AS :: Volume #113

#11300: Ultimate collision

Gives me to break!” “给我破!” The endless sea of fire was broken out instantaneously. 无尽的火海瞬间被劈开了。 This is the day cold sword attack of Xia Tian, a channel appears in everyone's front. 这就是夏天的天寒剑攻击,一条通道出现在大家的面前。 West Tyrant incarnation Ashura of also bears the brunt, rushes directly, the exorcize demons pestle in hand was also the earliest possible time pounds to front Ancient Fire Phoenix. 西霸天化身的阿修罗也是首当其冲,直接冲了上去,手中的降魔杵也是第一时间砸向了面前的上古火凤凰。 Bang! 轰! The giant flame swallows. 巨大的火焰吞噬而来。 But the principle of day was also unusual going against heaven's will, the flame incinerator, the attack of exorcize demons pestle pounded directly on the Ancient Fire Phoenix's body. 但日之法则也是非常的逆天,直接将火焰焚烧,降魔杵的攻击砸在了上古火凤凰的身上。 Ancient Fire Phoenix's armor shivers slightly. 上古火凤凰身上的铠甲微微颤抖。 The counter-attack also hit. 反击也打了过来。 Patted on Ashura's body. 拍在了阿修罗的身上。 Bang! 轰! Ashura's body starts retreat. 阿修罗的身体开始后退 Afterward he follows up a victory with hot pursuit. 随后他乘胜追击。 Gave up any idea of!!” “休想!!” The hundred day fox of nearby seductive woman incarnation is also first pats own attack, blocked Ancient Fire Phoenix. 一旁妖姬化身的百尾天狐也是第一时间将自己的攻击拍下,拦住了上古火凤凰。 The Ancient Fire Phoenix body flashes, evades the attack of hundred day fox, counter-attacks. 上古火凤凰身体一闪,躲过百尾天狐的攻击,同时反击。 However hundred day fox behind hundred have been ready, since the ground raises, wraps directly Fire Phoenix's body. 不过百尾天狐身后的百尾早就做好了准备,从地面升起,直接将火凤凰的身体包裹起来。 Is now!!” The seductive women shout loudly. “就是现在!!”妖姬大声喊道。 Exorcize demons pestle. 降魔杵。 West Tyrant incarnation Ashura of attacks pounds down instantaneously. 西霸天化身的阿修罗攻击瞬间砸下。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The huge impulse quelled periphery several million li (0.5 km) all. 巨大的冲击力荡平了周围数百万里的一切。 Xia Tian charged into the Ancient Fire Phoenix's main body fast, his present is smallest, goal is also smallest, so long as the above two people can constrain Ancient Fire Phoenix, he can in fast investigation Ancient Fire Phoenix's sou characteristics. 夏天则是快速的冲向了上古火凤凰的本体,他的个头现在是最小的,目标也是最小的,只要上面的两个人可以拖住上古火凤凰,那他就可以在快速的探查上古火凤凰身上的鄋特点。 Goes away to me!” “给我滚开!” Ancient Fire Phoenix's within the body erupted the endless flame. 上古火凤凰的体内爆发出了无尽的火焰。 The powerful flame breaks two people bodies. 强大的火焰冲开两人的身体。 Two people simultaneously retreat. 两人同时后退 At the same time. 在同一时间。 The body of Xia Tian also flew upside down. 夏天的身体也倒飞了出去。 However. 不过。 In his hand were many a big feather. 他的手中却多了一朵大大的羽毛。 All things. 森罗万象。 Receive! 收! Red Phoenix (Hong Feng), studies his feather to me!!” Xia Tian just goal was very simple, is a Ancient Fire Phoenix's feather, he must start from the feather, starts the fast research this Ancient Fire Phoenix's situation. 红凤,给我研究他的羽毛!!”夏天刚刚的目的很简单,就是要一根上古火凤凰的羽毛,他要从羽毛下手,开始快速的研究这头上古火凤凰的情况。 Bang! 轰! Ashura's exorcize demons pestle was also first hit own attack. 阿修罗的降魔杵也是第一时间将自己的攻击打了出去。 The flame was broken through. 火焰被冲破。 Hundred day fox cross from his head, killed directly to the Ancient Fire Phoenix's main body. 百尾天狐从他的头上越过,直接杀向了上古火凤凰的本体。 ! 咻! The Ancient Fire Phoenix's two claw, held the body of Ashura and hundred day fox directly, fell them layer on layer/heavily. 上古火凤凰的两只爪子,直接抓住了阿修罗和百尾天狐的身体,将他们两个重重的摔了出去。 The ground was pounded a big hole. 地面被砸了一个大坑。 At the same time. 同一时间。 His attack killed instantaneously to hundred day fox, obviously he wanted first to cut to kill the seductive woman, in these three people, the striking power of seductive woman was strongest temporarily, the defensive power was in these three people are also weakest temporarily. 他的攻击瞬间杀向了百尾天狐,显然他是想要第一时间斩杀妖姬,这三个人里面,妖姬的攻击力是暂时最强的,防御力也是这三个人里面暂时最弱的。 Therefore he is also Ancient Fire Phoenix's most important goal. 所以他也是上古火凤凰的首要目标 „It is not good!!” The complexion of seductive woman changes. “不好!!”妖姬的脸色一变。 She wants to dodge. 她想要闪躲。 However is unable to dodge, the body cannot move, seemed framed there. 不过根本就无法闪躲,身体动弹不得,仿佛被定格在了那里。 ! 噗! Smashing. 粉碎。 Her body crushes directly. 她的身体直接粉碎。 However. 不过。 The body of smashing condensed quickly again. 粉碎的身体很快就再次凝聚了。 ! ! 呼!呼! Seductive woman big mouth is panting for breath. 妖姬大口的喘息着。 „The strength of here world was thin, reveres the death of beast unable to use, otherwise you could not shoulder!!!” West Tyrant reminded. “这里的天地之力非常稀薄,尊兽的死亡不能一直使用,否则你也扛不住!!!”西霸天提醒道。 It can be said. 可以说。 Reveres beast ability unusual going against heaven's will. 尊兽这个能力非常的逆天。 But also needs the strength of huge world as the support. 但也同样需要庞大的天地之力作为支撑。 Without the strength of support huge world, behind that the seductive woman wants to depend on reveres ability resurrecting of beast is not impossible. 如果没有庞大的天地之力支持,那后面,妖姬想要靠着尊兽的能力复活都不可能了。 bo! 啵! Strength one after another ripples. 力量一圈一圈的荡漾开来。 On the Ancient Fire Phoenix's face showed a smile of faint trace: Your human, is likes studying these small methods, but, this method in the face of the absolute strength, insufficiently looks!!!” 上古火凤凰的脸上露出了一丝丝的笑容:“你们人类,就是喜欢研究这些小手段,不过,这种手段在绝对的实力面前,是不够看的!!!” bo! 啵! Above his two claw. 他的两个爪子之上。 Covered special flame. 覆盖了一层特殊的火焰。 That moment that this flame presents. 这层火焰出现的那一刻。 The space as if must be grasped directly broken, the strength of surrounding all world, instantaneous nothing left. 空间都仿佛是要被直接抓碎的,周围的所有天地之力,瞬间荡然无存。 At the same time. 同一时间。 He killed again to the seductive woman. 他再次杀向了妖姬。 Reveres the beast! 尊兽! The seductive women are also ready that resurrected again. 妖姬也是做好了再次复活的准备。 „It is not good!!” Xia Tian sees this strength time, felt that the destruction strength above strength, this struck, does not revere the beast to be able absolutely neutralize. “不好!!”夏天看到这股力量的时候,就感觉到了力量之上的毁灭力,这一击,绝对不是尊兽就可以化解的。 Hears the Xia Tian words. 听到夏天的话。 Dodging of seductive woman instinct. 妖姬本能的闪躲。 But already late. 但已经晚了。 A strength of destruction appears in her head. 一股毁灭的力量出现在她的头上。 In this moment. 在这一刻。 She felt the death. 她感觉到死亡。 Was the true death, death that rather than that type can resurrect, she understands, opposite party the struck inside, contained and strength of similar strength spirit absolutely, in other words, she will be killed. 是真正的死亡,而不是那种可以复活的死亡,她明白,对方的这一击里面,绝对蕴含了和灵之力差不多的力量,也就是说,她会被杀死。 Unwilling! 不甘! She has not thought. 她怎么也没想到。 Own unexpectedly must fall from the sky in this place. 自己居然要陨落在这种地方。 Day power, rebound!!!】 【天权,反弹!!!】 When she thinks oneself died. 就在她认为自己死定了的时候。 Xia Tian suddenly appears in his front, blocked this struck. 夏天突然出现在他的前面,挡住了这一击。 Bang! 轰! Huge impulse directly Ancient Fire Phoenix's body to flying. 巨大的冲击力直接将上古火凤凰的身体冲飞了出去。 Good opportunity!!” Although West Tyrant also worries, but such good opportunity, he will not miss, at this time his body also rises with a spring, the exorcize demons pestle in hand pounds down directly, as to be battered to death to be the same Ancient Fire Phoenix directly. “好机会!!”西霸天虽然也是捏了一把汗,但这么好的机会,他可不会错过,此时他的身体也是一跃而起,手中的降魔杵直接砸下,仿佛是想要将上古火凤凰直接砸死一样。 ! 呼! After the seductive women have a tribulation , the feeling of rebirth. 妖姬有一种劫后重生的感觉。 Thank you!!!” “谢谢你!!!” „The being all right words, continue!!” Xia Tian unemotional saying. “没事的话,就继续!!”夏天面无表情的说道。 Looks at the Xia Tian appearance, on the face of seductive woman showed the smile: „The man who , seriously treats a matter, has charm Ah!!” 看着夏天的样子,妖姬的脸上露出了笑容:“果然,认真对待一件事情的男人,更有魅力啊!!” Afterward. 随后。 Her again incarnation is hundred day fox, rushes directly. 她再次化身为百尾天狐,直接冲了上去。 When she rushes. 在她冲上去的时候。 The Black Tortoise armor appears on her body again. 玄武铠甲再次出现在她的身上。 The principle of day also twines above her claw and tail: Really is credible teammate Ah! 日之法则也缠绕在她的爪子和尾巴之上:“真是靠谱的队友啊! She was the discovery. 她算是发现了。 Xia Tian controls the overall situation the ability simply is counter Heavens!, now here, completely during the control of Xia Tian. 夏天掌控全局的能力简直就是逆天啊,现在这里,完全在夏天的掌控之中。 Everyone 's change. 每个人的变化。 Xia Tian is clear. 夏天都一清二楚。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The Ancient Fire Phoenix's ability goes against heaven's will, although was pounded by attacking of West Tyrant, but he is also suppressing ache, the Fast Counter, strikes to fly the body of West Tyrant again: My little darling, is he monster?” 上古火凤凰的能力非常逆天,虽然被西霸天的攻砸中,但他也是强忍着身上的疼痛,快速反击,再次将西霸天的身体击飞:“我的乖乖啊,他是怪物吗?” Now. 现在。 He felt Ancient Fire Phoenix's the place of going against heaven's will finally. 他终于感受到上古火凤凰的逆天之处了。 ! 嗷! The attack of hundred day fox revenge hit finally. 百尾天狐复仇的攻击终于打出来了。 Just. 刚刚。 She was almost struck to kill by front Ancient Fire Phoenix, she so many abilities have not used, must die, this simply fights with the fight priest and Xia Tian is the same. 她可是差点被面前的上古火凤凰击杀的,她还有那么多的能力没有使用,就要死亡,这简直就是和战斗祭司与夏天战斗的时候一样。 She does not want that unwilling dying. 她可不想那么不甘心的死去。 Even if must die. 哪怕是必须死。 She must work as the opposite party to know. 她也要当对方知道。 She is not good to bully. 她不是好欺负的。 Bang! Rumbling! 轰!轰轰! The attack of blotting out the sky pounds down. 铺天盖地的攻击砸下。 Ancient Fire Phoenix at once ability that also only then resists. 上古火凤凰一时之间也只有招架的能力。 Really, the woman acts crazy, fearful Ah! Xia Tian shakes the head. “果然,女人发起飙来,更加的可怕啊!夏天摇了摇头。 Good news!!” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) sound suddenly appears. “好消息!!”红凤的声音突然出现。 Had the result?” Xia Tian asked. “有结果了?”夏天问道。 Had the result, he was not ordinary Ancient Fire Phoenix, but was the vermilion bird bloodlines!!” “有结果了,他不是普通的上古火凤凰,而是朱雀血脉!!”
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