AHAO :: Volume #10

#976: Convinced?

When the ceremony starts. 典礼开始之时。 The entire imperial palace is tightly guarded. 整个皇宫戒备森严。 The imperial palace top/withstand, somewhere dark sentry post. 皇宫顶上,某处暗哨。 The one who is responsible for guarding here is a thorn guard. 负责守卫这里的是一名荆棘卫兵。 He is observing all around trend vigilantly. 他正警惕的观察着四周的动向。 At this time the god clan appeared from the space. 这时候神族从天上出现。 The guards cannot bear look up toward the sky. 卫兵忍不住抬头朝天空望去。 Was in this time. 正在这时。 Wears the man of black picture frame to appear in him behind, looks with him together to the sky. 戴着黑色镜框的男子出现在他身后,同他一起望向天空。 The men size up the appearance of god clan carefully, among the looks somewhat are being interested. 男子细细打量着神族的模样,神色间有些感兴趣。 Really is the wonderful idea, profited from the Spiritual God appearance to manufacture soul artifact unexpectedly, does not know that this will cause soul artifact Lost Control?” “真是奇思妙想,竟然借鉴了神灵的模样来制作魂器,难道不知道这样会导致魂器失控?” Moreover in the strength also and true Spiritual God missed the long distance, was equal to a toy.” “而且实力上也和真正的神灵差了十万八千里,等同于一种玩具。” The men comment in a low voice. 男子低声评价道。 When he spoke, stood just likes in his front guard has not heard, was looking at the god clan on sky as before. 当他说话之时,站在他前面的卫兵恍若未闻,依旧望着天空上的神族。 God clan and Laura dialogue. 神族正在与“萝拉”对话。 Suddenly, in the stage of ceremony, a health/guard logistics depot, kept off between Laura and Ye Feiyu. 突然,典礼的高台上,一名卫兵站了起来,挡在“萝拉”和叶飞离中间。 This has brought to the attention of all people. 这一幕引起了所有人的注意。 Wears the man of black frame eyeglasses also to lower the head, earnest is looking below sound. 戴黑框眼镜的男子也低下头,认真的望着下方的动静。 He knows that who this guard is, knows that the opposite party rescued itself. 他知道这名卫兵是谁,也知道对方曾经救下过自己。 Elects in this situation, before 900 million world interface, what you wants to make?” “选在这个场合,在900000000层世界面前,你想做什么?” Wears the man of black frame eyeglasses to ask in a soft voice. 戴黑框眼镜的男子轻声问道。 The result has not disappointed him. 结果没让他失望。 Gu Qingshan is bringing Zhang Yinghao and Ye Feiyu, suddenly starts to dance. 顾青山带着张英豪叶飞离,突然开始跳起了舞。 ...... …… When the dance ended, all people start to say in the heart the desire. 当舞蹈结束,所有人开始说出心中愿望。 Wears male also saying of black frame eyeglasses cannot help but: I must continue to seek 戴黑框眼镜的男子也不由自主的说道:“我要继续寻找” Suddenly, his both eyes restored the color/look of clear and bright. 突然,他双眼恢复了清明之色。 Really is a strange dance, in my impression, as if has not heard such dance.” “真是一个诡异的舞蹈,在我的印象中,似乎并没有听说过这样的舞。” Wears the man of black frame eyeglasses to think, said prudently. 戴黑框眼镜的男子思索着,慎重说道。 He opens in the hand books, discussed: 他翻开手中的的书本,念道: Record.” “记录。” Along with his words, one page of papers on books start to reappear the scene of just now dance. 随着他的话语,书本上的一页纸开始浮现出刚才舞蹈的情景。 Suddenly, books fierce leaps together the flame. 突然,书本猛的腾起一道火焰。 Was recording the dance that page of papers to fire the ashes. 正在记录舞蹈的那一页纸烧成了灰烬。 Wore the man of black frame eyeglasses to stay. 戴黑框眼镜的男子呆了呆。 Can't the record?” “不能记录?” Asking books that he has doubts. 他疑惑的问书本。 The books shiver slightly, seems afraid anything. 书本微微颤抖,似乎在害怕什么。 Wears the man of black frame eyeglasses to close the books slowly, will receive. 戴黑框眼镜的男子慢慢合上书本,将之收了起来。 Can spy on 12 including the destiny trend, actually cannot record this dance......” “连命运的走向都能窥探12,却不能记录这个舞……” He was muttering, was lost in thought. 他喃喃着,陷入沉思。 Dance that oneself do not know completely. 自己完全不知道的舞。 The book of destiny is unable the record. 命运之书也无法记录。 The matter started becomes interesting. 事情开始变得有意思了。 If the opposite party has rescued itself, pours does not have anything, but the opposite party is so mystical, oneself must remain, finds out. 如果对方只是救了自己,倒也没什么,但对方如此神秘,自己就必须留下来,探个究竟。 In during that he thinks deeply about, on below ceremony stage, Gu Qingshan to/clashes, in a single breath has massacred several also in the hazy condition god clan. 就在他思索的这个当口,下方的典礼台上,顾青山冲出去,一口气杀掉了十几名还在迷蒙状态的神族。 Demon dragon drops from the clouds. 紧接着,魔龙从天而降。 The demon dragon assumes an awe-inspiring pose. 魔龙发威。 The demon dragon dies. 魔龙死。 Demon dragon only remaining heads, but also put on the emerald green hat that the seal used. 魔龙只剩下一颗头,还被戴上了封印用的翠色帽子。 Until this time, wore the man of black frame eyeglasses to get back one's composure from the ponder. 直到这时,戴黑框眼镜的男子才从沉思中回过神。 Well? Isn't that my pet? Does it do?” “咦?那不是我的宠物么?它来干什么?” His surprised say/way. 他惊奇的道。 On ceremony stage. 典礼台上。 Gu Qingshan negotiated with demon dragon. 顾青山跟魔龙交涉。 Here person of many ear is mixed, we find a peaceful place, slowly chatted.” Gu Qingshan say. “这里人多耳杂,我们找个安静的地方,慢慢聊。”顾青山道 He is carrying the dragon's head, walks toward imperial palace, unceasing makes the arrangement toward all around. 他拎着龙头,朝皇宫内走去,不断的朝着四周作出布置。 Laura, interrupts the live transmission, making the guests leave the stage, opens the defensive measure of imperial palace, lets all guards and armies enters the standing by condition, momentarily vigilant possible any situation.” 萝拉,中断直播,让宾客们退场,把皇宫的防御措施都打开,让所有卫队和军队都进入准备战斗状态,随时警惕可能发生的任何情况。” Good.” Laura should say. “好的。”萝拉应道。 Lin, you protect Laura, I take on the heart demon dragon to have the partner.” “琳,你去保护萝拉,我担心魔龙有同伙。” Its brain cannot think of that many, is careful.” Said, looked for Laura. “它脑子想不到那么多也罢,还是小心一点好。”琳说完,就去找萝拉去了。 Zhang Yinghao, Ye Feiyu, you returns to the imperial palace with me together first.” 张英豪,叶飞离,你们跟我一起先回皇宫。” Good.” “好。” At this time thorn General Ilya appeared again, was announcing loudly matter that the ceremony ended. 这时荆棘将军伊丽娅再次出现,大声宣布着典礼结束的事。 The thorn guards start to maintain system. 荆棘卫兵们开始维持秩序 Quick, the army of thorn kingdom arrives at the scene, they are fully-armed, invests into fast maintaining in the work of scene system. 很快,荆棘王国的军队来到现场,他们全副武装,快速投入到维持现场秩序的工作中去。 Ritual officers one after another appears, making the guests leave the ceremony venue. 礼官们纷纷出现,引着宾客们离开典礼现场。 Until this time, the people hoodwink. 直到这时,人们还是蒙的。 The god clan appears. 神族出现。 The god clan all extinguishes. 神族全灭。 Middle has blank time, what exactly had? 中间有一段空白的时间,到底发生了什么? No one could recall to mind then scene. 谁都记不起当时的情景。 Then was the appearance and death of demon dragon. 然后就是魔龙的出现与死亡。 It had demonstrated formidable strength, it died at the scene the stir that brought intensely. 它展示了多强大的力量,它当场死亡所带来的轰动就有多强烈。 The thorn kingdom really has such strength, enemy who can deal with such rank! 荆棘王国竟然有这样的实力,能够应对这样级别的敌人! Originally except for thorn old tree and endless wealth, the strength of thorn kingdom already so terrifying! 原来除了荆棘古树和无尽的财富,荆棘王国的力量已经如此恐怖! 900 million world caused a stir. 900000000层世界都轰动了。 At this moment, does not know how many influences are considering face the thorn kingdom. 这一刻,不知道多少势力都在重新考量如何面对荆棘王国。 Today's ceremony has destroyed thoroughly, the matter that but has today, enough has made all people digest slowly. 今天的典礼算是彻底毁了,但今天发生的事,已经足够让所有人去慢慢消化。 In imperial palace. 皇宫内。 Gu Qingshan places on the dragon's head the table, static waiting. 顾青山把龙头放在桌子上,静静等待。 Ye Feiyu gives a Zhang Yinghao can, hands over one to Gu Qingshan. 叶飞离递给张英豪一个易拉罐,又给顾青山递过来一个。 Does not use, just now I took.” Gu Qingshan say. “不用,刚才我拿过了。”顾青山道 Before gave your for the fierce battle preparation, supplemented that the quantity was very big, now with has somewhat owed, in this with my hand supplemented stamina mildly.” Ye Feiyu answered. “之前给你的那个是为激烈战斗准备的,补充量很大,现在用有些亏了,还是用我手上这个轻度补充体力的。”叶飞离解释道。 Gu Qingshan received, operated pot, slowly drank. 顾青山就接过来,开了罐,慢慢喝起来。 This thing flavor/smell is stochastic, is unable to control. 这个东西味道随机,无法掌控。 However this Gu Qingshan luck is good, this can of drink are the strawberry tastes. 不过这次顾青山运气还行,这一罐饮料是草莓味儿的。 Flavor/Smell rich many of Zhang Yinghao that can of drink, are the spareribs soup flavors/smells. 张英豪那一罐饮料的味道浓郁的多,是排骨汤的味道。 Gu Qingshan has drunk several, dances stamina that and fights to consume to be supplemented gradually. 顾青山喝了几口,跳舞和战斗所消耗的体力渐渐被补充回来。 Really marvelous. 真是奇妙。 He asked: Flies from, you took that many drink to come out, what can have not good influence to you yourself?” 他不禁问道:“飞离,你拿了那么多饮料出来,会不会对你自己造成什么不好的影响?” Ye Feiyu smiles, said: This thing truly is consumes Soul Strength to do, but has not related, I arrived many Soul Strength in the tower of world.” 叶飞离一笑,说道:“这个东西确实是消耗魂力做出来的,但没关系,我在世界之塔中得到了许多魂力。” „Have you killed many monster?” Zhang Yinghao asked. “你杀了很多怪物?”张英豪问道。 Em, that tower is very big, I discovered that in the tower has the monster refresh rate of place to be quick, has defended there for several days, brushes Soul Strength to the upper limit that this ability can hold gives up.” Ye Feiyu said. “恩,那个塔很大,我发现塔中有个地方的怪物刷新速度很快,就在那里守了几天,把魂力刷到这个能力所能容纳的上限才罢休。”叶飞离道。 After a while. 过了一会儿。 Laura and Lin come back. 萝拉和琳回来。 Arranged, if what happened, we can obtain the news immediately, the choice investment fight or escaping.” Laura said. “都安排好了,万一发生什么事,我们立刻就可以得到消息,选择投入战斗或是逃跑。”萝拉道。 Gu Qingshan nods, looks to demon dragon. 顾青山点点头,望向魔龙。 What kind, consideration how?” Gu Qingshan asked. “怎么样,考虑的如何了?”顾青山问。 Whose news do you want to know?” Demon dragon asked. “你想知道谁的消息?”魔龙反问道。 Gu Qingshan say: Angel of Conviction and her exclusive money, I remember that should fall in your hand, right.” 顾青山道:“断罪天使和她的专属钱币,我记得应该是落在你手上,对吧。” The demon dragon has thought a while, slowly understands. 魔龙想了一会儿,慢慢明白过来。 „Are you collecting three money? crossed over space and time? Originally what you want to do is this matter.” Demon dragon said. “你在收集三枚钱币?穿越时空?原来你想做的是这件事。”魔龙说道。 For this matter, I cannot retrieve Little Xi, she is my partner.” Gu Qingshan say. “就算不为这件事,我也得找回小夕,她是我的伙伴。”顾青山道 Demon dragon silent moment, said: I have a condition, if you promise me, I told you.” 魔龙沉默片刻,道:“我有一个条件,假如你答应我,我就告诉你。” „Don't I comply?” Gu Qingshan asked. “我不答应呢?”顾青山问道。 Forever do not want to find that Angel of Conviction.” Demon dragon say/way. “那你就永远也别想找到那个断罪天使。”魔龙道。 You said your condition first.” Gu Qingshan say. “你先说你的条件。”顾青山道 Abyssal Demon Dragon said: When you start that three money, I must return together with you.” 深渊魔龙道:“当你启动那三枚钱币,我要跟你一起回到过去。” You? Why do you go back?” “你?你回去干吗?” Gu Qingshan is surprised the different way. 顾青山诧异道。 The demon dragon hesitates saying: Since several tens of thousands years of previous war, I always felt that sometimes the brain is sometimes blurry sobers, I must return to that time, inquired about that creates all these roots.” 魔龙沉吟道:“自从数万年前一战,我总感觉脑子有时迷糊有时清醒,我要回到那个时刻,去探寻一下造成这一切的根源。” Gu Qingshan raised the head, falls into the thinking. 顾青山抬起头,陷入思索。 Probably is creator of earth while being bewitched dragon deep sleep time, has gotten down any evil behind-the-scenes manipulator to the demon dragon...... 好像是地之造物者趁着魔龙沉睡的时候,对魔龙下过什么黑手…… „It is not good,” the Gu Qingshan rejection said, I will not lead you to return.” “不行,”顾青山拒绝道,“我不会带你回到过去。” The demon dragon complexion sinks, asks: Why?” 魔龙脸色一沉,问道:“为什么?” Because I want to return is not ancient era, but is other time.” Gu Qingshan say. “因为我想回到的不是上古时代,而是其他时间。”顾青山道 The demon dragon thinks, said: That this, after you go back, comes back once more money to me, I use one time.” 魔龙想了想,道:“那就这样,你回去之后,再次回来的时候把钱币给我,我用一次。” Gu Qingshan opened wide simply said: „It is not good, I do not know actually completely you will return to make anything, therefore cannot put you to go.” 顾青山索性敞开了说道:“还是不行,我完全不知道你回到过去究竟会做些什么,所以不能放你去。” The demon dragon is staring at him, every single word or phrase said: „Doesn't your what give me?” 魔龙盯着他,一字一句道:“你什么都不给我?” Gu Qingshan lets go, heroic spirit say/way: Except for this, other is casual you to raise, I use judgment to consider.” 顾青山摊手,豪气的道:“除了这个,其他的随便你提,我酌情考虑。” I can look here am you decide, then I must take away the thorn queen.” “我看得出来这里是你说了算,那么我要带走荆棘女王。” „It is not good.” “不行。” I want by you this World Destroyer, he very valuable.” “我要你旁边这个灭世者,他很有价值。” „It is not good.” “不行。” I want your sword, in the Heaven and Earth double sword, you select a handle to me.” “那我要你的剑,天地双剑之中,你挑一柄给我。” „It is not good.” “不行。” The demon dragon shuts up, is drooping eye, no longer responds Gu Qingshan. 魔龙闭上嘴,耷拉着眼睛,不再搭理顾青山 Hey, said again perhaps other what, we did achieve consistently?” Gu Qingshan urged. “喂,再说点别的什么,也许我们就达成一致了呢?”顾青山劝道。 The demon dragon has sent out angry roaring: 魔龙发出了愤怒的咆哮: Bastard, you not only has killed me, but also I want anything not to give, I rather immediately die, did not tell you answer!” “混蛋,你不但杀了我,而且我要什么都不给,我宁愿马上死,也绝不告诉你那个答案!” Gu Qingshan knits the brows: Wait/Etc., we chatted again.” 顾青山皱眉道:“等等,我们再谈谈。” Discussed! You is a stingy person!” “谈个屁!你就是个铁公鸡!” „Didn't you say really?” “你真的不说?” Would rather die than to say!” “宁死不说!” Is roaring, demon dragon Erbian broadcasts together the sound suddenly: 正在吼着,魔龙耳边忽然传来一道声音: Told him.” “告诉他。” Hears this to be very familiar, just like the nightmare male voice, the demon dragon catches immediately. 听到这个无比熟悉、宛如梦魇般的男声,魔龙顿时卡住。 Even if only the remaining heads, it also thought the shadow that in the heart that returns to normal gradually surges once more crazily. 就算只剩下一颗头颅,它也觉得心中那渐渐平复的阴影再次疯狂涌动起来。 Awful! 糟糕! Is he! Is he! Is he! 是他!是他!是他! The masters came unexpectedly, but also hid has been issuing the order in secret! 主人竟然来了,还藏在暗中发出了命令! What meaning is the master? 主人是什么意思? What to do should I? 我该怎么办? The demon dragon thoughts transfer extremely. 魔龙心思极转。 As one of the abyss, dares not to listen his? 作为深渊的一员,难道自己敢不听他的? But why does he stand that side Gu Qingshan? 但为什么他站在顾青山那一边? Although sometimes the masters the accent, but at various critical moments, never falls the chain. 主人虽然有时候不着调,但在各种关键时刻,从来不掉链子。 Therefore Gu Qingshan probably belongs to the master same front. 所以顾青山大约是属于主人同一战线的。 That in other words 那也就是说 On the demon dragon face stacks the smiling face of flattering slowly, said: 魔龙脸上慢慢堆起讨好的笑容,说道: Gu Qingshan, let me tell you, my just now was joking with you, actually I already prepared to tell you Angel of Conviction whereabouts.” 顾青山啊,我跟你说,我刚才是在跟你开玩笑,其实我早就准备告诉你断罪天使的下落。” Gu Qingshan: „......” 顾青山:“……” People: „......” 众人:“……” Gu Qingshan looked at the demon dragon, remembers its brain also to have the problem, cannot bear somewhat hesitates. 顾青山看了看魔龙,想起它脑子还有毛病,就忍不住有些犹疑。 Demon dragon...... Your this saying wind transfers was also too quick...... I a little cannot believe.” “魔龙……你这话风转的也太快了……我有点不敢相信啊。” Gu Qingshan probes was saying. 顾青山试探着说道。 At this time resounded knock. 这时响起一阵敲门声。 Some masculine sound said in out of the door: Takes the liberty to come, was very sorry, but I want to thank your graciousness of life-saving face to face.” 某个男性的声音在门外说道:“冒昧前来,十分抱歉,但我还是想当面感谢一下你的救命之恩。”
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