AS :: Volume #72

#7187: How all killed has been able

You go to call your two apprentices, then makes them lead mother -in-law to walk first.” Yang Hun looked at a that person of side. “你去将你的那两个徒弟叫来,然后让她们带着婆婆先走。”阳魂看了一眼自己身边的那个人。 Before this person is, Xia Tian knows Master of that two female. 这个人就是之前夏天认识那两个女子的师傅 Yes!!” “是!!” Notice protection in the army of violent wind filled with dust area, comes back to support, this time match is not possibly simple.” Yang Hun understands that dares to kill the person of place of protection, absolutely is not the average person, moreover can kill the person of protection fortification quickly, that is not affable, therefore she must be ready. “通知守护在黑风区的军队,回来支援,这次的对手可能不简单。”阳魂明白,敢杀到守护之地的人,绝对不是普通人,而且还能那么快就干掉守护工事的人,那就更加的不好惹了,所以她要做好准备。 So long as person are many. 只要人多。 That all people launch the attack together, the opposite party is aristocratic family Patriarch does not feel better. 那所有人一起发动攻击,对方就算是世家家主也不好受。 Huge-crowd strategy. 人海战术。 This is the forms of combat that the place of protection habitually uses, they when usually cope with these monsters, is uses this means to attack. 这可是守护之地最惯用的战斗方式,他们在平时对付那些怪物的时候,就是使用这种办法进行攻击。 No matter the formidable monster, were attacked by that many people together, must die without doubt. 不管多强大的怪物,被那么多人一起攻击,也是必死无疑的。 Master, it seems like we arrived at place of this protection capital city.” The North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae looked at an own master, very respectful saying. “主人,看来我们到了这个守护之地的都城了啊。”北极狼牙看了一眼自己的主人,非常恭敬的说道。 He is longer with his master time, admires own master on exceed. 他是跟着自己的主人时间越长,就越敬佩自己的主人。 So long as his master in his, that is the present front seems tens of millions, over a hundred million Dajun, he did not fear. 只要他的主人在他的身后,那就算是现在前方看上去数千万,上亿的大军,他也不怕。 Normal. 正常来说。 If he bumps into such big army, he definitely meets first chooses to escape. 如果他自己碰到这么大的军队,他肯定会第一时间选择逃跑。 Because here person, a casual person of attack, can cut to kill him, but his attack, opposite party, so long as defends together, the tens of millions person together defense strengths of terrifying? 因为这里的人,随随便便一人一个攻击,就可以将他斩杀了,而他的攻击,对方只要一起防御,数千万人一起的防御力量有多恐怖? That is any attack cannot puncture simply. 那简直就是任何攻击都打不穿的。 Em, shouts propaganda.” The following that person was also the vision looks at this time to own front. “恩,去喊话吧。”后面的那个人此时也是目光看向了自己的前方。 On his face is optional. 他的脸上都是随意。 Even if currently the opposite has tens of millions people, even over a hundred million Dajun there. 哪怕现在对面有数千万人,甚至上亿大军在那里。 Over a billion people stand there, is the how terrifying scene? 上亿人站在那里,是多么恐怖的场面? Vast. 一望无际啊。 Cannot see the boundary, if their attacks hit together, that will become very terrifying. 根本就看不到边际,他们的攻击如果一起打过来,那将变得非常恐怖。 But now this person, is still this at will. 可现在这个人,依然是这份随意。 Has experienced the person of magnificent scene, possibly to be daunted how by here situation. 见识过大场面的人,又怎么可能会被这里的情况吓住呢。 „The front person is listening, where told us Xia Tian, otherwise must die.” The North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae shouts loudly. “前面的人听着,告诉我们夏天在哪里,否则全都要死。”北极狼牙大声喊道。 He used expanded the note greatly. 他使用了大扩音符。 Therefore in front of here people can hear his frontline propaganda. 所以这里前面的人都能听到他的喊话。 Xia Tian! 夏天 It is not everyone knows that whose Xia Tian is. 并不是每个人都知道夏天是谁的。 But here high level actually knows. 但这里的高层却知道。 In their eyes the successor of north god king. 正是他们眼中北国神王的传人。 What person? Own name does not dare to report, dares the important person.” A military officer shouts loudly. “什么人?连自己的名字都不敢报,就敢要人。”一名将领大声喊道。 „Who I am, you do not have the qualifications to know that you only need to know, if did not say the Xia Tian whereabouts, you protected a clan not to need to exist.” The North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae now is also the boldness because of one's skill, opens mouth is such violence. “我是什么人,你们没有资格知道,你们只需要知道,如果不说出夏天的下落,那你们守护一族就没有必要存在了。”北极狼牙现在也是艺高人胆大,一张嘴就是如此的暴力。 Normal. 正常来说。 Now the imposing manner disparity of both sides very big. 现在双方的气势差距非常的大。 Protects this side a clan, overwhelms with numerical strength, the morale is dreadful. 守护一族这一边,人多势众,士气滔天。 These two people should be the innermost feelings fears must die is right. 这两个人应该是内心害怕的要死才对。 But now these two people, morale not only very high, but also one must extinguish in a moment kills their here. 可是现在这两个人,士气不但非常的高,而且一说话就要灭杀他们这里。 Worked as tens of millions people quite to bully. 真的当着数千万人好欺负了。 Good, let alone we do not know, even if knows, we protect the place unable casual told you, otherwise did we protect the place honor to place?” After that military officer said that waves directly. “好,别说我们不知道,就算是知道,我们守护之地也不能随随便便的就告诉你们,否则我们守护之地的脸面放在哪?”那名将领说完之后,直接一挥手。 Kill! 杀! Tens of millions people sounds shouted " kill "! 数千万人大声喊杀! Such sound and imposing manner, can shouting break the balls of enemy. 这样的声音和气势,就可以将敌人的胆给喊破了。 But the opposite party formidable imposing manner of when falls to the North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae in front, crushed completely. 但对方强大的气势在落到北极狼牙面前的时候,完全粉碎了。 This imposing manner by North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae behind master blocking. 这股气势被北极狼牙身后的主人给挡住了。 In this world, the strongest imposing manner is murderous aura, so long as murderous aura formidable to the certain extent, can grind any other imposing manners, no matter what imposing manner, in front of my murderous aura, will crush.” Saying of that male coldly. “这个世界上,最强的气势就是杀气,只要杀气强悍到一定程度,就可以碾碎其他任何的气势,不管什么样的气势,在我的杀气面前,都将粉碎。”那个男子冷冷的说道。 At this time murderous aura of his within the body started to substantialize. 此时他体内的杀气已经开始实质化了。 This substantialize murderous aura circles regarding his body. 这种实质化的杀气围绕着他的身体盘旋。 murderous aura! 杀气 Substantializing! 实质化! Moreover is the beautiful color. 而且是妖艳的颜色。 It seems the unusual infiltration person. 看上去非常的渗人。 This is fearful murderous aura of man, is his proud capital. 这就是男子的可怕杀气,也是他自傲的资本。 It seems like you want dead more people, had killed outside a moment ago less than 1 million, you do not have the memory, that just right, this time kills off your here people, you had the memory.” North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae light saying, on his face is the optional facial expression. “看来你们是想死更多的人啊,刚才在外面杀了不到1000000,你们都没记性,那正好,这次杀光你们这里的人,你们就有记性了。”北极狼牙淡淡的说道,他的脸上全都是随意的神情。 Attract! 吸! At this time protects in a high level of clan, these people have all held breath cold air, now they understood finally, before they were guessing that their person died, now looks like, should be this. 此时守护一族的高层里面,那些人全都倒吸了一口凉气,现在他们终于明白了,之前他们就在猜测,自己的人到底是不是死光了,现在看来,应该是这样了。 Protection fortification there person, died. 守护工事那里的人,都死光了。 Moreover was cut to kill by these two people. 而且是被这两个人斩杀的。 Everybody do not listen to him to talk irresponsibly, now we must make these two provoke we to protect a person of clan to pay the price.” A military officer passes on the tone channel. “大家不要听他信口雌黄,现在我们就要让这两个挑衅我们守护一族的人付出代价。”一名将领传音道。 The morale of troops cannot be chaotic. 军心不能乱。 The morale cannot fall. 士气不能落。 Master, they seemingly wanted the group to attack, tens of millions say|way attacks.” The North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae reminder said that although his master is very strong, but he believes that at this time should to evade the point to be right temporarily. “主人,他们貌似是要群攻了,数千万道攻击。”北极狼牙提醒道,虽然他的主人很强,但他认为,这个时候应该是要暂避锋芒才对。 After all the attacks of that many people, are not the person can anti-. 毕竟那么多人的攻击,可不是人能够抗住的。 Next time do not make me hear this words again.” Saying of following that person coldly. “下次不要让我再听到这种话。”后面的那个人冷冷的说道。 The North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae at this time the back is cold sweat, when his master start to talk, he as if felt the death in that moment, was the true death. 北极狼牙此时后背都是冷汗,在他主人开口的时候,他在那一刻仿佛感受到了死亡,是真正的死亡。 Death that suffocates. 窒息的死亡。 Master, I made a mistake.” The North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae is also hurriedly admits mistakes. “主人,我错了。”北极狼牙也是急忙认错。 Afterward the vision of North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae looked to the front, shouted loudly: Gives you again an opportunity, hands over Xia Tian or tells us the Xia Tian position, otherwise kills without the amnesty.” 随后北极狼牙的目光看向了前方,大声喊道:“再给你们一次机会,交出夏天或者告诉我们夏天的位置,否则杀无赦。” Present North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae. 现在的北极狼牙。 The imposing manner is fuller. 气势更足。 He felt one despised common people existed, regarding present him, any is not worthy of mentioning, he is even fantasizing, own future will be full of the light and future, own future will be nobody can compare. 他感觉自己已经是藐视苍生的存在了,对于现在的他来说,任何的一切都是微不足道的,他甚至幻想着,自己的未来是充满光明和未来的,自己的前途是无人可以比拟的。 So long as with his master, after him, can direct the landscape. 只要跟着他的主人,那他以后自己也可以指点江山。 Big tone.” The front military officer gives a loud shout, afterward, the enormous and powerful Dajun direct preparation launched attacks. “好大的口气。”前面的将领大喝一声,随后,浩浩荡荡的大军直接准备发动攻击了。 He has not despised front these two people. 他也没有小看面前的这两个人。 Can ruin to have 800,000 people of protection fortifications, such skill is very formidable. 能够毁掉拥有800000人的守护工事,这样的本事可是非常强悍的。 The normal people absolutely do not have that skill. 正常人绝对没有那个本事。 All people prepare, after I ordered, destroyed the front all, no matter there were anything, destroyed.” The military officers shout loudly. “所有人准备,我下令之后,毁灭前方的一切,不管那里是什么,都毁灭。”将领大声喊道。 The North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae has also gotten hold of own fist. 北极狼牙也是握紧了自己的拳头。 Anxious. 紧张。 Somewhat is anxious. 还是有些紧张。 They are very dishonest.” Behind North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae that person said, forwarded two steps: Has killed, was honest.” “他们很不老实啊。”北极狼牙后面的那个人说完之后向前走了两步:“杀了,也就老实了。”
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