AS :: Volume #113

#11299: Three pairs one

After flame drying . 火焰烘干之后。 The Black Tortoise armor becomes incomparably firm. 玄武铠甲变得无比坚固。 Rumble!! 轰隆隆!! Although the temperature of flame is high, but actually cannot be stave the Black Tortoise armor. 火焰的温度虽然高,但却并没能将玄武铠甲破碎。 The day killed the wooden attack to pound instantaneously on the Ancient Fire Phoenix's body. 天杀木的攻击瞬间砸在了上古火凤凰的身上。 Success!!!” West Tyrant noticed that their chain blows succeeded, he also very excited, happy looks like a child to be the same. “成功了!!!”西霸天看到他们的连击成功了,他也是非常的兴奋,开心的就像是一个孩子一样。 No matter the person of what rank, when bumps into this situation, must be excited. 不管什么级别的人,在碰到这种情况的时候,都不可能不兴奋。 Hitting was so long. 打了这么久。 He almost cannot cause any damage to Ancient Fire Phoenix. 他几乎没能给上古火凤凰造成任何的伤害。 Now he and Xia Tian jointly attacking is effective. 现在他和夏天的合击奏效。 On representative. 就代表。 They also beat front Ancient Fire Phoenix hopefully. 他们还有希望击败面前的上古火凤凰。 No!!” The Xia Tian reminder said. “没有!!”夏天提醒道。 Un? 恩? Hears the Xia Tian words, West Tyrant stares: No?” 听到夏天的话,西霸天一愣:“没有?” His attack had hit Ancient Fire Phoenix obviously directly, how possibly not effective , this is his day kills the wooden attack, was he grasps the strongest wood is the attack. 他的攻击明明已经正面击中了上古火凤凰了,怎么可能没奏效,要知道,这可是他天杀木的攻击啊,是他掌握最强的木系攻击了。 Such powerful attack. 这么强大的攻击。 Hits directly. 正面击中。 Hasn't been able to defeat Ancient Fire Phoenix? 还不能击破上古火凤凰吗? The mist and dust diverges. 烟尘散去。 The jointly attacked strength has crushed. 合击的力量已经粉碎。 But Ancient Fire Phoenix's body, presented one set of flame armor, this set of flame armor and on Mulong Black Tortoise armor was just similar. 上古火凤凰的身上,也出现了一套火焰铠甲,这套火焰铠甲和刚刚木龙身上的玄武铠甲非常相似。 This West Tyrant looked puzzled to the following seductive woman: What's all this about?” “这”西霸天不解的看向了后面的妖姬:“这是怎么回事?” He suddenly discovered. 他突然发现。 Oneself really underestimated this Ancient Fire Phoenix. 自己真的小看这头上古火凤凰了。 Just started to battle time. 刚开始交战的时候。 He also thinks one can take with ease. 他还认为自己一个人就可以轻松拿下。 After hitting met, he discovered that oneself wants to take the opposite party a little to be strenuous. 打了一会之后,他发现自己想要拿下对方可能有点吃力。 Following Xia Tian helps. 后面夏天帮忙。 Although he thanked very much. 他虽然很感谢。 But arrogance at heart, him has believed that even if no Xia Tian to help, he should still be able to beat Ancient Fire Phoenix. 但心里的傲气还是在的,他一直认为,就算是没有夏天帮忙,他应该也可以击败上古火凤凰。 But now. 可现在。 The Ancient Fire Phoenix's strength shows truly, he discovered, without the help of Xia Tian. 上古火凤凰的实力真正展现出来的时候,他才发现,如果没有夏天的帮忙。 He can end the defeat here. 他会完败在这里啊。 He should not be the lifeform of divine land, solely is not Ancient Fire Phoenix!!” The seductive women reminded. “他应该不是神州的生物,也不单单是上古火凤凰!!”妖姬提醒道。 She to divine land unusual understanding. 她对神州非常的了解。 If front Ancient Fire Phoenix is really the thing of divine land, she can definitely understand, hits coming out that the attack that can look at from present this Ancient Fire Phoenix, this Ancient Fire Phoenix, is completely different from Ancient Fire Phoenix who she understood. 如果面前的上古火凤凰真的是神州之物的话,那她肯定能够了解,从现在这头上古火凤凰打出来的攻击可以看的出来,这头上古火凤凰,和她所了解的上古火凤凰已经完全不一样了。 No matter in the rank of flame. 不管是火焰的等级上。 From attack. 还是从攻击上。 From defense. 还是从防御上。 Difference were too many. 差的都太多了。 Normal. 正常来说。 Although a Ancient Fire Phoenix strength formidable, but by the strength of West Tyrant, at own home game, he does not should easily defeat even. 一头上古火凤凰虽然实力强悍,但以西霸天的实力,就算不是在自己的主场上,他应该也能够轻松战胜的。 But now. 可现在。 Xia Tian and West Tyrant collaborate. 夏天和西霸天两人联手。 Compels this Ancient Fire Phoenix's true strength. 才将这头上古火凤凰的真正实力逼出来。 This is not simple. 这就不简单了啊。 I have said that in your three same places, two insufficiently give me the stops up gap between teeth!!” Saying that Ancient Fire Phoenix disdains. “我说过,你们三个一起上吧,一个两个都不够给我塞牙缝的!!”上古火凤凰非常不屑的说道。 West Tyrant very uncomfortable: „ Our unexpectedly by a domestic animal looking down upon!! 西霸天非常的不爽:“我们居然被一头畜生给瞧不起了!! This matter to him. 这种事情对于他来说。 Simply very depressed. 简直就是非常的郁闷啊。 Their three, in the divine land, were peak Expert, but now, front Ancient Fire Phoenix unexpectedly so looks down upon them. 他们三个,在神州,都是最顶尖的高手了,可现在,面前的上古火凤凰居然如此看不起他们。 It seems like, wants to beat him, without was so easy, we must first understand that he is what variety, then understood that his ability, his attack and do the defense are do the rank, like this we have the opportunity to beat him.” Xia Tian has not gone to be angry, without going surprisedly, now what he thinks how to beat front Ancient Fire Phoenix. “看来,想要击败他,没那么容易了,我们先要了解他到底是什么品种,然后再了解到他的能力,他的攻击和防御到底属干什么级别,这样我们才有机会击败他。”夏天没有去生气,也没有去惊讶,他现在想的是如何击败面前的这头上古火凤凰。 This is he and other to the difference of Expert. 这就是他和其他对高手的区别。 Other top Expert. 其他的顶尖高手 Attaches importance to face very much. 都很好面子。 Bumps into some inconceivable strengths, they are surprised. 一碰到一些不可思议的力量,他们就非常惊讶。 But Xia Tian. 夏天 In the brain thinks forever only has an issue: If killed the opposite party. 脑子里面想的永远就只有一个问题:如果杀了对方。 Your also really different Ah!!” The seductive women have been observing Xia Tian, therefore she also discovered the Xia Tian detail. “你还真的不一样啊!!”妖姬一直在观察夏天,所以她也发现了夏天的细节。 Matter that others notice. 别人所注意到的事情。 Is completely different from the matter that Xia Tian notices. 夏天所注意到的事情完全不一样啊。 Can help?” Xia Tian asked. “要不要来帮忙?”夏天问道。 Really wants our three people to collaborate?” Seductive woman puzzled asking. “真的要我们三个人联手吗?”妖姬不解的问道。 Without knows his thoroughly, no matter the previous two people, are on three people, is actually unable to beat him, but on individual on, can speed up me together to his understanding!!” Xia Tian answered. “在没有彻底了解他的情况下,不管是上两个人,还是上三个人,其实都无法击败他,不过上个人一起上,能够加快我对他的了解!!”夏天解释道。 Un! 恩! Hears his words. 听到他的话。 Seductive women also not polite: I give a try, actually this Ancient Fire Phoenix has what uncommon place!!” 妖姬也就没有客气:“那我就来试试看,这头上古火凤凰究竟有什么不凡之处吧!!” Her body starts occurrence gradually to change. 她的身上开始渐渐的发生变化。 On the face presented the down. 脸上出现了绒毛。 The body starts to increase. 身体开始变大。 Reveres the beast! 尊兽! She released directly the condition of revering the beast. 她直接释放了尊兽的状态。 Naturally. 当然了。 Her solely to not prevent to be struck to kill, moreover to make a more powerful attack, after all the opposite party is a big head. 她这可不单单是为了防止被击杀,而且也是为了制造更强大的攻击,毕竟对方可是一个大个头。 Although Ancient Fire Phoenix's present does not seem like these 1 million zhang (3.33 m) immortal beasts, but his is also over a thousand zhang (3.33 m). 上古火凤凰现在的个头虽然不像是那些百万丈的大仙兽,但他的个头也有上千丈。 Moreover is the essence strength of concentration. 而且个头都是浓缩的精华力量。 Therefore if she fights with the body of small head, will have some suffering a loss. 所以她如果用小个头的身体去战斗,会有一些吃亏。 ! 嗷! A first hundred day fox appears in the Xia Tian front, head thousand zhang (3.33 m): That gives a try!!” 一头百尾天狐出现在夏天的面前,个头上千丈:“那就试试看吧!!” Bang! 轰! A both hands racket of West Tyrant. 西霸天的双手一拍。 Also started to change by his body. 以他的身体也开始发生了变化。 Golden light wood, Ashura!! 金光木,阿修罗!! His body also grows to over a thousand zhang (3.33 m). 他的身体也长高到上千丈。 Meanwhile. 同时。 His right hand grasps. 他的右手一抓。 The day kills the wood, the exorcize demons pestle!! 天杀木,降魔杵!! Since you underestimate my divine land Expert, that makes me come to see, your domestic animal, some big skills!!!” “既然你小看我神州高手,那就让我来看看,你这头畜生,到底有多大的本事吧!!!” Two people all show the strong strength. 两人全都展现出自己强大的实力。 bo! 啵! Both hands of Xia Tian patted in one. 夏天的双手拍在了一起。 The source of earth. 土之本源。 The principle of moon/month! 月之法则! Black Tortoise armor!!! 玄武铠甲!!! In a flash, hundred day fox and giant Ashura's bodies all put on one set of complete Black Tortoise armor to be powerful. 一瞬间,百尾天狐和巨大阿修罗的身上全都穿上了一套完整的玄武铠甲威风凛凛。 The principle of day!! 日之法则!! Meanwhile. 同时。 On the tail and claw of hundred day fox all wrapped flame, is the ice blue flame. 百尾天狐的尾巴和爪子上面全都包裹了一层火焰,是冰蓝色的火焰。 On the exorcize demons pestle in Ashura hand, lit the ice blue flame similarly. 阿修罗手中的降魔杵上面,同样点燃了冰蓝色的火焰。 But in hand of Xia Tian. 夏天的手中。 The day cold sword appears there. 天寒剑出现在那里。 Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) also appears at the same time his behind: Come, making him have a look at our fierce!!” 红凤也是在同一时间出现在他的身后:“来吧,让他看看我们的厉害!!” Three people. 三人。 Firepower full. 火力全开。 Then, they must with this first hundred day fox true contest, making hundred day fox have a look at some human Expert many weights of divine land. 接下来,他们就要和这头百尾天狐真正的较量一番,让百尾天狐看看神州的人类高手到底有多少斤两。 Then a little appearance!!!” In the Ancient Fire Phoenix's eyes emits the flame. “这才有点样子!!!”上古火凤凰的双眼之中冒出火焰。 He was also excited. 他也兴奋起来了。 Here. 在这里。 He is King general existence. 他是王者一般的存在。 No one can contend with him. 没有人可以和他抗衡。 Now. 现在。 Finally some people can make him feel a faint trace was excited. 终于有人可以让他感觉到一丝丝的兴奋了。 Endless flame in this moment, falling of blotting out the sky. 无尽的火焰在这一刻,铺天盖地的落下。 We got up!!” Xia Tian shouts loudly. “我们上了!!”夏天大声喊道。 Afterward. 随后。 Their three people rush like this. 他们三人就这样冲了上去。 The day cold sword in Xia Tian hand, changed into over a thousand zhang (3.33 m) ice blue color ray instantaneously, cut to the front flame. 夏天手中的天寒剑,瞬间化为了上千丈的冰蓝色光芒,斩向了前方的火焰。
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