AS :: Volume #63

#6300: Too weak

Mishan hole strength very formidable, but he recently was actually more and more disappointed, recently the Mishan hole had many problems, operated independently, moreover recent mission finish rate also very low, he thinks that this was the upper person has not completed, result that the floor person more and more did not go all out. 密山洞的实力可是非常强悍的,可他最近却是越来越失望,最近密山洞内部出现了不少的问题,各自为战,而且最近的任务完成率也是非常的低,他认为这都是上层人没做好,底层人也越来越不卖力的结果。 He looked at mission. 他看了任务 Is dozens individuals who intercepts the ghost sect, moreover these people are some ordinary people, is not high in the status of ghost sect. 就是截杀鬼宗的几十个人,而且那些人都是一些普通的人而已,在鬼宗的地位也没那么高。 Such simple mission, unexpectedly went to several groups of people unable to take. 这么简单的任务,居然去了好几批人都没能拿下。 This disappointed him. 这就让他更加的失望了。 Boss, were we must consider, now other Venerable also in making the plan, everybody resurrect the matter not to favor after the ghost king probably.” Under a famous artisan said in a low voice. “老大,我们是不是也要多考虑考虑了,现在其他的尊者一个个也都是在做打算,好像大家都对鬼王复活之后的事情并不看好。”一名手下低声说道。 Talked nonsense anything, we may be the Mishan hole people, for these years, walked with the Mishan hole repeated difficulties, the present is the Mishan hole best time, in the future our Mishan hole must become existence of this piece of mountain range King, do not speak irresponsibly.” Six masters are also brow tight wrinkles, since this truly has been they continuously dream, speaks the truth, he also at heart lacked self-confidence recently. “胡说什么呢,我们可都是密山洞的人,这么多年来,和密山洞一起风风雨雨走过来的,现在是密山洞最好的时候,将来我们密山洞可是要成为这片山脉王者的存在,不要乱说。”六爷也是眉头紧皱,这确实是他们一直以来的梦想,不过说实话,他最近也是心里没底。 Because of these Wang Zun of Mishan hole, all starts to consider for oneself. 因为密山洞的那些王尊,一个个全都开始为自己考虑。 Even he also heard that some people started the selfishness. 甚至他还听说,有一些人已经开始动私心了。 Naturally, these heard. 当然了,这些都只是听说而已。 A Mishan hole, in the dark three influences is it can be said that strongest, their overall strengths are impeccable, moreover all of Mishan hole know that they then must face anything. 一个诺达的密山洞,可以说是黑暗三势力里面最强的,他们的整体实力无可挑剔,而且密山洞的所有尊者都知道他们接下来要面临什么。 Originally all plans is good. 原本一切计划的都非常好。 But since that scarlet man appears, the interior of Mishan hole started to appear contradictory. 可是自从那个红衣男子出现之后,密山洞的内部就开始出现矛盾了。 The scarlet man the hole has sent the big ritual to Mishan, is big ritual that they are unable to reject, can say that they were excited, but the price was, making them help to seize in the wind the crane. 红衣男子给密山洞送来了大礼,是他们谁都无法拒绝的大礼,可以说,他们都心动了,而代价就是,让他们帮助抓捕风中鹤。 Finally they complied, and with this scarlet man vehicle on relations, since has the relations after him, the matter became more and more troublesome, was the strongest Mishan hole, the closest Mishan hole, started to present the gap gradually. 最后他们答应了,并且和这个红衣男子车上了关系,自从和他扯上关系之后,事情就变得越来越麻烦了,原本还是最强的密山洞,最紧密的密山洞,开始渐渐的出现了间隙。 They each other no longer that mutually trusted to before. 他们彼此不再向以前那么互相信任。 Is six masters, I heard recently...” “可是六爷,我最近听说...” Was good, first do not say, first handles this time mission, the native place said that this time mission is a little special, the opposite party has hidden the big secret in this small team probably intentionally.” Six masters have interrupted words, he understands, now above mutually has suspected, that following person definitely is also dispirited, this is not the aspect that he wants to see, therefore he can do is most at least does not make oneself person under chaotic. “好了,先不要说了,先将这次的任务搞定吧,老家说这次的任务有点特殊,对方好像是故意在这个小队伍里面藏了大秘密啊。”六爷打断了手下的话,他明白,现在上面都已经互相猜忌了,那下面的人肯定也是人心涣散,这可不是他想看到的局面,所以他能做的就是最起码不让自己手下的人乱。 How to do as for other Venerable, that was their matters. 至于其他的尊者怎么做,那就是他们的事情了。 Boss, saw them, only then five people, I passed to fight a battle to force a quick decision.” And under a famous artisan said, rushed directly, he thinks that this matter rushed can handle with ease, did not need his Boss to get rid. “老大,看到他们了,只有五个人,我过去速战速决吧。”其中一名手下说完之后直接冲了上去,他认为这种事情自己冲上去就可以轻松的搞定了,根本就不需要他的老大出手。 Xia Tian induced to these people a moment ago time, he has familiar of faint trace, but he has not known why will have the familiar feeling, but sees six masters time, he understands why finally one were familiar. 夏天刚才感应到这些人的时候,他就有一丝丝的熟悉,但他还不知道为什么会有熟悉的感觉,可是看到六爷的时候,他终于明白自己为什么熟悉了。 Before this person, he has had to do, initially the opposite party must intercept his. 这个人之前他可是打过交道的啊,当初对方可是要截杀他的。 Really enemies often cross each other's path. 真是冤家路窄啊。 „Before ,... Senior, is not good, his symbol is Venerable, that person is Venerable of Mishan hole.” Small 11 were the sound somewhat shivered obviously, he does not understand that why intercepted their people able to be this terrifying existence, such strength was also too fearful. “前...前辈,不好了,他身上的标志是尊者,那个人是密山洞的尊者。”小11显然是声音有些颤抖了,他不明白了,为什么拦截他们的人会是这种恐怖的存在,这样的实力也太可怕了吧。 Behind him that two people are the surprised, even bodies are shivering. 他后面那两个人更是惊讶,一个个甚至身体都在颤抖。 They were the person of ghost sect, nature clear Venerable are any ranks, this simply was Wang Zun of their ghost sect is a rank, they had a dream existence that does not dare to move. 他们是鬼宗的人,自然明白尊者是什么级别了,这简直就是和他们鬼宗的王尊是一个级别啊,他们做梦也不敢触碰到的存在啊。 „Compared with the North Pole potentilla cryptottaeniae, who is stronger?” Xia Tian asked one casually. “和北极狼牙比起来,谁更强?”夏天随便问了一句。 55 open, is topest Expert, the people of their rank, win to look, naturally, this is only I heard that I have not seen the person fight of that rank.” Small 11 also embolden, was not trembled by own body as far as possible. “55开,都是最顶尖的高手,他们那个级别的人,获胜要看很多的,当然了,这只是我听说的,我从来都没有见到过那个级别的人战斗。”小11也是壮着胆子,尽量不让自己的身体发抖。 To.” The breeze shouts loudly. “冲过来了,冲过来了。”小风大声喊道。 In his sound is frightened, obviously he feared to front that several people too. 他的声音之中全都是恐惧,显然他是真的对面前那几个人太恐惧了。 Snort! 哼! In the wind crane cold snort|hum one, obviously is the unusual disaffection. 风中鹤冷哼一声,显然是非常的不满。 Looks that person who the opposite clashes, Xia Tian has not moved, in the wind the crane stands in his front in any case, moreover this person, although the strength is good, but also reluctantly is super Expert, moreover can only say is reluctantly, even if the nine prince such people of can also defeat this person. 看着对面冲过来的那个人,夏天没有动,反正风中鹤站在他的前面呢,而且这个人虽然实力不错,但也就勉强算是一个超级高手吧,而且只能说是勉强,就算是九王爷那样的人也能战胜这个人。 Therefore , such person insufficient to fear radically. 所以说,这样的人根本就不足为惧。 Several are small, I kill you now.” On the opposite that face has also filled self-confidently, obviously he thinks the flash that one get rid of can kill these people, mission directly has been completed, this matter regarding him, is relaxed in addition is simply happy. “几个小喽啰,我现在就干掉你们。”对面那个人脸上也是充满了自信,显然他认为自己出手的一瞬间就可以干掉这几个人,任务就直接完成了,这种事情对于他来说,简直就是轻松加愉快啊。 Whiz! 嗖! His speed is fast, in an instant must rush to the front of these people. 他的速度非常快,转眼间就已经要冲到这些人的面前了。 Em? 恩? At this moment. 就在这时。 He saw a leg. 他看到了一条腿。 Has extended very long leg, afterward he felt an own waist pain, whole person at present one black, the body is also thorough lost the control. 一条伸了很长的腿,随后他感觉自己的腰部一痛,整个人眼前一黑,身体也是彻底的失去了控制能力。 Bang! 砰! That Mishan hole super Expert body direct bank. 那个密山洞的超级高手身体直接侧飞了出去。 What?” “什么?” In a flash, all people have all been shocked, only then a Xia Tian face smiling face looks at all these. 一瞬间,所有的人全都惊呆了,只有夏天一脸笑容的看着这一切。 This...” The small 11 mouths soon fell to the ground, he knows that front person was the subordinate of Venerable, the strength was also very formidable, is now, Venerable subordinate unexpectedly by direct Insta-kill, had been only used, the opposite party not to know the life and death. “这...”小11的嘴巴都快要掉到地上了,他知道,面前这个人就是尊者的手下,实力也是非常强悍的,可是现在,尊者的手下居然被直接秒杀了,只用了一下,对方就不知道生死了。 This was also too strong. 这也太强了吧。 He even suspected now that these two people have the ability that and Venerable contends with. 他现在甚至怀疑,这两个人真的有和尊者抗衡的能力啊。 His behind that two people are also are rubbing their eye, obviously they a little cannot believe that own eye, front all these were really too fearful. 他身后的那两个人也一个个都是在揉自己的眼睛,显然他们也有点不敢相信自己的眼睛了,面前这一切实在是太可怕了。 Senior, this...” 前辈,这...” Was too weak, was really too weak.” Xia Tian very optional saying, Xia Tian also secret killing incur actually have not used, that is small five and small six, their four after the convergence, Xia Tian made small five help itself play tricks the material of sect directly to go, words that this matter small five got rid , the issue should not be big, when the time comes Xia Tian used the small five materials, may have big using. “太弱了,真是太弱了。”夏天非常随意的说道,其实夏天还有一个秘密的杀招没有使用呢,那就是小五和小六,他们四个在汇合之后,夏天直接让小五去帮自己弄鬼宗的资料去了,这种事情小五出手的话,问题应该不大,到时候夏天利用小五的资料,可能会有大用。 Tread! 踏! At this time six master facial color ice cold looks in the wind the crane, under his famous artisan has saved the injured that subordinate. 此时六爷面色冰冷的看着风中鹤,他的那名手下已经去救受伤的那个手下了。 „Who are you?” Six masters have not begun directly. “你是什么人?”六爷并没有直接动手。 If the average person, he already without demur, directly began, the strength that but in the wind the crane showed a moment ago, making him not dare to act unreasonably casually. 如果是一般人的话,他早就二话不说,直接动手了,但是风中鹤刚才表现出来的实力,让他不敢随便乱来。
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