AHAO :: Volume #14

#1364: Killed Rhode!

Rhode, you must give my enough immortal's blood.” “罗德,你必须给我足够的仙人之血。” Rhode, the situation was very urgent, without the blood, that snake will kill me.” “罗德,情况很紧急了,没有血,那条蛇会杀了我。” I guaranteed, so long as I died, you will not have the means to know secret of malicious ghost world forever.” “我保证,只要我死了,你将永远没有办法得知恶鬼世界的秘密。” Before Gu Qingshan killing red ghost, red ghost fast is exchanging with Gu Qingshan. 顾青山“杀死”红鬼之前,红鬼飞快的与顾青山交流着。 Gu Qingshan passes on the sound said: I can your immortal's blood, but you must tell me, why you must invade the Holy Spirit world.” 顾青山传音道:“我可以给你仙人之血,但你要告诉我,你们为什么要入侵圣灵世界。” The red ghost roared: Said without enough time- looked quickly that snake has won my Divine Talisman quickly, gives my blood, we first defeat it!” 红鬼咆哮道:“来不及说了-快看,那条蛇已经快赢下我的神符了,给我血,我们先打败它!” Only if you told me, why you must cope with the Holy Spirit world.” Gu Qingshan calm say/way. “除非你告诉我,你们为什么要对付圣灵世界。”顾青山冷静的道。 The red ghost angrily says: You-” 红鬼怒道:“你-” Gu Qingshan breaks it saying: Wants you to understand, without immortal's blood, you will be killed by the chaotic snake king, but I cannot.” 顾青山打断它道:“希望你明白,没有仙人之血,你会被混乱蛇王杀死,而我不会。” The red ghost speechless, looks up toward the sky. 红鬼哑然,抬头朝天空望去。 Moon Divine Talisman that two are lending the cold ice aura is getting more and more dim. 两道散发着寒冰气息的太阴神符越来越黯淡。 The holy white light will soon thoroughly destroy these two Divine Talisman. 圣洁的白光即将彻底摧毁这两道神符 Really without enough time. 真的来不及了。 Damn, if not for this boy controlled these immortals' blood...... 该死,若不是这小子控制了那些仙人之血…… Red ghost gnashing one's teeth say/way: Rhode, you listened to me, the Holy Spirit world is hiding a very special thing, no one knows that was anything, but I know that some news or item that was the out of the door of the world the person who came to leave behind.” 红鬼咬牙切齿的道:“罗德,你给我听好了,圣灵世界藏着一个很特殊的东西,谁都不知道那是什么,但我知道那是世界之门外来的人所留下的某种讯息或是物品。” But no one can find that thing, anybody cannot.” “但是没有人能找到那个东西,任何人都不能。” Only has to ruin the entire Holy Spirit world, that thing from the place of concealment will appear- it will not destroy with the world together!” “唯有毁掉整个圣灵世界,那个东西才会从隐匿之处显现-它绝不会随着世界一起毁灭!” We need to find it, this is the important matter!” “我们需要找到它,这是至关重要的事!” You pledged oneself said is not the lie.” Gu Qingshan say. “你发誓自己说的不是假话。”顾青山道 In his heart the train of thought has flown to well up. 他心中早已思绪飞涌。 That thing that the red ghost said that is the parents places the thing in Lolan empire underground conceals treasure room? 难道红鬼说的那个东西,就是父母放在罗兰帝国地下藏宝室里的东西? „Do you want me to pledge? Why you do not believe me!” The red ghost exclaimed. “你要我发誓?你为什么不相信我!”红鬼吼道。 Strange, why do I want to believe you? Pledged quickly, pledged I use to your blood.” Gu Qingshan tranquil say/way. “奇怪,我为什么要信你?快发誓,发誓我就给你血用。”顾青山平静的道。 At this moment, the sky transmits a broad dull thumping sound. 恰在这时,天空传来一声恢弘的闷响。 The holy white light occupied the trim sky, two moon Divine Talisman were defeated thoroughly, vanishes does not see. 圣洁白光占据了整片天空,两道太阴神符被彻底击破,消失不见。 This means that the snake of confusion will soon arrive. 这意味着混乱之蛇即将到来。 Like such that Gu Qingshan said that snake of immediately confusion will not kill him, will not kill him, instead kills unable immediately the red ghost of magic figure. 就像顾青山说的那样,混乱之蛇不会第一时间杀他,甚至不会杀他,反而会立刻杀死无法画符的红鬼。 The red ghost has no alternative, has to distribute the Heavenly Dao pledge fast. 红鬼无可奈何,只好飞快的发下天道誓言。 Light Heaven and Earth principle dispersing. 淡淡的天地法则散开。 Pledged! 誓言成! The Gu Qingshan wrist/skill transmits a scalding hot ache suddenly. 顾青山手腕忽然传来一阵灼热的疼痛。 He emits Divine Sense, twines in the left hand wrist/skill. 他放出神念,缠绕在左手手腕。 Actually saw that dark blue sword junction to strike the design to change to a god article of combustion, making his wrist/skill feel the arrived sincere pain. 却见那深蓝色的刀剑交击图案化作了一道燃烧的神文,让他的手腕感受到了深切的痛楚。 The whole world vanishes from Gu Qingshan at present. 整个世界从顾青山眼前消失。 The darkness arrives, next one flickers, Gu Qingshan discovered oneself place oneself in vast sea of stars. 黑暗降临,下一瞬,顾青山发现自己置身于浩瀚的星海之中。 The vast asterism non-stop revolving regarding him. 浩瀚的星芒围绕着他不停旋转。 The will of the world changes says the sound surely, said with one voice: You have known the scheme of malicious ghost, knew the truth.” 世界的意志化作千万道声音,齐声道:“你已经得知了恶鬼的图谋,也知道了事情的真相。” Regarding the world, the situation is very presently dangerous.” “对于世界来说,当前情形十分危险。” „The world after fusion cannot by the snake of control confusion, the species selection way of this waiting almost be ruined vanished the monster world, you cannot make the new world also fall into during the chronic self- destruction.” “融合后的世界绝不能被混乱之蛇掌控,这位等待者的物种选择方式几乎毁掉了绝迹怪物世界,你不能让新世界也陷入慢性的自我毁灭之中。” In the Gu Qingshan wrist/skill, the blue flame gathers again, forms a design of snake. 顾青山手腕上,蓝色火焰再次聚拢,形成一条蛇的图案。 You must prevent chaotic snake king Wuluo Polosse!” “你必须阻止混乱蛇王乌洛波洛斯!” In view of the fact that between you and it the power gap of huge difference, we do not demand you to massacre it, but you must keep it from affecting the advancement of the world.” “鉴于你和它之间天壤之别的实力差距,我们不强求你杀掉它,但你必须让它无法影响世界的进程。” If you make arrived, we will extract the source of precious in the world from various principles of the world, presents in you!” “如果你做到了,我们将从世界的诸法则中抽取珍贵的里世界之源,馈赠于你!” in a split second, sea of stars diverges, all return to the original condition. 霎时间,星海散去,一切恢复原状。 Gu Qingshan deeply inspires, inspires that flowing in the midair immortal's blood, separates a small group. 顾青山深吸口气,引动那流动在半空的仙人之血,分离出来一小团。 He holds up Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff high, makes an effort to insert! 他高高举起镇狱鬼王杖,用力一插! „!” The red ghost sends out the pitiful yell. “啊啊啊啊!”红鬼发出惨叫。 Immortal's blood following Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff, falls into the corpse of immortal. 仙人之血顺着镇狱鬼王杖,落入仙人之尸。 The appearance that the red ghost pretends dead immediately, was being selected by Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff. 红鬼立刻装作死去的模样,被镇狱鬼王杖挑着。 At this moment, snake of Wuluo Polosse confusion just dropped from the clouds. 就在这时,混乱之蛇乌洛波洛斯才刚刚从天而降。 This time was we wins.” It said. “这次是我们胜了。”它说道。 ...... …… The time jumps backward. 时间向后跳跃。 The snake of confusion is just about to leave to exterminate all human of Holy Spirit world, was actually stopped by calling by Gu Qingshan. 混乱之蛇正要动身去灭绝圣灵世界的一切人类,却被顾青山喊住。 While my also a little luck, me wants to have a look at that.” “趁着我还有点运气在,我想看看那一幕。” Gu Qingshan is saying, shakes Suppressing Prison Ghost Monarch Staff. 顾青山说着,将镇狱鬼王杖一抖。 The immortal body flies, fierce lives, flings two symbols. 仙人尸体飞出去,猛的活过来,甩出两张符。 Illness!” “疾!” The red ghost shouted. 红鬼喝道。 Chaotic snake king caught off guard, is staring at Gu Qingshan say: Crime prison Dragon King, you chose a blind alley unexpectedly.” 混乱蛇王猝不及防,盯着顾青山道:“罪狱龙王,你竟然选择了一条死路。” Sorry, actually regarding all living things, you is also a blind alley.” Gu Qingshan say. “抱歉,其实对于众生来说,你也是一种死路。”顾青山道 Reviews the red ghost, actually full was exciting calling out: hahaha, just now I was evil thought burnt god, could not be victorious you, but is now different!” 反观红鬼,却满是兴奋的叫道:“哈哈哈,刚才我是中了‘恶念焚神’,才会打不过你,但现在不一样了!” In its hand full is immortal's blood, fast delimits talisman in void. 它手上满是仙人之血,飞快的在虚空中划出一张张符箓 The chaotic snake king emits the holy white light immediately, rumbles ruthlessly on that formed talisman. 混乱蛇王立刻放出圣洁白光,狠狠轰在那一张张并未成形的符箓上。 talisman was hit, the blanking in void, appears gradually after a while. 符箓被击中,渐渐消隐在虚空之中,过了一会儿又出现。 Red ghost both hands change to afterimage, crazy written talisman. 红鬼双手化作残影,疯狂的书写符箓 Almost only used a breath, it has completed long string talisman. 几乎只用了一息,它就已经完成了一长串符箓 But sees these talisman each other to collude together, flutters, even if were hit by the white light, still no response. 但见这些符箓彼此勾连在一起,飘飘荡荡,即便是被白光击中,也没有什么反应。 The red ghost takes back both hands, pinched an seal. 红鬼收回双手,捏了个印。 The technique of immortal symbol: Broad cold chains! 仙符之术:广寒锁链! in a split second, that long string talisman changes to the dark red iron chain, twines on the body of snake of confusion, surrounds it. 霎时间,那一长串符箓化作暗红铁链,缠绕在混乱之蛇的身上,将它困住。 The chaotic snake king goes all out to struggle. 混乱蛇王拼命挣扎。 The red ghost said loudly: „The snake of confusion, I will not kill you, such will exhaust my strength, making your me mutually wounded!” 红鬼却大声道:“混乱之蛇,我不会杀你,那样会耗尽我的力量,让你我两败俱伤!” I do not believe.” Chaotic snake king cold(ly) say/way. “我可不信。”混乱蛇王冷冷的道。 It condenses all white lights, forms a ray of light sword, prepares to cut that dark red iron chain. 它将所有白光凝聚起来,形成一道光剑,预备去砍那暗红铁链。 The red ghost said loudly: Snake king, your my not gratitude and grudges, your matter I do not want to manage! Human that I actually must kill this named Rhode, my chains to surround you, prevents your intervention.” 红鬼大声道:“蛇王,你我并无恩怨,你的事我也根本不想管!我其实是要杀这个名为罗德的人类,我的锁链只是为了困住你,防止你的干预。” Chaotic snake king Wang to Gu Qingshan. 混乱蛇王望向顾青山 Sees only around Gu Qingshan, the desert has disappeared, another world appears suddenly. 只见在顾青山周围,沙漠已经不见了,另一个世界骤然出现。 Under the broken palace in the moonlight shines, just like destroyed immortal palace world. 残破的宫殿在月光照耀下,宛如被毁灭后的仙宫世界。 The remnant of destroyed building, cold(ly) is clear. 断壁残垣,冷冷清清。 In the square before palace, chaotic king drop in bare jade nature altar. 宫殿前的广场上,混乱王落在光秃秃的玉质祭坛上。 Around the altar, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise four giant statues set up a side respectively, simultaneously observe closely Gu Qingshan. 在祭坛四周,青龙白虎朱雀玄武四尊巨型雕像各立一方,齐齐盯住顾青山 The infinite power and influence arrives on them, seemed them to live to be the same. 无穷的威势降临在它们身上,就好似它们已经活过来了一样。 Moon immortal symbol, four Saints! 太阴仙符,四圣! Moon immortal symbol, palace sacrifice! 太阴仙符,宫祭! Rhode, your time of death arrived.” Red ghost sinking sound said. “罗德,你的死期到了。”红鬼沉声道。 Gu Qingshan light saying with a smile: You just asked me to want immortal's blood, turns the head to kill me?” 顾青山淡淡的笑道:“你才刚刚找我要了仙人之血,转头就来杀我?” I want to kill you very for a long time- you have known secret of our malicious ghost, but also wants to drive the wolf to swallow the tiger, making me help you kill chaotic snake king- although your strength is not strong, but you still make me have the chill in the air.” The red ghost said. “我想杀你很久了-你已经得知了我们恶鬼的秘密,还想驱狼吞虎,让我帮你去杀混乱蛇王-你的实力虽然不强,但你依然让我心生寒意。”红鬼道。 At this moment, it feels oncoming of arrived victory finally. 这一刻,它终于感受到了胜利的来临。 Come, Rhode- lives, dies and melts, revolutions, looked at your luck.” Red ghost high sound said. “来吧,罗德-生、死、化、转,看你自己的运气了。”红鬼高声道。 Gu Qingshan tranquil say/way: No, I urged you to cope with the chaotic snake king, otherwise you are dying immediately.” 顾青山平静的道:“不,我劝你还是去对付混乱蛇王,否则你马上就要死了。” In his hand presented one handful of black fine sand suddenly, at the same time, that float flies in the midair immortal's blood, gently around black fine sand. 他手上忽然出现了一捧黑色的细沙,与此同时,那漂浮在半空的仙人之血飞来,轻轻绕着黑色细沙。 Goes ahead and guesses, if I put in immortal's blood this handful of sands, what will have?” Gu Qingshan asked. “猜猜看,如果我把这捧沙放入仙人之血,会发生什么?”顾青山问道。 The red ghost is dumbfounded. 红鬼怔住。 How you...... will have the samsara to eclipse the spirit sand!” It lost one's voice to call out. “你……怎么会有轮回蚀灵沙!”它失声叫道。
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