太多了,而且他们两个原本就是散仙,后面还有龙族撑腰。”夏天虽然要杀那两个人,但他也绝对不会真的将自己的性命搭上。 He believes, a time is not successful can wait the second time. 他认为,一次不成功就可以等第二次。 Mr. Xia, gives our brothers two king Xinjiao.” The cold war has gotten hold of own fist. 夏先生,把王心交给我们兄弟两个吧。”冷战握紧了自己的拳头。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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