AHBC :: Volume #14

#1364: Qin Feng results in the treasure to extinguish the world black lotus

Executes in immortal sword, Rāhu demon sheds the blood the four directions, a little bit demon blood distortion rotation, rises suddenly suddenly, changes to the Rāhu appearances, throws toward four dust-shower stages, the intention breaks to execute an immortal sword revolution. 诛仙剑阵中,罗睺身上魔血洒遍四方,一滴滴魔血扭曲转动,陡然暴涨,化作一个个罗睺的模样,朝着四座阵台扑去,意图打断诛仙剑阵的运转。 Doing, this was known as that various Tianwan first murders Great Formation execution immortal sword, ominous offense these essence and blood clone to contend tyrannicalally can it be that but also before without arrived at a stage, before several sages stimulate to movement the body, is executed the immortal four swords to display the boundless murderous intention sword air/Qi to cut to kill, its being possessed by a demon air/Qi by thorough destruction. 奈何,这可是号称诸天万界第一杀伐大阵的诛仙剑阵,其中凶戾强横又岂是这些精血分身所能抗衡,还没等来到阵台前,就被几位圣人催动身前诛仙四剑施展无边杀机剑气斩杀一空,就连其中魔气都被彻底覆灭。 The infinite sword air/Qi chops to cut on Rāhu, dingdong splutters infinite sparks/Mars. 无穷剑气劈砍在罗睺身上,叮叮当当溅射出无穷火星。 Rāhu complexion not, because his does not extinguish the demon body to block these sword air/Qi to be happy, instead was difficult to see the pinnacle. 只是罗睺的脸色并没有因为他的不灭魔体挡住这些剑气而高兴,反而难看到了极致。 Because he knows from the intensities of these sword air/Qi, own does not extinguish the demon body only to resist for a while, the time one long definitely cannot shoulder. 因为从那些剑气的强度上他就知道,自己的不灭魔体只能抵挡一时,时间一长肯定扛不住。 This point wielded a sword time from previously the exceedingly high founder and hanger-on several disciples, can on him chop to make a debut a scar to be able to see. 这一点从先前只有通天教主和门下几個弟子执掌剑阵的时候,能在他身上劈出道道伤痕就能看得出。 Nowadays four beginning of the universe sages wield this to murder first execution immortal sword jointly, the might was more tyrannical than previously a big truncation, whatever his demon body is how tyrannical, is hard to contend with this might infinitely kills. 现如今四尊混元圣人联手执掌这座杀伐第一的诛仙剑阵,威力比先前更加强横了一大截,任由他的魔体如何强横,也难以抗衡这威力无穷的杀阵。 This makes in the Rāhu heart send coldly! 这让罗睺心中发寒! He wants to walk! 他想走! Previously the plan was safer, depended upon the ways of inside and outside converging attack to attack fencing to seize the chance to depart, in addition also had several other chaos god demons in the , can attack fencing momentarily, making sword exposing weaknesses make him be able to depart calmly. 先前还打算稳妥一些,依靠内外夹击的方式攻击剑阵趁机离去,再加上还有其余几尊混沌神魔在附近,随时都能攻击剑阵,使得剑阵露出破绽让他能够从容离去。 Executes immortal sword, although strong, but the biggest weakness is it eventually is only formation, once under the arrange/cloth is unable easily to move, this point and beginning of the universe boundary can be different greatly, therefore previously his somewhat assurance left. 诛仙剑阵虽强,但最大的弱点就是它终究只是一座阵法,一旦布下就无法轻易挪动,这一点和混元境大能不同,所以先前他还是有几分把握离开的。 However now, Rāhu lost calmly. 但是现在,罗睺失去了从容。 Because not only his flows out outside formation to prepare to vacillate the demon blood of sword foundation gathering refining up by person clan juniors, in Divine Sense by overflow demon blood, discovered the nightmare old ancestor honored was caught into the scene of great antiquity suppression by the great wild goose, saw several other chaos god demons flee the appearance that leaves. 因为不仅他施法流出阵法外准备动摇剑阵根基的魔血被一个人族小辈给收取炼化,更是透过外溢魔血中的神识,发现了梦魇老祖被鸿钧抓入洪荒镇压的景象,也看到了其余几尊混沌神魔遁逃离开的模样。 Now in has four Saints to get together executes immortal to cope with him jointly, outside helps him break through the formation without the powerhouse, promoted the pinnacle to kill facing the might, the possibility that he escaped is minimal. 如今内有四圣齐聚诛仙阵联手对付他,外无强者帮他破阵,面对威力提升到了极致杀阵,他逃出去的可能性已经微乎其微。 Several can, compel This Seat to display to go against heaven's will method fight in which both sides perish to be inadequate?” “几位,非要逼得本座施展逆天手段鱼死网破不成?” Rāhu complexion ice-cold, the gloomy sound said: „ Executing immortal sword was all-mighty, how could it not be really must be broken a chart to be a pity. 罗睺脸色冰冷,阴声说道:“诛仙剑阵威力无穷,真要被打破了阵图岂不可惜。 Today we admit defeat, retreats, This Seat can guarantee, from now on will no longer come to the primitive star territory to stir up trouble, after innumerable years , the universe quantity tribulation begins, again how do your I dispute? ” 今日吾等认输,就此退走,本座可以做出保证,今后都不再来原始星域惹事,待到无数岁月后宇宙量劫再起,你我再来较量如何?” Hehe......” “呵呵……” The exceedingly high founder sneers: Good that „ demon ancestor takes advantage actually, but my great antiquity is in the upper hand now greatly, has taken your two beginnings of the universe one after another, the victory has decided that why also to put you to depart. 通天教主冷笑一声:“魔祖倒是打的好算盘,不过如今我洪荒大占上风,已经接连拿下你们两尊混元,胜局已定,又何必放你离去。 As for fight in which both sides perish, goes bad my chart, do you have the skill to try? ” 至于鱼死网破,坏我阵图,你有本事试试?” Rāhu, doing wishful thinking!” 罗睺,休要痴心妄想!” Yuan Shi Tian Zun shouted: „ Can it be that to forget in the past you are how in the great antiquity wreaked havoc, initially you sowed dissension in the great antiquity, slaughtering the life were innumerable, nearly destroyed the great antiquity, now encroaches, wants easily to depart unexpectedly, seriously was the joke! 元始天尊喝道:“莫不是忘了当年你是如何在洪荒肆虐的了,当初你在洪荒挑拨离间,屠戮生灵无数,险些打碎了洪荒,如今又来侵犯,竟然还想轻易离去,当真是笑话! Now does your dead end, dare to threaten us unexpectedly? 如今你穷途末路,竟然还敢威胁吾等? So long as suppresses you, your Heavenly Demon clan will degenerate into existence that is chased by all, will make the innumerable world avoid suffering a disaster, these chaos god demons that survives will also lose connect their powerhouses, facing so many advantage, why we to put you to depart for the calamity common people! ” 只要将你镇压下去,你天魔一族将会沦为人人喊打的存在,会让无数世界避免遭劫,就连残存的那些混沌神魔也将失去串联他们的强者,面对这么多的好处,吾等又何必放你离去为祸苍生!” Snort!” “哼!” Rāhu tone gloomy and cold: „ Genesis, exceedingly high, you also really think why not can I become? 罗睺语气阴冷:“元始,通天,你们还真以为能奈我何不成? With for the powerhouse of beginning of the universe boundary, you should know that the universe does not extinguish, is unable to cut to kill me! 同为混元境界的强者,你们应该知道宇宙不灭,就无法将我斩杀! Such being the case, leaves behind This Seat also to have what significance forcefully? 既然如此,强行留下本座又有何意义? Even suppresses This Seat, must face This Seat once for a while resistance, meanwhile will send out the demon to read tempts the great antiquity life to be fascinated, stirring you can not be pure, must reinforce the seal every few years, is worth? ” 就算将本座镇压起来,也要面对本座时不时的反抗,同时还会散发魔念引诱洪荒生灵入魔,搅得你们不得清净,每隔一些年就得加固封印,值得吗?” „Does total ratio put you to stir the wind to stir the rain outside to come well?” “总比放你在外面搅风搅雨来得好?” The remote antiquity founder said lightly: „ Said again, so long as gets up your seal, we occupied offensive, not after measuring the tribulation , if the universe welcomed seriously is shattered greatly, perhaps can also seize the chance to cut to kill and others! 太上教主淡淡说道:“再说只要将你封印起来,我们就占了先手,无量量劫后若是宇宙当真迎来大破灭,说不定还能趁机斩杀了尔等! When the time comes without your chaos Demon God bothered, when reconstructs to the universe, the new universe not necessarily cannot evolve according to our intentions! ” 到时候没了你们这些混沌魔神搅局,待到乾坤再造,新的宇宙未必就不能按照我们的心意进行演化!” Okay good, never expected that you really have so look wildly!” “好好好,没想到你们竟然还有如此野望!” Rāhu sneers again and again: „ I am the chaos Demon God family background, the universe is shattered greatly all will return to the chaos, wants to take the opportunity to kill me, must look at you to have this skill! 罗睺冷笑连连:“不过我乃混沌魔神出身,宇宙大破灭的时候一切都会回归混沌,想要借机杀我,也得看你们有没有这份本事! You eventually are not Pangu, let alone the coupling ancient capital cannot kill me, depends on you also to harm my life, that has a dream! ” 你们终究不是盘古,何况连盘古都没能杀死我,就凭你们也想害我性命,那是做梦!” This founder has not really had a dream!” “本教主还真没做过梦!” Exceedingly high founder somewhat regrettable shaking the head of: „The Western two Saints are skilled in the dream the law of card say/way, but this founder disdained in long ago studying the track, has not browsed, then can ask the nightmare old ancestor to beg the strength of some nightmare sources actually to make me fall asleep, looked when can be disillusioned the scene the dream to the universe!” 通天教主有些遗憾的摇了摇头:“西方二圣精通梦中证道之法,不过本教主早年不屑于专研小道,没有涉猎其中,回头倒是可以找梦魇老祖讨要一些梦魇本源之力引我入梦,看能不能梦到宇宙破灭时的景象!” Since and others are not willing to put me to depart, that has done, making me experience this sword might!” “既然尔等不愿放我离去,那就做过一场,让我见识见识这座剑阵的威力吧!” Rāhu demon air/Qi soars to the heavens, the space in most sword will cover in the middle of the rich jet black demon air/Qi: „ Old ancestor I wants to have a look, to execute an immortal sword chart actually, whether can shoulder the big prestige energy seriously! 罗睺身上魔气冲天,将大半个剑阵内的空间都笼罩在了浓郁的漆黑魔气当中:“老祖我倒是想要看看,诛仙剑阵的阵图,是否当真能扛得住这么大的威能! If were found the opportunity to flee by me, not taking it ill me will stir your primitive star territory to be chaotic in the future! ” 若是被我找到机会逃离,休怪我日后搅得你原始星域混乱不堪!” Late!” “晚了!” The exceedingly high founder shakes the head slowly: „ Previously you , to walk also has the opportunity, takes these demon blood as to direct, so long as is willing to give up not extinguishing the demon body, is willing to be cut about half demon soul by me, but can also the severe wound flee! 通天教主缓缓摇头:“先前你若是想走还有机会,以那些魔血为引,只要舍得放弃不灭魔体,舍得被我斩掉近半魔魂,还能重伤逃离! But now, you did not have the opportunity! ” 但现在,你没机会了!” You know that I do send out the demon blood?” “你知道我将魔血送出?” Nonsense, entire executes immortal sword is I and others, you think that this founder solemn beginning of the universe sage, your small method can't even see?” “废话,整座诛仙剑阵都是我等,你以为本教主堂堂混元圣人,连你这点小手段都看不出?” Why do you look but not see?” “那你为何视而不见?” Because the this Cult mainly cuts off you last wisp of fleeing turning point!” “因为本教主要断绝你最后一缕逃离的契机!” Passes the Catholicism main road: „ My truncation teaches cultivation, most is good at intercepting the Heavenly Dao a slim chance of survival, Great Dao, in addition leaves leeway the vitality, this founder naturally cannot handle the matter certainly, therefore then lets your demon blood overflow, gives you a fleeing opportunity. 通天教主道:“我截教修行,最擅长截取天道一线生机,大道尚且留有生机,本教主自然不会将事情做绝,所以这才让你魔血外溢,给你一个逃离的机会。 But your demonic nature is grave, is too greedily abundant, does not hate to give up the demon body of many years of self-torture, is not willing to pay the huge price, even is unable to deal with a young man junior unexpectedly refining up, cut off that fleeing time! 但你魔性深重,贪婪太盛,既不舍得放弃多年苦修的魔体,也不愿付出巨大的代价,甚至居然无法应对一个后生小辈的炼化,断绝了那一线逃离的时机! At this moment, your opportunity certainly, Rāhu, has not bowed the head, when treats? ” 事到如今,你机会已绝,罗睺,还不俯首,更待何时?” During the speeches the exceedingly high founder puts out a hand a finger/refers, on endless state of mind thunder continuous when really executes the immortal sword, the infinite sword air/Qi evolves the endless murderous intention, covers to go toward Rāhu on. 说话间通天教主伸手一指,无尽上清神雷接连不断的真当诛仙剑,无穷剑气演化无尽杀机,朝罗睺身上覆盖而去。 Several other Sage people also make a move, suddenly executes in immortal sword the murderous intention full day, whatever the Rāhu demon flame is unparalleled, actually also can only resist with hardship, and demon prestige is getting more and more weak, was suppressed thoroughly is only the time issue. 其余几尊圣人也都同时出手,一时间诛仙剑阵中杀机盈天,任由罗睺魔焰盖世,却也只能苦苦抵挡,且魔威越来越弱,被彻底压制下去只是时间问题。 Beyond, Qin Feng as in crazy revolution Yin-Yang big grinding pan. 阵外,秦风依旧在疯狂运转阴阳大磨盘。 Although executed immortal sword to block Rāhu final a slim chance of survival at this time, making the blood of Rāhu not flow out, but the demon blood in Yin-Yang big grinding pan may not build up thoroughly, therefore Qin Feng in the stimulation of movement Yin-Yang big grinding pan, extracted strength of the beginning of the universe to make up for itself as before simultaneously. 虽然此时诛仙剑阵已经封死了罗睺的最后一线生机,使得罗睺的血液不在外流,但阴阳大磨盘中的魔血可还没有彻底炼化,所以秦风依旧在催动阴阳大磨盘,同时提取其中的混元之力弥补自身。 Refining up the Yin-Yang big grinding pan being possessed by a demon blood in him with great difficulty, just prepared to receive the Yin-Yang big grinding pan time, saw to execute in immortal sword to flow out a lot of demon blood suddenly. 就在他好不容易将阴阳大磨盘中魔血炼化一空,刚准备收起阴阳大磨盘的时候,陡然就见诛仙剑阵中又流出了大量魔血。 Moreover this flowing out demon blood are many and quick, far ultra previously. 而且这次流出的魔血又多又快,远超先前。 Simultaneously the slaughter late keen discovery, in the demon blood also imitates the penetrating to exterminate all sword air/Qi, is the Rāhu Primordial Spirit brand mark in the unceasing destruction blood, after the Rāhu Primordial Spirit brand mark by destruction, the sword air/Qi will dissipate automatically. 同时屠晚敏锐的发现,魔血中还充彻着灭绝一切的剑气,在不断覆灭血液中属于罗睺元神烙印,待到罗睺元神烙印被覆灭一空后,剑气就会自动消散。 The slaughter sees this late, immediately the great happiness, moves forward to meet somebody the Yin-Yang big grinding pan hastily, all demon blood income, transfers the boundless immortal strength to promote the grinding pan steamroll to get up again. 屠晚见此,顿时大喜,连忙将阴阳大磨盘迎了上去,把所有魔血收入其中,再次调动磅礴仙力推动磨盘碾压起来。 After the strength of lots of beginning of the universe by he deputes, income within the body, making him regarding the sensibility of beginning of the universe Great Dao more and more clear. 大量的混元之力被他提纯后收入体内,让他对于混元大道的感悟越来越清晰。 But while building up the Rāhu essence and blood, the sword air/Qi that some have not dissipated unexpectedly also one and absorbs by him, made him have a big promotion to the swordsmanship actually. 而在炼化罗睺精血的同时,一些还没消散的剑气竟然也被他一并吸收,倒是让他对剑道也有了不小的提升。 Although he has not majored in the swordsmanship, but has also practiced the red lotus sword secret art, so many years get down by his magical skill, understanding actually over many immortal sword immortal and eternal sword immortal on swordsmanship. 虽然他并没有主修剑道,但也修炼过红莲剑诀,这么多年下来以他的道行,在剑道上的理解其实超过不少不朽剑仙和永恒剑仙。 But nowadays has been executed in immortal sword four big Innate to murder some sword intent of sword, was lets him to the swordsmanship some new understanding, only feared that the list discussed consist mainly of the swordsmanship, can fight one fight with the good fortune sword immortal. 但现如今得到诛仙剑阵中四大先天杀伐剑器的些许剑意,却是让他对剑道又有了新的理解,只怕单以剑道而论,都能跟造化剑仙斗上一斗了。 Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… In Qin Feng immerses when senses. 就在秦风沉浸在感悟中的时候。 Above executes immortal sword one to rock suddenly, executes immortal sword to break open a slit unexpectedly, departs a black lotus flower! 陡然间上方诛仙剑阵一阵晃动,诛仙剑阵竟然破开一道缝隙,从中飞出一朵黑色莲花! Has not waited for that lotus flower to fly away, was patted by a big hand, immediately deviated the original direction, hit toward Qin Feng on! 只是没等那朵莲花飞走,就被一只大手拍下,顿时偏离了原本的方向,朝着秦风身上撞了过去! Qin Feng stares, detection of instinct to tyrannical of this black lotus flower, had a mind the avoidance already without enough time, saw that black lotus flower must hit toward his forehead, this frightened him to jump immediately. 秦风一愣,本能的察觉到了这朵黑色莲花的强横,有心躲避已经来不及,眼看那朵黑色莲花就要朝他的眉心撞来,这顿时吓了他一跳。 The demon ancestor Rāhu treasure, he does not dare, whatever the opposite party bangs into the middle of his forehead, not to mention can be dashed the head, even if bangs into his Sea of Consciousness, will not be good still to be captured the body by Rāhu, the demon melted his Primordial Spirit! 魔祖罗睺的宝物,他可不敢任由对方撞入他的眉心当中,且不说会不会被撞破脑袋,就算是撞入他的识海,倒不好也会被罗睺夺取了身躯,魔化了他的元神 Therefore Qin Feng two gather, the Yin-Yang big grinding pan welcomed upward, immediately this black lotus flower suppression in Yin-Yang big grinding pan! 所以秦风两手一合,阴阳大磨盘往上一迎,顿时将这朵黑色莲花镇压在了阴阳大磨盘中! Please remember this book first round domain name:. The cell phone version renews the quickest website: 请记住本书首发域名:。手机版更新最快网址:
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